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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Johnnie Morton Got Knocked the **** Out

I’m going to go ahead and give my description of things before I show you the video, because before long, it’ll be pulled down due to copyright infringement. Let me start out with the following. It was a tiny ass ring set up in a gigantic 100,000 person stadium. Translation — place was packed like…Read More

Joey Chestnut Breaks Kobayashi’s Hot Dog Eating Record

He didn’t just break it; he shattered it. Joey Chesnut devoured Kobayshi’s 53 3/4 hot dog record like he was munching on ramen noodles. But oh no, Chestnut did not stop there; the San Jose native tacked on an additional six-pack of dogs for good measure. And this Chestnut cat is no porker either —…Read More

How Much Would you Pay for OJ Simpons’s ‘Not Guilty’ Suit?

As TMZ reports, a war has ensued over the impending sale of the suit OJ Simpson was wearing in court on the day of hit “Not Guilty” verdict. David Cook, the lawyer for Fred Goldman (father of the man Simpson slaughtered), filed legal papers Monday in Santa Monica asking a judge to grab that suit….Read More

Bay to Breakers, aka Why I don’t live in NorCal

In case you’re unfamiliar with the tradition unlike any other, Bay to Breakers is an annual race in San Francisco that apparently started back in 1912 to lift spirits after a disastrous earthquake. Now, it has become a race full of drunken debauchery, naked bodies, and hideous costumes. In so many words, it represents the…Read More

The Coolest Rocky Poster You Will Find

So my buddy Jeff (who wisely selected Albert Pujols with the first pick in his fantasy baseball draft) dropped off a sweet poster for me last time I saw him. He works for this company called LA Pop Art where they do some sick work. I think my favorite item they have is a Rocky…Read More

I Don’t Want to be David Beckham

Sure, he’s popular, world-renowned, had a movie named after him, makes tons of cash, and bangs Posh Spice (which isn’t even something to brag about these days), but there is one thing about David Beckham that doesn’t appeal to me.  I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be him — and I…Read More

Manchester Soccer Player Will Make you look like Elephant Man

I really have no idea what that means. It’s just enough of a challenge to get me to post on soccer, let alone figure out the freakin parlance of Britain. But here, because it’s kind of funny, Manchester City’s Joey Barton was arrested. The 24-year-old England midfielder was arrested on suspicion of assault after being…Read More

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