Paris Hilton Nipple Slip

I’m not sure this qualifies as a nip slip — it’s more along the lines of a straight up Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. And let me just go on the record and say that I’m not a fan of that bikini style for the looks. But if it keeps producing results like the following, then I might become a bigger fan. Pics from Egotastic! (and yes, since the video came out, I realize these are almost pointless, but nonetheless fun), check it out:

Head over to Egotastic! to check out the NSFW versions. Disclaimer: I typically make a point to ignore all things Paris Hilton, but this is something I can make an exception for.

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Bunny Shop VD sweeps 2007

Estonians Rule in Wife-Carrying

Remember the name: Uusorg. Like Alou is to baseball, and Niedermayer is to hockey, Uusorg is to wife carrying. Madis Uusorg took first in the wife-carrying championships in Finland on Saturday, checking in with a winning time of 61.7 seconds. He is the brother of last year’s winner, Margo Uusorg, who holds the world record in the event at 56.9 seconds. It is not necessarily the race itself that interests me; it’s the history of the event that stirs my mind.

The race, held for the 12th time, is intended to evoke the spirit of a legendary Finnish brigand, Rosvo-Ronkainen, who made those who wanted to join his gang run through a forest carrying heavy sacks on their backs.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. See, I can get down with sports and competitions that have real-life practical value. Baseball? Pffh. Wife-carrying, that’s a man’s game.

(story via Fark, image courtesy REUTERS/Tommi Korpihalla/Lehtikuva)

Runner Collapses on Cardiac Hill with Heart Attack

How appropriate is that?  I just love a good irony, and this is certainly one. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has the details of the Peachtree Road Race from Wednesday morning:

A 65-year-old man collapsed with a heart attack just after completing the famed Cardiac Hill portion of the Peachtree Road Race on Wednesday morning.

Paramedics on bikes rushed to assist the man, whose heart had stopped and a representative of Piedmont Hospital confirmed that he was in stable condition after surgery to clear a blocked artery.

I applaud the efforts of the weekend warrior for trying to complete the race.  But there’s something about a runner collapsing on a famed “Cardiac Hill” with a heart attack that tickles me.  Sorry.  Maybe if he had on a slick pair of sneakers he would’ve been better off.   Happy 4th buddy, good thing he’s in stable condition.

Is Sonya Thomas too Hot to be a Competitive Eater?

I might have to say yes. It’s quite curious actually that so many competitive eaters are in good shape. Kobayashi’s ripped, Chesnut’s normal, and some of those other dudes were getting down doing pushups before the competition. Which brings us to Sonya Thomas. Known as the Black Widow (I thought that was Janet Lee’s nickname?), Thomas checks in at like 5 feet and 100 pounds. She’s small, really small. She’s quite normal looking. But she’s a competitive eater. How is that possible?

Let’s take a look at some of the records she’s set to find out why they call her The Black Widow. According to her wiki, she holds records for the following:

  • 5.75 pounds of fried asparagus in 10 minutes
  • 11 pounds of cheesecake in 9 minutes
  • 80 chicken nuggets in five minutes
  • 167 chicken wings in 32 minutes
  • 46 three ounce crabcakes in 10 minutes
  • 65 hard boiled eggs in six minutes and 40 seconds
  • four pounds of fruitcake in 10 minutes
  • 7 3/4 pound burgers in 10 minutes
  • 9 pounds of crawfish in 10 minutes
  • 44 lobsters totaling 11.3 pounds in 12 minutes
  • 46 dozen oysters in 10 minutes
  • 6 extra large pizza slices in 15 minutes
  • 23 pulled pork sandwiches in 10 minutes
  • 43 soft tacos in 11 minutes
  • 250 tater tots in 5 minutes
  • 7 3/4 pounds of thanksgiving dinner in 12 minutes

That seems a bit excessive for such a small, petite thing. No? Let’s just say when her Playboy spread hits the newstands, I’ll be all over it.

Just How Would Mini Me Do?


I still am not sure about all the technicalities regarding the difference between dwarfs and midgets. I think it has to do with whether or not everything is in proportion, although I can’t swear to it. Either way, I’m proud to say that the Dwarf Games were held in Seattle over the weekend. To the Seattle Times for details:

[Jake] Smith, a dwarf, is among thousands of people from all over the United States meeting at the Little People of America conference and competing in the 2007 Dwarf Athletic Association of America’s National Games, both held this week in greater Seattle.

The LPA, the largest dwarf organization in the world, was founded 50 years ago as a social club and activist organization by Billy Barty, an actor with dwarfism.

He said he intended the organization to combat the perception that little people were all sideshow acts and circus freaks — perceptions he said kept people of short stature at the outer fringes of society.

Attendees of the conference said “little people,” “dwarf” and “short-statured” are all terms they use to describe themselves.

Now, given what I now know, go little people! You guys rock. And let me ask this, any chance Johnny Knoxville would try to fix these games? Any thoughts?

(via Fark)

The Apple IPhone Craze, it Can’t Be

Mark Jackson had a great line in his analysis of the draft last night — the Blazers had such a good draft it overshadowed the release of the Apple Iphone. Well, there are a lot of people excited about Portland hoops, but probably not as many as people excited about the latest Apple I-___ technology. My buddy Sam Ahn, who shrewdly purchased a pair for purposes of resale (one of which he has made available on eBay here), directs me to the following listing on eBay:

Yeah, that’s straight up nuts. And I don’t know how much of that I can believe. Ccccrrazzzzy. Now, if anyone should be going over the NBA luxury tax, we know who it is…

Brazilian Soccer Ref Posing in Playboy

I didn’t post this to get your thoughts on international soccer. I just wanted you to see what she looks like. She’s 29 and has far too many names for me to write them all here. Just check the video below. And also be sure to check out this google translated press release. It’s freaking hilarious. Thanks to Our Book of Scrap for turning my attention to this story. If the refs keep this up, soccer might actually get some attention on the site. Until that point, I’ll keep it to a minimum.

I have a few ideas of what I’d like to do with that red card. Giggity.