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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Everything Else

Retirement? Say It Ain’t so Chamique

This is the saddest thing. I remember like it was yesterday when Chamique was making women’s college hoops somewhat popular on ESPN, balling it up for the Lady Vols.

Johnnie Morton Got Knocked the **** Out

I’m going to go ahead and give my description of things before I show you the video, because before long, it’ll be pulled down due to copyright infringement.

Bay to Breakers, aka Why I don’t live in NorCal

In case you’re unfamiliar with the tradition unlike any other, Bay to Breakers is an annual race in San Francisco that apparently started back in 1912 to lift spirits after a disastrous earthqu

The Coolest Rocky Poster You Will Find

So my buddy Jeff (who wisely selected Albert Pujols with the first pick in his fantasy baseball draft) dropped off a sweet poster for me last time I saw him.

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