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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Lenny Dykstra: Charlie Sheen is not as wild as he seems

Charlie Sheen developed a reputation for being one of the wildest and craziest celebrities of the 21st century, but Lenny Dykstra says the actor’s public image does not reflect reality. Nails was on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia as a guest during the All-Star Thursday show and talked about Sheen at one point. Nails was…Read More

Dan Bilzerian talks sex, guns, poker, Instagram fame in Howard Stern interview

Dan Bilzerian is living the life most people dream about. Check that: most peoples’ dreams probably wouldn’t compare to his lifestyle. Bilzerian is a professional poker player who also is a venture capitalist and part-time actor. He’s gained fame over the past few years by posting pictures on Instagram of his surreal lifestyle, which includes…Read More

Chris Pratt challenged Dave Bautista to fight while on Ambien (Video)

Dave Bautista is a very, very large man. Chris Pratt isn’t exactly a small guy, but the actor would be squashed like a pesky insect if he ever went toe-to-toe with Bautista. That’s why the thought of Pratt challenging the 6-foot-6, 278-pound WWE star to a fight is hilarious. During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel…Read More

Christian Ponder named daughter after Bobby Bowden

Christian Ponder and his wife Samantha Steele welcomed their first child into the world over the weekend. The couple took the birth of their new daughter as an opportunity to pay tribute to a Florida State legend. According to ESPN’s Ben Goessling, the Ponders named their little girl Bowden Saint-Claire. That’s Bowden as in Bobby…Read More

Katherine Webb and her bikini enjoyed their honeymoon

Katherine Webb doesn’t post photos on Instagram all that often. We wish she would, and the photo she posted from her honeymoon on Sunday reminded us why. Webb, who married Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron last weekend, felt the need to post a quick selfie to thank Sports Illustrated for her new leopard print bikini….Read More

Husband sends wife angry email with sex frequency spreadsheet

A frustrated woman posted about her marital problems in a thread on the relationships section of Reddit Friday, and her post went viral. The woman says her husband sent her an email Thursday complaining about the lack of sex in their relationship, saying that’s the reason he wouldn’t miss her while she was away on…Read More

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 reportedly shot down

Another tragedy has struck the families of passengers flying on Malaysia Airlines. A flight that was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam has crashed in eastern Ukraine, according to various major media outlets. The Boeing 777 had 295 passengers and crew on board. Malaysia Arilines tweeted on Thursday morning that it had lost contact…Read More

Floyd Mayweather should have worn high heels to the ESPYS

The ESPYS gave us one of the better pairings in history when they had Maria Sharapova team with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to present an award on Wednesday. And if there’s anything in the world that could bruise Floyd’s ego, it might be Maria’s height. Floyd is 5-foot-8 and about 150 pounds. Sharapova is 6-foot-2 and…Read More

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