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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fantasy Football

Torrey Smith, Victor Cruz Will be Hot Pickups, but Repeats Cannot be Expected

Torrey Smith and Victor Cruz are wide receivers who caught the eyes of their quarterbacks — and many fantasy football team managers — with their studly play Sunday. Smith, a rookie receiver from Maryland, caught five passes for 152 yards and three touchdowns in Baltimore’s win over St. Louis. The second-round pick caught touchdowns on…Read More

Rex Grossman, Fred Davis Become Possible Fantasy Additions

The Redskins beat the Giants at home Sunday 28-14 surprising many people who thought the Skins were going to stink this year. If you read Doc Brown’s season preview, you knew we thought more of the Redskins than most analysts. Privately, I had also told friends I thought the Redskins quarterback position would have fantasy…Read More

Roddy White Apologizes to Fantasy Owners on Twitter After Week 1

Roddy White must be involved with fantasy sports in some way.  The reason I say that is because he obviously understands us.  Unlike Arian Foster who has no idea what fantasy football is all about, White knows NFL players in the modern era have added responsibility.  It is no longer sufficient to simply help your…Read More

James Starks Has Surpassed Ryan Grant as Packers’ Primary Back

The reports throughout Packers training camp said James Starks looked significantly better than Ryan Grant. On Thursday night, that assertion was evident for anyone who watched the game. The Packers let Ryan Grant carry the ball their first two offensive series and then he was hardly heard from. It was almost as if they were…Read More

Randall Cobb Has Star Qualities but is Not a Good Fantasy Pickup Yet

Randall Cobb was a revelation for the Green Bay Packers Thursday night. Playing his first career game, the rookie second-round pick out of Kentucky scored two touchdowns. He tied an NFL record by returning a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown, somehow managing to avoid touching the ground when he was almost certainly down. That…Read More

How I Drafted the Worst Fantasy Football Team in the League

“Dear Mr. Fantasy, play me a tune, something to make us all happy.” With apologies to Traffic, I imagine Steve Winwood was not singing about my latest foray into fantasy football; and, if he was, the tune was discordant, and the only people being made happy are the eleven other teams by whom I’m planning…Read More

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