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Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Bob Costas has pink eye and is wearing glasses in Sochi

If you saw Bob Costas doing Olympics work on NBC at all Thursday, your first question probably was “what the heck is up with Bob Costas’ eye?” and why is he wearing glasses? Turns out that the veteran broadcaster developed an eye infection that prevented him from putting in contact lenses, which is why he’s…Read More

RIP Ralph Kiner, a slugger who once dated Liz Taylor

Former Pittsburgh Pirates slugger and Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner died on Thursday at the age of 91. Though Kiner isn’t remembered as one of the greats of the game in the same context as Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio, he was still a fantastic player whose career was cut short by…Read More

Josh Hamilton has put on 28 pounds

The Los Angeles Angels must already be nervous about the five-year, $125 million contract they signed Josh Hamilton to last season. The 32-year-old outfielder had his worst statistical season in years, hitting a career-low .250. He belted 21 homers and drove in just 79 runs. Hamilton is hoping to restore his swing in 2014 and…Read More

Lakers literally ran out of players against the Cavaliers

The Los Angeles Lakers literally ran out of players in their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, yet they still won 119-108. As mentioned in our post about Chris Kaman taking a nap on the bench, the Lakers started off the game with just eight players because of injuries and/or rest days. Nick Young…Read More

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