Greece beats Ivory Coast after controversial stoppage time foul (Video)

The drama thus far in the 2014 World Cup has been nothing shy of incredible, and Tuesday afternoon’s action was no exception. Just when it appeared that Ivory Coast would be advancing to the knockout stage with a draw, a controversial penalty in stoppage time handed Greece a 2-1 win.

Greece forward Giorgos Samaras was lining up to take a shot at around the penalty kick spot in the 91st minute when his kicking leg caught the inside of Ivory Coast defender Giovanni Sio’s leg. That caused Samaras’ foot to get stuck in the turf, and he lost his balance. The officials called a foul on Sio and awarded Greece a penalty kick.


Of course it helped that Samaras sold the call:

Greece penalty kick

Samaras scored on the penalty kick to give Greece the win and send them to the round of 16.

If you thought Team USA’s game against Portugal on Sunday ended in heartbreak, this should give you an entirely different perspective. The US still has a great chance to advance, while Ivory Coast has been sent packing thanks to a brutal call.

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Michelle Wie admits mistakes, but doesn’t regret turning pro at 16

Michelle Wie finally won her first major nearly 10 years after turning pro at the age of 16. Wie won the US Women’s Open Sunday, shooting 2-under par to win by two strokes. She celebrated like a proper 24-year-old by partying, drinking out of the trophy and twerking against a wall.

Michelle WieWie’s major victory was a long time coming. It came so long after all the hype around her that it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as it would have been had it come years ago. Finally winning a major validated Wie’s career and all the hype surrounding her. It also gave her a chance to reflect on her career and criticism she’s received for seemingly underachieving since turning pro at such a young age.

Wie told “The Dan Patrick Show” that she has no regrets about her career path.

“My parents never pushed me to do anything. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to turn pro at 16. I did it on my birthday because I wanted to give myself a birthday present,” Wie told Patrick.

“I wouldn’t give anything back. It’s hard. You know, parents don’t have a guidebook. Parents don’t have a manual on how to handle kids especially in this situation. We certainly made mistakes along the way, but we all learned from it.

“We all had a blast. It was great, but it’s definitely been a roller coaster. Definitely given my parents a lot of gray hairs over the years, but it’s been a really fun journey.”

The major victory was the fourth win of Wie’s professional career, though she has finished in the top five of majors several times. She also is fully immersed in golf now after graduating from Stanford two years ago. She was trying to be a student half the year and professional golfer the other half. Splitting her focuses probably hindered her golf development, but she is happy about her decision to go to college.

“It was the best four and a half years of my life,” Wie told Patrick of her time at Stanford.

Wie also says that despite being a pro golfer, she wasn’t even that big of a deal on campus. She says former Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck, who lived two doors down from her, was the real star.

“He’s a really cool guy,” Wie said of Luck. “He’s definitely a nerd. We’re all nerds at Stanford.”

Had Wie never won a major, maybe she would question her development and path to becoming a pro. Since she did win a major at still a relatively young age, she can now relax and realize that her career has developed the way it should have.

LeBron James reportedly intrigued by sign and trade to Clippers

LeBron James trophiesLeBron James on Tuesday opted out of the final year of his contract with the Miami Heat and will become a free agent.

Though James has the ability to listen to offers from all suitors and choose his next team, the Miami Heat are still the strong favorites to retain him. I just can’t see him leaving Miami, though he will definitely want assurances from Pat Riley that the team will give him a better supporting cast next season than they had last season.

Still, James has earned the right to hear the pitches from other teams. One report says the Clippers in a sign and trade could be an intriguing possibility for James.

From Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

The most intriguing move on the mind of James and his camp, sources told Yahoo Sports, would be a sign-and-trade scenario with the Los Angeles Clippers in which James could play with close friend Chris Paul and under president-coach Doc Rivers.

Despite acknowledging the potential intrigue behind a move to the Clippers, Woj says the Heat are the “primary consideration” for James.

Like I said, I can’t see James leaving the Heat, but sometimes it’s fun to visit fantasyland and ponder the possibilities. LeBron to the Clippers would be a lot of fun, and having Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on his team certainly would be better than what he has now with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Hope Solo’s nephew says he pulled BB gun during their fight

Hope SoloHope Solo was arrested over the weekend after allegedly hitting her sister and 17-year-old nephew during a fight at a house party and booked on two counts of 4th degree domestic violence assault. Solo’s nephew told police his side of the story, and he says he pulled a BB gun on the soccer goalie to try scaring her away.

According to The Seattle Times, Solo’s nephew told police that his mother, who is Solo’s older half-sister, just began letting Solo back into their lives. Solo supposedly showed up to a party at their home as if she had already been drinking. She was upset that her husband, Jerramy Stevens, was being a jerk and didn’t take her to catch a flight.

At the party, the nephew was talking about how he’s into performing arts and that he believes actors need to get into an athletic state of mind. Solo supposedly put him down after that remark — telling him he could never be a professional athlete — and the two got into a fistfight.

According to TMZ, the nephew walked into a different room to avoid the trash talk with Solo, Hope followed, and they did some name calling.

Solo supposedly called her nephew a p***y for calling his mother to help during the fight (Solo allegedly punch her half-sister in the face).

“I then told her to get her c*nt face out of my house,” the boy supposedly said in response.

Solo supposedly became enraged after that and attacked the boy, grabbing his hair and punching him. He then got an old BB gun in response to try getting her to back away.

“I then went into a back room and got an old gun that not work, pointed it at her and she kept coming at me. She didn’t leave but walked around me cornering me like a shark,” the nephew told police.

The gun didn’t scare away Hope. She only left when he called police, but she still tried coming back into the house. He says he beat her with a broomstick after that but she kept coming after him.

Solo is claiming that she was the victim in the fight.

None of this should come as a surprise; Solo has been a part of multiple incidents over the years and clearly has a temper and short fuse. She got into it with an opposing fan base last month, and she had a notable incident with Stevens two years ago. She is definitely someone you do not want to upset.

Cristiano Ronaldo: I never thought we could win World Cup

Cristiano-Ronaldo-Phil-ScolariCristiano Ronaldo hardly looked excited on Sunday night after his perfect cross in the 95th minute resulted in a stunning draw between Portugal and the United States. After Germany blew them out 4-0 in the opening game of group play, Portugal needed a win against the US. The draw broke the hearts of Americans, but it didn’t seem to excite Ronaldo.

Why? Maybe Ronaldo doesn’t think his team is good enough to make a deep run in the World Cup even if they somehow advance to the knockout rounds.

“Maybe we’re an average team,” he said after Sunday’s game. “It would be a lie to say that we are a ‘top’ team. We have many limitations and suffer from injuries such as with Pepe [who was suspended] and [Fabio] Coentrao. This limits us a lot. We have a very limited team and we are not at the best level. This does not enable you to beat top teams.

“There are no miracles. We knew we would have a tough group, with perhaps teams better than us. I never thought we could be world champions, we have to be humble and know our level. I’m not a hypocrite, I never thought we could win the tournament.”

Portugal were missing four players against the US due to injuries and suspensions. One of them was a top defender in Pepe, who was given a red card against Germany for an idiotic headbutt. And while Ronaldo has been able to play, he too has been battling a knee injury that has clearly slowed him down.

“I don’t want to justify myself by talking about my physical problems, that’s water under the bridge,” he said. “I’m here, I’m fighting, I’m trying to do my best, I’m running, and obviously it’s no use talking about my issues.”

Many experts picked Portugal to advance to the semifinals of the tournament, mostly because of Ronaldo’s unmatched skill and scoring ability. However, the 29-year-old insists his team has never been a favorite.

“I don’t think we lost [sic] the game because our players lacked attitude,” Ronaldo added. “Every team comes here to win. We knew we weren’t favourites, we have never been.”

Portugal needs to beat Ghana and get some help in the US-Germany game to advance. With the way Ghana was looked and the way Ronaldo is talking, we wouldn’t be surprised if Portugal exited the 2014 World Cup without a win.

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Bucks owner says team won’t draft Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid

The Milwaukee Bucks have the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Before Joel Embiid broke his foot, there were three players we could envision the Bucks using their pick on. Now, it appears there are only two.

On Monday morning, Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry told Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his team’s decision got “a lot easier” after it was announced that Embiid needed foot surgery.

The Bucks have a new ownership group that is apparently not going to be patient with its 15-67 team. Barring a shocking turn of events, Milwaukee will select either Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins after the Cleveland Cavaliers take one of the two with the No. 1 overall pick.

Embiid’s injury could really go either way. On one hand, NBA executives are terrified by the fact that he is a big player who has the same injury that forced Yao Ming and Bill Walton out of basketball. On the other, Embiid is a young player and his injury was addressed immediately. He is only 20 years old and will have ample time to recover.

While you certainly understand teams not wanting to risk using an early pick on Embiid, he could become a steal for a team in the middle of the first round with such a top-heavy draft class.

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Darnell Dockett doesn’t blame OJ Simpson for allegedly killing his wife

Darnell-Dockett-CardinalsDarnell Dockett is no stranger to making a fool of himself on Twitter. The one thing we can say about the Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle is that he typically stands behind what he writes and rarely ever deletes a tweet. Perhaps even Dockett knows he took it too far with his tweet about OJ Simpson.

On Saturday night, Dockett decided to share his thoughts on divorce. That led to the following tweet about Simpson and his late wife, which Pro Football Zone captured before Dockett deleted it.


It sure sounds like Dockett was saying he doesn’t blame OJ for allegedly killing his wife, but he insisted that was not the case.

This is the same guy who once tweeted a rape joke, so no one should be surprised. It won’t be the last idiotic thing he shares with his 150,000-plus followers.