Police investigating fans who jumped out of wheelchairs to cheer at World Cup


Police are reportedly investigating a group of fans who attended a World Cup game in wheelchairs for possible ticket fraud. According to The Telegraph, several photos shown on CCTV and seen on social media sites appear to show Brazilian fans that claimed to be wheelchair-bound jumping out of their seats in celebration.

Police believe the fans may have purchased the tickets through the secondary market and wound up having to use wheelchairs to get into the stadium with the seats they bought. A Brazilian law requires 1% of the stadium’s capacity to be devoted to disabled fans. Here is one of the photos in question.

By illegally purchasing seats that are reserved for disabled patrons, fans would have access to specific seats and concession stands that are only supposed to be available to fans who need wheelchairs. The tickets also cost roughly half the price of a regular seat.

While we don’t want to speculate about the condition of the fans in the above photo, you can only hope someone wouldn’t take advantage of the system like that.

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Gavin Floyd leaves with elbow fracture after throwing curveball

Gavin Floyd elbow

Gavin Floyd left his start Thursday against the Washington Nationals after throwing his first pitch of the 7th inning with an elbow injury that was later revealed to be a fracture.

Floyd hung a curveball to Jayson Werth which was pulled deep to left and foul. Floyd immediately looked over to the Atlanta Braves dugout because he knew something was wrong. A trainer came out to examine him, and he quickly exited the game.

Floyd was making his ninth start since returning from Tommy John surgery and enjoying his best outing. He had pitched six scoreless innings, struck out six, and only allowed two hits and a walk.

One person watching the game on the Braves’ TV feed took this screenshot of Floyd’s nasty elbow:

X-rays after the game revealed the fractured olecranon.

Spotted by tipster Arsen D.

Report: Warriors favorites to land Kevin Love, may include Klay Thompson

Kevin LoveThe Golden State Warriors are reportedly the favorites to land Kevin Love. According to Marc Stein of ESPN.com, Golden State’s new willingness to include Klay Thompson could end up sealing the deal.

The Warriors were initially hesitant to include Thompson, which led to speculation that the Boston Celtics may have the best offer on the table for Love. However, Golden State is now entertaining the idea of offering Thompson, David Lee and a first-round pick.

Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting that there is a strong sense the deal will get done if the Warriors include Thompson.

There are still plenty of teams interested in Love, including the Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets. The Celtics are considered a strong suitor because they can offer multiple draft picks, one of which is a future Brooklyn Nets pick that could end up being a lottery selection. Golden State, on the other hand, can include two quality NBA players in Thompson and Lee.

Thompson is only 24 and averaged 18.4 points per game last season. He’s a tremendous 3-point shooter who has shot 41% from beyond the arc throughout his three-year career. You can understand why the prospect of landing him plus a first-round pick would intrigue Minnesota.

Report: Michael Vick has been ‘laughably bad’ in practice

Michael VickStarting positions in the NFL are typically not won or lost in mid-June, but that might wind up being the case with the New York Jets. The Jets want Geno Smith to earn the starting quarterback job so they can continue to develop him as a player and solidify the future of their offense.

According to one report, Smith is getting absolutely no competition from Michael Vick at the moment.

Vick, who recently said that it hurts “deep down” to not be a starting quarterback, has apparently looked horrendous during minicamp. The New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch shared some observations after watching practice on Wednesday morning.

It’s also worth noting that Smith isn’t exactly lighting it up, so he’s probably not running away with the job at the moment.

All things considered, Smith did a decent job last season. He’s reportedly getting 75% of the first-team reps in camp for a reason. Starting as a rookie quarterback in the NFL is an incredibly difficult task, and Smith proved that by turning the ball over a ton. He also managed to win eight games, so it could have been much worse.

Fortunately for Vick, it is only June 19. But if he doesn’t improve dramatically over the next two months, it sounds like Rex Ryan will have a very easy decision on his hands.

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Brazilian model Andressa Urach kicked out of Portugal’s practice

E aí, CR7? Andressa Urach é expulsa de treino… by LANCETV

A Brazilian model and former “Miss Bumbum” runner-up was kicked out of Portugal’s soccer practice Wednesday even though she had a media credential. The issue is that this woman, Andressa Urach, has demonstrated stalker-like tendencies towards Portugal star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Urach went to Portugal’s team hotel last week after the team arrived in Brazil last week for the World Cup. She showed up with her torso painted in Ronald’s Portugal jersey.

Wednesday she went to Moisés Lucarelli Stadium in Campinas for the team’s practice and was kicked out by Portugal’s soccer federation. She complained about being forcibly removed by security despite having a press credential.

Andressa Urach Brazil

“I came to say good luck to the C7 and got kicked out of the field, took my press pass, as if I’d blame everything! I came to the field to # # muitoshow RedeTV because my “Director” sent!! Lol just laughing even cade freedom of expression,” she wrote on Instagram (as translated by Google).

Apart from Wednesday and last week’s chest-painting, Urach has even more of a history with Ronaldo.

Last year she claimed she slept with Ronaldo a few days before his Real Madrid squad lost a Champions League game. Ronaldo denied the claim and said he was doing an interview that night.

Though there could be worse things in life than having a Brazilian rump model following you around, we can understand why Ronaldo, who is dealing with a leg injury, wouldn’t want the distraction.

Some distraction, though, right?

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US Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins’ trademark

Washington Redskins helmetIn a major development that could very well lead to the end of the Washington Redskins’ franchise name as we know it, the United States Patent and Trademark Office ruled on Wednesday that the Redskins’ federal trademark has been cancelled. The ruling was made on the ground that the team name is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

Travis Waldron of Think Progress first broke the news, noting that a name that is found to be disparaging, offensive or racist in nature cannot be trademarked under federal law. Amanda Blackhorse, who brought the motion against Pro-Football Inc., described the ruling as a “great victory” for Native Americans.

“I am extremely happy that the [Board] ruled in our favor,” Blackhorse said in a statement. “It is a great victory for Native Americans and for all Americans. We filed our petition eight years ago and it has been a tough battle ever since. I hope this ruling brings us a step closer to that inevitable day when the name of the Washington football team will be changed. The team’s name is racist and derogatory. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – if people wouldn’t dare call a Native American a ‘redskin’ because they know it is offensive, how can an NFL football team have this name?”

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s full decision can be read here. Here are some of the most crucial findings.

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Tony Gwynn once drove to Foot Locker to buy bat boys new sneakers

Tony-Gwynn-PadresStories about Tony Gwynn’s generosity have not stopped pouring in since he passed away on Monday, and we don’t expect them to any time soon. Gwynn was a rare combination of supreme talent and kindheartedness. Few stories encapsulate that better than the one written by a former San Diego Padres bat boy for Deadspin on Wednesday.

The entire piece, written by David Johnson, is a must-read. Johnson idolized Gywnn throughout his childhood and was lucky enough to earn a job as the Padres bat boy when he was 16 in 1991. His story contains small asides about Gwynn’s sense of humor and how his laughter lit up a room. He described Tony as an incredibly down-to-earth guy who breaks all of the stereotypes typically associated with rich athletes.

But one particular story that Johnson told stuck out above the rest. We’ll let him tell it:

The last homestand of the season, Tony’s official Nike catalog showed up in our locker one day, with a note in his familiar handwriting. “Pick a pair,” the note said. We each happily circled a pair with the pen he provided. Later that week, before a game, the shoes appeared in our locker, along with a check for $500 for each of us. I didn’t even care about the money itself — THIS WAS A HANDWRITTEN CHECK FROM TONY GWYNN. ADDRESSED TO ME. (I think I waited five months to cash that damn check. When I did, the bank teller’s eyes got big and she looked down at the check, up at me, down at the check.)

A few games after the shoes appeared, the equipment manager, our boss, told us: “You know, Tony drove down to Foot Locker himself and bought those shoes for you guys. You probably thought he had them delivered or something. But he went down there. That’s what he does.”

Gwynn was already a superstar in 1991. He had won four batting titles by then, been selected to five All-Star teams and was on his way to winning his fifth Gold Glove. He had the money, resources and standing within the Padres organization to have any equipment manager or clubhouse assistant pick the shoes up for him, but he wanted to be more personal.

Again, you should read Johnson’s entire story. Oftentimes when athletes pass away, they’re given a hero’s farewell because of what they accomplished on the field. In Gwynn’s case, it seems obvious that his Hall of Fame career was much less important than the type of person he was.

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