Timothy Bradley uses calf injury as excuse for loss to Manny Pacquiao

Timothy-Bradley-death-threatsTimothy Bradley said after his unanimous decision loss to Manny Pacquiao Saturday night in Las Vegas that he wasn’t going to make an excuse, but he still made an excuse to explain his loss.

Bradley said after his defeat that he suffered a calf injury after the first round that forced him to change his style.

“It was a very tough fight. Manny came out, did his thing. I did my best in there. I got injured after the first round,” said Bradley. “I injured my calf, had to adjust my style. Had to walk to him, that’s why I got aggressive. I was just trying to end it with one shot.

“I knew if the fight was close I wasn’t getting the decision so I was like I’m better off just trying to knock this guy out.”

This actually does make sense. Watching the fight, it was noticeable that Bradley was taking some huge swings at Pac-Man in the early rounds. Many of us thought that was because he was going for a knockout so there wouldn’t be any complications from the referees. That may have been part of his motivation for the big punches, but he says there was another bigger reason to explain it.

At least he didn’t say he got robbed and gave Pacquiao the credit the Filipino deserved for the undisputed win.

Bob Arum furious with MGM over posters, says it’s Tecate-Corona issue

Bob-Arum-Floyd-Mayweather-Hitlers-publicistWatching Bob Arum handle his business is almost just like watching another episode of “Grumpier Old Men.”

The boxing promoter is 82 years old and always seems to be complaining about something. His latest issue leading up to the Saturday fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley concerned the signage and posters around the MGM Grand hotel.

The Pacquiao-Bradley fight is being held at the MGM, which is the same hotel where Floyd Mayweather Jr. always fights. Instead of having signs up promoting this big fight, there were a ton of signs up around the hotel promoting Mayweather’s May 3 fight with Marcos Maidana.

The MGM listened to the complaints and said they would address things. There was a lot more Pacquiao-Bradley signage after he whined:

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Report: Chad Johnson to work out for CFL’s Alouettes

Chad-Johnson-DolphinsChad Johnson has likely played his last snap in the NFL, but that does not mean his football career is over. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver is scheduled to work out for the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes this week.

“Talks did take place (and) have escalated over the last week,” Alouettes general manager Jim Popp told Rapoport.

The Alouettes are the team Marc Trestman coached for five seasons and led to four division titles before becoming the head coach of the Chicago Bears. They are also the same CFL team that once held the rights to Tim Tebow while his NFL career was in limbo.

After spending seven days in jail last year for infuriating a judge with a playful butt slap in court, Johnson said that he wanted another shot in the NFL. No team was willing to sign him and he has not caught a pass in the NFL since his disappointing 2011 season with the New England Patriots.

Despite not having played in more than two years, Johnson is still just 36 years old. Assuming he has kept in shape, it’s not out of the question that he could contribute in the CFL.

Phil Ivey sued by casino for allegedly cheating house out of $9.6 million

Phil IveyProfessional poker player Phil Ivey is being sued by an Atlantic City casino that alleges he cheated in order to win $9.6 million over the course of four baccarat sessions in 2012, the New Jersey Law Journal reports.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City has sued Ivey alleging that he read defects in the back of patterns printed on playing cards in a method called “edge sorting.”

The suit accuses Ivey of breach of contract, fraud, conversion, unjust enrichment, civil conspiracy and racketeering, according to the report. It also names the card manufacturer — Gemaco Inc. of Blue Springs, Mo. — and Cheng Yin Sun, who accompanied Ivey on his trips to the Baccarat table and gave instructions to the dealer.

According to the suit, Ivey contacted the Borgata to set up special arrangements for a baccarat game in 2012. He asked for a private pit, dealer who spoke Mandarin Chinese so Sun could give the dealer instructions, and an automatic card shuffler. The casino believes the shuffler is key because it keeps all the cards facing the same direction.

The suit says Ivey won:

- $2.4 million on April 11, 2012
- $1.6 million on May 3, 2012
- $4.8 million on July 26, 2012
- $824,000 on Oct. 7, 2012

The suit says Ivey was up by as much as $3.5 million during the October session, but they believe he may have intentionally dumped after being confronted with reports from the hotel that he used the edge sorting method to win around $12 million at a London casino.

We covered a similar story back in Oct. 2012 when word emerged that Ivey was denied a payout by the London casino. It was revealed a year later that Ivey was using the “edge sorting” method to cash in.

Ivey supposedly claimed that he wanted his special conditions at the Borgata because he was superstitious, but they believe he was just requesting those conditions to maximize his ability to read the cards and manipulate the situation.

Ivey asked for the money to be deposited into his bank account in Mexico, where he lives.

Does the casino have a case here?

Borgata is trying to claim that Ivey broke a law that bans the use of marked cards inside a casino. They also supposedly are claiming that the automatic shuffler was used as a cheating device.

It’s pretty clear that Ivey was setting up these casinos because he found a way to exploit the system. Should he be forced to give the money because he was smart enough to exploit something he discovered? It doesn’t seem like that would be right, though he seemed to rig things in order to win.

I think the most fair option would be a settlement for a much smaller amount, which would be an acknowledgment that Ivey was smarter than the casinos, but still used some unsavory methods in order to take that much cash. Had he won much less, he probably would have escaped without an issue. Maybe that’s the penalty for being too greedy.

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Lolo Jones takes shot at Rihanna, gets blasted for it


Drake signed on to host the 2014 ESPYs earlier this week. As expected, there have been a variety of opinions about whether he will be the right man for the job. The most viral opinion following the announcement has come from Lolo Jones, who decided to take a shot at Rihanna after hearing the big news.

For those of you who don’t keep up on gossip, Drake and Rihanna were supposedly “all over each other” at a club recently and were spotted making out. They also both attended a recent Los Angeles Clippers game.

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Dorial Green-Beckham allegedly grabbed girlfriend by neck during incident

Dorial-Green-Beckham-touchdownPolice announced on Thursday that Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham will not be arrested following an incident over the weekend during which he allegedly assaulted several women. According to an incident report obtained by The Columbia Daily Tribune, Green-Beckham forced open the door of an apartment in search of his 20-year-old girlfriend.

One woman claimed that Green-Beckham pushed a door open that she was trying to hold shut and put a hole in the drywall on the other side. He then allegedly assaulted another occupant of the apartment by pushing her and causing her to fall down “at least four stairs striking the floor.” A text message Green-Beckham’s girlfriend later sent to one of the other women indicated that the star receiver dragged her by the neck.

Neither the two women Green-Beckham allegedly assaulted nor his girlfriend are pressing charges. One woman said she didn’t want to press charges because “she was afraid of the media and community backlash since Green-Beckham is a football player for the University of Missouri and is possibly going to be in the NFL Draft soon.”

The incident report included several text messages that were exchanged between Green-Beckham’s girlfriend and one of the alleged victims.

“I know you’re so upset and I am too,” one of the texts read. “Dorial was wrong in every way and you have every right to be furious. I’m not sticking up for him but football really is all he has going for him and pressing charges would ruin it for him completely.”

Green-Beckham’s girlfriend also sent text messages to the alleged victim convincing her to tell police that the women simply had a lot to drink and that everything was fine. In a follow-up interview with police, Green-Beckham’s girlfriend claimed she had been drinking and could not remember what she had texted to the alleged victim.

Green-Beckham was suspended indefinitely by Missouri on Monday, and his status remains unchanged as of now. While the incident report certainly seems to indicate he did plenty wrong, the team could decide to lift the suspension as a result of no charges being filed.

Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath suspended for tweets criticizing NBA, officials

Sean HeathDallas Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath was suspended two games by the NBA for sending multiple tweets criticizing the league and its officials, according to multiple reports.

ESPN Dallas says Heath’s suspension will begin Saturday night and continue either during the playoffs or carry over to the beginning of next season.

Heath was angry after the Mavs lost an overtime game to the Golden State Warriors on April 1 122-120. He was upset that no goaltend was called on a Monta Ellis shot that was blocked by Jermaine O’Neal:

Heath then tweeted directly at the NBA over Twitter and complained about referee Danny Crawford blowing a call.

Heath probably sealed his fate with this tweet, which talked about the NBA having a reputation for being “rigged”:

The NBA actually apologized a day after the game and admitted goaltending should have been called, but it was too little too late. Still, Heath probably should have just left things where they stood after the first three tweets. It was the “rigged” comment that probably triggered the suspension.

Oh well. Looks like he’s just a big Mavs fan like many other people in the area.