Kevin Durant: The Game is lying about $20k bet (Video)

Kevin Durant says The Game is lying about him losing a $20,000 bet over a basketball shot the rapper made over the weekend.

Kevin Durant ThunderThe Game posted a video on Instagram showing him swishing an NBA-distance 3-pointer on a tennis court. In his caption for the picture, The Game said that he won a bet with Durant by making the shot and that KD now has to donate $20,000 to the rapper’s AAU team, Frogg All-Stars. The other term of the bet is that KD has to play on The Game’s Drew League basketball team, La Familia. The Drew League is a legendary Los Angeles pro-am league where several notable current and former players ball.

But the Slim Reaper says that’s all B.S.

TMZ caught up with Durant after a recent workout he had and the Oklahoma City Thunder baller denied that he lost a wager to The Game, even saying that The Game was lying.

Of course, whoever recorded that video for TMZ couldn’t have had more inconsiderate timing, as they caught Durant when he was out of breath and totally gassed. Can’t you at least let the guy recover before you hound him?

DJ Khaled says ‘The Streets’ told him Spurs cheated in Game 1 (Video)

DJ KhaledDJ Khaled is a huge Miami Heat fan and plugged into the buzz on the streets. So when a guy like DJ Khaled, who clearly has no bias in this situation, says the San Antonio Spurs cheated by intentionally cutting off the air conditioning during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, you have no choice but to believe him.

I don’t watch “First Take,” but someone else did and noted how DJ Khaled firmly stated on the show that the word on the streets was that the Spurs cheated. He even went so far as to say the Spurs would practice without A/C so they’d have an advantage in the situation, and that the Spurs had the A/C working in their locker room.

If you’re a conspiracy theorist, we’re guessing you’ll buy into what Khaled is saying and tell on your friends that it’s true because DJ Khaled said so. If you’re not, you’ll no doubt chuckle at his B.S. and love how he cited “The Streets” as his official source.

Hey, at least his sources are still probably better than Chris Broussard’s.

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Chael Sonnen fails pre-UFC 175 random drug test

Chael SonnenChael Sonnen, irony is calling your name.

Two weeks after Sonnen mocked Wanderlei Silva for running away from a random drug test that led to Vitor Belfort replacing the Brazilian in the UFC 175 fight, Chael himself was busted for failing a random drug test.

According to ESPN, Sonnen tested positive for illegal substances anastrozole and clomiphene during a random drug test in Las Vegas last month when Sonnen was in town for a UFC news conference. Anastrozole is used to treat breast cancer, while clomiphene is used in cases of female infertility.

This is the second time Sonnen has failed a drug test; he had an elevated T/E ratio in 2010 and was suspended prior to his rematch with Anderson Silva.

Sonnen is a known TRT user and said he would make adjustments in the wake of the UFC/NSAC’s crackdown on the treatment. The substances he tested positive for are used as treatments for hypogonadism, which is the condition Sonnen has that he argues necessitates his TRT.

The Sonnen-Belfort fight has been pulled off the card entirely. Belfort was also set to appear in front of the commission next month for a positive test he had in February. That means the three men playing musical chairs for the fight — Sonnen, Silva and Belfort — all have failed drug tests this year. That is not a good look for the UFC.

Sonnen went on “Jay Mohr Sports” Tuesday to explain the positive test. No surprise, he did his best to talk circles around it.

“They changed the ruling in Nevada earlier this year, doing away with the TRT, testosterone replacement therapy, and I was on that. So when they changed the rule, we all had to go through a transition phase. For me during the transition, I had to take a couple of things. One is called Clomiphene……and another is called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). I didn’t fight it or ask for a license. In the interim, they did a test, and I tested positive for these things which I should have because I took them and they were in my system. That wasn’t a surprise. These aren’t anabolics, these aren’t steroids or performance enhancers, but they have deemed that they are banned substances. What’s interesting in my case is that we’re out of competition. These aren’t things that I showed up with on game day. This is out of competition due to a rule that they changed, so it’s an odd spot for me.”

Miami Heat look to ride stronger defense, LeBron James in Game 3

LeBron James Tony Parker

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The Miami Heat evened the NBA Finals Sunday with a 98-96 win the San Antonio Spurs and get to host Game 3 on Tuesday night. About the only thing keeping them from a 2-0 series lead was LeBron James missing the final four minutes of Game 1 because of cramps.

Now that he is 100 percent healthy by all accounts, the Heat should be rolling.

LeBron was incredibly dominant and efficient in Game 2, going 14-for-22 from the field, while making all three of his 3-pointers. He was awesome in the paint and did most of his work close to the basket early on before expanding his range in the second half. He even went on an 8-0 personal run to give the Heat the lead in the third quarter.

Gregg Popovich is as smart as they come and generally excellent with devising defensive schemes, but he knows there isn’t a whole lot you can do to defend James because of LeBron’s style.

“He knows more than all of you put together,” Pop said of LeBron when talking to the media. “He understands the game. If he makes a pass and you all think he should have shot it, or he shoots it and you think he should have made a pass, your opinions mean nothing to him, as they should not mean anything to him.”

LeBron doesn’t force action and likes to pass to the open man as Pop said. Even after reaching four straight Finals and winning two of them, he’s still criticized for his decisions on the court, like when he passed to Chris Bosh in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Indiana Pacers. On Sunday, James showed his unwavering confidence in Bosh by passing to the big man, who made a 3-pointer with 1:17 left to give the Heat a 95-93 lead.

With LeBron playing his usual unselfish ball, involving his teammates, and taking over when he needs to, the Heat will be tough to beat.

The other thing Miami did successfully in Game 2 was improve their defense.

San Antonio shot incredibly well in Game 1, making a ridiculous 58.8 percent of their shots, including 13-of-25 from 3-point range. In Game 2, that percentage dropped to 43.9 percent and 12-of-26 on threes. A lot of that is due to Miami’s improved defense, which included them closing out much better on outside shots.

One area the Spurs need to improve is free throw shooting. After going 17-of-22 (77.3 percent) in Game 1 from the line, San Antonio was just 12-of-20 in Game 2. That included a stretch in the fourth quarter when Tony Parker and Tim Duncan missed both of their free throws on consecutive possessions. Parker had somewhat of an excuse after taking an elbow to the midsection from Mario Chalmers, but Duncan can’t miss both like that. They could have really opened the game up at that point and didn’t take advantage of the chance.

In order to win, the Spurs will have to do what they did in Game 1 and continue taking the ball to the basket. They were great in the interior, scoring most of their points in the paint. They also need to continue making their outside shots as they did in both games.

Overall, the Spurs and Heat are two incredibly efficient and enjoyable teams to watch. They’re playing very high-level basketball, and whether it’s Manu Ginobili coming off the bench and lighting a fire on the court or LeBron taking over, the real winners are all of us. Who doesn’t enjoy watching these teams play? Game 3 should be another good one.

Lakers reportedly delaying coaching search to appeal to free agents like Melo, LeBron

Mitch KupchakWhile teams like the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves have hired new coaches for the upcoming season, the Los Angeles Lakers have been taking their time during the process. According to one report, they’ll continue to delay things for a specific reason.

USA Today’s Sam Amick reports that the Lakers could wait until July before hiring a coach because they want to make their team as appealing as possible to potential free agents. Amick mentions that the Lakers will do what they can to sign LeBron James and/or Carmelo Anthony, who could become free agents if they decline their options for next season.

Though Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak (pictured) has said they will not take the input of Kobe Bryant when making a coaching hire, this suggests that they will at least allow a big-time free agent to have some input in the process.

So far the Lakers have interviewed Byron Scott, Mike Dunleavy, Kurt Rambis, George Karl and Alvin Gentry for the job. Karl is probably the best coach of the bunch, but hiring him would probably make the team a lot less attractive for someone like ‘Melo, who already was coached by Karl for several years in Denver.

It sounds pretty absurd on the surface to think that the Lakers are delaying a process for the hope that they could land a big free agent, but it’s actually sound strategy. LeBron probably isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re the Lakers, how does it hurt to try wooing him? And despite the flaws in his game, they could definitely use a guy like Anthony. Why box themselves in by hiring a coach now?

Powerade beats its chest after LeBron James’ huge performance

LeBron James Gatorade

The Miami Heat desperately needed to win Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday night, and no one should be surprised that LeBron James carried them to victory. LeBron went off for 35 points and 10 rebounds. He was 14-of-22 from the field and scored eight straight points in the third quarter to erase a six-point deficit. A certain sports drink was proud.

After LeBron suffered severe cramps during Game 1’s air conditioning debacle, Gatorade poked fun at him and reminded Twitter followers that he is not one of their clients. Powerade seized the opportunity to fire back on Sunday.

Even Sprite, which is another product that James endorses, got in on the fun.

Gatorade apologized for ragging on LeBron after Game 1, though we don’t think they said anything that offensive. And as it turns out, King James happened to be drinking Gatorade while battling the cramps. It obviously didn’t help.

This beverage battle has been an unexpected surprise during the NBA Finals.

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Derek Norris on Manny Machado: ‘It’s a disgrace to baseball’

Oakland OriolesThe Oakland A’s were fuming over Manny Machado’s disrespectful behavior during Sunday’s 11-1 win over the Orioles, and they voiced their opinions afterwards.

Machado, who already was involved in an incident with Josh Donaldson on Friday, threw his bat after being thrown at in the eighth inning of Sunday’s game.

Oakland catcher John Jaso, who served as the team’s DH Sunday, said Machado’s actions were “disrespectful to the game.” Derek Norris, who caught and was knocked out of the game after being hit by Machado’s backswing, said Machado’s actions were a “disgrace to baseball.”

“A guy with that kind of talent out there and he thinks he’s … like he’s got 10+ years in the big leagues,” said Jaso. “That doesn’t really fly well with me. I don’t think it flies well with a lot of players. Sometimes those guys need to be brought down a little bit so they play the game right. Because obviously there’s a few examples from the series where he isn’t playing the game right, and it’s kind of disrespectful to the game.”

Norris, who was tested for a concussion after leaving the game, had even harsher words.

“What he’s doing, it’s a disgrace to baseball, and I think it’s sad to see someone of his talent and national recognition have things like that stain your career,” said Norris via MLB.com. “I think it’s sad that a player needs to take things to a certain level. I don’t really understand it. Somewhere inside of him, he’s gotta know that he was in the wrong at some point. If you can’t leave here today thinking that you didn’t do anything wrong, something needs to happen, whether it happens internally over there or whatever.”

As I said before, I don’t understand why Machado was so upset over what appeared to be a standard tag Friday. And I don’t get why he hit Norris on his backswing or why he tossed his bat after being hit.

Norris didn’t like the way Machado reacted after hitting him with the bat.

“Usually most guys, it’s a, ‘You all right?’ Something,” said Norris via MLB.com. “But, if anything, I might’ve caught him smiling one time, which is kinda bizarre. Not really much [courtesy] coming from his side today. I don’t need a guy to ask me if I feel all right to feel good about a situation, but I think it is courteous for one ballplayer to another to ask if they’re all right. But yeah, nothing.”

Oftentimes I’d say the veterans need to chill and give a break to the youngster, but Machado really seemed out of line on all fronts. I seriously don’t get what’s up with him.

UPDATE: Machado admitted his wrongdoing and apologized Monday for his actions.