Nancy Grace implies Owen Hart died from steroid use; Mick Foley calls for apology

Owen-HartThe death of The Ultimate Warrior earlier this week has led to a lot of discussion about steroid use in professional wrestling. The WWE legend was just 54 years old when he collapsed outside a hotel in Arizona and died suddenly. Warrior, whose real name is James Hellwig, has admitted he used steroids during his wrestling career.

On Wednesday night, Nancy Grace had a segment on Headline News dedicated to drug use among current and former WWE wrestlers. During the coverage, a list ran that showed a number of wrestlers who died at a young age as Grace spoke with an expert about the dangers of anabolic steroids. One of the names on the list was Owen Hart.

Wrestling fans can tell you that Hart died at 33 in one of the most tragic and shocking accidents in WWE history. An equipment malfunction resulted in Hart falling to his death during a WWE pay-per-view event. Former wrestler Mark Curtis, who died of stomach cancer at 38, also appeared on the list.

While Grace did not say that Hart and Curtis died because of drug use, that was clearly the theme of the segment. WWE legend Mick Foley called for Grace to apologize.

And as The Big Lead noted, it is far too early to determine if steroid use was a contributing factor in The Ultimate Warrior’s death. While we certainly agree that steroid use is dangerous, throwing names of the deceased around and associating them with drug use is irresponsible journalism.

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Report: Colin Kaepernick being investigated for sexual assault


Colin Kaepernick is reportedly being investigated for sexual assault. According to TMZ, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was involved in an alleged incident that took place at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami earlier this month.

Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee later reported that police are investigating what they called a “suspicious incident” involving Kaepernick and two other NFL players, 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette. The police report states that the incident took place on April 1.

A woman claims she went to Lockette’s apartment at 9 p.m. and Kaepernick and Patton were there. She was reportedly told that if she wanted to drink shots that were made “she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana.” The woman claimed she felt lightheaded and went to a bedroom with Kaepernick, whom she had a sexual relationship with in the past. She claimed that she and Kaepernick did not have sex and that Patton and Lockette peaked in the bedroom and she told them to get out.

The woman went on to say she woke up in a hospital bed the next morning and did not remember how she got there. As Barrows noted, the police report did not mention sexual assault.

TMZ’s sources said that Kaepernick hung out with a wedding party at the Viceroy pool over the weekend and one member of the group said he was extremely kind and “made the bride’s weekend.”

The 49ers acknowledged the report on Thursday morning.

“The 49ers organization is aware of the recent media report regarding Colin Kaepernick and is in the process of gathering the pertinent facts,” general manager Trent Baalke said in a statement.

We’ll have updates as they become available.

Brazil manager bans players from having ‘acrobatic sex’ during World Cup

No-sexWe have great news for the members of the Brazilian national soccer team. Your coach has been kind enough to allow you to have sex during the World Cup this summer. What he won’t tolerate, however, is players who think they’re going to bust out the Kama Sutra and start getting weird. We’ll let Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari elaborate.

Earlier this week, a reporter asked Scolari if he has barred his players from having sex. He said they are free to have sex as long as they don’t get too freaky.

“The players can have normal sex during the World Cup,” he said, as translated by Fox Soccer. “Usually normal sex is done in a balanced way, but there are certain forms, certain ways and others who do acrobatics. And that, no.

“We will put limits and survey players.”

In other words, anything involving the high-mount is completely out of the question. How are they going to monitor this? Assuming they can’t put video cameras in the players’ bedrooms, are they going to have them draw diagrams? Come Monday every player must submit a sketch that shows the exact position he was in while making love to his significant other? I guess that would be the best method.

This is not the first time we have seen a team ban sex to avoid injuries, but I can’t ever remember a coach setting rules for sexual positions. That’s a new one.

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LeBron James admits Kevin Durant deserves MVP

Kevin DurantLeBron James has taken home the NBA MVP award the last two seasons, and he certainly deserved it each time. This year, however, it would be tough to make an argument that he deserves a third straight over Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City Thunder star is having the best season of his career, averaging a career-high 32.0 points and 5.5. assists per game.

Even LeBron knows it would be difficult for him to make a case for the MVP over Durant.

“I would say he’s the most consistent basketball player as far as the MVP this year, man,” James said Wednesday, via ESPN.com’s Miami Heat Index. “He’s put up some great numbers.”

Anytime you do something Michael Jordan didn’t do, you’re probably having a legendary season. Durant passed Jordan’s mark of most consecutive games with at least 25 points this month when he dropped 25-plus in 41 consecutive games. Durant is a three-time NBA scoring champion but is still searching for his first MVP.

“I think KD has had one heck of a season,” LeBron added. “And, you know, if he’s rewarded with the MVP, it would be great. It would be awesome for him, for his family. He’s played MVP-type basketball. I don’t really get caught up into what people say. At the end of the day, they have their own votes and they go from there.”

Durant is also averaging 7.6 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game to go along with his career highs in points and assists. LeBron is averging 26.9 points, 6.9 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game, which is a slight decrease from his MVP seasons.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Durant’s 2013-2014 season is that he has kept the Thunder near the top of the Western Conference despite Russell Westbrook appearing in just 43 games. He has carried Oklahoma City through the regular season, and the numbers reflect that. The hardware should, too.

Adreian Payne’s friend Lacey Holsworth dies of cancer

Adreian Payne Lacey Holsworth

If you’re a college basketball fan, you probably are familiar with the story of Adreian Payne and Lacey Holsworth.

The 8-year-old girl and Michigan State senior met over a year ago when the Spartans basketball team visited Sparrow Hospital. Holsworth was being treated for neuroblastoma, a form of child cancer that had been threatening her life since she was diagnosed in 2011.

Holsworth and Payne connected during the visit, and they formed a friendship. They traded inspirational text messages and tweets.

Adreian Payne Lacey Holsworth senior night

Holsworth was Payne’s escort on Senior Night, she cut down the net with the team after they won the Big Ten title, she traveled with the team to the East Regional in New York, and she was there when Payne won the dunk contest in Dallas last week.

Adreian Payne Lacey Holsworth

A week later, the young girl has passed away.

“Princess Lacey has achieved the ultimate victory,” Lacey’s family posted on her Instagram account. “She now dances among angels.”

Payne released this statement after learning about the death of his young friend.

“Words can’t express how much I already miss Lacey. She is my sister, and will always be a part of my life. She taught me how to fight through everything with a smile on my face even when things were going wrong. I’m a better man because of her. She said she first liked me because of my smile, but it’s her smile that made America fall in love with her. I know she’s smiling and dancing in heaven right now. My princess is now an angel.”

Payne called her his “special friend” and says she’s like a sister. This video produced by Big Ten Network last month shows more on the relationship between the two:

Photos: Twitter/adorablelacey, Instagram 1, 2

Brandon Spikes calls time with Patriots slave years, spars with fans

Brandon Spikes PatriotsBrandon Spikes is usually a pretty outspoken player, but it seemed like he was muzzled a bit during his time with the New England Patriots.

Now that he’s signed with the Buffalo Bills, Spikes seems like he feels more free to say what’s on his mind. And on Wednesday, Spikes really went off over Twitter.

Spikes predicted a few wins for the Bills over the Patriots during the 2014 season and a few big hits for himself:

As if that weren’t enough, he seemingly started characterizing his time with the Pats as being slave years.

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Mitch Kupchak: Lakers won’t consult Kobe Bryant on coaching decision

Kobe BryantOn Tuesday, we shared with you a somewhat surprising report indicating that the Los Angeles Lakers are leaning toward keeping Mike D’Antoni at the end of the season. Less than a day later, a conflicting report from ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin claimed that the exact opposite is true and that D’Antoni is likely to be fired.

Toss in the John Calipari rumors and it is obvious no one outside of the organization really knows what the Lakers’ intentions are. What we do know is that general manager Mitch Kupchack insists Kobe Bryant has nothing to do with the coaching decision.

“We will not consult with him,” Kupchak told Sam Amick of USA Today Sports on Wednesday. “No, we won’t consult with him.”

The most recent news we have heard about the relationship between Bryant and D’Antoni came last month, when it was reported that Kobe has “no interest” in playing for D’Antoni next year and is hoping a new head coach will be in place by the start of the 2014-2015 season.

“We won’t consult with him,” Kupchak said emphatically. “Our decisions going forward — we’re not going to do knee-jerk stuff. We’ll let the season end, and take some time. We’ve got a lot of injuries and surgeries to sort through. That’s a lot to accomplish. We have the draft coming up.”

The Lakers are 25-53 this season, but most would argue that D’Antoni has not been given a fair shot due to injuries to Bryant, Steve Nash and others. Jim Buss chose to hire D’Antoni over bringing back Phil Jackson, so you would think he wants to give the decision a chance to work out.

Given the rough state the Lakers are in, Kupchak also admitted that competing for a championship next season is something that may not happen. Amick followed that up by asking how Kobe will feel about that.

“He’ll be fine. He’s got no choice,” he said. “He’ll be fine. When we lose, he’ll rant and rave and be upset and be hot and won’t talk to anybody, but that’s the way it is. You’ve got to take the good with the bad.”

The $48 million extension the Lakers signed Kobe to this past season is looking worse by the day. It’s tough to imagine him staying healthy after suffering two serious injuries in the last year, and the team has now committed big bucks to a franchise icon who may grow more and more unhappy by the day. If Kobe truly is not involved in selecting the next head coach, he won’t be pleased.