LeBron James not wearing mask because it is uncomfortable

LeBron James no mask

LeBron James is no longer wearing the protective mask during games because he finds it to be too uncomfortable.

James broke his nose on a Thursday night TNT game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Feb. 20. He missed the team’s next game, but played in four straight wearing the mask. At first he wore a black mask and looked like Batman, but the league told him he had to wear a clear mask instead, so he made the switch. But James found it to be too uncomfortable and stopped wearing the mask during the team’s game against San Antonio on Thursday.

He did not wear a mask at all on Sunday in Chicago.

“I’m good,” James said Sunday via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “It’s uncomfortable.”

The Sun-Sentinel says James was supposed to wear the mask for another week, but the Heat star decided to ditch it even earlier.

Red Sox owner John Henry fires shot at Miami Marlins

John HenryBoston Red Sox owner John Henry may have been a few days later to the party, but at least he made a fashionable entrance.

On Thursday the Red Sox played the Miami Marlins in a spring training game but only brought a lineup that featured two players with major-league experience. The Marlins were “outraged” over the lineup and were supposedly complaining about it because they had charged premium ticket prices for the game.

Henry sent the following tweet on Saturday in response:

Lakers reportedly not planning to fire Mike D’Antoni

Mike D'Antoni LakersThe Los Angeles Lakers may have suffered the worst loss in franchise history on Thursday, but that embarrassing game likely will not be enough to result in the firing of head coach Mike D’Antoni.

ESPN LA’s Dave McMenamin and Ramona Shelburne say the Lakers do not believe an in-season head coaching change will help them over the remaining 19 games of the season. They also say that even though GM Mitch Kupchak met separately with D’Antoni and VP Jim Buss following the game, D’Antoni does not have much to worry about in terms of his job security. They characterized the meeting as pretty typical.

The Lakers are 21-42 on the season and have been competitive in most games despite having a poor roster. Two games before the blowout loss to the Clippers, they beat the Trail Blazers on the road.

The Lakers have remained supportive of D’Antoni since hiring him as head coach a year and a half ago. They probably entered the season with reasonably low expectations and have lowered them even more given all the injuries.

With the status of the franchise — they have aging, injured players and lack stars — it’s hard for the team to expect more wins. They know that, which is probably why D’Antoni’s job is safe for now.

Joe Maddon coaching his players to gain edge on instant replay

Joe MaddonJoe Maddon is already working with his players to gain an edge — even the slightest ones — that can come from being prepared for the new instant replay challenges.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Maddon was running his players through a drill in spring training Thursday where the guys were coached to continue plays even after a third out was recorded in case a play is reviewed by instant replay. Maddon’s thinking is that if a call for an out is overturned — or vice versa — it could be left up to the umpire’s discretion to decide what to do with the baserunners. So if Maddon teaches his players to not stop on the third out for close plays, they could get extra bases or prevent extra bases by continuing the play.

Maddon and other managers obviously cannot possibly plan for all possible instant replay scenarios, but that is a really good start.

We’ve always lauded him as being a guy who thinks outside the box, and this is just another example of how he’s one step ahead of the game. Unfortunately for him, now his secret is out and other teams may follow his example.

Forearm bash to Deadspin

Terrell Owens’ estranged wife Rachel Snider seeking alimony

Terrell-Owens-girlfriend-Rachel-SniderBy its most basic definition, alimony is a provision that a husband or wife has to pay to his or her spouse after divorce. Alimony payments are typically designed to allow a person to continue living after marriage the way they were during marriage without having the rug swept out from under them, so to speak. Now, let’s get to Terrell Owens and his estranged wife Rachel Snider.

As many of you know, Owens and Snider — a postal worker from Texas — got married in a private courthouse ceremony back in January and managed to keep most of the details of their relationship a secret. Several days later, Snider accused TO of only marrying her so he could obtain a $2 million loan for a home. The two are currently in the process of getting divorced.

On Friday, TMZ reported that Snider is going after alimony. She wants Owens to pay all of her legal fees in addition to providing her with alimony payments. Snider also reportedly plans to refute TO’s claim that the former couple has no community property.

In other words, Snider believes she deserves financial compensation for her 72-hour failed marriage with the former NFL star. I’m not sure how her life could have changed during that short span to the point where she would now need Owens’ money to support her lifestyle (especially since she claims he married HER for money), but such is life in the United State of America.

Owens has already had enough problems with child support payments. He has no children with Snider and they weren’t even married for a week. Don’t be surprised if a court rules in his favor.

Photo via Twitter/Rachel Snider

Magic Johnson sends possibly dumbest tweet of all time


Magic Johnson has outdone himself this time. The Los Angeles Lakers legend has said some ridiculous things while working as an NBA analyst, but nothing he has ever said on the air can top what he wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

Hey, he’s right. There’s just no possible way the Heat or Spurs are going to hoist the championship trophy this year if they don’t get to the NBA Finals. Some teams may be able to accomplish that seemingly impossible feat, but it’s not going to happen for Miami or San Antonio.

People can rip on Magic all they want, but the man speaks the truth. For that, we applaud him.

Darren Sharper allegedly admitted to witnesses that he raped women

Darren SharperDarren Sharper and a second rape suspect allegedly admitted to other witnesses that they raped two women in New Orleans in September, according to a report.

Sharper is a suspect in at least eight sexual assault cases over five states. He and a man named Erik Nunez are suspected of sexually assaulting two women in New Orleans last year.

TMZ got a hold of the application for an arrest warrant for Nunez, and in that application, officers allege that a witness says Sharper and Nunez admitted to having non-consensual sex with the women.

“Through further investigation by the detectives it was learned that Nunez and Sharper admitted to other known witnesses that he and Sharper had vaginal and/or oral sex with victims #1 and #2 without their knowledge or permission.”

Though they are currently being investigated, neither Sharper nor Nunez have been charged with crimes.