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Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Lawrence Police trolls Kansas after upset loss to Oregon

Lawrence Police trolled Kansas after the Jayhawks were upset by Oregon in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday night.

The Jayhawks were a No. 1 seed in the tourney and had been destroying opponents, yet they went cold against the Ducks’ tough interior defense and lost 74-60.

Lawrence Police, which is the city where KU is located, sent this tweet:

Lawrence Police

That is harsh and unnecessary.

Despite being an elite program under Bill Self, the Jayhawks consistently have lost earlier than expected in the NCAA Tournament.

They’ve had two first-round exits; three second-round exits; two Sweet 16 exits; and five Elite Eight exits under Self. That’s despite having eight 30-plus win seasons under him. At least they’ve made two trips to the title game and won one, because otherwise Self would have the biggest monkey on his back in the sport.

We’re guessing that the Lawrence PD learned its Twitter behavior from their friends in Denver.

Phil Knight cuts down nets after Oregon reaches Final Four

Phil Knight

Oregon’s basketball program had one of its finest moments in their history on Saturday, and Phil Knight was on hand to celebrate. And he didn’t just celebrate from the stands like some fan; he got to participate.

The Nike founder, who is a huge booster for Oregon’s athletic programs, got to cut down the net in Kansas City along with his team:

The Ducks were among the best teams in college basketball all season, as they entered the Big Dance 29-5. They took a hit in their seeding after Chris Boucher suffered a torn ACL in the Pac-12 Tournament, but they’ve proven they can win without him.

Oregon doesn’t have much of a tradition in college hoops. Their only previous trip to the Final Four was in 1939, when they won it all. Under Dana Altman, they’ve made the tournament five times and have back-to-back strong showings. They sure are making Knight proud.

Michael Irvin rips Texans for not trading for Tony Romo

Tony Romo

Michael Irvin thinks the Houston Texans have made a huge mistake by not trading for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Irvin appeared on Tiki and Tierney on CBS Sports Radio Thursday and was highly critical of the Texans for refusing to make the move now.

“If I’m a fan of the Houston Texans, I’m protesting so much right now,” Irvin said. “What are you doing? You mean to tell me you can throw $72 million at Brock Osweiler … but come back and say, ‘We’re not going to offer anything for Tony Romo’? Are you joking? Are you joking? Just say, ‘Hey, take a fifth-round draft pick. Take a fourth-round draft pick.’ Throw out something. Let everybody know that you’re trying.”

Irvin rejected the explanation that Houston can just wait for the Cowboys to release Romo and give up nothing.

“We’re not talking about basic principles; we’re talking winning championships right now,” Irvin said. “You’re not going to pick him up (in free agency). You’re going to (have to) fight for him. This is mind-boggling. I can’t imagine what the fans in Houston are thinking right now. I would be going crazy. You can’t come up with a fifth-round draft pick? It blows my mind.”

The Texans have made clear that they won’t trade for Romo, and there’s no guarantee a fifth-round pick would be enough to get it done. Ultimately, everyone is just waiting until the Cowboys give in and release him.

Grumpy writer complains about SI for Kids reporter

A grumpy journalist is getting blasted for complaining about an “SI for Kids” reporter ruining his very adult, very serious opportunity to get quotes for his very serious job.

On Friday, a reporter for “SI for Kids” went viral for a question asked to South Carolina’s Frank Martin about defense, that was highly praised by the Gamecocks head coach.

One person who wasn’t a fan of the journalistic efforts of “SI for Kids” reporters is David Caraviello, a reporter for the Charleston Post & Courier. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter as he complained:

David Caraviello tweet

Caraviello took a lot of heat for his tweet and kept trying to defend himself, not really realizing that very few shared his viewpoint.

This was the general consensus response to Caraviello’s complaining:

Caraviello really needs to lighten up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around him and his fellow writers working on deadline. This is not a good look for him.

Adrian Peterson makes statement, says it is ‘not all about the money’

Adrian Peterson

Free agent running back Adrian Peterson used Twitter to try to silence the various reports indicating that his high financial demands are the reason he still doesn’t have a job.

Peterson wrote on Twitter Friday evening that he’s unsigned because he hasn’t found the best fit for his talents and a team that can contend for a Super Bowl title.

This is clearly a direct response to this report that was meant to explain Peterson’s lack of appeal to teams thus far. Realistically, money is probably a factor. The running back market in general hasn’t taken off, and it’s understandable that the 32-year-old Peterson has received little interest.

LaVar Ball gets Crying Jordan, meme treatment after UCLA loss

LaVar Ball Crying Jordan

When you’re as loud and vocal as LaVar Ball is, you have to be prepared for the ridicule when you’re associated with failure. So it’s no surprise that Ball, the father of UCLA point guard Lonzo, was the target of some memes after the Bruins were outplayed by Kentucky 86-75 on Friday night in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

The best one had LaVar with the Crying Jordan face Photoshopped on:

A few others were ready with memes as soon as the Bruins lost:

Lonzo is almost certainly off to the NBA, where he will likely be a top-five pick. His brother, LiAngelo, is headed to UCLA in the fall, while younger brother LaMelo will be heading to Westwood in a few years. That means we’ll still be hearing plenty more from LaVar even if UCLA was eliminated in the Sweet 16.

Celtics upset Suns tried to pad Devin Booker’s stats

Devin Booker 70

Devin Booker made some history on Friday night by scoring 70 points in a loss to the Boston Celtics. But he upset some people on the way to the astronomical point total.

Celtics reporter Marc D’Amico says the Celtics’ coaching staff was left shaking their heads at the way the Suns tried to pad Booker’s stats in the game, which Phoenix lost 130-120.

Isaiah Thomas, who had 34 in the win, didn’t seem happy about Phoenix’s tactics.

Phoenix was down 128-115 with 44 seconds left and called a 20-second timeout. Booker was sent to the line by a foul from Isaiah Thomas and made all three of his free throws. Then after the Suns fouled Boston and Thomas made both his free throws to make it a 12-point game with 41 seconds left, Phoenix called timeout again.

The Suns were also fouling as part of a comeback strategy, unwilling to concede defeat despite the large deficit in the final minute.

Booker still had to play awesome to get that many points, and he did. He was 21-for-40 and made 24 of 26 free throws to get to 70 points. He probably would have scored in the sixties if his coach didn’t help out with the fouls and timeouts, but it seems like Phoenix did its best to get him to that pretty, round number.

Suns head coach Earl Watson certainly wasn’t apologizing for his tactics.

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