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Monday, February 20, 2017

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick starts ‘no days off’ chant at Patriots parade (Video)

Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots held their fifth Super Bowl championship parade in the last 15 years on Tuesday, and once again fans got to see head coach Bill Belichick in an unfamiliar light.

Belichick, who is known for his all-business mentality, seemed to be really enjoying himself. How much? Enough to grab the microphone at one point and come up with his own chant.

A bit awkward? Sure, but that’s what happens when a guy who lives and breathes football 24/7 lets his hair down.

The Patriots proved that they aren’t bored of winning championships, and so did their fans. Hundreds of thousands lined the streets despite inclement weather, and Tom Brady’s young son treated them to an entertaining dance. Between that, the players chugging booze and Belichick working the crowd, Pats fans were in their glory.

Bill Belichick needs to change his boat’s name to ‘VII Rings’ now

Bill Belichick

One of the best parts about Bill Belichick winning a Super Bowl is that he needs to update his boat’s name accordingly. And after winning Super Bowl LI on Sunday night, the New England Patriots head coach says he’s more than happy to do so.

Belichick has a boat named “VI Rings” to reflect the amount of Super Bowl rings he’s won in his career (four as head coach of the Patriots prior to Sunday, and two as a coach on the New York Giants’ staff). He updated the boat’s name from “V Rings” after the Pats won the Super Bowl against Seattle two years ago. Here’s a look at it:

On Monday, Belichick was asked about updating his boat’s name and said he’s working on it.

Not much elicits a smile out of Bill Belichick, but that query does.

Bill Belichick bemoans Patriots being ‘five weeks behind’ for 2017

Bill Belichick

There is a reason Bill Belichick is the best coach in the NFL and one of the best ever.

Not even twelve hours after winning his seventh Super Bowl as a coach and his fifth at the helm of the New England Patriots, Belichick’s response was simply to note that his team has some catching up to do if they want to be ready for 2017.

This is the most Belichick quote ever. It’s almost parody at this point. This is what he does, though. He’s not afraid to hold his team accountable no matter how much they achieve. The guess here is that Belichick will find a way to properly compensate for those five lost weeks that his team wasted while winning a championship. He’ll get by.

Bill Belichick bothered by suggestion that Deflategate motivated Tom Brady

Bill Belichick

Most people believe New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady played with some added motivation this season because of his four-game suspension, but one person who knows Brady a lot better than the rest of us finds that suggestion offensive.

Bill Belichick was asked on Monday if Deflategate gave Brady an extra boost en route to his fifth Super Bowl title, and the coach seemed bothered that people would think Brady had any room to work harder than he already does.

In other words, saying Brady worked harder this season because he was dragged through the mud by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be implying the 39-year-old gave less than 100 percent effort in past seasons. Belichick sees Brady at work everyday, and he knows the quarterback is already maxed out in terms of preparation and motivation.

Brady always says that his favorite Super Bowl ring is “the next one,” and there’s no reason to think he can’t win another. Even if he isn’t quite as dominant in 2017, we can still expect reactions like this one from Belichick anytime his team leader is questioned.

Bill Belichick girlfriend Linda Holliday in custom crystal hoodie

Bill Belichick Linda Holliday

Linda Holliday, the girlfriend of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, has a custom outfit prepared for Super Bowl LI.

Holliday ordered a custom-made crystal hoodie for the game that says “Belichick” across the back:

Belichick and his ex-wife divorced in 2006 after being married for nearly 30 years. He met Holliday in 2007, so they’ve been together around 10 years. She is now the director of the Bill Belichick Foundation.

Holliday also has two daughters — twins Ashley and Katie Hess — who are also Patriots fans:

H-town bound, beyond proud of this team #patriots

A photo posted by Ashley & Katie Hess | Boston (@thepartyoftwo) on

If they win the Super Bowl, you can expect Belichick and Holliday to be caught smooching like they were after the AFC Championship Game.

Dave Wannstedt: Bill Belichick will ‘take the air out of the football’ in Super Bowl

Former NFL head coach Dave Wannstedt thinks he has an idea of how Bill Belichick might try to beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but he may want to fine-tune the way he describes that game plan.

“I think Belichick is going to take the air out of the football,” Wannstedt told reporters on Thursday, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.

Wannstedt immediately realized that he had just unintentionally cracked a well-timed joke, and he clarified that he was not implying the Patriots plan to take actual air out of the footballs.

“I mean in football terms, he’s going to take the air out of the football, and by that I mean he’s going to try to shorten the game and keep Atlanta off the field as much as possible,” Wannstedt added.

Deflategate jokes aside, I tend to agree. Super Bowl LI is widely expected to be a shootout and has the highest posted Las Vegas total (59.5 as of writing this post) in Super Bowl history. The Falcons have the best offense in the NFL, and the Patriots aren’t far behind. However, Belichick is a defensive-minded coach who is more comfortable controlling the pace of an important game than he is trying to keep up with touchdowns.

Tom Brady is obviously New England’s best asset, but the Falcons are probably more suited for playing fast. Slowing the game down would likely favor the Patriots, so don’t be surprised if this is a big LeGarrette Blount game. As for how Atlanta will approach things, one reporter had the chance to give us all the answers this week, but he ultimately did the right thing.

Donald Trump claims Bill Belichick kissed him, told him ‘I love you’

Bill Belichick

We know the three most important members of the New England Patriots organization are Donald Trump supporters, but are we really supposed to believe Bill Belichick likes another grown man enough to kiss him and confess his love for him?

Apparently so.

In a story the New York Times published entitled “The Uncomfortable Love Affair Between Donald Trump and the New England Patriots,” Trump explained an alleged interaction he had with Belichick last season. You’ll understand why we say alleged when you read what Trump claims happened.

Alright, Donald, now this is just getting out of hand.

Like Tom Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Belichick has admitted he is friends with Donald Trump. The coach even tried to explain that friendship after Trump proudly read a letter at one of his rallies a few months ago that Belichick had sent to him. But did The Hoodie really kiss The Donald on the cheek and tell him he loves him? That’s where I draw the line.

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