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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick did not know Falcons had beaten Packers

Bill Belichick

What kind of preparation and focus does it take to reach seven Super Bowls as a head coach? The type of preparation that leads a head coach not to even know whom he’ll be facing.

In his postgame news conference after guiding the Patriots to a 36-17 win over the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday night, Bill Belichick was asked for his thoughts on facing the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Belichick said he didn’t even know Atlanta had won:

Talk about having blinders on.

But this actually makes sense. The Patriots didn’t have time to think about the Falcons or Green Bay Packers because they needed to take care of business themselves. Both conference championship games were played back-to-back, so any time focused on another game would have taken away from the Patriots’ efforts to beat the Steelers, who are a very good team.

He may have been completely focused on beating the Steelers, but at least he enjoyed himself after the win by kissing his girlfriend.

Steelers fan Mark Cuban zings Bill Belichick over hotel fire alarm

Mark Cuban thinks that the fire alarm at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ team hotel had a lot to do with the New England Patriots organization.

The Mavericks owner, a Pittsburgh native, had a suspect in mind upon hearing of the early morning fire alarm that woke the Steelers.

Oh, that Bill Belichick. He’s behind everything.

Cuban is joking, we think. The real culprit was tracked down by the police and arrested. Of course, given the shady reputation the Patriots have, someone was inevitably going to claim they were behind this one way or another, seriously or not.

Bill Belichick has funny response to Mike Tomlin A-hole comment

Bill Belichick isn’t about to get sucked into the controversial storyline involving some private comments made by Mike Tomlin that were broadcast in public inadvertently.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown broadcast some of the team’s postgame celebration after Sunday night’s win over the Chiefs on Facebook Live, meaning some of Coach Tomlin’s speech went public. In his speech to his players, Tomlin called the Patriots A-holes (full story here).

Belichick was on Boston radio station WEEI Monday and was asked about Tomlin’s comments. He answered in typical Belichick fashion.

Though Belichick is making it seem to the public as if he doesn’t care, you know a comment like that from the rival Steelers will fire him up privately.

The Patriots and Steelers face off in the playoffs seemingly every year, and this year’s AFC Championship Game will be just as intense as ever. As for Belichick’s derision of all things social media, well that goes back a long way.

Bill Belichick, girlfriend Linda Holliday caught sleeping on ferry to Nantucket

Given how many victories and championships he has won in his illustrious career, one might be inclined to think New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick never sleeps. That may be true when he’s at home, but we now know one place Belichick goes when he needs a little shut-eye.

With his team on a bye over the weekend, Belichick was spotted snoozing on the Nantucket ferry with his girlfriend Linda Holliday:

Belichick owns a home on the island of Nantucket, which is located about 25 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. If you’re a huge Larry David fans like LB and I, you may have heard of it in the HBO movie “Clear History.”

That may be Bill Belichick in the most human form you will ever see him. You just know he was watching film and studying for next weekend’s game on that laptop, but even the wicked need rest every now and then.

If we knew Belichick was going to fall asleep in public, we would have guessed it would have been more at a time like this. Even the most boring sports figures can surprise us sometimes — by being boring, I guess.

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