Andy Dalton catches touchdown pass (Video)

Andy-Dalton-catches-TDAndy Dalton scored the Cincinnati Bengals first touchdown of the day on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans when he caught a pass and took it 18 yards to the end zone. Yes, you read that right.

The Bengals broke out a trick play that called for Dalton to dish the ball to wide receiver Mohamed Sanu and flank out to the left. A Titans defensive back went for the interception, allowing Dalton to break the tackle and scamper his way in for a score.

While it was a highlight Dalton will likely never forget (and he made a nice leaping catch), the Bengals are lucky. He could have gotten absolutely demolished if that corner didn’t go for the interception.

Video via Will Brinson

Report: Ray Rice to argue elevator video was edited

Ray Rice RavensRay Rice is preparing to appeal his indefinite suspension from the NFL, and one of his main defenses will reportedly center around a claim that the league extended his punishment after watching an edited tape.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the footage NFL officials saw of Rice hitting his then-fiancee Janay Palmer on an Atlantic City casino elevator and knocking her unconscious was a “cleaned-up, condensed version” of the original video. TMZ admitted that the original video was “jerky” and informed readers that they had cleaned it up a bit.

Robert Mueller, the man appointed by the NFL to investigate the league’s handling of the Rice incident, will have access to the full elevator video.

Even if the video was cleaned up, I don’t understand what more we need to see. Rice will probably argue that Palmer went after him more than the footage showed (he initially told his teammates he was defending himself), but unless TMZ altered the events in some way most people have probably seen all they need to see. You don’t throw a haymaker at a woman who is half your size.

Rob Bironas dies after flipping car in nasty crash

Rob Bironas

Longtime Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas died late Saturday night after flipping his SUV in a brutal single-car crash in Nashville. He was 36 years old.

WTVF reporter Cuthbert Langley reported the news on Twitter and says the car crash happened when Bironas drove off the road on Battery Lane. Police say Bironas’ car slammed into several trees and flipped upside down.

Bironas’ vehicle was completely wrecked, as you can see from the photos:

The Tennesseean says Bironas was traveling at high speeds and there was no evidence of alcohol on the scene.

Bironas was taken to the Vanderbilt Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Langley reports the crash occurred just after 11:00 pm.

A tweet sent from Bironas’ Twitter account confirmed the sad news:

Bironas, 36, grew up in Kentucky and went to school at Auburn before transferring to Georgia Southern. He eventually caught on with the Titans and became their full-time place kicker from 2005-2013. Bironas was a two-time All-Pro and is second on the Titans’ all-time scoring list. The team released him in March.

As if all this weren’t bad enough … Bironas just got married in June.

Bironas’ wife is Rachel Bradshaw, the oldest daughter of former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw. We feel terribly for her and her family.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti offered Ray Rice job as bribe after cutting him

Steve Bisciotti

ESPN’s Outside the Lines dropped a major bomb on the Baltimore Ravens regarding their handling of the Ray Rice situation, saying that the team engaged in a massive cover-up to lessen the punishment their star running back and franchise icon would receive.

According to ESPN’s story, the Ravens knew exactly what was on the elevator video hours after the assault took place. ESPN’s story says Ravens officials such as owner Steve Bisciotti, Dick Cass and Ozzie Newsome worked together with Rice’s lawyer, Michael J. Diamondstein, to try covering up the incident and lessening the punishment Rice would receive from both the league and legal system.

The report says “within hours of the elevator attack, an employee of the Ravens was describing the inside-elevator video to friends in graphic detail, telling confidants that Rice knocked out his then-fiancée with a punch and that the video was ‘really bad,’ according to a source close to a Ravens official.”

Rice also told his personal trainer as well as Ravens coach John Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome exactly what happened. ESPN says Harbaugh and team director of player personnel George Kokinis wanted to release Rice, but Newsome, Cass and Bisciotti overruled them.

Now how is this for an example of a cover-up? From the report:

By phone, Diamondstein told Cass that the video was “f—ing horrible” and that it was clear “Ray knocked her the f— out.” The lawyer advised Cass that the video, if released, would amount to a public relations disaster for the Ravens and for his client.

For that reason, the Ravens tried hard to get Rice in a pretrial intervention program. Part of the conditions of the program are that the video would remain private. They knew what was on the video. They didn’t want to see what was on the video because that would probably weigh on their conscience and make it harder for them to continue their cover-up.

And who was leading the cover-up? Supposedly it was Ravens owner Bisciotti, who after cutting Rice when the video came out, texted the running back to say there was a job waiting for him after football.

Hey Ray, just want to let you know, we loved you as a player, it was great having you here. Hopefully all these things are going to die down. I wish the best for you and Janay.

When you’re done with football, I’d like you to know you have a job waiting for you with the Ravens helping young guys getting acclimated to the league.

Rice interpreted the these text messages from Bisciotti as a bribe for his silence while the team and league threw him under the bus.

What a scumbag. Bet Bisciotti never thought that would come out.

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This is just like what we told you 9 days ago: the Ravens knew what was on the tape and tried to bury it.

Roger Goodell stumbles to answer domestic violence question (Video)

Roger Goodell read a prepared statement during his press conference on Friday and then answered questions using lines given to him by PR people/crisis management firms. The result was a boring, insincere press conference where many of the exact same lines and phrases were repeated.

However, there was one point where Goodell got thrown off by a question and stumbled to answer it.

“Was there something about domestic violence crimes that made it more difficult for you to adjudicate?” the commissioner was asked.

Goodell then fumbled through his mental rolodex of prepared answers before arriving at the one he had been taught to use.

“Well I think the policy itself was, again, not up to standards. The standard of discipline for that was way below where it should be.”

Great answer, Rog. Way to fail to take responsibility for your screwups. Just blame it on a policy. I’m surprised it took him that long before he remembered his scripted answer. Clearly he was thrown off because he had no good answer for it.

Roger Goodell

The NFL’s fear was evident throughout the press conference and was punctuated when they called an abrupt ending to it following another tough question.

Benjy Bronk of Howard Stern Show crashes Roger Goodell press conference (Video)

Benjy Bronk press conferenceRoger Goodell’s press conference on Friday to address the NFL’s failings when it comes to the personal conduct policy and discipline was predictably boring and monotonous. But there was one exciting part.

Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern Show interrupted the press conference while the commissioner was taking questions. He was heard yelling out, “Don’t take me into an elevator!”

The Howard Stern Show is well known for pulling pranks and stunts, so this was their latest effort. It was humorous and harmless, unlike this crasher at the Super Bowl.

Donald Trump sends zinger about Terry Pegula buying Bills

Donald TrumpBuffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Bills for a hefty price of $1.4 billion. Pegula beat out a group from Toronto, and celebrities like Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi when it came to his purchase.

Naturally, “The Donald” had to send out a zinger on Friday regarding the sale:

Ralph Wilson was the founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills until he died in March. A family trust inherited the team and put it up for sale, where Pegula’s bid prevailed.

The expensive pricetag goes to show how much demand there is to own an NFL team, even one that has been a bottom-feeder lately like the Bills. And aren’t we all much happier that Pegula is the team owner instead of The Donald?