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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Chip Kelly to USC rumors are already heating up

The USC football team suffered an embarrassing home loss to Washington on Thursday night. The Philadelphia Eagles are off to a 1-3 start this year and don’t look like a playoff team. What does one thing have to do with the other? Both USC coach Steve Sarkisian and Eagles coach Chip Kelly are on the…Read More

TY Hilton trolled Texans fans with bye-bye wave (Video)

T.Y. Hilton had a relatively quiet night in his team’s win over the Houston Texans, but one play he made was arguably the biggest of the game. And he was sure to mock the hometown fans after making it. Hilton made a 43-yard catch on 3rd down with less than two minutes remaining to seal…Read More

Matt Hasselbeck was ‘on his death bed’ before Texans game

Reports of Matt Hasselbeck’s illness prior to Thursday’s game between the Colts and Texans apparently were not overstated. Hasselbeck reportedly went to the hospital days before Thursday’s game because he was so ill. Hasselbeck said he got sick during Indy’s Week 4 game against the Jaguars. He shared after the win over the Texans that…Read More

Ryan Mallett had bad body language after being benched

Ryan Mallett has long been saddled with questions about his character, and his behavior during Thursday’s Week 5 loss to the Indianapolis Colts did no favors to his reputation. Mallett was knocked out of the game for the Houston Texans after taking a hit from Indianapolis’ Sio Moore in the second quarter. Brian Hoyer entered…Read More

Colin Kaepernick is not worried about job security

Not too long ago, Colin Kaepernick was playing in a Super Bowl and a guy who would keep defensive coordinators up at night thanks to his rocket arm and foot speed. Now, he’s a shell of his former self and many around the Bay Area are wondering if he will ever return to form. Despite…Read More

Arian Foster’s return to game after head injury raises questions

Arian Foster raised some questions about the NFL’s concussion policy when he exited Thursday’s Houston Texans-Indianapolis Colts game for a play after taking a hit to the head and then quickly returned to the contest. On a first down run in the second quarter, Foster carried on a rush attempt and took a hard hit…Read More

Matthew Stafford wife Kelly blasts ‘incompetent’ NFL refs

The Detroit Lions fell victim to one of the most controversial — and clearly incorrect — calls of the season Monday night, and the starting quarterback’s wife is fired up about it. On Wednesday, Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly shared a screenshot on Instagram of a text message exchange she had with her husband. Stafford informed…Read More

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