Jets QB Matt Simms does salsa dance and ref loves it (Video)

Matt Simms was playing the New York Giants in a preseason game on Friday night, so he figured that would be the perfect time to do his best impression of Victor Cruz’s salsa dance.

After throwing a touchdown pass to give the Jets the lead in the fourth quarter, Simms broke out his salsa dance.

Simms’ salsa dance was in clear view of the referee who was staring and later dropped his head and whistle because he couldn’t contain his smiling/laughter:

Matt Simms salsa ref

Ndamukong Suh levels Chad Henne with late hit (Video)

Ndamukong SuhWhile Ndamukong Suh’s list of questionable on-the-field actions is fairly lengthy, he’s talked about becoming a more mature player.

Considering his track record, there are more than a few who rather see it from Suh rather than hear him talk about it.

During Friday night’s preseason game between the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars, Suh delivered an obvious late hit on Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne that will fuel of his biggest detractors.

Not surprisingly, Suh was flagged for roughing the passer.

Ndamukong Suh has been two three Pro Bowls and named a First Team All-Pro member twice. Despite that, the first thing we often think about when it comes to the 27-year-old are plays that draw the attention of officials and the league office. The longer that happens, the longer his ability as one of the more disruptive defensive players in the NFL will continue to be overshadowed.

Mike Evans says fight at club happened during spring break in March

Mike Evans Bucs

Mike Evans says the video of him in a fight outside a nightclub in South Beach was recorded while he was on spring break in March, not last weekend as initially reported.

[Watch it: Mike Evans fight video released]

On Friday, TMZ Sports released video of the fight and said it took place last weekend. Evans and his agent say it happened in March.

“The incident in question happened during spring break in March while I was vacationing with friends in Miami,” Evans said in a statement issued through the team. “The issue occurred at the end of the night when someone in my party was approached by a member of the security staff. The situation escalated very quickly from there, but fortunately no one was injured. I regret that this incident that happened nearly six months ago has become a distraction to my team and I look forward to continuing to prepare for the start of my rookie season with the Buccaneers.”

Look at all the passive terms used: the issue occurred; the situation escalated; the incident in question. I guess that’s one way to describe the situation.

Another way to describe it is that a fight broke out outside a club and Evans went nuts and was throwing punches. Right, but keep regretting that it has become a distraction for the team.

The person who recorded the video insists it took place over the weekend. Whom do you believe?

Mike Evans gets in big fight outside club (Video)

Mike EvansMike Evans’ NFL career is not getting off to the greatest start, and you know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cannot be happy with their rookie after this.

TMZ released video Friday of a fight Evans was a part of that they say took place outside a nightclub on Saturday night.

Evans, who turned 21 on Thursday, supposedly was inside the 21-and-over club last weekend despite being 20 years old. The video shows Evans upset and yelling while seemingly in a dispute with some of the club’s staffers. He throws some punches and darts around during the fight.

No arrests were made despite the obvious assaults.

Evans was an All-American and voted first-team All-SEC last season. He left for the draft following his redshirt sophomore season at Texas A&M and was drafted No. 7 overall by Tampa Bay.

Le’Veon Bell: ‘I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high’

LeVeon Bell SteelersPittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell had to have know he was violating NFL rules when he decided to smoke weed earlier this week, but that doesn’t mean he was aware of all the laws he was breaking. According to the criminal complaint filed at the time of his and teammate LeGarrette Blount’s arrest, Bell said some pretty dumb things to the police.

For starters, Bell seemed to think you could only be arrested for driving while under the influence if you were drinking.

“I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high,” Bell reportedly told police, according to WPXI in Pittsburgh.

And besides, the former Michigan State star wasn’t even high anymore when police pulled his vehicle over. His buzz had worn off.

“I smoked two hours ago,” he said. “I’m not high anymore. I’m perfectly fine. Why would I be getting high if I had to make it to my game?”

When the officer asked what game he was referring to, Bell informed him that he plays for the Steelers and needed to catch a flight by 3 p.m.

It should be noted that police described Bell, Blount and the young lady that was with them as “polite and cooperative.” Cooperative, maybe. Uninformed and oblivious? Absolutely.

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Mike Pettine: Browns could use two-QB system with Johnny Manziel

Johnny-ManzielCleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine revealed earlier this week that Brian Hoyer has been named the team’s starting quarterback, but Pettine obviously wants to keep everyone guessing about what Johnny Manziel’s role will be. On Wednesday, Pettine said it is possible that Manziel doesn’t play at all in 2014. On Friday, he hinted that the Browns might use both Hoyer and Manziel.

“We could potentially look at a two-quarterback system down the road,” Pettine told SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Pettine added that the idea of using a package of plays for Manziel is “on the table” and could potentially help both Manziel and the team. But will it help Hoyer?

Playing quarterback in the NFL is all about rhythm. It’s hard to be an effective passer when you are coming off the field for some sort of wildcat or similar package. Most of the time when teams try to use two quarterbacks (cough, Jets, cough), they fail miserably. Not to mention, Hoyer is probably more likely to feel Manziel breathing down his neck if he is sharing snaps with him.

To this point, Pettine’s signals about the Browns’ offense have been incredibly mixed. If he’s trying to confuse the media and Cleveland’s opponents, more power to him. If he’s saying the same stuff to his team, that could wind up becoming a problem.

Michael Vick: There won’t be patience with Geno Smith

Michael-Vick-JetsMichael Vick has been nothing but supportive of Geno Smith since signing with the New York Jets. Vick knows that the starting quarterback job is Smith’s to lose, and all indications are that the former West Virginia star has done nothing to lose it leading up to the season.

But on Thursday, Vick made it clear that he will be ready to take over the reins if called upon and that he doesn’t expect Smith to be on a very long leash.

“At this point, everybody’s required to do everything the same way,” Vick told Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News. “Geno has taken that step in the right direction. I think he’s ready to lead this team. But there’s been a lot of quarterbacks that started as rookies and started young. There’s really no other way but to go out and win. Regardless of the year the player is in, you got to go out and get it done.

“There wasn’t patience with me. There wasn’t patience with Brett Favre. I’ve seen Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco go in there as rookies. Ben Roethlisberger. They had to get it done and they got it done. There’s really no patience, just being honest. … We got to win and we got to win now.”

There will be some patience, but ultimately Vick is right. Mark Sanchez was injured last season and Rex Ryan didn’t really have another viable option at quarterback when Smith struggled. Ryan stuck with the rookie and Smith ended up getting the job done, all things considered.

This season, Ryan has a 34-year-old veteran with plenty of starting experience lurking in the shadows. Rex also happens to be once again coaching for his job. If the Jets miss the playoffs, there’s a good chance Ryan will find himself on the unemployment line. While you might perceive Vick’s comments as his attempt to put extra pressure on Smith, well all know he’s right. Rex won’t let Geno take the Jets out of playoffs contention without first giving Vick a shot.

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