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Thursday, April 2, 2015


LaRon Landry is freakishly ripped (Pictures)

LaRon Landry’s Twitter account is loaded with pictures of two things: food he eats, and topless shots of his ripped body. Judging by the picture above, he spends a heck of a lot more time working out than he does feasting. Look at how freaking yoked he is. His biceps are three times the size…Read More

Aaron Rodgers celebrates Ryan Braun winning appeal, tells MLB to eat crow

Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun have a lot in common and have formed a strong friendship because of their similarities. Both men are talented yet cocky athletes from California now winning MVPs for Wisconsin teams. Rodgers has called Braun his best athlete friend, and Braun has done Rodgers’ championship belt celebration after getting a hit…Read More

Jim Harbaugh was Indiana basketball’s team manager (Pictures, Video)

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be in Indianapolis for the NFL combine this week, so it only made sense Wednesday night for him to make the hour-long drive south to Bloomington to see his brother-in-law Tom Crean’s Indiana Hoosiers take on North Carolina Central. But what Harbaugh was seen doing during the game…Read More

Time to welcome back the NFL Combine aka the Underwear Olympics

This week marked the opening of the NFL’s post-lockout franchise tag window. If that sentence all but made you plotz then let’s face it, you are a diagnosable football fan. If you are not at that level yet perhaps you are aware that Wednesday is the beginning of the NFL’s annual cattle, er, casting call,…Read More

Demaryius Thomas defends Tim Tebow: ‘There’s no such thing as luck’

Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas, who scored the winning touchdown to bury the Steelers in overtime in the playoffs, tweeted his support of Tim Tebow Tuesday. “I’m tired of ppl talking about my QB.. If u ask me there’s no such thing as luck.. It’s hard work and determination.. That’s all…” Thomas defended Tebow after the…Read More

Brady Quinn backs off Tim Tebow comments, apologizes

Oopsies. Brady Quinn made a mistake with his big mouth during a recent interview for GQ Magazine, and it didn’t take him very long to realize it. Earlier on Tuesday, we shared Quinn’s comments about Tim Tebow with you. The Broncos’ backup questioned Timmy’s humility and said the only reason he was given the opportunity…Read More

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