Dan Reeves: Tim Tebow is ‘Closest Thing to Roger Staubach I’ve Seen’

Tim Tebow’s desire to be the best at what he does is no secret. Whether you believe he deserves to be the Broncos starting quarterback, and bought a billboard to prove it, we can all agree Tebow has a tremendous work ethic.  Whether the Broncos would be better off with Tebow starting instead of Kyle Orton is a seperate argument. This particular discussion is intended to examine whether or not Tebow should be compared to Roger Staubach.

You may know Staubach as the two-time Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame quarterback that was selected to six Pro Bowls during his tenure with the Cowboys in the 1970s.  Tebow, on the other hand, is a man many consider to be the second coming of Christ, who has been as low as third on the depth chart this season. That didn’t stop former Broncos coach Dan Reeves from drawing a strong comparison between the two.

According to The Denver Post, Reeves recently called Tebow “the closest thing to Roger (Staubach) I’ve seen in a quarterback.”  Reeves reportedly said that Staubach “didn’t want to get beaten by anyone” which is exactly the “type of winner” Tebow is.  Based on that logic, I guess it’s safe to say half the guys in the NFL can be compared to the Cowboys legend.

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Eagles Reporter Howard Eskin Said He’d Bike to San Francisco if 49ers beat Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin was so confident the Eagles would beat the 49ers Sunday, he told a San Francisco radio station he’d bike cross country if the team lost.

Appearing with Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger on KNBR Friday, Eskin declared the Eagles a “stone-cold mortal lock.”

“I will tell you right now, there is no chance the 49ers will win. Zero,” he stated. “I’ll take a bike from Philadelphia to San Francisco [if the 49ers beat the Eagles].

“There’s no way the Eagles go 1-3. None. Absolutely none.”

Naturally, the Eagles proceeded to blow a 23-3 3rd quarter lead, missing two field goals and fumbling on their final drive to lose 24-23. The self-proclaimed “Dream Team” is now 1-3.

Eskin, you may recall, is the same person who reported that Michael Vick would be out 2-4 weeks after injuring his hand last week. Vick didn’t miss any games. Eskin also said in July that the Eagles would be interested in Brett Favre as a backup once Kevin Kolb was traded. They signed Vince Young instead.

We’ll consider this strike three for Eskin, who apparently learned nothing from the failures of LA radio host John Ireland. You can listen to Eskin’s radio guarantee in the audio clip below. Thanks to Injury Rate for the tip.

UPDATE: As Off the Bench pointed out to us, Eskin’s son wrote a blog post demanding that his father honor the bet. Let’s hope he does.

Jim Schwartz Jabs Rob Ryan After Calvin Johnson Burns Cowboys

While most people recognize the greatness of Calvin Johnson, the Lions receiver still has his detractors. In January, it was Al Davis saying Calvin is nothing special. In August, it was Cris Carter declaring that Calvin was not elite. And despite Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett saying last week that the Lions receiver could be the best player in the NFL, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan refused to praise the man known as Megatron.

In the week leading up to the Cowboys-Lions game that saw Detroit come out on top, the brash Ryan said that although Johnson is excellent, he’s not as good as Cowboys receivers Miles Austin or Dez Bryant.

Few people will deny the talent and ability of Austin and Bryant, but to say Calvin is not at their level is a joke. Megatron proved it on Sunday.

The Lions phenom caught two touchdown passes from Matthew Stafford, including one where he was surrounded by three defenders, and another where he skied a few feet off the ground in isolation. His touchdown catches were part of Detroit’s 24-point comeback win, and they served as a nice statement in the face of Ryan who dared to say he was below Dallas’ receivers.

Following the win, Lions coach Jim Schwartz took a subtle jab at Ryan. “I’m glad the third best wide reciever on the Cowboys is on our team,” he said.

Very well put, sir. That’s all that needed to be said. Calvin now has set an NFL record with two touchdowns in four straight games giving him eight on the year. He is by most accounts the best wide receiver in football.

Pennsylvania Governor Invokes Flight 93 Reference When Talking About Eagles

We’ve been here several times before, and the advice still has not changed. When talking about sports, it’s best to avoid all references to wars and world tragedies. Why is that? Because even though sports are jobs for many people, they’re still mainly played for entertainment and amusement. Someone should remind Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell of that fact.

During an appearance on Eagles Postgame Live on CSN, Rendell got carried away when talking about the lack of passion from the Eagles and their fans.

“Somebody’s got to get angry, somebody’s got to make a big hit, and then turn to everybody else and say ‘come on.’ When you’re taking a hill,” Rendell said, “someone looks back and says “let’s go.” On Flight 93, that guy said, it will live in immortality, ‘let’s roll.’ Somebody’s got to say that and it looked like there’s just no fire out there from the fans’ standpoint.”

Oof. Rendell, we know you love your Eagles, but that’s not a comparison you want to make. Making a play on a football field has very few, if any, parallels to heroes storming the cockpit of a plane that was hijacked by terrorists. Sometimes you just have to reign in that passion to avoid making such poorly conceived analogies.

Here’s the audio of the fired-up Rendell’s remarks, courtesy of Crossing Broad:

And now let’s turn it over to Rashard Mendenhall for his rebuttal

Did Victor Cruz Fumble Against Cardinals?

The Giants beat the Cardinals Sunday 31-27 after capitalizing on a controversial ruling by the referees. Taking over the ball down 27-24 with 3:10 left in the game, Eli Manning threw a pass to Victor Cruz for a gain of 19. Cruz saw several Cardinals defenders in front of him and decided to go down. He wasn’t touched, meaning he could have gotten up and kept running. Cruz went down, gave up the football, and the Cardinals jumped on it. It appeared to be an absentminded fumble by Cruz, but the referees bailed him out.

The referees ruled that Cruz voluntarily gave himself up, thereby negating the fumble. Their ruling also prevented Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt from challenging the play. NFL.com has video of the play for you to take a look. That sure looked like a fumble to me because the play was not dead. But here’s what the rule book has to say about dead balls:

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Jeremy Shockey Rips Referees, Claims Twitter Account was Hacked

Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey ripped the referees for taking a touchdown away from him in the third quarter, but later claimed his Twitter account was hacked. With the Panthers down 24-20 to the Bears Sunday, Cam Newton hit Shockey for a touchdown. The touchdown was taken of the board because Shockey was flagged for offensive pass interference. Carolina ended up attempting a field goal that was blocked and they never took the lead.

After the game, the following message was sent from Shockey’s Twitter account:

Not long after the tweet was sent, one of Shockey’s friends claimed he was the one who sent the message. The “friend in Charlotte” apologized to Shockey for sending the vulgar tweet from the tight end’s account. Shortly thereafter, another tweet came saying “Wow never leave your acct open when on a road trip. Thx Pedro. Lol but some of it’s true.”

And of course came the obligatory “Got hacked by a friend,” tweet. I don’t know what the NFL’s policy on hacked accounts is, but I’m guessing they’ll treat the tweets just as if Shockey had made the statement to a group of reporters. It certainly didn’t help that he said some of the complaints were true.

Regardless, he certainly had a gripe. That was a weak pass interference call and it cost the team. But if he did feel the refs screwed up the call, why claim the account was hacked? If you’re going to go in, go in all the way. Don’t pull a Paul Pierce, stand by your word!

Ronnie Brown Tries to Lateral at the Goal Line, Fumbles (Animation)

During the first half of the Eagles-Niners game on Sunday, Philadelphia made the mistake of handing the ball off to Ronnie Brown on the goal line. Although Michael Vick was in the backfield when the play began, Brown apparently thought the Eagles were incorporating the wildcat offense. How else would you explain his lateral/pass attempt as he was being taken to the ground at the 1-yard line? Check out this animation, courtesy of Gifulmination via @bubbaprog on Twitter.

The Eagles have a knack for bonehead plays like this, as this is probably the dumbest thing we’ve seen on offense since DeSean Jackson prematurely celebrated back in 2008.  Needless to say, Brown has discovered a tremendous way to remove himself from the red zone equation in Philadelphia.