Darrelle Revis Admits There Was Finger-Pointing After Three Straight Losses

The Jets are now 3-3 after beating the Dolphins 24-6 on Monday night. Prior to the win, they had lost three in a row and some players were fighting. All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis discussed some of the team’s chemistry issues after the win.

Appearing on the Monday Night Football set, Revis was grilled by analyst Steve Young. Young asked Revis how the team will handle locker room issues, like when Santonio Holmes called out the Jets offensive line last week.

“I think this whole week we handled it well,” Revis said. “Santonio, he’s a captain on this team, he might have said it out of frustration. But we know the type of guy Santonio is. I know the offense, I’ve talked to Nick Mangold, and they felt some type of weight.”

Young pressed Revis even more, asking if the Jets locker room was strong enough to deal with the problems over time.

“I think we are,” Revis said after carefully contemplating the question. “I just think it started boiling after we lost three in a row. Guys were starting to point the finger and trying to make an excuse.”

The Jets were never as bad as their 2-3 record indicated, and the criticism of the team was excessive. Though they don’t appear to be as good as they were last year, they’re still a good team. But if Revis’ responses to Young’s questions were any indication, the players may continue to quarrel throughout the year. The only solution to that problem is winning.

Calvin Johnson’s Touchdown Streak, Lions’ Winning Streak Snapped

The scuffle between coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz Sunday received most of the attention around the NFL. Because of it, many people overlooked that two Lions streaks ended.

Calvin Johnson did not score a touchdown in a game for the first time this season. After setting an NFL record with nine TDs in the first five games, Megatron finished the game against the 49ers with 113 yards on 7 receptions. The numbers were good, but none of those catches resulted in six points.

Additionally, San Francisco’s 25-19 victory handed the Lions their first loss of the season. Dating back to the last season, Detroit had won 9 straight games entering Sunday’s contest.

So two streaks come to an end. Maybe the trick to beating Detroit is to keep Megatron out of the end zone. Of course, that’s much easier said than done.

Jim Harbaugh on Jim Schwartz Handshake: I Shook His Hand too Hard

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz provided the most entertaining moment of the NFL weekend with their contentious postgame handshake. Harbaugh was enthusiastic after his team’s road win at Detroit. He gave Schwartz a forceful shake complemented by a hand on the back. Schwartz didn’t like the hand in the back, so he followed Harbaugh towards the locker room tunnel to confront him. Harbaugh can be seen telling Schwartz “Get out of my face.”

Harbaugh said after the game that he was excited about his team’s win. “I was really revved up and I shook his hand too hard,” Harbaugh explained. “It was a strong slap/grab handshake kind of like what I have been doing with [49ers linebacker Blake] Costanzo and other guys.”

“It was too hard of a handshake,” he admitted.

Harbaugh should have waited until after the handshake to let loose, and Schwartz should have shrugged off the hard shake. But let’s be real: do you think these guys are consciously thinking about how they should behave, or were they just reacting to the outcome of the game? If you think Harbaugh’s celebration was the result of a snub from Schwartz in March, you’re reading way too much into this. Some coaches get excited after wins and get carried away. Some coaches will respond if they feel disrespected.

And let’s be real: isn’t football a lot more fun when coaches get into arguments over postgame handshakes? As long as it’s not a coach cussing out an amateur player, I’m fine with it.

Michael Vick Accidentally Kicks Ball at Redskins Cheerleader (Video)

It was a strange Week 6 in the NFL on Sunday with coaches battling during the postgame handshake, players turning up the trash talk on Twitter, a fan pointing a gun to his head after a loss, A.J. Hawk keeping up foreign relations with the Rams sideline, and Sean Payton suffering a horribly unfortunate freak leg injury.  Adding to the strangeness was Michael Vick’s decision to boot a ball that was sitting on the kicker’s practice tee on the Redskins sideline.

After he ripped off a big run, Vick was decelerating near the Washington cheerleaders when he for some reason kicked the ball and nearly took off one of their heads.  Check out this video from NFL.com that Shutdown Corner shared with us:

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Video: Lions Fan Puts Gun to His Head After Team’s Loss

The Lions lost their first game of the season Sunday, falling at home to the 49ers 25-19. They blew a 19-15 lead and are now 5-1. Some fans are taking the team’s loss harder than others.

One fan, who goes by “LionsToSuperBowl” on YouTube, posted a few videos after the game. In two of them, he pulls out a gun and sticks it to his head, telling fans they should not get carried away with the loss. Here is one of his videos:

“Oh hey, Lions fans. You caught me at a bad time,” he says. “The Lions just lost their first game of the season. The dream is clearly over,” he says sarcastically. “It’s kaput, it’s done. They lost a game.

“Just grab the gun, let’s get this over with. Come on, let’s get this over with,” he tells fans, before saying the season is not over.

If this fan looks familiar, it’s because we posted one of his videos last year. At that time, he appeared to be crying while threatening the Patriots.

This guy clearly is a nut job, and while he may be acting on video in order to shock the audience, he seems unstable. Fooling with a gun on a video is not smart. There are plenty of cyber deaths each year and we don’t need to see any new ones.

Chest bump to Deadspin for the video.

Dolphins Owner Reportedly Wants Andrew Luck, Canceled Kyle Orton Trade

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is a smart man. His team is 0-4 and he recognizes the key to winning consistently in the NFL is having a franchise quarterback. He believes the Dolphins do not have one, and according to The Miami Herald, he aims to bring in a franchise quarterback, as well as a big-name head coach or GM.

“Ross wants a franchise quarterback at the helm in 2012,” The Herald says. “He is said to be committed to veer away from any attempt that would add a ‘caretaker’ quarterback as a potential starter. He is said to be tired of watching the Dolphins field backups disguised as starters.”

The Herald’s source says Ross canceled a trade GM Jeff Ireland had arranged for Kyle Orton this summer because he felt that Orton is not a franchise QB and that the team shouldn’t pay him like one when he isn’t one.

The report says “Ross is so focused on getting his team a franchise quarterback that he has told friends, much as losses pain him in the short-term, he’s aware they offer long-term gain because they put Miami in better position to pick Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the next draft.”

It’s pretty apparent that not only will the team likely have a new quarterback next season, but also a new head coach and GM. Ross reportedly wants a big-name head coach such as Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, or Jeff Fisher, or he wants to hire another all-knowing football czar who will pick the GM and coach. This meshes with the report last week that said the Dolphins had contacted Cowher.

While I don’t think the Dolphins need a proven head coach in order to win (see Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy), having a franchise quarterback is necessary. It looks like Ross understands that, and that he is supportive of the team’s “Suck for Luck” campaign. Give him credit for knowing what the team has and what it needs. This also marks the second front office that seems to want to suck for Luck.

Anthony Davis Sends Vulgar Postgame Tweet Defending 49ers for Celebrating

The Lions and 49ers had a skirmish at the end of their game Sunday, a 25-19 victory for San Francisco. Coach Jim Harbaugh was pumped after his team’s victory and gave opposing coach Jim Schwartz a forceful handshake. Schwartz followed him down the field to confront him about the shake, and several players became involved. No punches were thrown, but words were exchanged. Even more words were shared after the game.

49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis (pictured above), separated Schwartz from Harbaugh. After the game, he sent a tweet bragging about winning in Detroit. He claimed he saved Schwartz by separating him. He also sent this vulgar message:

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