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Monday, March 30, 2015


Randy Moss believes God has something set up for Tim Tebow

If Randy Moss is looking for attention, he has found a good way of earning it. Since yesterday morning, Moss has made multiple appearances on his Ustream channel to make announcements about his NFL comeback and interact with fans. On Tuesday, Randy answered questions about everything from his interest in rejoining the Patriots to how…Read More

Brandon Jacobs open to playing for Jets after ripping Rex Ryan

Overpaid players like Brandon Jacobs just don’t get it sometimes. When the team you are currently playing could decide you aren’t worth the nearly $5 million they would have to pay to retain you, it’s best to not burn any bridges across the league. That is especially true for someone like Jacobs, who won’t exactly…Read More

Randy Moss announces he is returning to the NFL

Any NFL teams out there looking for a 35-year-old, play-making receiver that can dominate the game whenever he feels like trying? Randy Moss wants to return to football. According to Pro Football Talk, Moss made a special announcement on Monday to celebrate his 35th birthday. Doing his best Shaq impression, Moss went on a…Read More

Reggie Wayne interested in Patriots: ‘Who wouldn’t want to play there?’

Reggie Wayne is 33 years old and a free agent. The Colts don’t seem interested in bringing him back considering his skills are declining and the organization is rebuilding. What’s surprising is that he’s interested in playing for their AFC rival. Former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinnest says he and Wayne had a conversation about the…Read More

Logan Mankins drew a mustache on his helmet during the playoffs (Picture)

Like many other teams that are caught up in a playoff run, this year’s Patriots were big on facial hair. Wes Welker was all about his mustache and showcased it regularly on Twitter during the postseason. Logan Mankins continued his normal routine, which involves rocking a badass Fu Manchu. Apparently he thought the Patriots logo…Read More

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