Roy Williams Makes Rookie Jimmy Young Carry His Shoulder Pads in Chicago

Hooray! Wide receiver Roy Williams needed something to go right in his life.  Although his post-Lions career has not been much of a success, Williams remains a proud man.  He was never able to develop strong chemistry with Tony Romo in Dallas and now hopes he can produce with Jay Cutler in Chicago.  While in Dallas, he even had trouble finding a rookie to carry his shoulder pads for him.  Fortunately for Roy, that has changed.

According to ESPNChicago.com via Pro Football Talk, Bears rookie Jimmy Young did not hesitate to carry Williams’ shoulders pads when the veteran ordered him to.  Young, an undrafted free agent, said he had a free hand and it “wasn’t a big deal.”  Perhaps the smartest thing Williams did differently this year was prey on an undrafted rookie rather than a first-round pick.

“Oh man, it was lovely,” Williams said. “Hey 19, take my pads. ‘Yes sir.’ There was no, ‘I ain’t got to do this’ — none of that, so it was good.”

I think I speak for everyone when I say congratulations, Roy Williams.  You found a rookie that respects you.  Merely a month after he sued his ex girlfriend to get his engagement ring back, Williams probably needed a boost.  As for Young, he should consider himself lucky he didn’t end up like these poor rookies in Oakland.

Raiders Rookies Get Hazing Haircuts (Pictures)

NFL rookie hazing, it’s a time honored tradition. Whether it’s carrying pads or getting funky haircuts, rookies being hazed is part of the fabric of football camps everywhere. Except in Jacksonville, where Jack Del Rio banned hazing after rookies received these disturbing haircuts last year. Anyway, the Raiders are the first team to initiate the process with their rookies, at least as far as we know. Check out some of the haircuts they gave their rookies:

Mason Brodine seemed to get it the worst while Joseph Barksdale (far right) seemed to get it the easiest. And so far nobody has received the Friar Tuck look that made Tim Tebow famous. Nice.

Pictures via CSN Bay Area, News 10

Jon Gruden Higher on Jake Locker Than any Other Rookie Quarterback

Jon Gruden has been described as a man who collected quarterbacks when he coached. He turned Rich Gannon into an MVP, won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson, and he reached the playoffs with Chris Simms. He seems to know his quarterbacks and is respected for his ability to coach them. That’s part of the reason why he runs a “Quarterback Camp” on TV (however strange the episodes may be). Simply said, when he talks quarterbacks, we listen.

Gruden sat down for an interview with Marty Caswell of Double X Sports in San Diego and was asked which rookie quarterback he felt would have the best chance at making an early impact in the NFL. His answer surprised me.

“I really like Jake Locker,” Gruden said without hesitation. “I think Locker is special. Cam Newton is physically very talented, but I think Jake Locker. And what I’m hearing about Blaine Gabbert’s exciting too, but I’m a Locker stocker.”

I respect Gruden’s opinion of quarterbacks, but I think he’s crazy there. Sure Locker had a strong pro day, but as I said on draft day he was a reach for Tennessee. Locker is big, fast, and has a strong arm, but his big weakness is his lack of accuracy. That is a real problem, not a criticism by haters.

Locker is going to throw a lot of interceptions in the NFL and I don’t envision much success for him. But at least we have a prominent analyst who validates Tennessee’s selection, so they have that going for them.

Aaron Rodgers Goes Allen Iverson: ‘We’re Talking About Practice?’ (Video)

Poor Allen Iverson.  The guy went on possibly the most epic rant of all time and years later he still can’t catch a break.  When you have people like Charlie Sheen ripping on you, you know you must be at the bottom of the totem pole.  The good news for Iverson is the latest person to take a shot at him happens to be a Super Bowl MVP, so at least he’s receiving recognition from the right places.  Check out the Aaron Rodgers Allen Iverson “practice” video:

While we all appreciate a well-timed “practice?” bit, this one seems a little forced from Rodgers.  Of course you’re going to be asked about practice.  Nothing else is going on.  He could have picked a better time to bust this one out.  For a guy who has television experience and has appeared in a music video, you would think he could do better.  It’s the rip on Allen Iverson thought that counts.

Cam Newton: Offseason Playbook to Now is Like Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare

The Carolina Panthers want Cam Newton to be their starting quarterback as soon as possible.  No NFL head coach would ever hand a rookie a starting position, but it’s no secret Ron Rivera hopes Newton earns it this season.  A shortened offseason makes things infinitely more challenging.  At the moment, Newton is running plays with the second offense behind Jimmy Clausen.  Much of that has to do with a lack of familiarity with an NFL-level playbook.

According to CBSSports.com via SB Nation, the Panthers gave Newton a playbook to study during the lockout.  The top overall draft pick said the book they gave him was nothing compared to what is being thrown at him in training camp.

“That’s Dr. Suess compared to doggone Shakespeare,” Newton said when asked about the playbook he studied during the lockout.

A few months ago we pondered which Newton would take from Clausen first — his jersey number or his job.  At the moment, he has earned neither.  We all know what Newton is capable of physically, but this is a kid who struggled to call an audible during Jon Gruden’s camp over the spring.  Transitioning from a college playbook to an NFL playbook is a tall task for anyone, let alone a quarterback who dominated in a basic spread offense at the college level.  Newton has the potential to light up the field and create a buzz for the Panthers, but he’ll have to tackle a massive learning curve before being given an opportunity.

Chest bump to Black Sports Online for the story.

Rex Grossman Believes Redskins Will Win NFC East

Well duh, they have Rex at quarterback. Of course they’re going to win the NFC East. I mean this is a no-brainer. As soon as I heard that Grossman was listed at the top of the team’s depth chart, I took out my pen and confidently marked the Skins down as my NFC East winner. I envisioned Rex throwing for four touchdowns per week, picking apart the Eagles secondary. I pictured Washington’s vaunted defense shutting out Dez Bryant, Hakeem Nicks, and Michael Vick. I mean shoot, who didn’t have the Redskins down as division favorites as soon as they learned Grossman had wrestled the starting quarterback job away from John Beck?

But seriously, you have to hear what he said Tuesday. During an interview with Comcast DC, Grossman was asked what the Redskins are if the Eagles are considered the Dream Team. His answer?

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Jason Garrett Compares Defining a Physical Team to Defining Pornography

Sports reporters have a tendency — one that can be very annoying — to harp on cliches when asking coaches questions.  Coaches must get tired of answering questions like, “Do your guys lack toughness?” or, “Does your team need to learn how to close out games?”  Questions like those are tough to answer because they are nearly impossible to measure.  For Jason Garrett, trying to measure the physical play of a team is like trying to determine who’s being more physical in a porno movie.

Sportress of Blogitude called our attention to the fun analogy Garrett decided to throw at everyone on Tuesday.

“It’s hard to define but you know what it is when you see it; it’s a physical sport,” Garrett said according to the Dallas Morning News. “At the end of the day, you need to be the one doing the hitting rather than being the hit-ee. It’s little bit like the description of pornography from years back. It’s hard to define it. But you know what it is at the end of it. It’s hard to define it. I think you know who is more physical.”

Wait, pornography “from years back?” Is Garrett admitting he’s a fan of porn by telling us this?  Can we assume that since he was talking about it being tough to tell with porn back in the day that it’s easier to tell who is the more physical one in modern porn? Or does that just mean he doesn’t watch porn anymore so he doesn’t know if the analogy would apply to 21st century skin flicks?  These are the questions…