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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Joe Flacco Complains to the Media About Never Getting Any Credit

In a year in which the teams from the AFC have more question marks than years past, the Ravens have one at quarterback.  Opinions on whether or not Joe Flacco is good enough to bring the Ravens to the Super Bowl have varied greatly.  If the Patriots had a decent defense, they would be the…Read More

Justin Tuck Calls Anonymous Jets Sources ‘Cowards’

It is not very often that I agree with Justin Tuck. Typically I’m annoyed by the fact that Tuck loves to flap his gums for no reason about a rival team or call opponents dirt bags, but there is always an exception.  In a tweet that he sent out on Wednesday, Tuck came up with…Read More

Jets Sources Rip ‘Lazy’ Mark Sanchez, Say He’s Being Babied

The New York Daily News published a story citing several anonymous team sources that absolutely buries Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. In many senses you can say that the story is unfair; Aat least when Greg McElroy ripped the team, he did so on the record. In this situation, no names are attached to the quotes….Read More

Ryan Clark Can’t Watch ESPN This Week Because of Bama and Tebow

If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers or LSU fan, ESPN is a bad channel to watch this week. The coverage the past two days has been nonstop about Tim Tebow, and to a lesser extent, Alabama. Steelers safety Ryan Clark saw his team get knocked out of the playoffs by the Broncos Sunday, and then his…Read More

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Using the Honey Badger for Motivation (Video)

You didn’t think that LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu was the only honey badger in sports, did you? Turns out there are other teams playing off the viral video of the world’s most fearless animal. Last month, Jim Harbaugh spliced some footage of the honey badger into highlights of the team’s season and it resonated with…Read More

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