Falcons Fans Burn Michael Vick Jersey Before Game (Picture)

Michael Vick remains a polarizing figure in Atlanta. The former Falcons franchise quarterback was beloved by the city. He let down the fans by engaging in illegal dog fighting which resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. Some fans still love Vick, but others in Atlanta are not as forgiving. Some of those angry fans decided to burn an old Michael Vick Falcons jersey in the parking lot prior to Sunday night’s Eagles-Falcons game:

Now I know what’s on your mind at this point … how did a Mets trash can end up in the picture? I can’t answer that question for you, except I will say that everything seems to go wrong for the Mets.

As for Vick, he now joins an exclusive club. Jay Cutler, Brett Favre, and LeBron James have all had their burned jerseys featured here at LBS. That’s some impressive company.

Picture Credit: Brett McMichael on Twitter
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Arian Foster is Fine, Gary Kubiak Says

Arian Foster’s hamstring injury has been one of the biggest concerns in the fantasy football world this season. The Texans haven’t been as worried as fantasy footballers because Ben Tate has proven to be a more than capable backup. Looks like neither group needs to be worried about Foster’s health, if what Houston coach Gary Kubiak says is true.

Foster ran for 33 yards on 10 carries and had two catches for seven yards in the win over Miami, but he did not play in the second half. Early reports suggested he had re-aggravated his hamstring injury, but Kubiak said after the game that wasn’t the case.

“He’s fine. He obviously wasn’t himself and got pretty fatigued. He wanted to play in the second half,” Kubiak said after the win.

Kubiak reiterated that Foster didn’t see action in the second half because of fatigue. Ben Tate, the second-year running back from Auburn, rushed for 103 yards on 23 carries and helped milk the clock at the end. It was Tate’s second straight 100-yard game and he’s now averaging 4.66 yards per carry.

Fantasy football owners will still have questions about Foster’s status, but the Texans should not be worried. Tate has proven he’s the real deal and that the Texans may not be losing much with him carrying the ball instead of last year’s leading rusher.

UPDATE: Despite what Kubiak said, Foster admitted that his hamstring tightened up during the game.

Ralph Wilson Was ‘Shocked’ By Bills Week 1 Win: How About Week 2?

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been recovering from a broken hip.  As a result, the 92-year-old was not able to attend the Bills home opener against the Raiders on Sunday but instead had to watch from home.  When asked about Buffalo’s 41-7 win over the Chiefs in last weekend’s season opener, Wilson told The Buffalo News it was as surprising for him as the rest of us.

“I was shocked, along with everybody else,” he said.

If the blowout surprised him, I wonder how the face of the Bills organization felt about his team’s unbelievable comeback against the Raiders this weekend.  Oakland absolutely dominated the Bills in the first half and took a 21-3 lead into the locker room, assuring everyone that Week 1 was a fluke for Buffalo.

Whoever stepped up and delivered the halftime speech for the Bills must have done a tremendous job, because a different team took the field in the second half.  Fred Jackson broke a 43-yard less than two minutes into the 3rd quarter and made a comeback manageable for the Bills.  Ryan Fitzpatrick once again looked like a seasoned veteran as he threw three touchdown passes in the second half — including the game-winner with only 14 seconds remaining to seal the 38-35 victory.

Shocking would be an understatement for the way the Bills have played through the first two weeks of the season.  Their defense still needs a lot of work, but their offense suddenly looks explosive.

Chris Johnson Booed by Titans Fans

Chris Johnson may have gotten the enormous pay day he was looking for from the Tennessee Titans, but it’s looking like his relationship with the fans has been strained as a result.  The Titans came up with a big win over the Ravens Sunday afternoon, but Johnson had an average game at best.  He got the ball 24 times yet managed only 53 yards and did not find the end zone.

Early in the game when Johnson had 11 carries for only 20 yards, Titans fans booed him.  However, the crowd cheered for Javon Ringer, who had ripped off a couple of nice runs including a 10-yard score.

Are we saying the Titans should give Ringer more carries and cut down on Johnson’s workload?  Of course not, but the boos indicate Tennessee fans are not very fond of CJ2K as a person after his holdout.  Perhaps it is a combination of his missing training camp and telling “fake” Titans fans to shut up that has turned the masses against him.

Chances are Johnson will turn it on once he gets into football shape, but it has quickly become obvious that the love for him in Tennessee is now lacking.

Robert Kraft Says He Wanted Patriots to Lose to Get Drew Bledsoe

Robert Kraft is widely considered to be one of the best owners in all of professional sports. When you think NFL owners, Kraft is almost certain to be one of the first that comes to mind. His obvious commitment to success has created one of the winningest teams in football over the past decade.  With that in mind, it would be ludicrous to say Kraft has ever rooted against his own team.  Or would it?

Drew Bledsoe was inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday.  While many have forgotten, the man whose injury paved the way for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time actually played in a Super Bowl himself.  The Patriots selected Bledsoe with the first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft — a selection New England secured with a 2-14 record in 1992.

“Can you remember the last time you rooted against the Patriots?” Kraft asked during his speech to which fans insisted they never had. “For me, it was the 1992 season finale against the Miami Dolphins. With a 2-13 record, a loss would secure us the first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft and a chance to draft a true franchise quarterback.”

Kraft added that the Bledsoe selection contributed to his decision to purchase the Patriots outright in 1994.  Little did he know, a sixth-round draft choice in the 2000 draft would forever change his franchise.  To those of you who think it’s terrible that an owner would want to throw a game: Get a grip — the fans wanted it, too.

Julius Peppers Reportedly Rented Plane to Transport Bears to Funeral for Urlacher’s Mother

No matter how many negative stories were hear about, there are always some good ones that shine through to make one feel better about humanity. This is one of those stories.

Brian Urlacher’s mother, Lavoyda Lenard, died unexpectedly on Monday. The Bears linebacker missed several days of practice this week and returned to New Mexico for Saturday’s funeral. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the majority of his defensive teammates will also be in attendance.

The Sun-Times adds that Julius Peppers rented a private plane to transport his teammates to New Mexico for the funeral, and then New Orleans for Sunday’s game against the Saints. Though the report is unclear, I’m taking “Peppers rented a private plane” to mean he not only made arrangements for it, but that he also paid for it.

Regardless of who paid for it, it’s awesome that the Bears are going out of their way to ensure they’re there to support their teammate. And as someone who was signed to a huge free agent deal last year, Peppers is putting his money to good use if he in fact paid for the plane.

This reminds me of what the Indians did last month to ensure Jack Hannahan did not miss the birth of his child. Some athletes may come across as cold and callous, but we’ve learned that teammates support each other more often than not.

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Derrick Mason Responds to Trash Talk in Bill Belichick Documentary

Whether you were fortunate enough to catch the first installment of A Football Life on Thursday night or not, you have probably heard a little something about Derrick Mason and Bill Belichick going at it.  In what was perhaps the most surprising twist of the entire first segment of the Belichick documentary, Mason and the Patriots coach got into it near the sideline and Belichick was raining f-bombs everywhere.  While shocking to hear from the mouth of the Silent One, in reality it was nothing more than typical football trash talk.

Now that the two-year-old exchange has been put out there for the public to see, Mason has decided to respond.  Check out these tweets he posted on Friday afternoon.

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