Brandon Meriweather Prepares for NFL Season Rocky Balboa Style

Brandon Meriweather is not the most well-liked figure in the National Football League.  The Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub Boston has made Meriweather into their own personal punching bag, ragging on him for the way he talks and the ridiculous things he says when a microphone is in his face.  Booting someone during a fight while at The U or being tied to not one but two shootings probably hasn’t helped the Patriots’ safety’s reputation either.

Maybe all the criticism he has faced has inspired Meriweather to start preparing for Ivan Drago.  Apparently standard equipment just wasn’t cutting it for the Big Bang Clock (New England reference), so he had to adjust his workout routine.

“We work out with a lot of different tools and weights,” Meriweather told the Providence Journal. “It’s not traditional bench press, squats. We do different things with weight. You can’t get these things from an ordinary gym. Now I go into a regular gym and am pretty much puzzled because I don’t see that stuff as helping me as much.”

Will the training regimen work for Brandon in a few months?  The Russian is pretty big, and we know he juices.  He has a lot of high-tech equipment at his disposal and some of the best trainers in the world.  But can you really beat the effectiveness of old-fashioned conditioning?  You think Drago’s a machine just because he can throw a punch with 1,700 pounds of force per square inch?  No, he’s a man.  No pain.

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Kevin Kolb: Players Cry in Andy Reid’s Office and He Protects Them

Kevin Kolb spoke with guest host Howard Eskin on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday and said he’s not expecting to be with the Eagles after the lockout ends. Kolb said playing for Arizona would be nice, and Eskin insisted Kolb would be be traded there (he must read LBS). In addition to the talk of Kolb’s future, there was another interesting nugget shared during the interview. Kolb depicted Reid as quite the players’ coach.

“I have seen him take the bullet for so many players that the media had no idea about, that the fans had no idea about,” Kolb said. “He sat up there and took up for his player, and the player is in his office crying in a tough situation, and Andy’s just sitting there with a shield on taking bullets for him.

“So he puts himself in those situations, but there’s a reason he does it, and that’s how he gets respect from his players and that’s why guys play so hard for him. And I just hope that in the future everybody will look at whatever situation he’s in, going, ‘He’s crazy for doing this. Why’s he doing this?’ Well, there’s a reason he’s doing it.”

We got a sense that Reid was a players’ coach when he and the Eagles signed Michael Vick after he was released from prison. Another example may have been when kicker David Akers missed two field goals against the Packers in the playoffs. There were reports that Akers was distracted by personal issues during the game. Reid didn’t say anything about it and didn’t blame Akers the way other coaches have gone after their kickers.

Despite all his shortcomings (e.g. pass-to-run play ratio), Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL. We knew players liked him, but now we have a much better understanding why.

Bart Scott: Players ‘Wimping Out’ by Eliminating Two-a-Day Practices

On Tuesday Vikings punter Chris Kluwe complained that a handful of players were holding up the new CBA for selfish purposes. Later that night, another player expressed his dissatisfaction with one aspect of the CBA as well. That player is Jets linebacker Bart Scott. Scott is unhappy that the NFLPA got the owners to agree to essentially eliminate two-a-day practices during training camp.

“I think it’s wimping out; making football more soft,” Scott told The Star-Ledger (via NFL.com). “No reason to try and make camp easy.”

“I get concerned you’re making football players weaker because you don’t push them past that threshold. … I get concerned with the same thing with the quarterback stuff, that they turn it into flag football; they turn it into little pansy stuff.”

“Two-a-days, it’s what football is all about,” Scott said. “It’s about endurance, pain, will, putting yourself through something when your body is telling you it doesn’t want to go. Your mind controlling your body. That’s what camp is all about. With one-a-days, guys might not be in as good of shape as they would have been. Camp tears you down, and then a smart coach starts pulling back in enough time that allows players’ bodies to build back up.”

See, this is the territory we get in where you worry if the players got too much power. Things need to be even, things need to be fair. Coaches can’t feel like the players will pull out their contracts Roger Dorn-style if they’re asked to practice more than they want, even if this was done for player safety-purposes. As Scott said, this is taking away reps from coaches. Let’s just hope players have the same attitude as Scott where they want to practice to get better.

Chris Kluwe Calls Drew Brees, Peyton Manning ‘Douchebags’ (Audio)

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken players in the league. He’s not too afraid to call out inconsistencies within the NFL when he needs to, or mock Roger Goodell with a funny drawing. Now he’s gone a step farther, calling out some of his fellow players for reportedly holding up the CBA because of perceived personal greed. Here’s what Kluwe wrote in a tweet:

Shortly after Kluwe’s tweet gained attention, he joined What’s Wright with Nick Wright on 610 Sports in KC to talk about his tweet. Before we present analysis of his comments, you must hear Kluwe read his tweet. Awesome audio:

Kluwe went on to explain why he called those players out. In case you’re unfamiliar, it stems from a Yahoo! Sports report that said Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins want to be compensated for sitting out games last season. The other part of the report is that Brees and Manning reportedly want to be exempt from the franchise tag. That’s what led to Kluwe’s reaction.

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Kenny Britt Handcuffed on Stage by Britney Spears at Nashville Concert

Britney Spears is on her Femme Fatale Tour and the singer made a stop in Nashville Monday for a performance. Ordinarily we wouldn’t care about Spears being on tour, but something crazy happened at the concert. Somehow Titans receiver Kenny Britt ended up being handcuffed on stage:

If any NFL athlete would get pulled up on stage to get handcuffed at a Britney Spears concert, it would be Britt. He’s the same guy who was arrested for leading police on a car chase and then was charged with resisting arrest a day after his careless driving plea. Oh yeah, he’s also the same dude who said he was retiring from the NFL before claiming his Facebook profile was hacked. Only Kenny Britt. Though we must say this is probably his best performance since week 7 against the Eagles.

Pictures courtesy of Ray Zate and Derek Lisle, as shared by
Jimmy Traina and Clay Travis on twitter.

Jeremy Shockey: Players Told Lockout Will End Thursday, Camp Begins Friday

Jeremy Shockey has provided us with the best news possible. The tight end told Busted Coverage in an interview that the lockout will end Thursday, and that players have been told to report to camp on Friday. From his phone conversation with BC:

“The deal will be done Thursday and we’re being told to report to Charlotte for a three-day camp the 22nd through 25th. Obviously the details have to be completed, but this deal is done. The Hall of Fame game is a go. It’s a win-win for both sides.”

Shockey’s words coincide with what we’ve been hearing all weekend, but it sure is a huge relief to hear it from a player. They may have some details to work out, but it looks like things are almost set. Now all we have to do is start preparing for the actual season again. Who even knew Shockey had signed with the Panthers???

Sam Shields Got Packers’ Super Bowl Ring Tattooed on His Neck

Packers DB Sam Shields has followed in the footsteps of Mavs guard Dominique Jones by getting a tattoo commemorating his team’s championship. Only Shields’ tattoo is a replica of the Packers’ Super Bowl ring. And it’s large. And looks painful. Here is a picture of Sam Shields’ neck tattoo that he shared on twitter via Deadspin:

Not something most players would do, but at least Shields earned it. And unlike Mikel Leshoure’s tattoo, this one won’t look as stupid even if he gets traded. OK, maybe it will be a bit stupid if he plays on another team.