Herm Edwards Has Great Advice for Rookies on Avoiding Financial Trouble

The more we’ve seen of Herm Edwards on TV, the more we’re convinced he’s a greater orator than he is coach (putting that ridiculous Herminator segment aside). During NFL Live on Monday, Edwards, Michael Smith, Chris Mortensen, and Jason Taylor were discussing tips for rookies entering the League. Herm explained his advice for rookies to avoid financial trouble, and it was pretty hilarious.

Responding to former Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor who admitted he squandered some of his money on excess toys, Edwards said “So you didn’t hear my story huh? The one of everything?”

Then he explained his policy.

“One car. One piece of jewelry — not the Mr. T starter set. One girlfriend — you don’t get a girlfriend and wife. One house. You just do one. That’s how you say it!”

Sounds pretty simple but it makes a lot of sense. Certainly the way he said it was funny, but if most athletes stuck to his rule of one, they probably would avoid financial troubles. Too bad Scottie Pippen, Mark Brunell, and Latrell Sprewell didn’t take his advice otherwise they’d be in decent shape.

Darnell Dockett Tweets While Cops Pull Him Over, Demands Search Warrant

Arizona Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett is one of the most humorous athletes on twitter. All you have to do is check his inappropriate twitter bio to know what kind of goofball he is. He’s like the Howard Stern of athletes on twitter — no holding back, all subjects are fair game. That even includes confrontations with police when he’s pulled over.

Dockett was pulled over Monday afternoon and began tweeting about the incident, as we learned from Pro Football Talk. Here’s what he wrote in a series of tweets (edited to block out profanity):

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Terrell Owens Reportedly Had ACL Surgery, Puts Career in Jeopardy

Wide receiver Terrell Owens had knee surgery in the past month according to a report from Chris Mortensen. Mortensen says Dr. James Andrews performed an operation on T.O.’s knee to repair a torn ACL, an injury that was not publicly disclosed. It’s not publicly known how the injury was sustained, but one source told Mortensen the injury occurred while T.O. was filming a reality show. Another source said the injury occurred while he was doing a personal workout, which makes more sense.

Owens tore the meniscus in his left knee in the Bengals’ 14th game of the season last year, but this injury reportedly is unrelated. Owens was having a successful season prior to the injury, catching 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns, so there’s little doubt he could still be an asset to a team. The problem is the recovery could take six months meaning he wouldn’t be available until late in the season (if there is one).

T.O. is 37 years old and his knee injury will likely turn teams off from signing him. A team could bring him in if he’s ready late in the year and they need wide receiver help, but the surgery could take away his speed, quickness, and ability to make cuts. When you combine Owens’ off-putting personality with his age and the injury recover time, this could be enough to ruin his career. Terrell is a tough guy so I wouldn’t write him off yet, but this certainly doesn’t help his career.

Peyton and Eli Manning in Football Cops DirecTV Trailer (Video)

We’ve heard about a “Football Cops” show Peyton and Eli Manning have been filming for DirecTV, but we don’t know much else about it. Is it a real show? Is it just something humorous to get fans ready for the NFL season (if it does happen)? Judging from the website, it looks like there may be three episodes of the show. We really have no idea what it’s all about, but I do know that this trailer courtesy of Eye on Football is hilarious:

Between Peyton’s mustache and Eli’s fu manchu, it doesn’t get much better than that. Actually, the only Manning brothers spoof that can compare is this. Mike Tahoe and C.J. Hunter, coming to save a neighborhood near you!

Roddy White: Falcons Offense Will ‘Remind You of Greatest Show on Turf’

The Atlanta Falcons made one of the boldest moves of the NFL Draft, trading several high picks to move up and select receiver Julio Jones 6th overall. Though we think Jones is a skilled player, we said the team gave up too much to get him. Frankly, it’s hard to justify giving up two firsts, a second, and two fourth round picks for any receiver in the NFL, much less a rookie. Still, the hefty price they paid to draft him isn’t going to stop Atlanta’s Pro Bowl receiver Roddy White from praising the youngster.

“He’s real coachable and he’s learning everyday,” White said of Jones during an interview with NFL Network. “[Our offense is] going to be special. It’s going to remind you of the Greatest Show on Turf. We’ve got a lot of explosive players and I see a lot more explosive plays coming out of our offense.”

White mentioned that having Julio Jones opposite him will create an opportunity for more one-on-one coverages for him. Then when the point was raised that the team maybe should have opted for defensive help instead of an offensive weapon, White said “We’re going to outscore everyone.” Additionally, as Pro Football Talk pointed out, White confidently stated that “We’re going to be Green Bay south.”

White’s not the team’s GM so of course he’s going to try and find the positive in the team’s moves, so we won’t blame him too much. This is on Atlanta’s front office for trading away too much and not addressing their defensive needs. Jones is another offensive weapon, but is outscoring everyone realistic? Probably not. They’ll need a Super Bowl win to justify the pick and trade and I don’t see that happening. Though the Falcons went 13-3 last year, their biggest problem was surrendering 48 points in the playoffs to the Packers and they didn’t do much to address that issue.

Adrian Peterson Ditching His Own Football Camp to Film Top 100 Players Show

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson will not be appearing at his own football camp because he’s going to film a show for NFL Network instead. Here’s the note that appeared on the camp’s website explaining his absence, as the Tulsa World pointed out:

Adrian Peterson is being featured on the NFL Top 100 program and will not be able to attend this week’s camp. Although we are saddened to hear that he won’t be able to attend his camp, we congratulate Adrian on the honor. Since we learned the news, ProCamps has been working around the clock to maintain a program that still provides a first-class experience to all campers and allows interaction with various Sooner stars. All-time Sooner greats Mark Clayton, DeMarco Murray and Jason White will serve as special guest hosts at camp.

The camp runs Thursday and Friday at the University of Oklahoma and it’s pleasing they will have Sooners stars in attendance as guest hosts. However, it’s extremely difficult to overlook Peterson ditching his own camp to film the show. Not only is Peterson’s name used to market the camp, they also promote his presence as a selling point. Check out this camp information posted on their facebook group:

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Kenny Britt Posts About Retiring from NFL on Facebook, Blasts Roger Goodell

Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt has been in the news more than any other player during the lockout, and for all the wrong reasons. In April he took police on a car chase before walking away from the car and denying it was him. Then the day after he pleaded guilty to careless driving, he was charged with resisting arrest. Something must have happened on Monday because Britt wrote on his facebook that he was going to retire from the NFL. Here’s a picture of his status posting via cazzball on twitter:

That post has been deleted and Britt reportedly apologized on Facebook, but his comments about Goodell are already out there. I have no idea what prompted his posting and I don’t believe for a second he’s going to retire, but he only has himself to blame for his problems. Maybe he was told he’ll be facing a suspension when the season gets underway. It really is a shame that Britt keeps getting into trouble because he was one of the best receivers in the NFL when healthy last season, and he’s letting all his talent go to waste. Just like another guy about whom we just wrote.

UPDATE: Britt deleted the post and claimed he was hacked. According to Newark Star-Ledger writer Brendan Prunty, Britt followed up on Facebook writing:

Change of HEart.. My family is always here for me. I made mistakes and i am sorry i am going to change and become a better person and mentor for all my young fans.. I will accept any penalty like a man.. my fbook was hacked with those past 2 status’s.. i am not retiring and do not have any hate toward the commissioner.”

It sounds as if Britt’s handlers got a hold of him quickly and encouraged the apology and excuse. It also sounds like Britt’s post was made out of frustration over a potential conversation with Roger Goodell regarding possible punishments for his off-field arrests.