Raiders Don’t Want Terrelle Pryor Wearing Jersey No. 2 Because of JaMarcus Russell

The Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft this week and signed him to a four-year deal Thursday night. Pryor is in camp and already practiced with the team Friday. It was the same Terrelle Pryor fans would recognize, only there was one difference — he was wearing a new jersey number. Instead of the No. 2 he wore at Ohio State, the Raiders announced that Pryor will wear jersey No. 6. They have a good reason for the change too.

Raiders beat writer Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chroncile tweeted that “Terrelle Pryor says Raiders coach Hue Jackson won’t let him wear No. 2. JaMarcus Russell was very big, but his ghost is bigger.”

SI’s Jim Trotter tweeted the same news, so it sounds like this is not a joke.

As silly as the reason may seem, it actually makes a lot of sense. JaMarcus Russell was a bust for the franchise. Things got so bad for JaMarcus that even his life coach gave up on him. I don’t think Pryor will amount to much as a quarterback, but it’s understandable why they want to torch the number and expunge the memories.

Hey, if Pryor can’t wear JaMarcus’ jersey number, maybe he can at least buy Russell’s Oakland mansion.

Tim Tebow and Drew Brees Will Appear on The Biggest Loser

You know you’re a special person when you’re making TV show appearances as a third-string quarterback. Such is the case for Tim Tebow, who along with Drew Brees and Eric Dickerson reportedly will appear on The Biggest Loser October 4th, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Some of the athletes will be seen competing against the contestants in a throwing contest, while others help the pound shedders with their “Last Chance Workout” before that week’s weigh-in. “It’s not just some great athlete coming out and saying ‘Hey, look at me!’” says BL exec producer Todd Lubin. “We actually get to their stories — and these NFL guys have unbelievable stories.”

Yup, Tebow will share his story of how hard work got him buried on the depth chart in Denver. Brees will talk about returning from shoulder surgery to eventually win Super Bowl MVP. You may be wondering why The Biggest Loser would be interested in having these players on the show and the answer is simple: they’re hoping the macho NFLers will help bring in a male audience. You know when Tebow’s involved, an entire fan base will be interested. Smart idea.

Tandon Doss Broke Up Fight on Way to Ravens Game

Tandon Doss was a fourth-round pick by the Baltimore Ravens this year and is trying to make the team as a receiver. In addition to playing football, he apparently doubles as a peacemaker.

During the Thursday night preseason game between the Ravens and Redskins, Mike Tirico mentioned that Doss broke up a fight on his way to the game. “Just had to break up a fight at five guys. Baltimore is too ratchet!!!” Doss tweeted a few hours before the game.

When another person questioned Doss getting involved in a fight the day of a game, the receiver responded “I don’t care what day it is I’m not gonna sit there and let someone get jumped. I don’t know where you’re from but we don’t do that in Indy.”

In case you don’t understand the Indy reference, Doss is from Indianapolis and played college ball for Indiana. His attitude is commendable; it’s admirable that he broke up a fight in public, especially on a game day. Surprisingly, he’s not the only athlete to fight crime the day of a big game.

Kyle Orton’s Incomplete Pass Hits Windshield of Willis McGahee’s Porsche

We weren’t joking when we said John Fox was messing with fire by demoting Tim Tebow to third string on the Broncos’ quarterback depth chart. If this isn’t a sign from above, I don’t know what is.

During Broncos practice Thursday, quarterback Kyle Orton threw an incomplete pass in the end zone that hit a car in the players’ parking lot. Turns out it hit the windshield of Willis McGahee’s Porsche. Broncos beat writer Lindsay Jones tweeted about the incident.

Inc pass into the end zone just cracked windshield on Porshe in players parking lot. Whoops. Came in fast and hard, off the bounce. For what its worth, only about 10 yards from back of end zone to the players’ parking lot. No fence. Not some crazy errant pass here.

Mystery solved: The Porsche belongs to Willis McGahee. Insurance will cover it. Broncos employees already taking care of it.”

The best part of the story was Willis’ response. According to Andrew Mason, “Willis McGahee came over to examine the damaged windshield on his Porsche. He said it’s no big deal because he needed a new car, anyway.” Ahh, now that’s the life, isn’t it? Just replace your entire sports car if the windshield gets damaged, right? Can’t imagine why some players end up broke. I think the Broncos may need to look at doing what the Braves did with their parking lot as a solution.

Helmet knock to Shutdown Corner for the story

ESPN Explores ‘What if Michael Vick Were White’ with Illustration (Picture)

ESPN The Magazine has officially gone there.  In fact, they went way beyond there.  Discussing the issue of race is nothing new to the world of sports media.  Just ask Stephen A. Smith.  If you want to debate whether or not Michael Vick has been treated differently over the past few years than a white American would be treated, I’m sure you could dig up enough material to hold a detailed discussion.  Is creating an illustration of what Vick would look like if he were right a necessary component of the discussion? You be the judge.

If you ask me the image is completely unnecessary and even uncomfortable to look at.  As for ESPN the Magazine’sWhat if Michael Vick Were White?” piece: Feel free to explore that on your own time.  Personally I don’t see how a white quarterback who was involved with torturing and killing dogs would be treated any differently from Vick, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Buccaneers Replacing Players’ Playbooks with iPads

Coincidence?  I think not.  Just one day after a trash truck mishap resulted in parts of the Packers playbook being scattered about the streets of Green Bay, we find out that the Buccaneers have handed out iPads to their players instead of traditional playbooks.  Head coach Raheem Morris has decided to try the new approach with his players, one that they will probably enjoy more than having to thumb through a traditional binder.

“We give these playbooks out, and by the end of training camp, we collect them so nobody sells them on the Internet,” Morris told the St. Petersburg Times via Shutdown Corner. “They become game books. If you need a reference to go back, you can pull up a blitz from camp and look at it.

“Then it got to the point where we said, ‘Hey, let’s put some of the video on there … from the season. How about practice? How would (Josh) Freeman like to go home and watch practice again? How would ‘Free’ like to sit there and watch third down from Detroit and Miami so when he comes to work the next morning, he’s seeing the tape again and putting it all together?'”

Frankly, I’m stunned more teams haven’t adopted this approach.  You can do so many things with the iPad that one would think it would destroy the limitations of a regular binder full of sheets of paper. How long before someone designs an app specifically for football coaches to create plays on an iPad? Or does that already exist?  Maybe someone should propose the idea to Carl Crawford’s agents.

Rex Ryan: Bill Belichick is the Best Coach in the NFL By Far

The Patriots have always been a team without a need for bulletin board material.  If a team goes out and beats New England on Sunday, it usually has nothing to do with the trash talk leading up to the game.  A team coached by Bill Belichick rarely loses its focus during the verbal war that goes on prior to important games.  It’s doubtful, but Rex Ryan may be finally starting to understand that.

In an interview with Michael Irvin on the NFL Network that aired Wednesday night, Ryan praised Belichick and said there is no better coach in the game of football. The Boston Herald shared the details:

“I can put my resume out there, stats, with anybody that’s ever coached in this league,” Ryan said. “That’s a fact. Defensively, that’s a fact. But I don’t need any credit; I just want to win. I want what Bill Belichick’s got. I think Bill Belichick is the best coach in this game; I don’t even think it’s close. But I’m trying there. I know one thing, and he knows: I’m going to compete with him every time we play him. If it ever comes down to just me versus him, we’re going to end up on the short end of the stick. But when it’s about us and it’s about our football team versus his football team, that’s where I have even more confidence.”

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