Cedric Benson Turns Himself in to Begin Sentence, Will Not Wait Until Bye Week

Cedric Benson is going to jail.  Until Tuesday night, there was just some question as to when.  Blogs were buzzing all day Tuesday with information that Benson had agreed to serve a 20-day sentence and would do so during the Bengals’ bye week later this season.  In a rapid change of events, Benson turned himself in Tuesday night at the Travis County Jail at around 11 p.m.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, good behavior would allow Benson to serve only seven days for the assault incident that occurred back in 2010.  If all goes to plan, Benson would be released by Sept. 6 at the latest and would be back with the Bengals in time to preapre for their Sept. 11 season opener at Cleveland.

Now that he has to serve actual jail time, it will be fun to see if Benson can somehow manage to keep himself out of trouble.  We know it is never his fault — as his July 2011 case has been dismissed — but the Bengals running back always finds his name in news headlines for the wrong reasons.  Will a minimum of seven days in the slammer be enough to straighten Cedric out?  Stay tuned for the next season of Hard Knocks: the Life of Cedric Benson.

Steven Jackson’s Dreadlocks Were on ‘Maternity Leave’

Fans watching the Rams-Chiefs preseason game last Friday may have noticed something different about Steven Jackson. The St. Louis running back was missing his trademark dreadlocks hanging out the back of his helmet. The story behind the missing dreads is actually pretty funny.

“The person that helps maintain my hair, she just had a baby,” Jackson told reporters Tuesday. “So I needed to tie it down to buy her some time to get back.

“This is just temporary,” he said, adding with a laugh, “Now we have a lot pressure on her to get back.”

Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about the non-dread look. We’ve all gotten so used to the dreads it would be difficult to see a change. But if Jackson’s hair dresser doesn’t return to work in a timely fashion, may I suggest the Tiquan Underwood ‘do?

Tiquan Underwood Rocks a Clutch High-Top Fade Haircut (Pictures)

Tiquan Underwood is trying to make a name for himself within the Patriots organization.  Considering they are already pretty set at the receiver position, Underwood would have to make quite an impression to still be with New England when final cuts are made.  If his skills on the field aren’t enough to leave his mark, his high-top fade should be.  Check out Tiquan Underwood’s haircut pictures, courtesy of the Boston Herald:

At this point he might even have Brandon Jennings’ high-top beat.  Perhaps A.J. Burnett was going for this look and failed miserably?  Naturally, reporters could not resist asking him about the hairstyle on Tuesday.

“Actually, I knew when I get older I’m gonna have a lower cut,” Underwood told the Herald. “So I was just like, ‘I should grow my hair out while I still can, while I’m young.’ I justed wanted to be different.”

Underwood said he gets the most reaction from people who grew up watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and those who had the hairstyle when they were younger in the 80s and early 90s.  The best part of all is that he had the high-top growing even higher during the lockout but had to trim it down to fit into his helmet.  Why don’t we have more of this across the league?

Will $100 Million Contract Change Michael Vick?

The Michael Vick redemption story is almost complete. Maybe all that’s missing is an MVP or Super Bowl ring, both of which will be extremely difficult to obtain.

Seven years after signing the richest contract in NFL history — a ridiculous 10-year $130 million deal — Michael Vick has reportedly agreed to a six-year $100 million contract with the Eagles. It’s his second $100 million deal which is astounding given the short lifespan of NFL players. How many players are good enough to sign such a rich deal? How many players are good enough to command a second mega contrat seven years later? Only a special player could receive that type of honor, but with Michael Vick, nothing comes without extreme risk.

Vick put together an MVP-type season last year for the Eagles and played better than ever. He used his running skills as his usual weapon, but his passing ability completely changed. He was accurate, patient, and dynamic. He was the most dangerous player in the league last year. The Eagles are wagering a reported $40 million on Vick (guaranteed money), believing he’ll be just as good as he was last year for the next few seasons. I’m wondering if he’ll be the same guy.

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Stanley Cup Dented During Michael Ryder’s Day with it (Video)

You know what would be fun? Winning the Stanley Cup. You know what would not be fun? Being the Stanley Cup.  The players may take a beating during the season, but that poor bugger takes a throttling in the off-season after it changes hands.  You have guys eating cereal out of it like Brad Marchand and others taking it into enemy territory.  There have even been times when the Cup has missed its flight and been late for an appointment.

On Tuesday morning during during a send-off ceremony for the Cup before it’s journey to Bonavista with Michael Ryder, there was a bit of a mishap. The Cup took a tumble of a table and came up injured.  Check out the video of the Stanley Cup falling with Michael Ryder, courtesy of The Telegram via Puck Daddy:

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

Chargers Selling Their Own Wine Called Chargers Legacy Cabernet

That Steve Spurrier is a trend-setter, isn’t he?  Just a couple of weeks after the South Carolina coach announced he would be bottling and selling his own wine, the San Diego Chargers are doing the same.  According to the Chargers website, the team has partnered with Anthony Bell of Napa Valley’s Bell Wine Cellars to celebrate the team’s 50 year history with the release of Chargers Legacy Cabernet.

People love wine, and I have no problem with that.  There are people who drink it daily for its health benefits and can’t get enough of those antioxidants.  That being said, the Chargers’ brass has gone a little far in presenting their new wine as a football product.

“We think our fans will enjoy having a bottle of Chargers Legacy wine for any occasion as well as on game days,” said Chargers Executive Vice President – CEO A.G. Spanos.  “It’s a very versatile wine that we think maintains the integrity and character of our team.

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Jeremy Shockey Helped Save Teammate Ben Hartsock Who Was Choking

Jeremy Shockey can be considered many things. He’s a tight end, a party animal, and a guy who can be combative. We can add one more title to that list: life saver.

The National Football Post says Shockey helped save teammate Ben Hartsock who was choking in the team’s lunch room Monday.

Hartsock had a piece of pork lodged in his throat and tried drinking some water to clear it, but that didn’t work. According to Hartsock’s agent, one teammate tried to give him the Heimlich but was unsuccessful. Luckily Shockey stepped in to help and hit him in the back hard enough to make the meat come out.

Hartsock didn’t want the story to get out ostensibly because it’s embarrassing. Too late for that. At least it has a happy ending, right?