Kenny Britt Posts About Retiring from NFL on Facebook, Blasts Roger Goodell

Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt has been in the news more than any other player during the lockout, and for all the wrong reasons. In April he took police on a car chase before walking away from the car and denying it was him. Then the day after he pleaded guilty to careless driving, he was charged with resisting arrest. Something must have happened on Monday because Britt wrote on his facebook that he was going to retire from the NFL. Here’s a picture of his status posting via cazzball on twitter:

That post has been deleted and Britt reportedly apologized on Facebook, but his comments about Goodell are already out there. I have no idea what prompted his posting and I don’t believe for a second he’s going to retire, but he only has himself to blame for his problems. Maybe he was told he’ll be facing a suspension when the season gets underway. It really is a shame that Britt keeps getting into trouble because he was one of the best receivers in the NFL when healthy last season, and he’s letting all his talent go to waste. Just like another guy about whom we just wrote.

UPDATE: Britt deleted the post and claimed he was hacked. According to Newark Star-Ledger writer Brendan Prunty, Britt followed up on Facebook writing:

Change of HEart.. My family is always here for me. I made mistakes and i am sorry i am going to change and become a better person and mentor for all my young fans.. I will accept any penalty like a man.. my fbook was hacked with those past 2 status’s.. i am not retiring and do not have any hate toward the commissioner.”

It sounds as if Britt’s handlers got a hold of him quickly and encouraged the apology and excuse. It also sounds like Britt’s post was made out of frustration over a potential conversation with Roger Goodell regarding possible punishments for his off-field arrests.

JaMarcus Russell Selling His Oakland Mansion (Pictures)

Former Oakland Raiders top overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell has endured a tough time over the past year. The Raiders released him last April, fans burned his jersey, and he was called a “binge eater.” He was arrested for a felony possession of codeine in July which he was using for his “purple drank” addiction. Oh yeah, then his life coach gave up on him. Given all that, it was no surprise to hear his Oakland mansion was facing foreclosure as of March.

Russell’s mansion is not in foreclosure, but he is attempting to sell it in a short sale, the property’s listing agent tells LBS. It’s a six bedroom five bathroom mansion that’s 5,884 square feet. Here are pictures of JaMarcus Russell’s mansion in Oakland which is listed for $1.6 million:

Nice pile of bricks, huh? You see this giant mansion and think about Russell’s career passer rating of 65.2, and you say to yourself “life isn’t fair.” I know, believe me, I know.

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Peter King Believes Chad Ochocinco Will End up with Patriots

Chad Ochocinco has one year remaining on his contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, but the team could buy him out for $3.5 million rather than pay him $6 million for the season. Many people have assumed he won’t be back in Cincy after they drafted receiver A.J. Green in the first round, so they’ve wondered where he’ll end up. Ochocinco has already campaigned to play in New England, and we said it wasn’t likely. SI NFL reporter Peter King thinks otherwise.

Responding to a question on twitter, King said he thought Ochocinco would end up with the Patriots after the lockout.

Ochocinco and Bill Belichick get along well, and New England has proven to be a refugee for some disgruntled players (see Moss, Randy). But would they be willing to put up with his off-field antics that include soccer tryouts, bull riding, talk shows, and waiting tables? Given their anti-media policy, I highly doubt it.

Still, King is one of the most reputable reporters in the NFL and his word should not be taken lightly. I can’t picture Ochocinco fitting in as a Patriots player, but maybe he’ll fall in line if he doesn’t want this nightmare coming true.

LeSean McCoy: Osi Umenyiora is Soft, Third Best Lineman on Giants

Talking trash on Twitter is a lot easier than doing it in person.  Talking trash on Twitter to a person who you probably won’t have to face twice next season is even easier.  Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy, who has quickly emerged as one of the best fantasy running backs in football, has seen his fair share of Osi Umenyiora since coming into the league a couple seasons ago.  Apparently, the Pittsburgh product is not impressed.

When he caught wind that Umenyiora was complaining about the Giants failing to cash in on a promise that they would renegotiate his contract, McCoy took to Twitter to call out the man who has recorded 60 sacks in his seven-year career.

“Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly,” McCoy wrote as CSNPhilly.com pointed out.

The Gaints have a good defensive system and breed good defensive lineman, but Umenyiora recorded 11.5 sacks and 10 forced fumbles last season.  Those are game-changing numbers from a guy who was a huge reason the Giants were able to pull of the greatest upset in NFL history back in 2007.  Do the Giants need Osi to be successful?  That remains to be seen, but they would probably survive without him.  However, you could certainly make an argument that he is the best lineman on the roster.  Whatever problem McCoy has with him must have roots that are deeper than we’re aware of.

David Tyree Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead to ‘Anarchy’ (Video)

Former New York Giants receiver David Tyree had an interview with the National Organization for Marriage, an organization whose mission is “to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.” NOM was formed in opposition to the gay marriage movement. Tyree’s words are in contrast to the movement we’ve seen in sports recently. Hockey player Sean Avery supports gay marriage, while the San Francisco Giants and NBA player Steve Nash also support gays. The former Giants Super Bowl hero does not.

Here is a video of David Tyree’s interview with NOM along with the key points transcribed below. During the interview, he says that we are redefining marriage and that passing gay marriage bills is wrong. Here is his interview:

In his interview, Tyree says “I believe that marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God.” He added that he’s disappointed more players don’t use their platform to speak out against gay marriage which he termed as something “near to God’s heart.”

“It’s not about establishing a theocracy, it’s about what’s right,” Tyree says. “How can marriage be marriage for thousands of years and now all of a sudden because an influential minority has a push or an agenda and totally reshapes something that was not founded in our country, not founded by men, and it’s something that’s holy and sacred. I think there’s nothing more honorable than fighting for, especially if we really care about our future generations.”

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Steelers Fan Johnny Menesini Gets Insane Brett Keisel Tattoo (Picture)

Remember that time we showed you the Oakland Raiders fan who had tattoos all over his face?  L.B. referred to that artwork as a “commitment to ugliness,” and if you look at the pictures of the crazed fan I’m sure you’ll agree.  On Wednesday, SI Hot Clicks passed along a story about a fan who also committed to ugliness using a tattoo, only his is a little less noticeable.  The wearer of the ink, a Steelers fan named Johnny Manesini, thought it would be a good idea to get an extremely detailed Brett Keisel tattoo across his forearm.  Check out this picture from Clutch Blog:

From an artistry standpoint, that is top-notch work.  The tattoo looks exactly like Keisel and the detail is amazing.  But like our friend Jimmy Traina noted, would you really want to commit to a picture of Brett Keisel’s mug on your arm for the rest of your life?  Keisel is one scary looking dude.  At least the Steelers are good and Manesini isn’t stuck with a tattoo of a crummy team’s logo on his head like this guy.  For the record, we aren’t sure if the tattoo is one of Billy Hilly’s freebies he was dishing out leading up to the Super Bowl, but I doubt it.

NFL Players Used to Promote Porn Expo Exxxotica 2011, Deny Involvement

Several NFL players were used in an advertisement for the porn expo “Exxxotica Expo 2011” and the League may do something about it. The five players pictured in uniform on the flyer (displayed below) are Major Wright, Eric Berry, Jacoby Ford, Brandon Flowers, and Kareem Jackson. Rookies Corey Liuget, Daniel Thomas, and Anthony Allen are listed as hosts for the event but are not pictured. Major Wright has already distanced himself from the ad writing on twitter “I have NOTHING to do with the Exotic Expo @ the Rosemont! My pic was used without my permission. No Affiliation at all.” Kareem Jackson issued a similar statement, as have Flowers, Thomas, and Liuget.

It should be noted that Berry, Wright, Jackson, Allen, and Flowers, held a football camp together recently. Additionally, Ford, Wright, and Flowers’ pictures have been used to promote other parties, but it doesn’t mean they approved the use of their names and images for the Porn Expo in the flyer below:

Here’s a video report of the investigation by WLS TV via Shutdown Corner:

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