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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Joe Flacco on Ravens Struggling: I Probably Would Have Wanted to Boo too

Before putting together their biggest comeback in franchise history Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens were down 24-3 to the lowly Cardinals. Their offense had two punts, a fumble, and a field goal in its first four possessions. Add that to the team’s 12-7 loss against Jacksonville Monday night, and the Ravens were looking like one of…Read More

Stephen Tulloch Tebows on Tim Tebow After Sack (Picture)

That didn’t take long.  Anything that has to do with Tim Tebow is guaranteed to pick up serious steam, but Tebowing has taken that to a new level.  Everyone with the exception of D.J. Williams is in on the fun.  Tebow’s teammate Von Miller seemed to think getting his Tebow on was a good time,…Read More

Broncos LB D.J. Williams Does Not Think Tebowing Is Cool

Perhaps all that time Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams spent in a hyperbaric chamber recently has taken away from his sense of humor.  As you all must know by now, a new sensation is sweeping the nation: Tebowing.  Fans across the country have been dropping down to one knee and praying in the most random situations…Read More

Matt Forte on Bears Using Franchise Tag: That’s a Cheap Way to Go Out

Running back Matt Forte is having the best season of his career. The fourth-year back has accrued nearly 1,100 yards through seven games this season. He’s on pace to nearly match Chris Johnson’s 2009 record season of 2,509 yards from scrimmage. Despite his success, he is in a difficult situation. Forte is finishing his rookie…Read More

Tony Romo Is Excited About Being a Dad

Earlier this week we told you that Tony Romo’s wife, Candice Crawford, is pregnant and that the couple is expecting its first child. Romo broke the news at a high school assembly of all places. Please spare us the jokes about Romo fumbling his child or dropping it after it’s born — now’s not the…Read More

Dez Bryant Impersonates Michael Vick at Cowboys Practice

Michael Vick is a special player. He has skills that very few other players possess, which makes him hard to defend. He’s even harder to prepare for in practice because so few players can replicate what he does. With the Cowboys preparing to face the Eagles Sunday, Dallas looked to wide receiver Dez Bryant to…Read More

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