Justin Forsett says Aaron Rodgers Has Not Changed Despite his Popularity

In the black corner, we have Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers quarterback. His hobbies include singing Billy Joel, allegedly sexually crushing women against their will, and riding on his motorcycle.

In the green corner, there’s Aaron Rodgers. His hobbies include watching film, dating TV personalities, and paying his enemies’ restaurant bills.

The contrast between the characters is evident, and in many ways it has turned Sunday’s Super Bowl is a battle of good vs. evil, and moral vs. immoral.

While stories about Big Ben’s fame turning him into a high-profile jerk are abundant, we hear from Aaron Rodgers’ college teammate (and Seahawks RB) Justin Forsett that becoming successful in the NFL hasn’t changed the Packers QB at all. Check out this video Alana G did for Yardbarker at the Super Bowl:

Needless to say we’ll be rooting for the good guys on Sunday. For more Super Bowl videos, keep your eye on the Yardbarker at the Big Game blog.

Josh Freeman Fro Is Getting Pretty Crazy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman is pretty unique, and it’s not just because of all the success he’s had as a young quarterback. He’s one of the few athletes left that still proudly rocks an exceptional fro. The impressive Josh Freeman fro was on full display Thursday when he joined Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN:

I don’t mind the look at all, but I think it’s getting somewhat out of hand. Not this bad, but it’s getting out there. After Freeman cleared the set, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster stepped up with Rome. When Rome mentioned how big Freeman is, Foster offered up this completely on his own “I dunno about his hairdo though, that’s not my style.” Ouch. I’m guessing Freeman will keep that in mind if the teams meet next season.

So what do you think, should the fashion police arrest Freeman or not?

Aaron Rodgers Relaxing, Studying While Ben Roethlisberger Parties in Dallas

Relax.  I’m not about to join the masses and write about how the Packers are destined to beat the Steelers on Sunday because Aaron Rodgers is taking it more seriously than Ben Roethlisberger.  Big Ben is a veteran to this type of situation.  He is looking to win three Super Bowls before even turning 30.  This is a familiar situation for Roethlisberger and his teammates, so I don’t doubt they’ll do what it takes to be prepared.  As for Ben’s public image: I still think he could be more careful.

Stories have been floating around about Hines Ward hitting up strip clubs and Roethlisberger out singing at piano bars in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.  The players are human, afterall, and every one of them is an adult capable of making their own decisions.  However, fans and media naturally take more kindly to a player who is using his downtime in Dallas to relax and study, which is what Rodgers says he has been doing.

Can Big Ben not help it, or does he just not care?  Does he absolutely have to go out and party and be spotted all over town having a good time instead of keeping a low profile?  This is a guy who is less than a year removed from a six-game suspension for rape accusations that his teammates allegedly refused to support him with.  At least wait before throwing yourself into the party scene for the media to feast on — that’s all I’m saying.

If Roethlisberger simply stayed out of the spotlight and took a couple weeks off from partying, people would have very little to say.  Since Big Ben has decided to be Big Ben, he puts himself in position for the “no wonder he lost” and “he hasn’t learned his lesson” critics to come out of the woodwork if things don’t go Pittsburgh’s way on Sunday. Time will tell.

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Eagles Make Offensive Line Coach Juan Castillo New Defensive Coordinator

The Philadelphia Eagles left heads scratching when they turned long-time offensive line coach Juan Castillo into their defensive coordinator on Wednesday. The move was announced after the Eagles spent three weeks seeking a replacement for Sean McDermott. The first line of Castillo’s altered wikipedia page demonstrates how most people feel about the news — “Juan Castillo (born October 8, 1959) is somehow an American football defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.”

As in, a coach with 16 years of offensive experience with the Eagles is somehow now the defensive coordinator. Had he switched to defensive line coach, or linebackers coach, that would have been one thing. But making a guy who has worked on the opposite side of the ball the leader of the defense? Now that will raise questions. As Birdphood pointed out, it even sparked questions amongst the players:

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Mike Tomlin Says He Likes Jersey Shore

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin comes across as the most serious guy ever. He’s a no-nonsense dude who tells it straight and doesn’t mess around. I imagine he spends most of his time watching film, and when he’s done doing that he melts marble statues with his strong stare. If he were to tell me he watched television, I’d figure he watches the Discovery Channel to see sharks devour their prey. After all, he has to stay in the proper mindset, no?

So imagine my surprise when I read that Tomlin admitted on the radio that he sometimes watches MTV program Jersey Shore in his spare time. He said watching TV helps calm his nerves and justified it saying “We all need mindless entertainment every now and then.”

I know that’s a wildly popular show, but darn, I wouldn’t ever stoop that low. I never expected this. Not from you Mike, not from you.

If You Think This Super Bowl is Cold, Wait for East Rutherford in February

Much of the talk this week has been about the bad weather — cold and ice — that has descended upon Arlington and Super Bowl XLV. The weather is rough, but will have little to no effect on the game itself. Jerry Jones will close the roof and the conditions will be no different than if the game were played in Arizona or New Orleans. In three years, when the game is held at the New Meadowlands Stadium, there will be no roof to close.

It happens to be colder in Arlington right now than it is in East Rutherford, but this year is the exception, not the rule. According to The Weather Channel, it’s 14 degrees in Arlington but feels like -2 degrees. The real feel in East Rutherford is 29 degrees. Historically, East Rutherford’s average high for February is 40 degrees compared to 60 in Arlington. Making matters worse, East Rutherford averages nearly nine inches of snowfall in February, while Arlington averages about an inch.

Weather might be the story leading up this Super Bowl, but that won’t mean anything come game day. The ESPN personalities who are outside freezing this week — not sure why ESPN couldn’t have found somewhere for these guys to work indoors — will likely be doing their shows knee deep in snow three years from now. Regardless of the weather, fans in Arlington will enjoy the country’s biggest sporting event in the temperature controlled oasis that is Cowboys Stadium. Fans attending Super Bowl XLVIII, or Super Bowl XLVII depending on what happens with the CBA, won’t be so lucky.

Preparing for Super Bowl 45: A Sports Tradition Unlike Any Other

We interrupt this championship event to bring you an innovative peanut commercial and a halftime show featuring non-threatening rock-and-roll coupled with the latest pop starlet. After two long weeks of waiting and wading … through the pointless player interviews, and oddball requests from international reporters, the National Football League’s biggest cash cow has arrived. A fortnight is a long time to wait. Tom Petty was right; waiting really is the hardest part. At this rate, Bocephus may have to pop some uppers or stay-awakes to get the juices flowing. Are you eventually ready for some football?

Super Bowl Sunday is such a big deal these days, no wonder the good lord rested on the seventh day (the same could be said about the Cleveland Browns, weeks 1-17). Nearly one-third of America tunes in each year. After all, what’s more American than sitting, eating, and watching television? Over 100 million people will watch the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. Amazing, since that is over 30 times the population of the two cities combined. That’s enough cheese and pierogies to cause an explosion of aortic proportions.

Over a billion dollars was spent on a new stadium in Dallas in preparation to host this Super Bowl, only for the realization that no team from the Big D will be playing in it. And, Derrick Rose thought he was getting ulcers. That’s like throwing a lavish Oscar party hoping for George Clooney to attend and finding out Andy Dick or Jon Lovitz is your master of ceremonies. That’s the ticket! If you have any designs on attending the Big Game this weekend, plan on spending no less than a James Harrison fine’s worth of dollars to do so. At last check, even parking permits to the stadium were being hawked for nearly $1000. That’s almost as much as Jerry Jones’ left shoe.

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