Tom Zbikowski Fighting on Mayorga-Cotto Undercard in Las Vegas

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski may be the first NFL player to cash in as a professional athlete in another sport once the lockout becomes official. The former Notre Dame star will be added to the Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga undercard on March 12th to fight his second professional bout, as Pro Football Talk reported.

Zbikowski has a deep boxing background, having begun fighting at the age of nine and amassing a 75-15 record as an amateur. Back in 2006, he fought his first professional fight knocking out Robert Bell 49 seconds into the first round. Zbikowski was still a defensive back and special teams player at Notre Dame during his first fight and he had some of his Fighting Irish teammates supporting him in his corner.

This time around, Tommy will be an injury replacement for Christy Martin who was attempting a comeback to the ring at the age of 43. According to BoxingScene.com, Martin had to pull out because of broken ribs suffered during training.

Dan Rafael reports that Zbikowski, who first fought as a heavyweight, will box as a cruiserweight on the 12th. Only two obstacles remain before the fight can officially be schedule. One, the Nevada State Athletic Commission needs to approve Tommy’s request for a boxing license. Two, the lockout needs to happen so he’ll be free from his contract with the Baltimore Ravens. I’m sure both will happen without a problem and I can’t wait to see him in the ring.

Clay Matthews Jokes, Teases Aaron Rodgers About Becoming Hollywood Celeb

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to have been living it up ever since leading his team to a Super Bowl victory over the Steelers and grabbing MVP honors with an outstanding game. First he went to Disneyworld, then he appeared with his celebrity crush Ellen for an interview, and most recently he was at an Oscars party taking pictures with Stacy Keibler and meeting Mila Kunis. Oh yeah, that was all before leaving the same party with “girlfriend” Jessica Szohr.

PICTURES: Aaron Rodgers with Stacy Keibler

We said Rodgers appeared to be doing what any Super Bowl MVP would do — leveraging the popularity into media appearances and meetings with hot girls. Teammate Clay Matthews took note and ribbed Rodgers for the exact same thing, as I learned via Adam Rank at NFL.com. Matthews joked with Rodgers on twitter saying “Is it true ur dating Mila Kunis!? Ur so Hollywood bro!!”

SEE: Clay Matthews gives Rodgers his championship belt

Rodgers responded by saying “if by dating u mean met for the first time the other night, then yes. Uve changed bro. Ur so socal now.” Maybe the socal jab was a reference to Matthews being like the Hollywood paparazzi and bringing up the Mila Kunis thing, but it’s clear they were just messing with one another.

Everything seems like it’s in good fun, and I trust that of all athletes Aaron Rodgers is one who can remain level-headed despite his surge in popularity; think about the type of character he has to have endured the Brett Favre drama and thrived. But much like Adam Rank pointed out at NFL.com, they need to remember what kind of focus it took to reach the Super Bowl. Somehow I don’t think partying it up was part of the recipe. (Or maybe they know there will be a lockout and they’re not concerned).

Zach Enyeart Trick Shot Video Impresses

From UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee to Monmouth QB Alex Tanney, we’ve seen our share of trick shot videos. But both of those came from a quarterback, and something new was unveiled on Tuesday — a trick shot video from a long snapper.

This video of former Washington State long snapper Zach Enyeart comes to us via Kegs ‘N Eggs who was made aware of the video by Eyeart’s cousin, Scott.

Though I’m not sure what snapping golf balls has to do with football, the video was pretty entertaining. Scott says most gurus have Zach as a top three longsnapper, so he should make it into camp. From there, the questions will be whether he’s big enough to protect himself on the field, and whether he can pull off the same stunts in a game atmosphere. It’s much different and it won’t be easy, but the video should help him get looks from teams.

Carson Palmer Says He’ll Never Set Foot in Paul Brown Stadium Again

Either the Bengals are going to trade Carson Palmer, or they are going to force a player who was once one of the game’s better quarterbacks into retirement.  Anyone who has paid attention since the NFL season concluded knows that Palmer wants to be traded, but his latest remarks seem out of character for a notoriously classy player.  The comments prove the 31-year-old has reached the boiling point.

“I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again,” Palmer told WCPO through friends. “I have $80 million in the bank. I don’t have to play football for money. I’ll play it for the love of the game but that would have to be elsewhere. I’m prepared to live my life.”

That certainly sounds like a veteran who’s not messing around.  Who can blame him?  Palmer has wasted away in Cincinnati his entire career, leaving behind the best days of his career when he blew out his knee in a seemingly inevitable playoff loss to the Steelers.  Bengals owner Mike Brown has tried his best to assure fans he has no intention of trading his franchise quarterback, but that decision could be out of his control.

In his most recent edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King indicated that the Bengals are finally entertaining offers for Palmer.  That’s probably a smart move.  When a normally quiet athlete starts revealing the quantity of his life savings, you should take the hint.  Not to mention, Palmer has done enough for Cincinnati over the years.  Players like Palmer deserve at least a shot at contending for a championship, and there’s no way the Bengals are going to provide him with it.

Iron Man Owen Marecic Playing Fullback in the NFL

Owen Marecic is an LBS favorite for being a true throwback player. In case you’re unaware of who he is, Marecic was a two-way starter for Stanford last season, playing both fullback and linebacker. In the Cardinal’s blowout win over Notre Dame, he actually scored a touchdown from both sides of the ball.

Our respect for a baller that plays both ways and at a school as academically imposing as Stanford is self evident, so obviously we’re rooting for him to have a successful NFL career. And when that career begins, Marecic will likely limit himself to the offensive side of the ball.

Marecic told the San Francisco Chronicle he will focus on playing fullback in the pros. “I feel more comfortable there, and that’s where I project the best at the next level,” Marecic said.

In addition to focusing on fullback, Marecic has made another change, going anti-Clay Matthews. He’s cut his long hair and donated it to be used on wigs for cancer patients. Does it get much better than that? It’s too bad there are so many passing teams in the league who don’t have much use for a fullback because that cuts down on his potential job market. Regardless, we have a feeling Marecic will find success wherever he goes.

Pat White Giving Up Baseball Career

Former West Virginia quarterback Pat White has decided to give up his professional baseball career after playing a few months in the Kansas City Royals organization. White signed with Kansas City in September and played in the Arizona Instructional League in the fall. He was expected to play in the minors this year, but his agent informed the club that White would not be continuing his baseball career, making it his second perceived professional failure in two years.

White, who led West Virginia to four straight bowl wins, threw for over 6,000 yards and 56 touchdowns while rushing for over 5,000 yards and 47 career touchdowns in college. Several draft analysts believed he was destined for greatness and so did the Miami Dolphins who made him a second-round pick in 2009. White unfortunately did not develop as they had hoped, and the Dolphins released him after one season.

After his release, White decided to pursue a career in professional baseball but he has already given it up. There’s no word on his next move but one has to figure he’ll try a professional football career again, possibly with another like like the UFL or CFL. White is just too talented of an athlete to be done with sports and too close to recent success to give it up.

And if you think his baseball career was just a gimmick, he actually hit .487 and slugged .974 in high school and was drafted in the second round in 2004 by the Angels. The Angels drafted him again in 2007, the Reds took him in 2008, and the Yankees drafted his rights in 2009. If that many teams still had interest in him, it’s a pretty good sign he had some talent. The question is if we’ll ever see it develop professionally.

Jim Harbaugh Says There’s No Hostility with Pete Carroll

When Jim Harbaugh accepted his position as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, one aspect of the news that had me most excited was the continuation of the Harbaugh-Pete Carroll rivalry that was established in the Pac-10. In Harbaugh’s four years at Stanford, he went 3-1 against USC, including a 2-1 head-to-head record against Carroll.

The 2007 win by Harbaugh’s Cardinal was shocking; Stanford was only a 4-8 team and USC was over a 40-point favorite, but the Cardinal nonetheless stunned the Trojans in the Coliseum winning 24-23. Carroll made up for the loss the next year with a 45-23 win at the Farm, but Harbaugh got revenge in 2009 — Carroll’s last season with USC. Stanford didn’t just win that game, they ran up the score to 55-21.

After Carroll got a taste of what he had been doing to the rest of the Pac-10 the previous five years, he infamously asked Harbaugh during their handshake “What’s your deal?” Harbaugh responded with “What’s your deal?” The result was one of the most humorous post-game exchanges between two coaches, and a brilliant ticket plan by Stanford.

Unfortunately, despite what you may be thinking, Harbaugh says there’s no beef with Carroll. According to The Seattle Times, when asked about Carroll, Harbaugh said “Professional. No hostility. Competitive when we coached against each other in college, and I anticipate it will be competitive as we go forward playing each other twice a year. But genuine respect for the job that he does.”

So what do you think? Is Harbaugh just playing nice, or do you think things are smoothed out? If I know Harbaugh at all, he’s dying to beat Carroll, and vice versa. He’s just being p.c., that’s my guess.