Tony Romo Injury Ends Dallas Cowboys’ Disappointing Season

The Dallas Cowboys were already vastly underachieving with their 1-4 record compared to most people’s preseason expectations for the club. Some wild thinkers had them becoming the first NFL team to play for the Super Bowl in their own stadium. I had them finishing second in the division to the Giants and out of the playoffs. They won’t be finishing second, but they’ll definitely be missing the playoffs after getting pummeled by the Giants at home on Monday night.

What started off as a 10-0 lead and nothing but positive emotions for the Cowboys at home turned into bitter disappointment. Quarterback Tony Romo got hurt early in the second quarter when he was hit after throwing a pass. He was driven into the turf and immediately grabbed his left shoulder. Romo left the game and was replaced by backup Jon Kitna who struggled to complete passes and gain yardage. Kitna’s ineffectiveness left the Cowboys’ defense on short fields and made it much easier for the Giants to score, which they did many times.

Now Dallas is 1-5 which would have had them out of the playoff hunt even with Tony Romo healthy. The early word is that Tony Romo’s injury is a fractured left clavicle (otherwise known as the collarbone). The recovery time for such an injury is around eight weeks, and there’s only 10 left in the regular season. With the team already in the doghouse, they may just let Tony sit home and recover to get healthy for next year. 1-5 just happened. Maybe 3-13 will too.

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SNL Kills it With Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial Spoof (Video)

Brett Favre has reportedly admitted to leaving voicemails on Jenn Sterger’s phone but denied ever having sent her inappropriate photos.  As usual, the writers over at Saturday Night Live aren’t interested in whether or not Favre is telling the truth.  The only thing they were worried about is turning the story into a hilarious skit.  It’s about time they got in on the action, because the end result was nothing shy of brilliant.  Have a look at the phenomenal Brett Favre Wrangler SNL video from Hulu.com:

I challenge you to pretend that’s not pure gold — Brett Favre fan or not.  Without a doubt a top-five sports related skit for SNL.

Record-Setting Raiders Win Eases Fan Pain

Call it the Chucky Curse, the Oakland Raiders haven’t won more than five games in a season since 2002, the year they went to the Super Bowl and lost to former coach Jon Gruden. Since losing that game, the Raiders joined the Detroit Lions as one of the laughingstocks of the league and amongst all fans. Yet on Sunday, the Raiders blasted the Broncos in Denver scoring 59 points, simultaneously easing the pain of the embarrassment from the last seven years.

The first time I glanced at the TV and saw the score Sunday, I couldn’t believe it. While other afternoon games were just starting, the Raiders were already up 21-0. A quarter and a half into the game, they were already up 38-0. They settled for a 59-14 drubbing which was a franchise record in points, but it could have been much worse. Check out some of the records they set in the win:

    > 59 points – most in team history
    > 8 touchdowns – a team record
    > 4 touchdowns for Darren McFadden, tying a team record
    > 328 rushing yards, 3rd most in team history (28 shy of the team record)
    > 5 forced fumbles (two recovered)
    > Jason Campbell set a career high in passer rating, McFadden in rushing yards

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels had no choice but to apologize to the team and fans after the hideous loss. It’s rare that we see an NFL team come into a game so unprepared and lose by such a margin at home — they should be embarrassed. As for Raiders fans, they’ve taken a beating for almost 10 years. It’s about time you’ve had a chance to finally gloat. Though the chances of Darren McFadden running the team into the Super Bowl, as one fan told me, is highly unlikely at this point.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Jack Dempsey

DeAngelo Hall Says Jay Cutler ‘Doesn’t Understand the Game of Football’

Jay Cutler seems to have one of those attitudes that gets under people’s skin.  In order to be a successful NFL quarterback, you have to have a certain level of confidence.  Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady certainly possess that quality, but they do a pretty decent job of keeping it under wraps.  Cutler likes to let it show through, with comments like the one he made about his arm being stronger than John Elway’s.  Couple that with the fact that he hasn’t really won anything of significance, and the end result is annoyed opponents and fans.

As cliche as it may sound, what goes around, comes around.  When Cutler was with the Broncos in 2008, he and Eddie Royal hooked up 9 times for 146 yards and a touchdown in Royal’s NFL debut.  The corner covering Royal for much of that game was Hall, when he was a member of the Raiders.  After the game, Cutler took it upon himself to talk a little smack when reporters asked him about the game.  “Eddie Royal beat DeAngelo Hall time after time,” Cutler said. “That’s what happened.”

The tables turned on Sunday when Hall, now a member of the Redskins, intercepted Cutler four times in one game.  Needless to say, Hall hadn’t forgotten the shot Cutler took at him after his tough day two years ago.

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Jared Allen Was My Sous-Chef at Culinary School

Jared Allen is such a character, hearing him introduce himself by saying he went to culinary school for college is not a surprise. Apparently the tradition has been going on since last year on NBC football but this was the first time I heard it. Check out Jared Allen’s introduction on NBC and thanks to LBS contributor BobaMan for the tip:

Please, don’t even bother asking why he said it — it was a joke. Just like this was a joke and this too.

Nick Sorenson: Saints Were Eye Gouging, Crotch Grabbing

In a year full of surprises and a lack of truly dominant teams, one of the biggest shockers of week seven was the Cleveland Browns hammering the New Orleans Saints on the road 30-17. Nothing compares to Oakland’s butt-whopping in Denver, but Cleveland’s road win is close. The Saints were so stunned and upset over their poor showing that they did anything possible to try and swing things back in there favor.

Some Browns players told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Saints were playing dirty, gouging eyes and grabbing balls. “They were gouging my eye and ripping into my face. It was dirty, but that’s just what happens,” safety Nick Sorenson said after the win

Sorenson wasn’t the only guy subjected to dirty play — receiver Josh Cribbs said “They were grabbing my crotch.”

That raises our season total of Browns nut grabs to two, at least of which we know. I actually saw the play about which Sorenson is complaining. He jumped in to recover a second quarter fumble by Pierson Prioleau on a kickoff and a Saints player jumped on top of him, reaching for Sorenson’s face. Eye gouging seemed to be the least of what was done, so these weren’t just accusations — they’re facts. Thanks to Pro Football Talk for pointing out the story.

Brett Favre Reportedly Admits to Voice Mails, Not Penis Pictures

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre met with an NFL investigator during the week to talk about his cyberstalking interactions with former Jets employee Jenn Sterger. Favre and his agent wisely avoided speaking with the media about the talk, but apparently FOX reporter Jay Glazer found out what was going on.

NFL on FOX (via Pro Football Talk) tweeted that “Favre admitted to leaving voicemails, but denied sending inappropriate pictures” to Sterger.

Of course he did.

After all the ridicule he took for those pictures, why the heck would he confess to them especially when there’s only one head in the pic, not two. Not only does this allow the “I’m much bigger than that” defense, but it also makes Favre less susceptible to sexual harassment charges.

We’ve maintained all along that Sterger is holding out for a payoff from Favre and that she likely won’t ever meet with the investigators. She’s hired a lawyer and is out for some big time cash. Favre should just pay the hush money and hope this all goes away.