Ryan Mallett Reportedly Admitted to Drug Use During Draft Interview

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is thought to have the best arm in the draft, but he’s also facing obstacles in gaining approval from NFL teams. There have been some serious character concerns for Mallett, including his rough interactions with the media which drew comparisons to Ryan Leaf. Additionally, there have been widespread rumors about Mallett’s drug use throughout college and an analyst saying Mallett is a “Caucasian street guy” like Eminem or Vanilla Ice. Even Mallett’s coach at Arkansas, Bobby Petrino, tried to improve Mallett’s slang because of concerns over image and appearance.

Though Petrino and Mallett have defended his character, a report from Pro Football Weekly says the young quarterback actually admitted to drug use during a draft interview.

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Ben Roethlisberger Keeps Reminder of Super Bowl Loss in His Bathroom

Ben Roethlisberger’s goal is to win more Super Bowl rings than any other quarterback in NFL history. He missed a big opportunity in February when he played poorly in Pittsburgh’s loss to the Packers so he’s using the defeat as daily motivation.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Big Ben shared something he’s done to remind himself of the loss. “The day I got back, I took my nameplate from my locker — ‘Ben Roethlisberger, Super Bowl XLV’ — and it’s sitting underneath my mirror in my bathroom. I want to see that every day.

It hurts a lot. To see that every day is just motivation for me to work out, to bust my butt to not let it happen again because I want to be a champion. And, right now, I’m not a champion.”

It’s cool to read that Roethlisberger is motivated to win and that he uses the loss as a daily reminder to improve, but there’s just something weird about placing the name tag in his bathroom. When most of us think of Big Ben and restrooms, we think of this. Maybe it’s a P.R. ploy to cleanse our minds, but sorry Ben, not working here. But oh yeah, keep doing what you’re doing buddy.

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Greg Olsen Kicked Off High School Field Trying to Practice

With the NFL lockout going on, one issue players have been facing is finding a place to practice. Unlike when business is operating normally, players are locked out of their teams’ facilities and must find their own place to work out. Some athletes like Matt Hasselbeck and John Carlson have resorted to practicing in store parking lots while other practice at local fields. Unless you’re Bears tight end Greg Olsen, in which case you’re finding that to be a challenge.

On Thursday, Olsen went on the radio in Chicago on ESPN 1000 and said he had a tough time practicing. “The other day I got kicked off a high school field trying to go out and do some field work, so it’s not easy,” he said. Olsen continued, “I live right down the street from Stevenson. The other day I went out there, done it a bunch of times, and all of a sudden they kicked me off. I tried calling everyone over there to see if I could, and no one would call me back.”

Since doing the interview, Olsen has complained that the story was blown out of proportion. I guess that could be possible, but forgive me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t Olsen the one who shared the story and made it public in the first place? How can you complain about your words being twisted when you’re the one saying it? Anyway, that’s besides the point for me. What stands out to me is that this is another example of a football player finding it tough to practice because of the lockout. If there weren’t one, Olsen would probably be getting in work at Halas Hall with some of his teammates instead of worrying about hanging out at high school fields.

Matt Hasselbeck Practicing with John Carlson in a Parking Lot

When fans think of NFL players, they think of multi-million dollar athletes who have top of the line personal trainers and the best resources available to them. We’re talking exercise machines, recovery hot tubs, and indoor and outdoor facilities to practice. But many of us forget that with the lockout, players no longer have access to their team’s facilities, meaning they need to find an alternative for workouts.

Some people work out in private facilities, gyms, public parks, local athletic fields, and some … in shopping mall parking lots. That’s Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for you, who told ESPN that’s what he’s done with his tight end, John Carlson.

“I was throwing in a parking lot with John Carlson, our tight end,” Hasselbeck said. “I’m throwing in a parking lot in front of a Goodwill store and a mattress store in the rain, and people are like ‘can’t you go find a high school field?’ You have no idea what it’s like to get kicked out of a high school field by like a gym teacher, so I’m just going to stick to the parking lot.”

I guess when Hasselbeck tries to pull his teammates together in the huddle and say, “hey, it’s just like those days in the parking lot” he’ll have a real-life reference. Honestly, I never ever thought it would come to something like this. How do they even do things without yard markers? Does Hasselbeck tell Carlson to run down to the Accord and cut in? Run a streak to the jeep? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine practicing in a parking lot is a good thing. Let’s just hope it’s pretty well deserted.

Roddy White Rips Alex Smith on Twitter

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took some seemingly unprovoked attacks at Alex Smith on twitter Friday. No idea what prompted the tweet, but here’s what Roddy said:

I’m not sure if White is campaigning for a GM job in San Francisco when his playing career is over, but that seemed like some advice that came out of nowhere. White also added in another tweet that “2 coaches have been fired for tht mans performance,” excuse the grammar and typos.

Look, I’m not sure where it all came from, but why do we need reasons to speak the truth? As I’ve said many times before, Alex Smith is not the answer in San Francisco. White is actually incorrect because Smith has gotten more than two coaches fired if you count offensive coordinators. Look, when your own receivers are taking shots at you, you know it’s bad. My only question is why Jim Harbaugh may be interested in keeping Smith around next season.

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Peyton Hillis Riding White Running Back Mystique to Madden Cover Vote Semis

Unlike past years when the cover of the popular John Madden football video game was selected by EA Sports, this year they chose to have the cover determined by a vote. Sports Nation has hosted a 32-player March Madness-style tournament (one athlete per team) to determine who will end up on the cover of the game. They’re down to the semifinals and the four remaining players are Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, and Peyton Hillis. Ask yourself one question: which athlete does not belong?

In that group, we have a Super Bowl MVP, the MVP runner up, a four-time Pro Bowler, and a guy who has 1,574 career yards and 17 touchdowns. The guy with the fewest accolades out of that group is by far Peyton Hillis.

Don’t get me wrong, Peyton Hillis was pretty outstanding last year until getting hurt, but he really doesn’t belong with those three just yet. Those other three guys are stars in the game while Hillis has had one good year. And his one good year wasn’t even as good as say, Arian Foster’s one good year. So how did he end up in the semifinals of this tournament?

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Michael Vick Remains an Excellent Pitchman for Sports Companies

Michael Vick may still be a hated man by many people in the country, but his popularity is undeniable. Students at his high school were leading a movement to have his jersey put back up on display, and Vick was named the Comeback Player of the Year in the NFL. He became an MVP candidate with his stellar play last year and even earned an endorsement deal with apparel company Unequal Technologies, angering one of our writers. Even if you disagree with Vick being a company’s spokesman based on moral grounds, you cannot argue that the man can’t sell.

The Wall Street Journal had a story recently about Unequal’s decision to take a gamble on Vick by making him their spokesman. Vick apparently wanted stock in the company rather than money, making the decision to hire him even more difficult. The bold choice by Unequal paid off in a 1,000% increase in sales, and the announcement of the partnership led to 10 million hits on their website.

The whole article is worth a read, and it shows that at least one company was rewarded for believing in Vick and making the right call. I’m just disappointed we didn’t tab him to help pimp LBS. 10 million hits? Yeah, we could have lived with that.