Rhett Bomar’s DUI Probably Won’t Help His Chances of Making Vikings

Rhett Bomar was busted for an alleged DUI early Sunday morning in Mankato, Minn. nearby the Vikings’ training camp. The arrest will hinder his chances of making the team considering he’s already behind Donovan McNabb, Christian Ponder, and Joe Webb on the depth chart.

The team had a practice in Mankato Saturday night and Bomar was picked up for his alleged DUI early the next morning. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because it should.

You may recall that Bomar was Oklahoma’s quarterback until getting kicked off the team in 2006. It was reported that Bomar was getting paid by a car dealership for work he wasn’t doing. He ended up at Sam Houston State and was drafted in the fifth round by the Giants in 2009. It’s pretty safe to guess the DUI will mark the end of his time with Minnesota. Look at that face — it clearly has UFL written all over it.

Deion Sanders Puts Bandanna on His Hall of Fame Bust (Video)

Deion Sanders went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in style. After spending most of his speech explaining how “Prime Time” was just a persona he created in order to help make money to take care of his mom, he expressed his unlimited swag by placing a bandanna on his Hall of Fame bust. Check out this video of him wrapping his bust courtesy of The Sports Geeks:

Here are a couple more looks at Deion doing his thing:

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Media Wants a Brett Favre Comeback More Than he Does

It has become clear over the past month that the media is desperate for a Brett Favre comeback, even if he has not demonstrated an interest in returning to the NFL. Yes, we know Favre has waffled in the past and retired then come back several times, but it seems like he is done this time. Maybe the incriminating pictures and voice mail played a part. Maybe it was the multiple injuries and years of physical beatings that wore him out. Whatever the reason, it seems like Brett Favre is going to remain retired this time, just like he indicated in October.

What’s somewhat sad is how desperate for Favre the media has proven itself to be. Having experience working in sports talk radio and writing sports stories, I understand that Favre is always a talking point who can generate clicks and calls. He also is a one-man ratings bonanza when it comes to TV. But does that justify the constant rumors about him returning to the league?

Let’s look at how sad it’s become.

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Sweet Baby Jesus: Tim Tebow Signs Pregnant Woman’s Bump

Women sure love their Tim Tebow. Then again, if men could get pregnant I’m sure some of them would want Tebow to sign their bump too.

Timmy already has a dog named “Bronco.” How long before folks start naming their children Tebow?

Chest Baby bump to Lindsay Jones for the pic

Brian Urlacher: Soldier Field Playing Surface is a Joke

The Chicago Bears had to cancel their Family Fest event Friday because of the poor condition of Soldier Field. Outspoken Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher used that as a reason to trash the playing surface at the Bears’ home field.

It’s a joke,” Urlacher said. “I don’t understand (why) they can’t have the field ready. It sucks for the fans because I’m sure it was a pain in the butt to get down there with the all traffic and everything. I think coach (Lovie Smith) did the right thing in not letting us practice on that stuff.”

Urlacher then suggested a change. “I don’t understand why we don’t have FieldTurf yet. We’re a fast team. We play fast on FieldTurf.”

It’s not a surprise to hear Urlacher speak out like that given his stance on the team to beat in the NFC North, not to mention his view on the new hit rules. I’m not sure what the field was like, but it must have been pretty awful to have the event canceled. Plus, Soldier Field is known for having somewhat sloppy conditions. Maybe FieldTurf is the answer.

Pete Carroll Wants You to Coordinate the Seahawks’ Offense

Pete Carroll is up to the same tricks that made him immensely popular as a college coach at USC. Earlier this week he invited Thunder guard Nate Robinson to Seahawks camp for a football tryout. Then we learned that his team has a DJ spinning music during practice. Now we’re finding out that he wants a fan to call the first play of the team’s preseason game against the Chargers next week.

“Want to call the 1st play in our game vs SD next week? tweet in your play idea… we’ll pick 1 & call it!” Carroll wrote on twitter Thursday.

He set the record straight in case you thought he was joking. “I’m serious now, we’ll pick one of your plays! but if it doesn’t work, we’re holding you accountable!!”

Seattle obviously isn’t listening to fans when it comes to play-calling (though the other team in town is), but it doesn’t matter. They get 100 submissions, one of them is bound to match what they already planned to do. Plus, it’s a preseason game — nobody really cares what happens. By simply engaging the fans, Carroll is already winning.

Agent Bus Cook: Brett Favre is Like Elvis Presley

Why should anyone believe even for a second that Brett Favre is never going to play in the NFL again?  We all know the drill.  The lockout changed nothing.  Training camp is now upon us and Favre is nowhere to be found.  Considering how obvious it is that the old man no longer has interest in offseason workouts, it would be silly of us to rule out a return until we near Week 6 of the NFL season.

As expected, reports have surfaced about a possible Favre return this season.  There are rumblings that the 41-year-old could wind up in Miami, where fans have grown tired of Chad Henne and are starting to hurt his feelings.  Favre’s outspoken agent, Bus Cook, says there is no chance of that happening.

“Brett Favre’s retired, that’s all I can say,” Cook told ESPN as passed along by Shutdown Corner. “He’s like Elvis now. People just won’t let go.”

To an extent, Cook is right.  People love to give Favre exactly what he wants by talking about him and constantly speculating.  The funny part is how cook pretends he is sick of hearing about his client.  This is the same agent that called Favre a “drama queen” last season before Favre returned once again.  If Brett wakes up one morning and decides he still wants to play football, the ongoing buzz can only benefit him and Cook.  People do indeed refuse to let it go, but don’t ever let an agent convince you he wants people to stop talking about his client.