Giovanni Carmazzi Is a Yoga-Exercising Farmer Who Owns Five Goats

Former Hofstra quarterback Giovanni Carmazzi was one of the six quarterbacks drafted ahead of Tom Brady in 2000, making him one of “The Brady Six” featured prominently in ESPN’s documentary. ESPN was able to interview five of the six quarterbacks selected ahead of Brady for their hour-long program, but Carmazzi, the former 3rd round pick of the 49ers, declined the interview.

Because they were turned down for the interview, ESPN decided to embarrass Carmazzi and ruin his reputation by slipping in a completely unnecessary nugget of information. At the end of the documentary, they explained that Carmazzi declined the interview he “does not own a television and declined to be interviewed. He lives two hours north of San Francisco, and describes himself as a yoga-exercising farmer. … He has five goats.” Here’s the video:

That is one of the lowest blows possible. Just because the dude didn’t want to talk you have to embarrass him like that? Nobody would have thought anything of Carmazzi (except that he’s a recluse) until the goats line was added. Now? He’s a national punchline amongst sports fans. I’m not even joking.

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Ray Lewis Says He Would Easily Beat Tom Zbikowski in Boxing Match

Everyone wants a piece of Tom Zbikowski.  Check that — everyone wants to act like they want a piece of him.  Football players hate the thought that they would lose a fight to someone or that there is someone out there that’s tougher than them.  Last month, it was Chad Ochocinco running his mouth (what else is new) and challenging Zbikowski, a professional boxer, to a fight.  Now, teammate Ray Lewis is getting in on the act.

Lewis told the NFL Network, via Pro Football Talk, that he would win a fight against Zbikowski hands down because of their weight differences.  In fact, he said it has been discussed in the locker room before and Tommy agrees with him.

“Zbikowski would lose,” Lewis said. “We’ve already talked about that. Zbikowski is a realist when it comes to the sport. The locker room talk is always that about who can beat who. He’ll be the first to tell you he’s not going to get in the ring with a 250-pound person. That’s crazy!”

No doubt Lewis could do some damage if he landed a haymaker or two, but let’s not forget Zbikowski is a legit boxer who is 3-0 in his career and 2-0 since the lockout.  He’s also scheduled to fight again in two weeks.  My guess is he would find a way to beat Lewis.  Considering he has a legitimate career going in the sport, there’s probably no need to waste his time trying.

Bill Parcells Questions Drafting Jake Long over Matt Ryan and Later Pat White

Bill Parcells has built a lot of successful football teams and has helped turn around several franchises. He has been part of rebuilding processes in New York, New England, Dallas, and most recently Miami. With the Dolphins, Parcells was lauded for improving the team by 10 wins in his first year (from 1-15 to 11-5). Since the major turnaround however, the Dolphins have slipped to 7-9 in consecutive years and they’ve been plagued by a lack of consistency at quarterback.

Now, several months after leaving the front office in Miami, he has opened up about a few questionable draft selections they made.

In an interview with The Miami Herald via Pro Football Talk, Parcells admitted some of his picks were questionable. On the decision to draft Jake Long first overall instead of quarterback Matt Ryan who went third to Atlanta, Parcells says “maybe, we should have,” drafted the QB.

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Jim McMahon on BYU Honor Code: Find Girls Who Keep Their Mouths Shut

By now we have all heard the Brandon Davies story or some variation of it. The BYU center was suspended for the remainder of the 2011 season when he violated the school’s honor code. While it originally did not appear to be a sex issue, it was later revealed that Davies admitted to having sex and rumors swirled that he impregnated a female.

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon played his college ball at BYU.  In an interview with ESPN Radio on Monday, which Pro Football Talk shared with us, he shared his thoughts on some of the current issues in the NFL regarding illegal hits and the uncertain labor situation.  McMahon’s comments on those topics were a yawn compared to what he had to say about the BYU honor code.

“You had to find girls who kept their mouths shut,” McMahon said when asked about how he managed to stay on the field while attending BYU.

Can you say candid?  We all know college kids are going to be college kids no matter what school they attend, but BYU’s president must have cringed when he found out such a high-profile alumnus had that to say about the honor code.  When the news about Davies’ suspension first came out, part of me didn’t feel badly for him because anyone who attends BYU knows what they’re getting themselves into.  McMahon’s comment just makes me feel bad Davies forgot to wrap it up.

Tom Brady Crying (Video)

On Tuesday night, ESPN will air its newest documentary, The Brady 6, which is a story about Tom Brady that focuses on his climb from sixth-round draft pick to three-time Super Bowl Champion.  If the production is anything like The Fab Five it will definitely be a home run.  One of the clips from the movie is already creating a huge buzz.  When an interviewer asks Brady to recall the experience he had on draft day in 2000 he gets all choked up and starts to cry.  His long hair and recently girly, dance-happy image makes the clip perfect ammunition for all the Brady haters out there.  Check out the Tom Brady crying video:

As someone who has been a Patriots fan all my life and watched Brady since day one, this was extremely uncomfortable.  He smiled his way through three Super Bowl victories, two league MVP awards, and two Super Bowl MVP awards.  Never once have I seen Tom Terrific fighting back tears, so this was new.  Prediction: the documentary will be like watching porn for Patriots fans.  H/T YouTube user dfarrar777 for the video.

Ben Roethlisberger-Ashley Harlan Wedding Shows Image Remake Strategy for Ben

What better way for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to show his complete turnaround from sexual predator to wholesome family man than by getting married? It was learned in December that Big Ben was getting engaged to a woman named Ashley Harlan, no less than eight months after his second sexual assault allegation emerged.

This week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had an extensive feature on Big Ben’s planned marriage to Harlan which is scheduled for July. In the article, we learn that a WWE event has left the two searching for a new venue, that the two have known each other since 2005, and that the two won’t live together until they get married.

No joke, Big Ben and Ashley Harlan won’t live together until they get married because of religious reasons.

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Brett Favre Hosting Football Camp at Southern Mississippi

Brett Favre a charitable type? It appears so. The former Vikings quarterback will be spending part of the offseason hosting a one-day 7-on-7 football camp at the University of Southern Mississippi. The Hattiesburg American has the details:

This is a one-day, 7-on-7 football camp that will be held at 7:30 a.m. on June 14 on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

The objective of the camp is to raise funds for Favre 4 Hope and the University of Southern Mississippi Brett Favre Athletic Scholarship Endowment, while honing the skills of young athletes.

Favre says he’s looking forward to imparting the skills he’s learned during his NFL career to the youngsters. Sounds like a noble idea, and it would be a nice change for Favre to actually help someone out. Ask Aaron Rodgers about that.