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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Jets Trying Joe McKnight as Emergency Defensive Back

Joe McKnight’s career path has been far from what anyone could have expected. Recruited out of high school in Louisiana, McKnight was billed as “the next Reggie Bush.” He came to USC and never emerged from a talented, crowded backfield in Southern California. After a controversy over an SUV (which sources told LBS did in…Read More

If the Vikings Lose Sunday, Will Brett Favre Finally Retire?

On Sunday afternoon, the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers will face off for the second time this season in what is normally one of the most intense games of the NFL season. With a record of 3-6, the Vikings are playing partially to remain in the hunt, but mainly to salvage some pride from…Read More

Miami Dolphins Home-Road Mythology

It really bugs me when I hear people call the Miami Dolphins a good road team and a bad home team. The Dolphins are 5-5 after getting shutout at home by the Bears on Thursday night 16-0. They’re now 1-4 at home but 4-1 on the road. That makes them a great road team and…Read More

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