Ndamukong Suh Says He Isn’t a Dirty Player Until His Mom Says He Is

The Detroit Lions have quickly become one of the most intriguing stories of the preseason. Many believe this could be the year they take the next step, and their preseason performance against the Patriots Saturday night helped confirm those beliefs. The Lions defense appears to be on a mission and if Matthew Stafford is healthy their offense could create fireworks.

One player who has been fun to talk about for a variety of reasons is Ndamukong Suh.  While we here at LBS enjoy and respect the way Suh plays the game, his reputation as a dirty player continues to grow across the league.  Incidents from last year like this one and others from this season like the punch he threw at Logan Mankins on Saturday have resulted in a spanking from the media.  At this point, it sounds like Suh couldn’t care less.

“I’m going to continue to play hard and play within the rules as I have been,” Suh told CBSSports.com on Sunday. “When I’ll consider myself a dirty player is when my mom tells me (I am).

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Arian Foster Rips Fantasy Football Players for Worrying About Injury

Is fantasy football turning us into machines? These days it seems as though all age brackets, species, and sexes are playing fantasy football. Whether you are trying to make a couple bucks or just enjoy managing your own squad, fantasy football seems to appeal to everyone.

As a result, we find ourselves worrying about the health of the players on our teams. In that sense there’s not much difference between monitoring your fantasy team and worrying about your favorite team.  Arian Foster, the No. 1 overall pick in most fantasy drafts after his monster performance last season, has a huge problem with people who are only concerned about his injured hamstring because of fantasy football.

“(For) those sincerely concerned, I’m doing ok and plan (to be) back by opening day,” Foster wrote on Twitter. “For those worried (about) your fantasy team, (you people) are sick.”

In a sense Foster is right and it is pretty selfish for people to only ask about his health because they drafted him in a fantasy league.  However, it’s no different from rooting for your favorite team. When Tom Brady tore his ACL do you think Patriots fans felt badly for him personally or were worried about their season?  It could be a little of both, but we all know the latter is where priorities lie.  We’re talking about a tweaked hamstring, not locker room devastation.

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Sam Bradford Autographs Fan’s ‘Marry Me’ Poster, Makes Her Swoon

Who knew Sam Bradford was so well loved in St. Louis? What happens when he makes a Pro Bowl, wins MVP, or wins a Super Bowl? Will there be any of the female population in St. Louis left or will they all have died from delight after getting an autograph like this young lass?

UPDATE: The fan who created the poster has been identified. A young woman named Carly Triggs tells LBS that she is the girl who proposed to Bradford.

Triggs says she has been a fan since Bradford was at Oklahoma and that Saturday was the best night of her life. She wrote on twitter “Sam Bradford I love you so much. Thanks for being amazing.”

The young lady added that she’s “Completely in shock from what happened last night. I cry everytime I think about it.”

It’s nice that Sam made her day (year?).

Aaron Rodgers Has a Handle Bar Mustache

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers showed off a new look for his team’s preseason game Friday night. He was rocking a handle bar mustache aka the “fu manchu.” Check out the picture courtesy of Mock Session:

Different facial hair styles of athletes is always a pastime here at LBS. The most recent stache we covered was A.J. Pierzynski’s Larry Bird looking blonde thing. Rodgers’ stache blows that away. Then again, when you’re winning Super Bowl MVP, you can wear your facial hair however you please.

UPDATE: You may have arrived at this page looking for a picture of Aaron Rodgers’ mustache during November 2012. The Packers quarterback grew out his “Movember” stache to raise cancer awareness. Here’s what his beauty looked like:

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Raiders Don’t Want Terrelle Pryor Wearing Jersey No. 2 Because of JaMarcus Russell

The Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft this week and signed him to a four-year deal Thursday night. Pryor is in camp and already practiced with the team Friday. It was the same Terrelle Pryor fans would recognize, only there was one difference — he was wearing a new jersey number. Instead of the No. 2 he wore at Ohio State, the Raiders announced that Pryor will wear jersey No. 6. They have a good reason for the change too.

Raiders beat writer Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chroncile tweeted that “Terrelle Pryor says Raiders coach Hue Jackson won’t let him wear No. 2. JaMarcus Russell was very big, but his ghost is bigger.”

SI’s Jim Trotter tweeted the same news, so it sounds like this is not a joke.

As silly as the reason may seem, it actually makes a lot of sense. JaMarcus Russell was a bust for the franchise. Things got so bad for JaMarcus that even his life coach gave up on him. I don’t think Pryor will amount to much as a quarterback, but it’s understandable why they want to torch the number and expunge the memories.

Hey, if Pryor can’t wear JaMarcus’ jersey number, maybe he can at least buy Russell’s Oakland mansion.

Tim Tebow and Drew Brees Will Appear on The Biggest Loser

You know you’re a special person when you’re making TV show appearances as a third-string quarterback. Such is the case for Tim Tebow, who along with Drew Brees and Eric Dickerson reportedly will appear on The Biggest Loser October 4th, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Some of the athletes will be seen competing against the contestants in a throwing contest, while others help the pound shedders with their “Last Chance Workout” before that week’s weigh-in. “It’s not just some great athlete coming out and saying ‘Hey, look at me!’” says BL exec producer Todd Lubin. “We actually get to their stories — and these NFL guys have unbelievable stories.”

Yup, Tebow will share his story of how hard work got him buried on the depth chart in Denver. Brees will talk about returning from shoulder surgery to eventually win Super Bowl MVP. You may be wondering why The Biggest Loser would be interested in having these players on the show and the answer is simple: they’re hoping the macho NFLers will help bring in a male audience. You know when Tebow’s involved, an entire fan base will be interested. Smart idea.

Tandon Doss Broke Up Fight on Way to Ravens Game

Tandon Doss was a fourth-round pick by the Baltimore Ravens this year and is trying to make the team as a receiver. In addition to playing football, he apparently doubles as a peacemaker.

During the Thursday night preseason game between the Ravens and Redskins, Mike Tirico mentioned that Doss broke up a fight on his way to the game. “Just had to break up a fight at five guys. Baltimore is too ratchet!!!” Doss tweeted a few hours before the game.

When another person questioned Doss getting involved in a fight the day of a game, the receiver responded “I don’t care what day it is I’m not gonna sit there and let someone get jumped. I don’t know where you’re from but we don’t do that in Indy.”

In case you don’t understand the Indy reference, Doss is from Indianapolis and played college ball for Indiana. His attitude is commendable; it’s admirable that he broke up a fight in public, especially on a game day. Surprisingly, he’s not the only athlete to fight crime the day of a big game.