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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Torrey Smith Consults Larry Fitzgerald About Long Hair Tackles

Having long hair and playing football is a risk. As I’m sure you saw, Ravens receiver Torrey Smith learned that the hard way last weekend. Naturally, when you go through a traumatic experience like that it can sometimes help to seek the advice of a veteran. That’s why Smith decided to consult another long-haired guy…Read More

Fan Gets Ugliest Tim Tebow Tattoo Known to Mankind (Picture)

Ugly tattoos are one of life’s great mysteries. For ever piece of ink that you look at and think, “That’s pretty sweet,” there are about 1,000 tattoos like this one and this one that are an absolute joke.  We understand Tebowmania is sweeping the nation in a way that is unrivaled in recent history, but…Read More

Brandon Jacobs: Giants Fans Kick You When You’re Down

Brandon Jacobs is still unhappy with New York. Despite the fact that he is currently the Giants’ starting running back with Ahmad Bradshaw on the shelf, he has still found things to complain about. This time, he decided to give the coaches a break and turn his bitching toward Giants fans. After the G-Men fell…Read More

Tim Tebow Is the NFL’s Messiah

You can call off the search. It looks like Roger Goodell has found his Messiah. Nope, it’s not a really tall guy, wearing sandals, sporting a snowy, white beard. (If my religious imagery has been formulated through years of watching cartoons, I apologize.) Actually, he stands about 6-foot-3, dresses in an odd combination of navy…Read More

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