Bart Scott Has Epic Postgame Interview, Says Tom Brady Is Overrated in Playoffs

Bart Scott played a strong role in the back-and-forth trash talk between the Jets and Patriots during the week, going so far as to threaten Wes Welker. Scott played for head coach Rex Ryan in Baltimore and took Welker’s foot press conference personally, so no doubt he was pleased to get payback. He was still in on-field commander/soldier mode after the game when approached by Sal Paolantonio for an interview on ESPN. The resulting video was legendary:

You’ll be able to catch Scott on WWE’s Smackdown tomorrow night for more of his shenanigans. Who takes the third game of the preseason like it’s bulls***? Bulls***! That is one fiery, pissed off character, and you could see why the Jets won with passionate guys like him on their side. As far as calling out Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson, I didn’t see enough ESPN to know what they were saying, but I imagine they were picking the Pats.

Now Bart’s reputation as the second coming of Ric Flair did not end with that interview. After the game, Scott strove to set the record straight about Tom Brady, pointing out that the likely MVP has lost his last three playoff games. Scott said that like most QBs, all you had to do was hit him to get him rattled. To me, it wasn’t the hits on Brady that changed him so much as the excellent coverage the Jets had. Brady had nobody open. It’s awfully hard to make things happen when you look downfield and see nothing but white and green, and that’s how it was for Tom.

Deion Branch: Some Jets Were Classless After Win with Excessive Celebration

The Jets pulled off the upset win over the Patriots Sunday and celebrated as if they had won the Super Bowl. You had Braylon Edwards doing gymnastics, and half the defense flying around the field like a bunch of airplanes. That was after the game. While it was still going on, Shonn Greene pretended to sleep in the end zone after scoring to make it 28-14. Unlike Jim Nantz who was outraged, if there was ever a time to take an excessive celebration penalty, it was when Greene did it. The Patriots certainly took note and didn’t appreciate the antics.

Former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, who dropped a key 4th down pass preventing New England’s comeback, had some words for the Jets after the game. “There was a lot of classless play on the football field after the game. But you have to expect that from some of the guys over there,” Branch said. “Some of the guys … that was the only thing that was embarrassing. I think right now, there’s just a lot of frustration.

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Braylon Edwards Flips to Celebrate Jets Win Over Patriots (Video)

The Jets beat the Patriots convincingly on Sunday, 28-21. The score shows it was a seven-point game, but the Jets seized control at 14-3 before halftime and maintained it. Because of all the trash talk during the week, they were elated to pull off the victory at New England and showed it in their celebration. Braylon Edwards, who muscled his way to a touchdown in the second quarter, did a forward handspring and flip to celebrate the win. Several of his teammates broke out with arms spread like airplanes, zooming around the field. Nothing topped what Braylon did though:

The Jets certainly take after their coach when it comes to attitude, and that’s likely why they felt free to celebrate at Gillette Stadium. For Braylon, it wasn’t the first time he insulted the Pats with a celebration.

Autograph Video Makes Aaron Rodgers Look Like Villain, Clay Matthews Like Hero

We praised Aaron Rodgers for his magnificent performance against the Falcons on Saturday in the playoffs, as did his coaches and teammates. But it’s not all love for Rodgers the day after his big game. Pro Football Talk posted a video of Packers fans who showed up at the airport to see the team off Friday, hoping for autographs.

To summarize what happened, Aaron Rodgers ignored breast cancer patient Jan Cavanaugh who came straight from a radiation treatment hoping for an autograph. Linebacker Clay Matthews made up for the disappointment as much as possible, stopping to sign and chat with the woman. Here’s the video that was pulled from WBAY’s website but was transferred to YouTube:

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Wes Welker Benched by Bill Belichick to Start Patriots-Jets Playoff Game

The NFL sent out a reminder to teams to make sure the hatred build up during the week because of trash talk didn’t result in illegal contact during games. They weren’t curbing the fun so much as they were putting teams (ahem, Pats/Jets) on notice.

The Jets went heavy with their words against the Pats in anticipation of their playoff game, starting with Rex Ryan’s unprompted comments that Peyton Manning prepares better than Tom Brady. Rexy later asserted the matchup between the teams was a personal battle between himself and Bill Belichick, a notion that Belichick predictably dismissed. His comments were nothing compared to Antonio Cromartie, who threw profanity towards Tom Brady.

All the while the Jets were doing their talking, the Pats kept quiet, except for receiver Wes Welker. Welker, in the most sly fashion, mixed about 10 “feet” references into his press conference during the week, using generic cliches. Word spread of Welker’s trick, and it obviously pissed off coach Bill Belichick who didn’t want his players engaging in the head games with New York. As a result, Welker was punished to start the Jets-Patriots playoff game.

Though Welker received the opening punt from the Jets, he was sidelined for New England’s first offensive series, being replaced by Julian Edelman. Welker was out there for the team’s next drive, registering his first catch. Regardless of how subtle his antics were, he learned the hard way not to disobey Belichick’s wishes in the future.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Aaron Rodgers Is Owning the Playoffs

The sixth-seeded Green Bay Packers have been the story of the NFL playoffs thus far, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles on the road last weekend and knocking off the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has played lights out ball, throwing for six touchdowns and no interceptions while rushing for a score.

The former Cal Bear was in elite form against Atlanta, completing 31/36 passes for 366 yards resulting in a 136.8 passer rating. Realistically, Rodgers’ game was near perfect, and it shows how whacked the passer rating system is that Rodgers was so far from the 158.3 perfect rating.

Rodgers showed incredible pocket awareness, only taking two sacks against the Falcons. He avoided the pressure from Atlanta, rolling out and using his mobility constantly. Though Rodgers only rushed twice for 13 yards, he was able to extend plays and drives with his quickness. The sixth-year pro has now thrown for 10 touchdowns and only one interception in three career playoff games, showing that he’s a big-time player.

After the Packers’ 48-21 win over the Falcons in the Georgia Dome, Aaron Rodgers was all smiles. His grin was wider than B.J. Raji’s backside, and it’s because he knew he nailed his performance with a nearly perfect game. He was effusive in his praise of his coaches, raving about how well prepared they had the team.

Green Bay is now only a game away from the Super Bowl and you have to like their chances. As the six seed, they face the winner of the Seahawks-Bears game on the road. They split with Chicago during the regular season and would likely crush the Seahawks. A rematch with the Bears would not be easy if it were to come, but the Packers have to be the favorite at this point.

Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Darryl Talley Upset with Lack of Respect from Vince Young

Darryl Talley is a two-time Pro Bowl linebacker who played 14 seasons in the NFL. He was a second-round pick by the Bills out of West Virginia and was a core member of their early-90s team that went to four straight Super Bowls. He is the franchise’s all-time leading tackler, and a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. One would figure such a resume would result in respect from a fellow football player, but that’s not how Talley perceived his meeting with quarterback Vince Young.

Talley, who lives in Orlando, must have been in Miami when he ran into Young. Here’s what the former linebacker tweeted Saturday evening “Just ran into Vince Young. Had no idea who I am. Not ok.” Talley then added, “Hey young fellas. Know ur football history. It’s called respect. Also will make u a better ball player.”

Apparently Talley wasn’t only upset with the lack of respect shown to him by Young, but the lack of appreciation in a business sense. “Be respectful of those who came before you & demanded changes so u could colect the check ur getting” he later wrote on his twitter account. Word must have gotten back to Vince Young that Talley felt slighted by the former Titan, so Vince contact Talley to say he knew who he was. Apparently that upset Darryl even more because if Vince knew who he was, he should have acted more appropriately.

I wasn’t around for the meeting and I obviously don’t know what went down, but either way VY comes across looking badly. If he knew who Talley was and didn’t show much respect, that’s poor form, and it’s even worse if he didn’t even know who Talley was. Like I said, I don’t know what went on, but this fits pretty consistently with the character issues Young has that have been called into question.