Aaron Rodgers and Destiny Newton Hit the Beach in Hawaii

It’s getting hard to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and all the women to whom he’s been linked. There have been rumors of him hooking up with Erin Andrews, then we heard he was dating actress Jessica Szohr, and then he was hanging with Stacy Keibler and Mila Kunis at a party. Well it looks like we can add another girl to the list — Destiny Newton.

On Friday, TMZ ran a picture of Green Bay Packers Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers at beach in Hawaii with an unnamed blonde. Splash News Online added many more pictures and a video but they were unable to identify her. But on Tuesday, both Black Sports Online and Terez Owens said the girl in question is Destiny Newton, who we’ve come to find out is from Chico — Rodgers’ hometown in California.

As of last year, Newton was bartending in Pacific Beach in San Diego claiming she had moved there about three years earlier. In her interview with Pacific San Diego Magazine, she said she was going to school for communications in addition to bartending. Destiny also has a sister named Shawntel who competed on Season 15 of The Bachelor. So whatta you think?


Martellus Bennett Wants Jon Kitna to Have Chance to Compete with Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett is used to doing and saying controversial things, so it’s no surprise he’s in the middle of yet another controversy. On ESPN Radio in Dallas Tuesday, Bennett praised backup quarterback Jon Kitna which went hand-in-hand with questioning Tony Romo.

Kitna took over as the team’s starting quarterback after Tony Romo broke his collarbone and they went 4-5 with him running things. Bennett had positive words for Kitna, saying “I loved playing with [him]. Kitna is one of my favorite people to play with. Just being out there on the field with that guy just makes you play even harder. He made some things happen in limited time, so I think if he got a longer chance, he’d be able to do more.”

That sounds like a man vouching for Kitna to have the job.

Bennett also noted that Romo is awesome, but he continued by saying “I hope there’s a chance for a quarterback competition this year. Every position, I think we need to put more competition into it.” That right there makes his words sound much better.

If Martellus is just vouching for more competition at positions, I’m sure many people can agree. Competition often brings out the best in players, and maybe that’s all Bennett wants. Or maybe he really does think Kitna is the better man for the job. Hard to say, but we do know Martellus has brought up some questions with his words.

Mike Vrabel Arrested for Felony Theft at Belterra Casino in Indiana

Kansas Chiefs linebacker Mike Vrabel was arrested on charges of felony theft early Monday morning at Belterra Casino in Florence, Indiana. Pro Football Talk first reported the news which has been confirmed by LBS, and they write that “the charge, under Indiana law, is a Class-D felony.”

Switzerland County Jail in Indiana did not have details regarding the arrest and LBS has reached out to the Indiana Gaming Commission for more information. We do know that Vrabel was released on a $600 cash bond.

We’ll have more information when it becomes available, but we know we’re not alone in saying of all people who could have gotten into trouble over the NFL off-season, Mike Vrabel was one of the names we would least expect. Keep up with LBS on twitter for more updates. Between this incident and Louis Murphy’s arrest, it’s been a bad weekend for NFL players.

UPDATE: Vrabel, through his agent, says it was a misunderstanding.

UPDATE II: KMBC in KC says, “The incident involved bottles of alcohol taken from a casino eatery. Indiana Gaming Commission Director of Enforcement Kenny Rowan said Vrabel was observed by an enforcement agent taking the bottles of alcohol from a deli without paying for them. He said Vrabel was very cooperative during the investigation and posed no problems during the arrest.”

If that is indeed what led to the arrest, then Vrabel really did get a bad deal and the law in Indiana should be modified.

UPDATE III: Rowan spoke with LBS and confirmed that the theft was over eight bottles of beer. He had no further knowledge if Vrabel was intoxicated and if that played a role in the theft.

Aqib Talib Maintained 2.7 GPA Despite Not Going to Class

To say that Aqib Talib has a troubled past would be an understatement. His mother has been in and out of prison and in trouble with the law on numerous occasions.  Talib has been in multiple fights over the last few years and was suspended for a game last season after punching a cabbie.  Most recently, he found himself at the center of a shooting involving his mother and sister’s boyfriend.  He was released from jail on Wednesday after posting $25,000 bail and has “vigorously denied” any allegations against him for having shot a gun.

Despite all his hardships, former Kansas defensive coordinator Clint Bowen said Talib is extremely bright — so bright that he maintained a passable GPA without going to any of his classes.

“He tries to do that whole street thing, but don’t let that fool you,” Bowen said. “He’s very smart. I don’t think he ever went to a single class, but he still got a 2.7 (GPA) at Kansas.”

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Ron Jaworski: Current Players Don’t Really Give a Damn About Older Players

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current NFL analyst Ron Jaworski shared his thoughts on the labor situation in the NFL, and he wasn’t kind to current players. In an interview with Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jaws said he was saddened by the lockout, that he generally supports the players in labor disputes, but he’s disappointed with the current players.

When asked if he felt the players union was doing a good job representing former players, he expressed his thoughts and offended some folks, which is nothing new for Jaws.

“That part does disappoint me. I’ve been around long enough to understand that present-day players, they don’t understand what the guys went through in [the previous work stoppages of 1987, '82, and '74]. … Quite honestly, I don’t think they really give a damn about the guys that laid the foundation for the game. I think it’s a lot of verbiage, but I don’t think they really care.”

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Louis Murphy Sacked by the LBS Nut Bag for Viagra Possession, Resisting Arrest

Oakland Raiders wide receiver and former Florida receiver Louis Murphy was arrested early Sunday morning in Gainesville for three offenses including Viagra possession without a prescription, failure to obey an officer, and resisting arrest without violence, as the Gainesville Sun reported via Raiders reporter Vittorio Tafur. Murphy apparently was playing his music loudly and was told to pull over, but he kept driving into a parking lot and demanded to know why he was being stopped. According to the Sun, “[the police officer] said Murphy continued to refuse to show his ID and so Harrison attempted to place him in handcuffs, but, he said, Murphy refused to put his hands behind his back.”

To be fair, playing your music loudly isn’t the exactly a horrible offense, so I understand why Murphy would have been frustrated about being pulled over, but you still need to listen to officers. It looks like the arrest could have been avoided had he listened to them. If he avoided that, he would have avoided serious embarrassment in the form of Viagra charges.

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Tom Brady Hangs with UCLA Softball Team

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spent some with his family Saturday evening taking in a UCLA softball game. Brady was there with his nieces and sister (who used to pitch at Fresno State) and watched the 7th-ranked Bruins mercy rule Oregon State 9-1 to improve to 25-5 on the season.

Tom was generous to all the fans in attendance, posing for pictures with everyone who asked for one. After the game ended, he took his niece into the Bruins’ clubhouse and hung out with the team for a bit. Here’s a video of Tom Brady with the UCLA softball team after the game:

At one point before taking the picture with the team, Brady had to remind everyone he went to Michigan saying “I’m a Wolverine.” It’s OK Tom, now that you’re living in Brentwood only a few minutes from the UCLA campus, you can be considered an honorary Bruin.

And for the people curious about Tom’s foot, he was wearing sneakers and no boot and he was moving around perfectly fine. If you didn’t know he had a foot injury, you would have had no idea he was recovering from surgery.

Here are a few more pics of Brady from the game:

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