Brian Urlacher: Soldier Field Playing Surface is a Joke

The Chicago Bears had to cancel their Family Fest event Friday because of the poor condition of Soldier Field. Outspoken Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher used that as a reason to trash the playing surface at the Bears’ home field.

It’s a joke,” Urlacher said. “I don’t understand (why) they can’t have the field ready. It sucks for the fans because I’m sure it was a pain in the butt to get down there with the all traffic and everything. I think coach (Lovie Smith) did the right thing in not letting us practice on that stuff.”

Urlacher then suggested a change. “I don’t understand why we don’t have FieldTurf yet. We’re a fast team. We play fast on FieldTurf.”

It’s not a surprise to hear Urlacher speak out like that given his stance on the team to beat in the NFC North, not to mention his view on the new hit rules. I’m not sure what the field was like, but it must have been pretty awful to have the event canceled. Plus, Soldier Field is known for having somewhat sloppy conditions. Maybe FieldTurf is the answer.

Pete Carroll Wants You to Coordinate the Seahawks’ Offense

Pete Carroll is up to the same tricks that made him immensely popular as a college coach at USC. Earlier this week he invited Thunder guard Nate Robinson to Seahawks camp for a football tryout. Then we learned that his team has a DJ spinning music during practice. Now we’re finding out that he wants a fan to call the first play of the team’s preseason game against the Chargers next week.

“Want to call the 1st play in our game vs SD next week? tweet in your play idea… we’ll pick 1 & call it!” Carroll wrote on twitter Thursday.

He set the record straight in case you thought he was joking. “I’m serious now, we’ll pick one of your plays! but if it doesn’t work, we’re holding you accountable!!”

Seattle obviously isn’t listening to fans when it comes to play-calling (though the other team in town is), but it doesn’t matter. They get 100 submissions, one of them is bound to match what they already planned to do. Plus, it’s a preseason game — nobody really cares what happens. By simply engaging the fans, Carroll is already winning.

Agent Bus Cook: Brett Favre is Like Elvis Presley

Why should anyone believe even for a second that Brett Favre is never going to play in the NFL again?  We all know the drill.  The lockout changed nothing.  Training camp is now upon us and Favre is nowhere to be found.  Considering how obvious it is that the old man no longer has interest in offseason workouts, it would be silly of us to rule out a return until we near Week 6 of the NFL season.

As expected, reports have surfaced about a possible Favre return this season.  There are rumblings that the 41-year-old could wind up in Miami, where fans have grown tired of Chad Henne and are starting to hurt his feelings.  Favre’s outspoken agent, Bus Cook, says there is no chance of that happening.

“Brett Favre’s retired, that’s all I can say,” Cook told ESPN as passed along by Shutdown Corner. “He’s like Elvis now. People just won’t let go.”

To an extent, Cook is right.  People love to give Favre exactly what he wants by talking about him and constantly speculating.  The funny part is how cook pretends he is sick of hearing about his client.  This is the same agent that called Favre a “drama queen” last season before Favre returned once again.  If Brett wakes up one morning and decides he still wants to play football, the ongoing buzz can only benefit him and Cook.  People do indeed refuse to let it go, but don’t ever let an agent convince you he wants people to stop talking about his client.

Pee-wee Herman at Dallas Cowboys Camp with Tony Romo, Jerry Jones (Pictures)

Is there an odder combo than Pee-wee Herman and Tony Romo? Aside from Pee-wee and Jerry Jones, I really don’t think so.

Pee-wee reportedly is in San Antonio to film something and stopped by Dallas Cowboys practice to take some pictures. The sad thing is that many of the players were unfamiliar with him.

“The problem is I think there were only three guys in the huddle who knew who he was,” tight end Jason Witten told reporters. “It’s just the old guys who knew who Pee-wee Herman is. I think [20-year-old rookie] Tyron Smith looked at me like, ‘Who is that?’ Gosh, I’m showing my age a little bit to those guys. I used to be the young guy.”

Here are some more pictures of Pee-wee Herman at Dallas Cowboys camp, including one with Jerry Jones:

Photo Credit: San Antonio Express-News, Destony Rose, Pee-wee Herman

Bill Belichick Made PB and J Sandwiches on a Cooking Show in Cleveland (Video)

Anyone who has followed Bill Belichick closely for the past decade or so knows he is a man of mystery.  One minute you’re watching TV and you see a guy at the podium who looks like he’s about to be forced into a root canal.  The next time you look up you might see a man in a hoodie glaring at one of his players as he pulls him from the game.  If you look up a third time, you might see the Patriots coach smiling and joking around with either of his two extremely close friends, Jon Bon Jovi or Chad Ochocinco.  And when he was coaching with the Browns 20 years ago, you could even catch Bill Belichick making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on TV.  Check out the Bill Belichick cooking show video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

Yeah, that just happened.  Alright it didn’t just happen, but you watching it just happened and it did actually happen back in the day.  This is not a joke and this is not a hoax.  Bill Belichick, cooking show, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Chad Henne on Kyle Orton Chants: Deep Down Inside it Hurts

The rumors of Kyle Orton being traded to the Dolphins — or any other team for that matter — are over. Denver officially named Orton its starting quarterback on Wednesday.  Coincidentally, Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd had just finished ranting on Monday about how “the Tebow thing” needed to be sorted out so he and his teammates could enjoy some stability.

Broncos fans who don’t believe Tim Tebow is ready to take over yet will be pleased.  However, there is at least one group of fans that is greatly disappointed.  Many in Miami have grown impatient with Chad Henne and understandably so.  In two seasons as the full-time starting quarterback for the Dolphins, Henne posted passer ratings of 75.2 and 75.4 and threw more interceptions than touchdowns each year.  Although he is still young, the NFL now relies more heavily than ever on quarterbacks to win games.  Heading into his fourth season with the team, Henne isn’t feeling very wanted in Miami.

“I’m human,” Henne told Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel when asked about the “we want Orton” chants at training camp. “Deep down inside it does hurt. You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back. But obviously if I’m doing bad they will critique me.”

One thing you need to be a successful quarterback in the NFL is thick skin.  If the Orton chants hurt Henne’s feelings rather than simply motivate him to do better, he could be in for another long season.

Helmet slap to Pro Football Talk for the story.

Mike Shanahan Wants Punter Sav Rocca to Get Married So He Can Get a Visa

The Washington Redskins hope to have a new punter joining them this season.  Sav Rocca, a 37-year-old former rugby player from Australia, spent the last three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.  He has yet to arrive in Washington, however, as he is currently held up in Australia waiting for his work visa to be processed.  With the regular season creeping up fairly quickly, Mike Shanahan needs his punter to report to camp.

We all know Shanahan has a reputation for ruling with an iron first.  Mark Schlereth has plenty of personal experience working with Shanahan and he thinks he’s a control freak.  When you consider what he did to Albert Haynesworth at the end of last season and the decision he made to bench Donovan McNabb, that isn’t hard to believe.

Now, Shanahan has a simple message for his Australian punter: Marry an American.

“He’s got a job here in the U.S.,” Shanahan told reporters as passed along by Shutdown Corner. “Eventually they’ll let him go or, at least, I’m hoping they let him go. If not, I told him to get married to an American and that’ll make it easier.”

Shanahan is obviously joking and doesn’t expect Rocca to marry an American just so he can get his visa more smoothly.  Or is he?  The Redskins aren’t exactly filled with game-changers heading into the upcoming season, so Shanahan could be starting to get a little nervous.  Yes, even over a punter.