James Harrison Rips Roger Goodell, Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall

Where do we even begin with this one?  For starters, James Harrison is an idiot — but we already knew that.  This is the same guy who constantly cries about the NFL’s rules and even pretended he was going to retire rather than try to play without illegally hitting someone.

Maybe all that built up frustration is what caused the Steelers linebacker to call Roger Goodell “stupid”, a “dictator,” a “devil,” a “crook,” and a gay slur in a recent interview with Men’s Journal.  Perhaps the rules are why he was so angry he called Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison “clowns” while bashing the Patriots for stealing signals.  And maybe — just maybe — that is why he decided to call Brian Cushing “juiced out of his mind.”

The more likely scenario is that the guy is just a headcase.  However, there is still such a thing as crossing the line.  If the aforementioned trash talk doesn’t constitute crossing the line in your eyes, Harrison ripping on his own current teammates probably will.  Despite having won a Super Bowl and appeared in another with the people he was bashing, Harrison did that as well.

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Michael Vick Reportedly Close to Endorsement Deal with MusclePharm

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick played like an MVP candidate last season, and all the attention he’s drawing from advertisers is the latest indication that he’s making a full-on recovery from his time in prison. He reached a two-year deal with equipment manufacturer Unequal Technologies in January and produced huge dividends for the company. Shortly after it was revealed how strong of a pitchman he remains, other companies decided they wanted in.

Nike brought Vick back in at the beginning of the month. Now, Jason LaCanfora reports that supplement company MusclePharm is close to reaching a deal with him.

Vick’s deal with MusclePharm could be a three-year, $1.55 million deal according to LaCanfora’s report. He says “Vick would also receive $100,000 in MusclePharm stock per year and the first two years would include $200,000 in base compensation, and $250,000 in the third year.”

He also stands to make at least a $25,000 bonus for Pro Bowl and playoff appearances.

Between his salary for the upcoming season and the endorsement deals, Vick is coming close to regaining the status he had prior to getting busted for the dogfighting ring. I never thought Vick would be able to repay his creditors much less have the success he’s having on and off the field. Now the challenge will be making sure he doesn’t fall back into poor patterns of behavior with everyone loving him again.

Michael Irvin on the Cover of Out Magazine to Support Gays

Former Cowboys wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has become somewhat of a preacher as he’s grown older. He’s no longer the drug using, womanizing, flamboyant party animal he was during his playing days and in the early parts of his retirement. Now, he’s making an effort to support gays.

As we learned via Deadspin, Irvin is on the cover of Out Magazine and talked about homosexuality in a feature article.

“If anyone comes out in those top four major sports, I will absolutely support him,” says Irvin. “That’s why I do my radio show every day. When these issues come out, I want to have a voice to speak about them. I think growth comes when we share. Until we do that, we’re going to be stuck in the Dark Ages about a lot of things. When a guy steps up and says, ‘This is who I am,’ I guarantee you I’ll give him 100% support.”

“The last thing I want is to go to God and have him ask, ‘What did you do?’ And I talk about winning Super Bowls and national titles,” Irvin says. “I didn’t do anything to make it a better world before I left? That would be scary.”

Irvin says he thinks he would have supported a gay player on his team as long as the player helped them win. He also thinks the player would have been supported rather than chastised as long as he were accepted by some of the other team leaders.

You can also call him the anti-David Tyree for his views on the issue. Tyree, the former Giants receiver, infamously said gay marriage would lead to anarchy. Irvin feels differently about the way homosexuality should be viewed.

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Nate Robinson Considering Playing Football During NBA Lockout

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson said in an interview published Monday that he’s considering playing football while the NBA lockout is ongoing. While many of his fellow basketball players are making plans to play overseas, be it Turkey, France, or even Finland (Finland!), Robinson may be the first one who’s serious about crossing over into another sport.

“I might go play football,” Robinson told SLAM. “Do something that nobody’s tried to do.”

“If I can, I would love to play football a little bit,” says Robinson less than half-jokingly. “I’ve been doing a little bit of training.”

Robinson did play cornerback for the Washington Huskies football team before deciding to focus exclusively on basketball in 2003. He’s fast and he has the pedigree (his father was a Huskies running back), but this may be more of an Ochocinco-like stunt.

“Why wouldn’t you want to have an NBA player that can play football try out? That’s a lot of publicity for your organization,” he explained.

A lot of publicity for an organization? Hmm, where have we seen that before.

There was a time when Robinson could have been a good college football player, but he gave it up and now it’s too late to think about playing pro football. What he really should worry about is finding a way to become a more valuable contributor to his basketball team. Since being traded by the Knicks, he’s hardly had an impact on his new clubs. But if he is serious about playing football, maybe he and World Metta Peace can form their own league.

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Witness: Pacman Jones Was ‘Pretty Far Gone’ at Lounge Before Arrest

Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones was arrested Sunday morning for causing a disturbance at a bar in Cincinnati. He was charged with misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct (while intoxicated) and resisting arrest.

Pacman has made himself out to be a victim, saying there’s no reason he should have been locked up. He maintains he wasn’t yelling, using profanity, or resisting arrest.

Jones’ agent, Peter Schaffer, painted Pacman as an even larger victim. “He did not do anything wrong,” Schaffer told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “For him to go through this is a shame. He’s doing the right thing by not taking the law in his own hands.”

Schaffer says Pacman volunteered to take a breathalyzer and that one wasn’t given.

Contrary to what Pacman and his agent would like you to believe, we’re told he was pretty wasted during the night. A witness tells Larry Brown Sports that Pacman, who was with a large group throughout the night, “was pretty far gone.” The witness added that Pacman “was having a good time to say the least.”

Make no mistake about it, Pacman is on a zero tolerance policy from the NFL; it’s in his and his agent’s interest to fight all charges while proclaiming innocence. They’re doing everything possible to make Pacman seem like he was wronged because they’re desperate to protect his livelihood.

Keith Bulluck: LeSean McCoy Is an ‘Internet Gangster’

New York Giants linebacker Keith Bulluck is the latest to chime in on the Giants-Eagles saga between LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora. To recap what happened, McCoy responded to a report that Umenyiora wants a new contract by saying Osi is soft and the third best lineman on the Giants. That didn’t sit well with Umenyiora who fired back by calling McCoy a “chihuahua” and saying the Giants nicknamed him “Lady Gaga.” Now one of his teammates has joined the fray.

Appearing on NFL Network, Bulluck was asked some questions about twitter and the McCoy-Umenyiora beef. That’s when he worked in the “internet gangster” line.

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Pacman Jones Wears Neck Brace in Mug Shot After Bar Arrest (Picture)

The last time Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones got into trouble, he was mistakenly arrested because of a confusion over identities. It does not appear as if he’ll be as fortunate to avoid trouble this time.

WLWT in Cincinnati (via Pro Football Talk) reports that Pacman Jones was arrested early Sunday morning for causing a disturbance at a local bar. From their report:

According to reports, Jones got into an argument at the bar and when he was asked to leave, witnesses said he was uncooperative.

When police were called, Jones reportedly still refused to leave the bar.

As officers tried to arrest Jones, police said he tried to get out of his handcuffs. The report said two officers were needed to restrain him.

Pacman was one of the most notorious trouble makers in the NFL and missed the entire ’09 season because of it. He ended up signing to play in the CFL and then signed with the Cincinnati Bengals in May last year. He had avoided trouble since then, but it looks like he couldn’t go too long without having another incident. And if you have forgotten his history, this is a good starting point to catch you up. By the way, sweet neck brace, Adam.

Photo Credit: FOX19