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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco Invite Redskins Fans to Hop On Ravens Bandwagon

Generally speaking, Redskins fans and Ravens fans don’t like each other. Much like the Giants and Jets, the Skins and Ravens are located closely enough to one another to create natural hatred. Not only that, but Redskins fans have experienced no success over the past decade while Baltimore finds itself in Super Bowl contention almost…Read More

Patriots DT Kyle Love is Tired of Tim Tebow Talk

Have you found yourself sick of all the Tim Tebow coverage in the media? Are you like Charles Barkley where you feel like every time Tebow wins, the national nightmare continues? Well you may be pleased to know that a Patriots player feels the same way. “I can’t speak for everybody, I can just speak…Read More

Woody Johnson, Derrick Mason Defend Mark Sanchez’s Work Ethic

Anonymous Jets sources ripped Mark Sanchez in a New York Daily News article published Wednesday. One of the notable criticisms of Sanchez was that he was “lazy.” Sanchez may not have grown as a quarterback, and he may be protected by the team from the media, but several Jets have disputed the accusation about his…Read More

Joe Flacco Complains to the Media About Never Getting Any Credit

In a year in which the teams from the AFC have more question marks than years past, the Ravens have one at quarterback.  Opinions on whether or not Joe Flacco is good enough to bring the Ravens to the Super Bowl have varied greatly.  If the Patriots had a decent defense, they would be the…Read More

Justin Tuck Calls Anonymous Jets Sources ‘Cowards’

It is not very often that I agree with Justin Tuck. Typically I’m annoyed by the fact that Tuck loves to flap his gums for no reason about a rival team or call opponents dirt bags, but there is always an exception.  In a tweet that he sent out on Wednesday, Tuck came up with…Read More

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