Part of Packers Playbook Ends Up Scattered About City Streets

Time to change things up in Green Bay. The Packers have a crisis on their hands. You never want to see this happen to any team, but a trash truck malfunction has caused part of the Packers game plan to be compromised. When Deputy Jason Vogel was using his radar gun in Green Bay on Monday, he witnessed a trash truck cruise by with papers flying out of it. When the papers were picked up, it was revealed that some of them were pages from the Packers special teams playbook against the Cardinals a few days earlier. WBAY has the details:

The Packers say they are not overly concerned about the breach in security because they shred anything they throw away that is extremely important. While the mishap probably won’t give anyone the information a guy like Josh McDaniels would be looking for, it is still pretty funny to see something like this happen. With how seriously they take their football up in Wisconsin, I wouldn’t be surprised if fans are calling for the head of the person responsible.

Chest bump to CBSSports.com’s Eye on Football blog for the video.

Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Would Like Cam Newton to Not Get Tattoos

The message Panthers owner Jerry Richardson had for Cam Newton recently would not be strange if it were kept behind closed doors.  Newton was drafted with the intention of making him the face of the franchise.  Richardson and the Carolina brass are hoping Newton can fulfill his potential and turn the Panthers into a contender.  Most importantly, they hope the former Auburn Tiger can put fans in the stands.

For those reasons, Richardson would like his No. 1 overall draft pick to maintain a clean-cut image.  That is not just our assumption, either.  As Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer pointed out, Richardson told Cam as much during the meeting he had with him after the Panthers drafted Newton back in April.

“I’m not a choirboy. I’ve never said I was. And I don’t want a roster of 53 choirboys. I told Jeremy Shockey (Carolina’s new non-choirboy tight end), ‘Don’t change your personality. It’ll be good for the team. I could do without the tattoos, though.'”

Richardson asked Newton if he had tattoos or piercings, and Newton said he did not.

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Did John Fox Receive Permission from the Lord to Demote Tim Tebow to Third String?

John Fox is messing with fire. The Broncos coach announced Monday that Kyle Orton is officially the team’s starting quarterback. Two days earlier he had Brady Quinn play with the second team offense in a preseason game against the Bills. That’s right, Tim Tebow had been demoted to third string on the depth chart. I know half of Denver is in a near-riot panic over this news, but that’s not my concern. My real issue here is with Fox.

Does John Fox realize what he’s done? Did he even bother to consult with the Lord before making his decision on the pecking order of his gunslingers? If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if some unforeseen accident befalls him.

If there’s a thunder storm, I wouldn’t go outdoors if I were Fox. I’d keep a doctor close by in case a heart attack strikes. And by goodness, I wouldn’t even bother risking my fate by driving on the streets of Colorado. Who knows what could happen? Though if he did end up in a collision, it’s probably an Auburn fan who’s responsible.

I’m not saying you can’t make bold decisions like this, John Fox. I’m just saying watch out for you’re well being if you’re going to challenge divine order. It’s not going to be a pretty afterlife if you challenge Him.

Lions Receiver Nate Hughes is Also a Registered Nurse

While the NFL lockout was in full effect, players found various ways to keep busy.  Some set out and landed legitimate jobs while others screwed around and just tried to occupy themselves.  To our knowledge, no one spent their time in the same way that Nate Hughes spent his.

Hughes is currently fighting for a wide receiver spot with the Detroit Lions.  If a future in football is not in store for Nate, he will be fighting illnesses for his patients.  While attending Alcorn State for two years, Hughes commuted 35 miles a day from the school’s Natchez, Miss. campus to its main campus to earn a nursing degree.

“I think part of the reason why I’ve been able to succeed on the football field is because once I get to football practice, it’s my avenue to let all of that go,” Hughes told the Detroit Free Press. “Football is my happy place, so when I got to football practice it’s like, ‘OK, I’m free of all the work, I can just go have fun.’ It made me look at football totally different. I didn’t look at football as work, I looked at football as play. I looked at nursing as work because you’d have times you’d have to read 12, 13 chapters a night and have a test on it the next day.”

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Former Titan Donnie Nickey Says NFL is ‘Destroying True Game of Football’

With all the outrage we are hearing about the new kickoff rule in the NFL, it is tough to imagine how the decision received enough votes to pass.  Thus far, it seems as though everyone hates the fact that kickoffs have been moved forward five yards.  The Bears showed their displeasure with the rule by ignoring it altogether in a preseason game.  Bill Belichick even told us that the NFL plans to eliminate kickoffs altogether, which would be a devastating blow and change the game completely.

Former Titans safety Donnie Nickey decided to weigh in on the subject on Monday.  Nickey sent an email blasting the NFL for changing the rule, saying they are eliminating jobs and “destroying the true game of football.”  The Tennessean shared the email with us and the entire thing is worth a read, so here it is:

Just a thought from an unemployed ex-Titan … In today’s economy industries need to be creating jobs. In the NFL, the new kickoff rule is eliminating jobs. The kickoff may as well be eliminated all together. For eight years I made my living covering kickoffs and I took pride in it. The kickoff may be the most violent play in all of sports but is one of the most exciting and game changing plays as well.

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Jed York Says 18-Game Season Would Curb Fan Violence, Asks for No More Raiders-Niners Preseason Games

Violence among fans at a football a football game is an unfortunate but common practice.  It is unlikely that you could attend an NFL game without witnessing at least a verbal altercation — especially if the game is between rival teams.  On Monday we showed you a pretty intense fight video that came from the Raiders-Niners preseason game over the weekend.  That game was loaded with fan violence, arrests, and ejections, and people are still talking about it well into the week.

San Francisco owner Jed York has an interesting theory about why there were so many violent incidents at Candlestick Park on Saturday.  Simply put, York says to blame it on the preseason.

“I think when you have a preseason game, when you don’t have your regular-season ticket holders coming to a game, I think that plays a big factor into it,” York said on KNBR via Pro Football Talk. “I think that’s another reason why the NFL is looking at, you know, trying to revamp the preseason schedule.”

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Auburn Fans Discuss Intentionally Getting Into Car Crashes with Alabama Players

SEC football fans are passionate and somewhat insane.  Anyone who follows college football is well aware of that.  Being a hardcore fan is one thing, but Alabama and Auburn fans have a tendency to take it too far quite often.  Believe it or not, the tree poisoner and the guy who yelled roll tide immediately following Osama bin Laden’s death have nothing on what some fans have been plotting recently.

The Alabama blog I Bleed Crimson Red called our attention to a criminal case in the making on Monday.  On an Auburn fan page through Rivals.com, Auburn fans have been discussing the potential of intentionally getting into car crashes with Alabama players.  In fact, one user even implied that someone on the message board was responsible for the car accident Mark Ingram was involved in last month.

“I think the easiest way to get to the bottom of this is to send someone from the Bunker to tuscaloosa undercover to just drive around until they spot (Tony) Richardson in his SUV and get into a little fender-bender with him,” user Wyatt4Auburn wrote. “Any volunteers?”

“Well, we sent AuburnProud to Huntsville to give Ingram a little going away present,” Prowlin TIger 99 responded. “Anyone have a high mileage truck or SUV with a sturdy brushguard looking for adventure?”

As I Bleed Crimson Red points out, this is clear cut criminal conspiracy.  There’s a good chance it’s just another case of people feeling tough behind a computer screen, but plotting an attack on someone should not be taken lightly.  Hopefully someone is forced to answer some questions about it.

I Bleed Crimson Red has screen shots of all the original posts in the Auburn message board if you want to check them out.  Pretty surprising stuff, even from one of the craziest fan bases in America.