Hey Terrelle Pryor, Sweet Deck Shoes on Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp

ESPN finally aired its hyped special edition of Gruden Camp with Terrelle Pryor, the former Ohio State quarterback who’s entering the NFL supplemental draft. We have many reasons to believe Pryor will never be an NFL quarterback in any capacity, but we won’t attack that matter at this time. Instead, we’ll concentrate our focus on the awful show to which we were subjected.

We found the hour-long show between Gruden and Pryor to be a bigger waste of time than LeBron’s Decision. Not only did Jon Gruden repeatedly ask some of the dumbest questions, but he also was far too complimentary of Pryor. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk does a much better job delineating that point.

They had Pryor in there for a camp but didn’t ask about any Ohio State controversies. Terrelle Pryor was wearing a long-sleeve shirt to cover his controversial tattoos. He said all the right things but didn’t seem to truly mean any of them. He sported the most casual footwear you could imagine — deck shoes as if he were getting ready to board The Flying Wasp.

Honestly, our collective time would have much better spent had Pryor stepped up in the meeting and announced:

“It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

The whole thing was a total fluff piece and Pryor’s footwear reflects the embarrassingly casual nature of the show. In the future, let’s stick to hardcore football and don’t be afraid to show us what you’re really like as a coach, Chucky. As for you, Terrelle, maybe some athletic footwear might be more appropriate next time.

Aaron Rodgers Told Jimmy Kimmel About Photographers who Spoke ‘European’

Aaron Rodgers was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night in an effort to promote the debut of his music group, The Make. He talked about the lockout, winning the Super Bowl, photobombing pictures, and then he shared a particularly humorous story. Around the 4:10 mark, Rodgers begins his story about some photographers who got into a fight at the Super Bowl and started flipping each other off. The best part was when Rodgers said they were speaking “European.” Check out the video:

Good thing they were speaking European and not Chinese, ay Paul Silas? Hey Aaron, we’ve seen broadcasting blunders from pros like Doris Burke and Greg Gumbel on live TV — we won’t hold this against you. I do wonder though, when Tony Parker and his girlfriend talk on the phone, is it in French, or European?

Josh Cribbs Shopping Reality Show About Community Service in Cleveland

When it comes to reality shows, it seems like every other athlete has one. And if they don’t have one, then they’re getting one.

Ochocinco and T.O. have had them, Shaq’s had em, and Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries married into them. But the common thread between all these reality shows is that they’re generally based on the noble societal tenets of gossip and dating. What Cleveland Browns Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs is trying to do is much different.

Cribbs is meeting with the William Morris Agency Thursday to try and market his Project 16 reality show which highlights his community service in Cleveland.

Part of Cribbs plan is “to go beyond the stereotypes and document the hard working people of this city as their hard work and big hearts carry them through these trying economic times. Episode by episode we’ll bring this community one step closer to a modern, vibrant workforce,” Cribbs said about the show.

Some of Cribbs’ actions on the show include showing up at a youth baseball game in Canton, and helping out a young boy who lost his parents.

Typically we don’t like when people do charity work when there’s an audience and TV cameras around, but this seems like a unique idea we can support. We’d much rather see this than all the other garbage that seems to captivate everyone’s attention.

Tim Tebow Is Waiting for Jesus to Take Off his Headset and Congratulate Him

Tim Tebow recently released his autobiography, Through My Eyes. The guy is such a rock star that his book sold out in many stores and the lines to meet him at his signings were filled with hundreds of people. A good amount of his book dealt with religion and the influence it has on his life, and he discussed it recently in an interview with Sally Quinn of The Washington Post.

There are so many incredible aspects of the interview, beginning with the second paragraph where Quinn describes Tebow as “drop dead gorgeous.” My favorite part was when Quinn quoted an excerpt from the book that talked about Tebow’s decision to change the Bible verse on his eyeblack from Philippians 4:13 to John 3:16. Apparently Urban Meyer wasn’t wild about the change, but the Gators won. Take it away, Tim:

His coach was elated. After the game he came over to Tebow. “Atta boy, Great job,” he said. You finished. I love you.”

“As great as that was, “ writes Tebow,” how much greater will it feel when we get to heaven and Jesus takes off His headset, opens up His arms, gives us a big hug, and says, ‘Atta boy, Great job. You finished. I love you.”

Waiting for Jesus to take off his headset huh. I wonder what kind of play caller Jesus is. Think he runs the spread like Urban Meyer or is more conservative like Jim Tressel? Jesus strikes me as the ballsy type, so I would imagine he likes to open things up, put Tebow in the shotgun, and let him run the spread option. My friends in Nebraska are telling me that’s not true, and that Jesus believes in power football and blowing opposing teams off the line of scrimmage. Sources are also telling LBS that Florida had made Jesus the head coach in waiting for when Urban Meyer stepped away from the game, but the athletic director passed him up in favor of Will Muschamp. In the meantime, Christ has taken the year off the gather his thoughts. Rumors say he’s considering a move to the NFL to join Tebow in Denver.

Alright, enough of Jesus. There was much more from that interview well worth your time.

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DeSean Jackson, Entourage Brag About Spending $25K at the Club

DeSean Jackson and his entourage partied it up at The Colony in Hollywood Monday night according to tweets he and his friends sent. The Eagles receiver ran up quite a bill. You ready for this? He and his crew started a tab shortly after midnight Monday night and had accumulated a $10,000 bill by 12:17am. They bragged that they had spent $25 grand by the time the night ended, partying like it was New Year’s, in the words of one of the guys. Here’s their receipt from the night as shared by one of DeSean’s buddies on twitter:

I know we’ve been hitting you every few days with athletes and the money they’ve spent partying, but it’s important to distinguish between all three events. Mark Cuban dropped $110,000 celebrating the Mavericks’ championship while the Boston Bruins ran up a $156K tab at the club. Cuban is one of the richest men in the country and can afford a $10 million bar tab without blinking. As for the Bruins, well we just told you that most of their bill was comped. Either the same is true for Jackson and his crew, or they’re a bunch of fools.

As far as I can tell, DeSean is the most well-known guy in his group. Even though he’s a Pro Bowl NFL player, he’s still on his rookie contract (keep in mind, he was only a second-round pick). He’s only set to make $565,000 this coming season, if there is one.

If you break that amount down to proper proportions, just imagine that you make $56,000 a year. Would you spend $2,500 at a club in one night? Heck no you wouldn’t. Neither should D. Jax — he just doesn’t have that kind of money. Let’s just hope for his sake that he was comped all night.

Drew Rosenhaus: Terrell Owens’ Torn ACL Is Old Injury, He Could be Ready in August

On Sunday it was reported that Terrell Owens had surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL. The report said the surgery occurred within the last month and that Owens might not be ready to play until mid-November. Based on the report, we said the injury put T.O.’s career in jeopardy. We still wonder how his skills will be after the surgery, but it sounds like he can be ready earlier than expected.

In a phone interview with SportsCenter Tuesday morning, Owens’ agent Drew Rosenahus said the injury occurred in early April and that T.O. had the surgery shortly thereafter. Rosenhaus explains that T.O. is “many months into his recovery now,” that “he’s doing fantastic” and “he has a chance to be ready in August.”

Rosenhaus lauded T.O. as a legendary healer, saying “I wouldn’t rule him out for anything once we get into training camp.” He explained further that “it was a clean tear, it was only his ACL, there was no other collateral damage.”

His main point was to dispel any rumors that Owens was considering retirement, saying “This is old news. All this retirement talk is nonsense.”

When asked how the injury happened, Rosenhaus wouldn’t reveal what led to it, saying that’s not really relevant. However, he did make sure to clarify that it did not happen filming a TV show and that they might reveal how the injury occurred somewhere down the line.

Rosenhaus’ interview corroborates what T.J. Houshmandzadeh told National Football Post when he said the injury was old news and something he knew about for months. It seems like Rosenhaus didn’t want the news becoming public because it can hurt T.O.’s job prospects. If Owens were ready for workouts in August, maybe there was a chance they wouldn’t have had to tell anyone about it and they would have been able to avoid questions. Now, teams will be even more skeptical about signing the receiver.

Herm Edwards Has Great Advice for Rookies on Avoiding Financial Trouble

The more we’ve seen of Herm Edwards on TV, the more we’re convinced he’s a greater orator than he is coach (putting that ridiculous Herminator segment aside). During NFL Live on Monday, Edwards, Michael Smith, Chris Mortensen, and Jason Taylor were discussing tips for rookies entering the League. Herm explained his advice for rookies to avoid financial trouble, and it was pretty hilarious.

Responding to former Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor who admitted he squandered some of his money on excess toys, Edwards said “So you didn’t hear my story huh? The one of everything?”

Then he explained his policy.

“One car. One piece of jewelry — not the Mr. T starter set. One girlfriend — you don’t get a girlfriend and wife. One house. You just do one. That’s how you say it!”

Sounds pretty simple but it makes a lot of sense. Certainly the way he said it was funny, but if most athletes stuck to his rule of one, they probably would avoid financial troubles. Too bad Scottie Pippen, Mark Brunell, and Latrell Sprewell didn’t take his advice otherwise they’d be in decent shape.