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Monday, May 25, 2015


Antrel Rolle Proclaims Giants Will Win Super Bowl, Backs off Guarantee

Giants safety Antrel Rolle declared that his team would win the Super Bowl Tuesday, but then he changed his tune. “We’re going to win this thing,” Rolle said at Media Day Tuesday according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’re going to win this thing for a lot of good reasons.” When he was asked if he…Read More

Peyton Manning on His Future: I’ll Be Cleared and Ready to Play

Over the past week or so, we have heard every rumor possible regarding Peyton Manning. He and the Colts will work things out. The Colts are set to release him. The Dolphins and Redskins are very interested in Manning’s services. Wait, none of that matters because his rehab is not progressing and reliable sources say…Read More

Rodney Harrison Says David Tyree Was Asante Samuel’s Man

Over the past three years, we have all seen the David Tyree catch multiple times. Forget divine intervention helping Tim Tebow win with the Broncos this season. The closest thing I have ever seen to divine intervention on a football field was Eli Manning somehow escaping the grasp of Jarvis Green and Tyree somehow making…Read More

This is Why the Super Bowl Needs to Just Get Here Already

Do we really need to say anything about this? I know two weeks off between conference championships and the Super Bowl is tough, but you have the Patriots and the Giants playing in the big game.  With the history behind those two franchises and all the star power we’re being treated to, that was the…Read More

Mike Francesa Caught Lying About His Super Bowl 42 Pick (Audio)

Mike Francesa will be turning 58 in March. My old man is 55, and he doesn’t really understand computers. For some people it is a generational thing and they just can’t get it. Francesa, however, should have a pretty good idea of how the digital era operates by now. He works in radio and sometimes…Read More

Peyton Manning Beat Up Eli Until He Memorized the Teams in the SEC

With the Super Bowl being played at the house that Peyton built, there will be plenty of questions Eli Manning has to answer about his big brother. On Monday he was asked about the ways Peyton bullied him when they were younger, and he shared a great story. “His most popular move, he would pin…Read More

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