Michael Oher Unhappy with Todd McShay’s ‘Character Issues’ Label

Michael Oher, the Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman about who The Blind Side was based, spoke out Tuesday against players being tagged with a “character issues” label by draft analysts. Oher was upset with ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay and specifically called him out in a series of tweets, Pro Football Talk pointed out.

Ok im so tired of the Character issues they are puttiing on ppl! What is Character issues?!? Somebody tell me? Todd Mcshay said I had Character and he never met me! What if someone was to talk about his son that way! I never got in trouble with the Law…yes sir no sir guy But this Todd Mcshay guy acts if he knows ppl on a personal level get real!”

Oher eventually turned his attention to McShay on twitter and said to him “tell me what are character issues because I dont know… you said I had them and you never met me?!” and “you need to meet ppl first and then judge them not go off what you hear!!”

Oher received no response because McShay is inactive on twitter, but he did get Percy Harvin to concur. Since he didn’t hear back from McShay, I’ll give him some responses.

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Derrick Locke on UFL Draft: ‘I’m not Going to that S***’

Former Kentucky running back Derrick Locke wasn’t selected during the NFL draft. The good news is at least someone thinks highly of him. Locke was picked up in the UFL draft that took place on twitter Monday. A friend informed him he was picked up, and let’s just say he was hardly flattered. Here’s a screenshot of how the conversation went courtesy of SB Nation Atlanta:

Locke missed four games last season at Kentucky because of a shoulder injury and many teams removed him from their boards because X-rays revealed he has a back injury. Despite that, he vows he will play on Sundays and that’s likley why he had so much disdain for the notion of playing in the UFL. If he doesn’t find interest from NFL teams, my guess is he’ll change his tone.

The UFL “Where ‘I’m not going to that s***’ happens”

Which Will Cam Newton Take First: Jimmy Clausen’s Job or His Number?

When the Carolina Panthers made quarterback Cam Newton the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, Jimmy Clausen sent his congratulations on twitter saying “Congrats to Cam Newton! Welcome to the Panthers.” Clausen may have been genuine sending his congratulations, but he can’t be too happy about the pick because this is the guy who is going to take his job.

Clausen was brutal in his first year as Carolina’s starter. He threw for just three touchdowns while turning the ball over 11 times (nine interceptions and two fumbles). He never once threw for more than 200 yards in a game. The team went 2-14. Carolina only invested a second-round pick on Clausen, so they’re not on the hook for much money if they don’t play him. It all adds up to Newton becoming the team’s starter. The only question is whether or not he becomes the team’s starter before he gets Clausen’s jersey.

Cam Newton wore jersey number two at Auburn — the same number Clausen wore for the Panthers last year. Cam wants to continue wearing the number and that presents an issue. “It’s mine right now,” Clausen said of the No.2 jersey. “We’ll see what happens.”

What will happen is Cam will make him a really nice offer of money or jewelry or gifts in order to get the jersey number. Who could have imagined that the same guy who was the Golden Child coming out of high school would have to end up surrendering his jersey number to a higher-rated quarterback? I guess it’s all Karma and coming back to The Jimmy for flashing his rings and taking his stretch limo to his Notre Dame announcement coming out of high school. Couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy.

Alexa Flutie is a New England Patriots Cheerleader (and Doug’s Daughter)

Last week, we brought you the stunning Bianca Tai La Russa, who is Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s daughter and was recently named to the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad.  Oh yeah, she also happens to be insanely hot (check her out here).  This week, we are fortunate enough to have had another sports daughter join an NFL cheerleading squad, this time the daughter of Boston College legend and former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie.

As the Boston Globe pointed out, via NESN.com, Alexa Flutie was named to the 2011 New England Patriots cheerleading team on Tuesday.  As a result, I may spend a couple less minutes watching football at Gillette Stadium next season (if there is one) and a little more time keeping an eye on the sidelines.

Here are some more pictures of Alexa Flutie, who I must say appears to be very deserving of the honor.

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Rashard Mendenhall’s Incredibly Ignorant 9/11, Osama bin Laden Tweets

The fact that we live in a world where a few strokes of a keypad can change the entire perception of a person never ceases to amaze me. With social media tools like Twitter at their disposal, athletes and celebrities like Rashard Mendenhall can destroy their public image in less than 140 characters. The ease of the task does not, however, excuse what Mendenhall had to say on his Twitter account Monday night.

After witnessing acts like Phillies fans celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden and college students taking to the streets to party upon hearing the news, Mendenhall decided to share his thoughts on 9/11 and the man who was almost certainly responsible for the attacks.

“What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhall tweeted. “It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side…”

While most of us disagree with that, I suppose it isn’t that bad if you are someone who believes in forgiveness and is against death as a form of punishment.  Fair enough, but what Mendenhall wrote next is truly mind-boggling.

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Patriots and Eagles Swapped 6th-Round Draft Picks to Keep Trade Streak Alive

Bill Belichick is known as a boring, unfriendly, stick in the mud type of coach. Andy Reid is considered to be friendlier and forgiving. When you think of the two of them, you wouldn’t consider them to be frequent trading partners, but that is actually the case.

We learned over draft weekend that the Pats and Eagles swapped 6th-round picks — New England’s 193rd for Philly’s 194th — in order to keep a streak alive.

Since Belichick took over the Patriots in 2000, the two men have made a draft-day trade every single year.

Belichick explained the decision to the media in a way only he can. “We talked to the Eagles,” Belichick deadpanned. “We wanted to make the trade, they wanted to make the trade.”

Though you wouldn’t peg Belichick and Reid to be friends based on their seemingly dissimilar personalities, they actually are buddies. Maybe it’s this type of sense of humor that other coaches around the league need to adopt in order to be as well-tenured as they are.

Bill Parcells’ Criteria for Drafting a Quarterback Out of College

Like any other talent evaluator, Bill Parcells has had his share of misses. He’s even admitted to making a few mistakes. But Parcells has also shown an undeniable ability to turn franchises around and build successful teams. Some of that is accomplished through free agency, but most of that is done through the draft.

I’ve long heard about Parcells’ strict criteria for drafting a quarterback out of college. Chad Henne passed the test and so did Pat White, so obviously they were well accomplished collegiately but turned into busts. Whether or not you think the criteria are reasonable is up for debate, but here are his guidelines as he shared during his Draft Confidential on ESPN via Dan Pompei:

1) At least a three-year starter
2) Started at least 30 games
3) Won at least 20 games
4) At least a 2:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio
5) Completion percentage better than 60%
6) Is a senior
7) Is graduating

Andy Dalton and Ricky Stanzi are the only quarterbacks from this year’s class who passed Parcells’ test while Greg McElroy fell three starts short. Dalton went 35th overall to the Bengals while Stanzi was selected 100 picks later by the Chiefs. McElroy (and his hot sister) went 208th overall to the Jets.

As for current NFL quarterbacks, here’s how they stack up:

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