Vikings Need Stability at Quarterback to Reach Next Level

The NFL is a passing league. Without solid, consistent play at the quarterback position, it is almost impossible for a team to have any sustained success. Consistency is the key. The Seattle Seahawks could sign Peyton Manning to a one-year deal and still not win a Super Bowl. For that reason, the Vikings are going to have trouble taking the next step if they keep bringing in temporary solutions to their problem at quarterback.

If you believe in the theory that any publicity is good publicity, the Brett Favre experiment worked wonders for the Vikings.  Favre’s pathetic back-and-forth retirement game had the camera on the Vikings seemingly at all times, but left them a win short of the Super Bowl in Favre’s first year and out of the playoffs in his second.  Now, Minnesota turns its attention to Donovan McNabb.

The Vikings acquired McNabb in a trade on Wednesday, effectively giving them another huge name that is well past his prime.  McNabb’s time in Washington was a failure that ended in embarrassment with Mike Shanahan saying he was welcome to return to the team as a backup.  His passer rating of 77.1 was the lowest since his rookie season.  McNabb’s also an injury concern, having played in 15 or more games only twice in the last seven seasons.

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Even Charles Johnson Was Surprised the Panthers Paid Him $30 Million Guaranteed

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Charles Johnson. Don’t worry, nobody else has their hand up either.

Johnson just completed his fourth season as a defensive end for the Panthers. He’s a former 3rd-round draft pick out of Georgia and he had a breakout season last year accumulating 12 sacks and 62 tackles. It’s a fine season by any standards, but is it enough to justify a six-year $72 million contract with $30 million guaranteed? I don’t think so.

Apparently neither does Johnson.

From the AP:

“Johnson said he was “blown away” by Carolina’s offer and the money convinced him to choose Carolina over Atlanta and Denver, who also expressed interest.

“Could you have turned that down?” Johnson said of the contract with a laugh.”

Exactly! Johnson knows he’s getting a steal! Dude probably gagged himself in shock after seeing all the zeroes on the contract in front of him. He probably pulled a quad muscle jumping to sign it.

Think about it — $30 million guaranteed is a lot of money. The six-year $72 million contract Johnson agreed to is the same deal Dwight Freeney signed (in 2007). Sure it was four years ago, but is Charles Johnson in the same class as Dwight Freeney? Not a chance. I know you need good players to win, but tell me the Panthers didn’t overspend with this one.

Seattle Seahawks to Sign Tarvaris Jackson, Still Stink

Day one following the end of the NFL lockout was an eventful one, though the Kevin Kolb to Arizona trade we’ve all been expecting never happened. Instead we were left to get excited about the Seahawks’ plans to release Matt Hasselbeck and sign Tarvaris Jackson, leaving us to conclude that winning is no longer high on Pete Carroll’s agenda.

John Clayton reports that Jackson’s contract with Seattle is two years for $8 million, which is the exact same contract Charlie Whitehurst signed. Their depth chart at the position reminds me of the classic line from Clueless when Cher’s father reminded her two permits do not equal a license. Word to Pete Carroll: two backups does not equal a starter.

Charlie Whitehurst is a QB for whom they overpaid in a trade with the Chargers last year. He managed to beat the Rams in week 17 to help Seattle clinch the NFC West (not much of an accomplishment), but he struggled to lead drives as the team’s quarterback. He’s somewhat mobile which is nice because he only completes passes 57% of the time.

Tarvaris Jackson isn’t much better of an option. T-Jack has 24 touchdowns and 22 interceptions in his career, and he’s lost seven fumbles. He played with weapons such as Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, and Visanthe Shiancoe, and always had a great offensive line, yet he never developed. I wouldn’t want either player to be my team’s backup quarterback. Seattle now has them as their potential starters.

The Seahawks better hope it only takes seven wins to be crowned NFC champions again because there’s no way they’re topping that mark with these two guys at the helm. The real fun will begin if they eventually sign Matt Leinart. That trio could make the Three Stooges jealous.

Jay Feely Wonders if Black Person Would be Defended Way Carson Palmer Is

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely stirred up the racial pot Tuesday tweeting about Carson Palmer’s retirement from the NFL. Here’s what he wrote:

Feely apparently is auditioning for a spot as a future talk show host after his NFL career ends, because going to the race card is an excellent way to ignite debate. Responding to his point, yes, I do believe most fans are more sympathetic to the plight of white players compared to black ones. However, this situation is different.

Much like Sportress of Blogitude wrote, I support any and all players’ efforts to escape Cincinnati. I don’t care if you’re white, black, Asian, Pacific-Islander, or Antarctican (is that such a thing?), I don’t wish anyone the misfortune of playing for that disaster of a franchise. Look, if man-bander Nick Lachey calls your franchise a joke, then you know it’s a bad situation. I really think something would be wrong with a person if they did not want out of Cincinnati.

Michael Vick Suggests DeSean Jackson Could Hold Out of Eagles Camp

DeSean Jackson was selected in the second round of the NFL draft by the Eagles in 2008, meaning he hasn’t made the type of money the highly-selected rookies have. The dynamic receiver is only scheduled to earn $565,000 for the upcoming season despite being one of the top playmakers in the league. Given his shoddy contract situation, he may be considering a holdout.

“Hopefully, he’ll be here tomorrow,” Michael Vick said of Jackson. “DeSean just has some things to think about and some decisions to make that only himself can make.”

Jackson’s agent is Drew Rosenhaus who says he’s learned that playing hardball with the Eagles doesn’t work. He’s still reportedly considering a holdout which makes some sense. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe Jackson deserves more money, and that probably includes the Eagles. Yes he’s under contract, but when you play in the NFL you have to get the money while you’re healthy . For someone like Jackson who suffered a concussion last season, there is even more urgency to get paid.

Fan Group Trying to Bring Rams Back to Los Angeles

The same day it was announced the players agreed to the new CBA, details on a plan to finance a football stadium in LA were released. Under terms of the potential agreement, more of the financial burden would shift to Anschutz Entertainment Group instead of taxpayers. The teams reportedly in consideration to move to LA are the Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars, Raiders, and Rams.

The Raiders and Rams used to play in LA and already have a strong fan base in Southern California. The Rams’ fan base in LA is exceptionally strong, we’ve come to find out.

There’s a fan movement to help bring the Rams back to Los Angeles. The Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams group on Facebook has over 3,100 likes. The group’s mission is “to bring back the Rams to their rightful home: Los Angeles.”

The campaign is a grass-roots movement that began on Facebook. It was started by Andy Hogan, a student at UC-Berkeley, along with Dennis Bateman, a sports writer for the Santa Barbara News-Press.

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Perrish Cox Allegedly Raped, Impregnated Victim Who Thinks She Was Drugged

Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox was arrested in December for alleged sexual assault and bonded out. He later pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges and he has a trial scheduled for October. The details of the case had been sealed by the judge until they were made public on Friday. Needless to say, the charges in the case are quite alarming.

A woman says she and a few friends went out to a club for a “white party” on Labor Day last year. The accuser’s friend was dating Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox, so the group of women hung out with Cox and Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas in the VIP section of the club. Cox’s girlfriend (identified as “Che”) and the accuser say they only had four drinks during the evening yet both of them passed out and could hardly recall details from the night. According to the arrest affidavit, both women felt like they had been drugged.

The accusing woman says she and Demaryius Thomas were kissing in the car on the way back to Cox’s residence. Once at Cox’s residence, Cox and his girlfriend went into his room while Thomas and the accuser stayed in a different room. They apparently kissed before the accusing woman passed out. She recalls being fondled by Thomas before passing out. When she woke up, she says she felt like she had had sex, though she could not recall what happened. Thomas told her he left after she passed out.

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