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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Tim Tebow Not Offended by Stephen Tulloch Tebowing Over Him

I’m not usually one to say I told you so, but I told you so.  Last weekend when the Lions dominated the Broncos in Denver, we showed you a picture of Detroit linebacker Stephen Tulloch Tebowing on Tim Tebow after sacking him late in the first quarter.  Since Tebowing originated from the way Tebow drops…Read More

Hines Ward Sat Out Against Patriots Because Their Secondary is Awful

With Hines Ward nursing an ankle injury throughout the week leading up to the Steelers’ showdown with the Patriots, Pittsburgh decided to declare him inactive for Sunday. You might think that Ward would have wanted to tough it out in such an important conference match-up, but the Steelers felt there was no need to push…Read More

Reggie Bush Denies Seeing Kim Kardashian Last Weekend

Kim Kardashian sadly filed for divorce after 72 long days with Kris Humphries and her publicity team/TV crew decided to write Kris Humphries out of the script this week. One of the juicier gossip items suggested Kim ended the marriage because she was still interested in ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. One report even said Bush had…Read More

Ravens’ Lardarius Webb: Antonio Brown is Better than Mike Wallace

If Mike Wallace is widely considered to be one of the best receivers in the NFL, then Antonio Brown must be right up there with Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, if you believe Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb. Even though Wallace is one of the fastest players in the game and an unbelievable deep threat, Webb…Read More

Rodney Harrison Rips Patriots Defensive Scheme and Roster Moves

Rodney Harrison knows a little something about playing defense for the New England Patriots. When Bill Belichick brought Harrison over from San Diego in 2003, he was committing to the type of smash-mouth defense that had resulted in a Super Bowl caliber team.  With Harrison as one of the leaders of an aggressive defense, the…Read More

Backup Quarterbacks Are the Forgotten Players

Being the Number Two in anything is never an enviable task. Besides the penchant for sophomoric jokes focusing on one being a “Number Two” to begin with, having to deal with being a sub-celebrity is no doubt a humbling experience. (I’ve been told.) Art Garfunkel had Paul Simon, John and Adam Oates had their own…Read More

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