Reggie Bush on Twitter: ‘It’s Been Fun New Orleans’ After Mark Ingram Pick

My first thought after hearing the New Orleans Saints had drafted running back Mark Ingram was “so much for Reggie Bush.” Apparently he was thinking the exact same thing. Not long after the selection, he sent off this blast on twitter:

And just like that, a new catch phrase was born. Bush was set to make nearly $12 million in the upcoming season so the team was going to ask him to take a paycut anyhow, but now with such a crowded backfield (the Saints also have Pierre Thomas), it just makes it more clear that New Orleans is moving on.

To say Bush was a bust with New Orleans is like saying JaMarcus Russell is chubby. The Heisman Trophy winner* was supposed to be the next superstar when he entered the league. The Houston Texans were ridiculed for passing up the seemingly superhuman Bush in the draft, but they turned out to be right.

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Roger Goodell Booed by NFL Fans Who Chant ‘We Want Football’

There were only a few certainties entering the first round of the 2011 NFL draft: few running backs would be selected, the Patriots would trade their pick, and Roger Goodell would get booed. No surprise, all three happened. It’s only unfortunate that the Commissioner opted not to address the labor issue. This was a great chance to connect with the fans and give us some positive sentiment but instead all Goodell said was “I hear you” and “I agree with you.” Come on Rog, can’t you do better than that? At least a brief statement would have been in order, right?

Da’Quan Bowers Can’t Wait to Sack Peyton Manning, Michael Vick

Da’Quan Bowers is one of the top pass rushing prospects in the 2011 NFL draft and he’s expected to be a highly-selected player in the first round. Uncertainty regarding the condition of Bowers’ knee has led to speculation that the Clemson product will fall in the draft, but he says he’s been medically cleared. He also has his eyes set on a few targets once he gets into the league.

“I can’t wait to sack Peyton Manning,” Bowers said on SportsCenter Tonight on ESPN Radio with Chuck Wilson last week. “I can’t wait to do it. I think he’s the best pure quarterback in the NFL. Once I get him, I’m going to be so happy. My next target is of course Michael Vick. I’m going to catch him from the blindside.”

That’s an awful lot of cockiness coming from someone who’s just going to be a rookie, but I like the attitude. That’s the type of mentality you want a player to have all offseason long when he’s training. If Bowers keeps up that mentality and trains with that type of attitude, he should be a force in the NFL. It sure seems like he has the talent to become one.

Peyton Hillis Wins Madden Cover Vote, is America’s Favorite White Running Back

ESPN announced Wednesday that Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis beat Michael Vick to win the cover of the Madden NFL 12 video game. Even though we covered Hillis’ run to the semis, we didn’t see him emerging from the pack.

Maybe we should have.

It probably didn’t hurt Hillis that Packers fans voted against Aaron Rodgers because they didn’t want him to suffer the curse. But how did Hillis defeat the ever popular Michael Vick? There is only one possible answer: he ran with the white running back mystique.

Cleveland Browns fans are numerous and passionate, but they can’t possibly overpower every other fan base in the NFL. And I don’t believe some sort of Rory Fitzpatrick scheme was at work either. This was about one thing — race. America loves white running backs and this is confirmation. Here’s more on the matter if you’re interested.

Peyton Manning Says He’s Tanked His Baseline Concussion Test

As the medical field continues to learn more about the harmful effects of concussions, sports leagues are becoming increasingly concerned about players suffering the injuries. The NFL became more sensitive to concussions last season, holding concussed players out of games who typically would have played in the past. But one issue raised by Alex Marvez last week is that some players could try to fudge their medical exams so they can play. One strategy to beat the test he wrote about was using ritalin to improve focus in concussion tests. Another is by tanking their baseline exam, which is something Peyton Manning admitted to doing.

Pro Football Talk pointed out that in a recent interview Peyton said he purposely does bad on his baseline exam. “They have these new [brain] tests we have to take. Before the season, you have to look at 20 pictures and turn the paper over and then try to draw those 20 pictures. And they do it with words, too. Twenty words, you flip it over, and try to write those 20 words. Then, after a concussion, you take the same test and if you do worse than you did on the first test, you can’t play. So I just try to do badly on the first test.”

Whether Peyton was joking is for you to decide, but this is no laughing matter. Marvez had said players were already trying to cheat concussion tests and Peyton’s comments support that sentiment. I’m not sure how to police that other than by developing a new test, but I’ll say what I’ve said before: if players want to screw up their first test on purpose and end up with scrambled eggs for brains, that’s their issue. You just hope they’d be wise enough and thinking long-term enough not to do that. At least that’s my hope.

Tom Zbikowski Passes Second Drug Test, Will Have Suspension Lifted

The sports world was shocked Tuesday when we learned that Baltimore Ravens safety and part-time boxer Tom Zbikowski tested positive for marijuana after his fight Saturday. Zbikowski won his bout to improve to 4-0 in his career, but the positive drug test was out of character for him since he’s never tested positive before. Making matters more bizarre was that four other fighters on the same Thackerville, Oklahoma card tested positive for marijuana.

I don’t recall hearing about so many fighters testing positive for the same drug on the same card, so needless to say this was odd. Zbikowski moved quickly to try and clear his name and he took a second drug test today. He reportedly passed the second test and will have the suspension lifted.

No surprise, Zbikowski’s manager vouched for him saying after the positive test “Tom has high moral character. Tom’s body is a temple. He was very hurt that this stain goes on his reputation with these allegations going out there unchecked until he’s able to have his test cleared.”

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Rex Ryan on Kerry Rhodes: He’s a Selfish, Hollywood Type

When Rex Ryan took over as head coach of the New York Jets, one of his first moves was to bring over some of his trusted players from Baltimore. He encouraged the team to sign linebacker Bart Scott and safety Jim Leonhard, and the moves paid off for the Jets.

While Rex brought in his own guys, he also had to figure out the role of some of the organization’s incumbents. One such player was safety Kerry Rhodes who generally has good numbers but ended up in Ryan’s doghouse. Ryan wasn’t fond of Rhodes’ playing style and even benched him during the ’09 season.

Rhodes signed a free agent deal with Arizona and recorded 90 tackles, four interceptions, and two fumbles returned for touchdowns last season. Though he’s been out of mind and out of sight for most Jets fans, Ryan has brought back some of those feelings when a quote from his new book Play Like You Mean it emerged.

According to Rich Cimini, Ryan said about Rhodes “He was a selfish-ass guy. He wouldn’t work and he was a Hollywood type.”

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