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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Packers Made Right Call Holding Aaron Rodgers Out of Patriots Game

There was a time not long ago when Aaron Rodgers would have been playing Sunday against the Patriots despite recovering from a concussion. That time was 2008. Actually, Rodgers even played for the Packers against the Dolphins in week six despite suffering a concussion the previous week, so you know he is dying to play…Read More

Danny Woodhead Tries to Sell His Own Jersey at Modell’s (Video)

Earlier in the week we provided you with this shocking news regarding the sale of Patriots gear. Suffice it to say that Danny Woodhead is a popular figure in the New England-area, but that wasn’t always the case. Check out this funny video of Patriots running back Danny Woodhead trying to sell his own Reebok…Read More

Is Randy Moss the ‘Woody’ Who Called Radio Bashing Jeff Fisher?

We just finished writing about how Randy Moss has pulled a Randy Moss and given up on the Titans.  Ironically, an interesting story regarding Moss from the Nashville area is gaining a lot of steam on Friday.  A mystery caller known as “Woody” placed a call into 104.5 The Zone on Wednesday and bashed Jeff…Read More

Challenge Flags: Best Recent Idea in NFL

This series is sponsored by Captain Morgan. Make your Holiday legendary with Captain and Cola. Join the party on Facebook. Our sponsor, Captain Morgan, assigned LBS with a difficult question: what was the best sports idea we could think of recently? Well after watching the way the Chargers-49ers game changed last night because of one…Read More

An Analysis of Randy Moss’ Quitting Antics Through the Years

In a move that has become sadly familiar to football fans, Randy Moss has mailed it in on another season because he’s unhappy.  We’ve seen this act before, but I don’t think we’re going to see it again.  That would require Moss playing at a high level for a portion of next season before having…Read More

Rex Grossman to Start Over Donovan McNabb Against Cowboys

Mike Shanahan is officially not making any friends as coach of the Washington Redskins.  Granted, the Albert Haynesworth situation is more a case of an overpaid diva acting like a douche, but Shanahan certainly doesn’t seem to be overseeing a unified locker room.  According to Kelli Johnson of Comcast Sportsnet in Washington, Donovan McNabb has…Read More

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