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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Nate Burleson Reps His Elementary School During Sunday Night Football Intro

It wasn’t quite as funny as Terrell Suggs saying he went to Ball So Hard University, but hearing Nate Burleson shout out his elementary school on Sunday Night Football intros was pretty funny. After Matt Stafford represented Georgia, Kevin Smith cited Central Florida, and Calvin Johnson mentioned Georgia Tech as their alma maters, Burleson shouted…Read More

49ers Still Popular in Japan Because of Joe Montana

When you think of countries outside of the United States that enjoy American football, Japan probably isn’t one of the first to come to mind. We know the NFL is somewhat popular in London as a result of the games that have been played there over the last several years, but who knew Japan had…Read More

Andy Reid Blames NFL Network, Says DeSean Jackson Was ‘All In’

Maybe Andy Reid thinks it is in his best interest to defend his players while he is coaching for his job, but who is he trying to fool? Earlier today we told you about DeSean Jackson’s antics after Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks. Anyone who was watching the game knows Jackson gave up and…Read More

DeSean Jackson Sulks After Game, Teammates Think He’s Not Trying

One play said it all during Thursday night’s Eagles-Seahawks game. Not that Philadelphia has had any chance of saving their season since about Week 9 anyway, but that doesn’t mean they have to go down without any dignity at all. If DeSean Jackson has anything to say about it, that’s exactly how it’s going to…Read More

Seahawks DE Raheem Brock Gets Six Months Probation For Chew-and-Screw

Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock was involved in a situation over the summer that we can all learn a valuable lesson from: if you order $27 worth of food and don’t end up eating it, just pay your bill anyway.  That lesson holds particularly true for NFL players, who likely make enough money per week…Read More

In 14 Seasons, Takeo Spikes Has Never Played in a Single Playoff Game

Had the Chargers known what they were getting themselves into when they signed Takeo Spikes to a three-year deal this past offseason, they probably would have reconsidered.  San Diego’s season was doomed from the start.  As soon as they put pen to paper and shook hands with Spikes, they removed themselves from playoff contention.  Why…Read More

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