Revis Island Craigslist Post Taunts Steelers Fans

If there’s one great gift about the playoffs in all sports, it’s that the players aren’t the only ones who take their game to the next level. No, this is the time of the year that fans step it up as well, doing whatever they can to get to the big game. That includes painfully enduring a** tattoos and shamelessly offering sex, though the latter is not advised (unless it’s with one of the members of the LBS staff). Check out this craigslist ad a Jets fan posted in the Pittsburgh area, as shared by Jimmy Traina on twitter:

Sorry Jets fans, your run of fun will come to an end this weekend. Revis, who isn’t even at the peak of his game, won’t be able to shut down the bevy of receiving options the Steelers have. There’s Mike Wallace who can get deep on any secondary, Hines Ward, and Emmanuel Sanders. Good luck stopping all three, Darrelle.

Audio: Greg Kozarik Goes Off on Browns on Cleveland.com Radio Show

Greg Kozarik is the host of Locked and Loaded, a radio show on the Cleveland.com Digital Sports Network.  Like so many other Cleveland Browns fans, Kozarik is tired of losing and wants some answers.  In fact, that’s a major understatement.  He thinks the Lerner Family — which owns the Browns — descends from the Devil himself.  If you skip ahead to the 6:45 mark, you’ll hear Kozarik insisting that Al Lerner is in hell right now hanging out with Satan and laughing because he stole so much money from fans and never brought his team to a Super Bowl.  Check out the Greg Kozarik Cleveland Browns rant, courtesy of Midwest Sports Fans:

Jim Leavitt Is Back, Hired by 49ers

It’s a day of redemption for former South Florida coach Jim Leavitt who has been hired by the San Francisco 49ers. Leavitt coached South Florida for 14 years since the program’s first season in 1997. The Bulls started as a D-II and then D-I Independent, then joined Conference USA, and eventually became part of the Big East.

Leavitt went 94-57 with the Bulls and 3-2 in bowl games, but he was sacked a year ago after allegations surfaced that he hit a player at halftime of a game. It wasn’t just the act of hitting his player that resulted in the firing, but also the issue that he had people lie about it. After a year out of a job, Leavitt is back in coaching.

The former South Florida coach will coach linebackers in San Francisco and serve under Vic Fangio who followed Jim Harbaugh from Stanford to SF. Leavitt actually has an excellent gig given how talented the Niners’ linebackers are — they have All-Pros Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes working in the box — giving them serious weapons. This will be a great jumping off point for Leavitt to rebuild his reputation in football.

Is the World Ready for Ben Roethlisberger to Win a Third Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hosting the New York Jets in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. It’s a familiar spot for the Steelers — they’ve now reached five conference championship games in the last 10 years. They lost their first two to the Patriots, won the next two, and went on to win the Super Bowl both times. Both Super Bowl wins have come since Ben Roethlisberger became the team’s quarterback, meaning the young QB has a chance to win his third championship in only seven years in the league. With only four teams left in the NFL playoffs, I ask if the sports world ready for such history to be made.

It was only March that Big Ben was investigated for his second sexual assault allegation. The man was ridiculed by the media and fans alike, and he was suspended the first four games of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. People like me figured the suspension spelled the end of Pittsburgh’s season — no way they’d make the playoffs if Roethlisberger missed the first four games. Sure enough, the team went 3-1 without him, showcasing what appeared to be the league’s stingiest defense. Adding the QB to the mix has made the team only more dangerous — they finished the regular season 12-4 and earned the second seed in the AFC playoffs.

While the Jets have been talking their way through the playoffs and celebrating as if they’ve won the Super Bowl, the Steelers have been quietly awaiting. The Jets won in Pittsburgh in week 15 22-17, but New York has not been as focused for this game and face a potential emotional let down after beating New England. While New York busted out in the AFC title game last year, the Steelers know how to maintain the focus that can result in them sneaking into their third Super Bowl in the last six years.

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Cowboys Charging $200 to Watch Super Bowl on TVs Outside Stadium

Want to know why Jerry Jones is such a rich man?  It’s because there are people out there who will pay $200 a pop just to use his TVs — outside Cowboys Stadium.  That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys announced on Tuesday that they will sell a few thousand passes for people to watch the Super Bowl on the big screens outside the stadium in the east plaza.  The oh-so-lucky season ticket holders will have the first crack at buying them.

According to My Fox Houston, the price of admission includes live entertainment from the band Reckless Kelly.  No, Reckless Kelly is not a new name for The Rolling Stones.  Jones is determined to break an NFL attendance record with Super Bowl XLV, and the league has agreed to include the people outside the stadium as part of the attendance total.  How that makes any sense at all is a complete mystery to me.

The saddest part about this idea is that the $200 ticket will probably be a tough one to come by.  People will rant and rave about how ridiculous it is and then end up joining the party.  Then again, the Cowboys cheerleaders will be there.  I’m sure there are people out there who have dropped more than $200 on a night out at a gentleman’s club with no Cowboys cheerleaders and no biggest game of the year. Then again, coming from the same guy who charged over $50 for pizza and even more for parking, should we be surprised?

I Challenge You to Find a Better Mug Shot Than Laurence Maroney’s (Picture)

Laurence Maroney mug shot pig tails

We here at LBS found Brett Sutter’s mug shot from when he punched a cabbie to be hilarious.  This dwarfs it.

Laurence Maroney was arrested in St. Louis on Monday night for possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence (he has a permit to carry otherwise).  The Infinity he was riding in contained Maroney and five other friends who were smoking a whole bunch of weed and carrying three guns.  His mug shot could be the greatest we’ve ever witnessed.

What are you thinking, Laurence?  Forget the weed.  Forget the concealed weapon.  Did you lose some sort of dare that resulted in your having to sport the Pippi Longstocking look?  This could be the most embarrassing hairtsyle I’ve ever seen on a professional athlete.

Clearly, the Patriots knew what they were doing when they got rid of the first round draft bust.  Aside from being a terrible NFL running back, we now realize Maroney is one of the game’s biggest clowns. 

Thanks to Deadspin for the picture.

Baltimore Ravens Would Consider Adding Plaxico Burress

After seeing receivers Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh drop key passes in Baltimore’s playoff loss to the Steelers, it appears as if the Ravens are desperate for receiving help. This concept is nothing new for the Ravens who have spent the past year trying to upgrade their receiving corps. They traded for and signed Anquan to a big deal. They signed T.J. after Seattle cut him. They convinced Derrick Mason to come back after the veteran was considering retirement. They used to draft picks on receiving tight ends — Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson. Their efforts resulted in a passing attack that ranked in the middle of the league in both yardage and touchdowns. Needless to say, they’re not satisfied.

The Baltimore Sun reported on Monday that Ravens coach John Harbaugh would consider adding Plaxico Burress when he’s released from the penitentiary. Prisoner Plax is serving a sentence for bringing a gun into a club that went off and shot himself in the leg. Even before Wyatt Earp’s gun-toting ways became a problem, he was a questionable character.

Now just because the Ravens would consider Plaxico doesn’t mean they are signing the man. Actually, it really seems like the idea was floated by a reporter and Harbaugh gave his response. “I don’t know Plaxico Burress at all, I’ve never met him, but we’d consider him.” Harbaugh said Monday. “We’d consider anybody. It just depends on where he’s at. I’d like to find out what kind of person he is, to see where he’s really at in his life.” So don’t get too carried away with this, but it does show how desperate the Ravens could be to improve their passing game. After seeing what happened Saturday, it’s little wonder why.