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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Aaron Rodgers Takes High Road in Response to Brett Favre

Earlier in the week, former Packers quarterback Brett Favre went on the radio for a rare interview. Favre, who now says his comments were misinterpreted, gave current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers a few backhanded compliments. Despite calling Rodgers bright and a tremendous talent, Favre said he was surprised it took Rodgers so long to win…Read More

Drew Rosenhaus Says the NFL Would Fall Apart Without Him

Even the most casual fans of the NFL have probably heard the name Drew Rosenhaus at one point or another. Like Scott Boras with baseball, Rosenhaus is the super agent of the NFL. Think of your favorite NFL player and there’s a decent chance Rosenhaus represents him. With that in mind, it is safe to…Read More

Calvin Johnson Says Ball Automatically Goes to Him in Single Coverage

Generally speaking, NFL teams can’t double-cover one receiver for an entire game. It takes a complicated defensive scheme to assure one particular person is double-covered from start to finish, so there are bound to be a few plays during a game where guys like Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald find themselves one-on-one with a defender….Read More

Jason Witten: Tony Romo Appreciated Dirk’s Tweet

Jason Witten and Tony Romo are pretty tight, so we’ve heard. The two may have to welcome a third man into their circle after receiving unsolicited support earlier in the week. Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki tweeted some words of encouragement for Romo on Monday after the Cowboys quarterback blew a 24-point lead against the…Read More

Chad Ochocinco Quit Tweeting for Three Weeks After Losing Bet

Anyone who follows New England Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco on Twitter will realize that the typically prolific social media maven has been inactive the last several days. In fact, Ocho hasn’t tweeted since September 24th. For a guy who’s sent over 30,000 tweets, that’s a long hiatus. So why hasn’t he been tweeting lately? Is…Read More

Detroit Zoo Feeds Chicago Bears Pinata to Real Lions (Video)

The Detroit Lions are hosting the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football and enter the game as the favorite. Detroit is 4-0 for the first time since 1980, and looking to break a six-game losing streak to the Bears. The town is getting swept up in Lions fever, and even the local zoo is getting…Read More

Michael Vick on Eagles Start: The Dream Team Thing is Over

Is it impossible to make the playoffs in the NFL if you start out 1-4? Certainly not, but it doesn’t help. That is why the Eagles have such an important game this weekend in Buffalo. Already in a hole, a loss to the Bills would further suck the confidence out of Philadelphia and have Andy…Read More

Dan Snyder Buys $70 Million, 224-Foot Yacht (Picture)

Those of you who were wondering why on earth the Washington Redskins would spend $100 million on Albert Haynesworth just to dump him almost immediately will enjoy this. There may be a salary cap in football, which makes money a rather important factor in assembling a team, but to the Redskins owner, money is no…Read More

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