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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Buccaneers Replacing Players’ Playbooks with iPads

Coincidence?  I think not.  Just one day after a trash truck mishap resulted in parts of the Packers playbook being scattered about the streets of Green Bay, we find out that the Buccaneers have handed out iPads to their players instead of traditional playbooks.  Head coach Raheem Morris has decided to try the new approach…Read More

Rex Ryan: Bill Belichick is the Best Coach in the NFL By Far

The Patriots have always been a team without a need for bulletin board material.  If a team goes out and beats New England on Sunday, it usually has nothing to do with the trash talk leading up to the game.  A team coached by Bill Belichick rarely loses its focus during the verbal war that…Read More

Tim Tebow Criticism from Broncos Shows Change in Organizational Regimes

The new pastime for NFL pundits has clearly become picking on Tim Tebow. A few weeks ago ESPN’s Merril Hoge criticized Tebow, leading to LeBron James of all people firing off some pro-Tebow tweets. On Wednesday, USA Today passed along criticism of Tebow by Boomer Esiason who said the quarterback “can’t play” and “can’t throw.”…Read More

Joe Thomas Believes Browns Are Going to Win a Championship

Joe Thomas signed a seven-year $84 million contract extension with the Browns Monday, a move that will likely keep him in Cleveland most of his career. Since being drafted in 2007, he has made the Pro Bowl every year and has been named All-Pro twice. He has never missed a game, and perhaps more impressively,…Read More

Part of Packers Playbook Ends Up Scattered About City Streets

Time to change things up in Green Bay. The Packers have a crisis on their hands. You never want to see this happen to any team, but a trash truck malfunction has caused part of the Packers game plan to be compromised. When Deputy Jason Vogel was using his radar gun in Green Bay on…Read More

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