Brett Favre Was a Boone’s Farm Guy

Brett Favre has already sold us on his image of being a simple Southern boy. He’s the pitchman for Wrangler jeans and he’s hardly ever been caught wearing anything too fancy. The famous line about good ole number four is that he’d play the game for free. Maybe at some point he was close to doing so because he admitted to drinking the cheap stuff back in the day. From his USA Today interview:

“I haven’t drank in 12 years — not a drop,” says Favre. He says he never liked the taste of alcohol, only its effect.

“I thought I used to like Boone’s Farm,” he says with a laugh. “Three-dollar Strawberry Hill — perfect for throwing at signs when you were done.”

Anyone who’s been in high school or college should be quite familiar with Boone’s. The funny thing is seeing such a tough guy, Ironman quarterback like Brett Favre who’s never missed a start, admit he used to like a girly drink. Brett may have just lost a few man points for that admission.

Reggie Nelson Called Out for Sucking, Screwing Jaguars, and my Fantasy Team

(that’s Nelson above, getting brushed aside by Reggie Wayne)

As is the trend for the Jaguars, they took the Colts down to the wire but eventually lost because Indy made the plays down the stretch that they didn’t. Jacksonville, like many teams, seems to be good enough to hang with Indy but they cannot deliver the knockout punch. They might have been able to win on Thursday night had they not given away a touchdown with about five minutes left. Reggie Wayne had beaten Dwayne Cox down the sidelines in what seemed to be a cover-2 zone. Peyton Manning then heaved it over safety Reggie Nelson’s head into the arms of Reggie Wayne. The Colts had a 60-yard bomb that would have taken them inside the 10, but Reggie Nelson’s second bad decision gave them a touchdown.

Instead of pushing Wayne out of bounds — which he easily could have done — Reggie Nelson decided to go for a low-probability strip. When he whiffed, Wayne waltzed in for an easy score. Not only was Nelson’s choice dumb because even with a strip the ball would have gone out of bounds, but also because the defense had a shot to hold Indy to a field goal after that. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was understandably pissed, saying about Nelson “He didn’t play well. You can’t stay in the lineup playing like that.” I wish I had the power to bench Nelson too because his sloppy and lazy play put me in a major hole. In both of my fantasy football leagues, my opponent in the playoff has Wayne and is off to a great start. Even though I entered the Coors Light Fantasy Football League playoffs with the top overall seed, I could get knocked out in the first week! Maybe if Reggie Nelson knew was at stake here he would have made the stop. Furthermore, Nelson’s crappy tackling job allowed Dallas Clark to score Indy’s fourth touchdown of the game. Heck, Nelson was one of the Colts’ MVPs of the game. Here are the highlights lowlights in case you haven’t seen them:

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Bob Griese’s Advice to the Unbeaten Colts and Saints: Lose a Game

Much talk around the NFL lately has been devoted to the looming question for the unbeaten Saints and Colts. Should the teams try to run the table and become the third team in NFL history to finish the regular season undefeated, or should they rest their players to try and get healthy for the playoffs? There’s no right or wrong answer to the question considering both practices have produced failed results. For instance, the Colts started off 13-0 in ’05, lost in week 15, rested their starters, and still lost their playoff opener to the Steelers. Contrarily, the ’07 Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season and came a David Tyree miracle catch away from winning the Super Bowl. Even though it’s an arbitrary subject, ’72 Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese offered his suggestion to the 13-0 Colts and Saints on ESPN:

“The advice that I would give them is that the season is not defined by going 16-0 or 18-0. Ask the New England Patriots about that from a couple of years ago. The thing that I would recommend is this: keep your practice schedules the same, keep your game schedules the same, and if you do anything different, pull the starters after the first quarter or before the first half. But the bigger advice that I would say: lose a game before the end of the season. You’re team will go into the playoffs and have the best of chance of winning because that monkey won’t be on their back.”

Many people forget that Griese was hurt in ’72 and only started five games for the Dolphins. Regardless, he was a member of the only NFL team in history to go undefeated. So the question I have for you is this: was Griese’s advice motivated by his desire to preserve his ’72 team’s place in history, or do you think it was honest advice? Even though I believe there was a touch of preservation in his answer, you can probably ask John Elway, Terrell Davis, and the rest of the ’98 Broncos to see what they’d say about Griese’s comments; I bet you they would agree.

Did Randy Moss Quit on the Patriots?

That’s the question many people are asking in the wake of Randy Moss’ one catch, one fumble, multiple drop (lack of) effort against the Panthers on Sunday. People could judge Moss’ attitude based on how he played, but the talk about actually quitting stemmed from what a few Carolina DBs said. According to Albert Breer:

“We knew [Randy Moss] was going to shut it down,’’ Carolina cornerback Chris Gamble said after the game. “That’s what we wanted him to do . . . he’d just give up a lot – slow down, he’s not going deep, not trying to run a route. You can tell [by his] body language.

Safety Chris Harris said, “You get physical with him, and I don’t want to say he quits, but he kind of doesn’t run the routes the way they’re supposed to be run. If you get a jam on him, he’ll just ease up. He had the one catch, and he fumbled.’’

Thing is, this is nothing new. Randy has freely admitted that he plays when he wants to play and that he takes plays off. Furthermore, the Patriots work Moss heavily when he has good matchups but he does become somewhat of an onlooker when defenses make a conscious effort to take him away as an option. The Patriots have enough talent on offense that they don’t need to force feed Randy the ball and that’s probably more responsible for the appearance that Randy’s effort wasn’t there.

The bottom line is that Moss had an awful game by any standards. Maybe he wasn’t focused because he was still hurt from being sent home during the week after showing up late to a meeting on Wednesday. Clearly Randy didn’t respond the way the team would have wanted him to so maybe they need to come up with different ways to handle him. Additionally, Moss needs to put his feelings aside and step up no matter how badly he feels. He can’t let his team down by not making sharp cuts on out patterns, fumbling, and dropping passes. He’ll bounce back but this certainly was a game to forget.

Steve Spagnuolo Pissed at Jeff Fisher for Running up the Score

Seems like we come across a “running up the score” issue each week when it comes to football. In week 14, it was the Titans and Rams that had a problem. St. Louis was getting smashed by Tennessee the entire game. The Rams had zero offense (which is to be expected when you’re starting Keith Null at quarterback) and they were lucky to be trailing just 23-0 at halftime. Midway through the fourth quarter, Tennessee was up 33-7 and they had the ball at the one-yard line in a 4th and goal situation. Rather than “run up the score,” you figure the Titans would just take the field goal and keep from further embarrassing the helpless Rams. At least that’s what Steve Spagnuolo thought. Titans coach Jeff Fisher had a different idea:

We settled for (field goals) early and we needed to learn to score touchdowns, and if they were unhappy with it — they faked a punt when they were down by 30. I wasn’t doing anything from a personal standpoint. I was trying to score points and coach a football team.”

Fisher’s point about the Rams running the fake punt is valid. If the Rams are doing everything possible to keep competing, why should Tennessee show mercy? To whom do they have that obligation? Maybe I was upset at the time of the call because I have Rob Bironas as my fantasy kicker and I was hoping he could pad his stats, but looking at it, Spagnuolo should not have been offended by Fisher’s decision. If he had his team better prepared, they wouldn’t be in that situation anyway. Once Marc Bulger went down, the Rams began challenging for the worst team in the NFL title.

Trent Cole Throws a Punch at Shaun O’Hara at End of Game

The bad blood between the NFC East rival Giants and Eagles truly prevailed in the final minute of the game Sunday night. The Giants were trying to come back from down seven points and Eli Manning was scrambling out of the pocket to escape some pressure. Manning had the ball knocked out of his hand and Eagles DB Joselio Hanson recovered it to ice the game. It was after the fumble recovery when things got out of hand and two personal foul calls were made. One of them was against Trent Cole who got in a few cheap shots. Check out the video of Trent Cole throwing a punch at Shaun O’Hara:

I don’t think there’s much of a doubt that Cole will wind up getting fined by the League for his Pacquiao rendition. There’s no way the commissioner’s office will miss the cheap shots when they review video of the play. The only good news is that the teams are done playing each other for the year, barring a meeting in the playoffs. You can bet these players won’t forget what happened at the end of this game next year when they meet in the first leg of their bi-annual clash.

DeAngelo Hall got Hurt Cheering for His Team on the Sidelines

Professional athletes are some of the most finely-tuned, muscular, and fittest human beings on the planet. Football players are even tougher than most athletes considering the strenuous and physically demanding nature of their sport. That’s why it’s surprising, and almost laughable, to read about DeAngelo Hall’s latest injury. Hall missed his second straight game last week because of a sprained knee. He’s already been listed as “out” for Sunday’s game against Oakland but now there’s a new injury bothering him:

Hall got so excited standing on the sidelines during the Washington Redskins’ overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday that he developed back spasms, another setback in his goal of returning to the field in time to play in this week’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

“I probably should have been up in the suites relaxing, but I wanted to be down there with my teammates and encourage my guys on,” said Hall, who had a sit in a chair to ease the strain on his back while meeting with reporters this week. “I found myself almost jumping up and down every play.”

I’m guessing all the jumping up and down didn’t help the strained knee either. I’m not doubting the legitimacy of the injury, I’m just having a laugh over the circumstances through which he incurred the problem. If it weren’t such a business, I’m sure he would too. Considering the Redskins won’t have Hall or Haynesworth on Sunday, the Raiders will have a legitimate shot at winning the game. Matter of conjecture, Bruce Gradkowski could be a solid fantasy football option at quarterback; he’s thrown for six touchdowns in the last three games. Luckily I don’t have to worry about Gradkowski since I have Tony Romo going as my QB in the Coors Light fantasy football league, but if I needed an alternate option, I might consider Bruce.