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Monday, March 30, 2015


Eli Manning Is in Tom Coughlin’s Top Five Quarterbacks List

Eli Manning caused a stir before the season when he said he was in Tom Brady’s class of elite quarterbacks. We initially laughed when we saw the headline, but after listening to the interview we changed our mind. Eli was asked a question. What was he supposed to do, say he’s not elite? His answer…Read More

Daunte Culpepper DJing at Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas?

UPDATE: The PR rep for Tryst tells LBS that the person picture is NOT Daunte Culpepper. It’s actually resident DJ Derrick Anthony who happens to strongly resemble Culpepper. Our buddy Peter Burns passed along a picture of former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper DJing at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas. We can’t 100% confirm that it’s…Read More

LaMarr Woodley Complains About Lack of Steelers Highlights on NFL Network

LaMarr Woodley is known for speaking his mind, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear what he said during an interview on NFL Network’s Around the League Live Thursday. “You all need to start putting the Pittsburgh Steelers in more of your highlights,” he told host Fran Charles. “Y’all don’t put us in enough highlights….Read More

Aaron Rodgers Wears USC Trojans Gear After Losing Bet (Picture)

Cal got worked by USC last Thursday 30-9. They not only embarrassed themselves on national TV, but they also embarrassed former star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had a friendly bet with his Packers teammate Clay Matthews who is a former USC linebacker. The loser had to wear the opposing school’s gear. Rodgers ending up looking…Read More

Lance Briggs: Bears Players and Management Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

For a team that is 3-3 and coming off a 29-point win over a divisional opponent, the Bears do not seem all that happy.  Perhaps the fact that Brian Urlacher declared Chicago the team to beat in the NFC before the season started has taken its toll.  With the way the Packers and Lions have…Read More

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