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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Jerry Reese Says Giants Will Get Into Playoffs and Make a Run

While the Philadelphia Eagles have gone out and assembled the so-called “Dream Team,” the reaction from their divisional opponents has varied. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan proclaimed his team will beat the over-hyped Eagles. Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman confidently stated that his team will win the division. The fourth team in the NFC East has…Read More

Raiders Rookies Get Hazing Haircuts (Pictures)

NFL rookie hazing, it’s a time honored tradition. Whether it’s carrying pads or getting funky haircuts, rookies being hazed is part of the fabric of football camps everywhere. Except in Jacksonville, where Jack Del Rio banned hazing after rookies received these disturbing haircuts last year. Anyway, the Raiders are the first team to initiate the…Read More

Jon Gruden Higher on Jake Locker Than any Other Rookie Quarterback

Jon Gruden has been described as a man who collected quarterbacks when he coached. He turned Rich Gannon into an MVP, won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson, and he reached the playoffs with Chris Simms. He seems to know his quarterbacks and is respected for his ability to coach them. That’s part of the…Read More

Cam Newton: Offseason Playbook to Now is Like Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare

The Carolina Panthers want Cam Newton to be their starting quarterback as soon as possible.  No NFL head coach would ever hand a rookie a starting position, but it’s no secret Ron Rivera hopes Newton earns it this season.  A shortened offseason makes things infinitely more challenging.  At the moment, Newton is running plays with…Read More

Rex Grossman Believes Redskins Will Win NFC East

Well duh, they have Rex at quarterback. Of course they’re going to win the NFC East. I mean this is a no-brainer. As soon as I heard that Grossman was listed at the top of the team’s depth chart, I took out my pen and confidently marked the Skins down as my NFC East winner….Read More

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