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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Todd Haley is Rocking a Grizzly Week 8 Playoff Beard (Pictures)

After turning in an impressive 2010 campaign, most of us knew the Chiefs were somewhat of a pretender. Very few expected Kansas City to come out this season and enjoy the type of success they had a year ago. When Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending injury, common sense would tell you the Chiefs…Read More

Tony Sparano’s Florida House Has Been for Sale Since January

Cue the speculation. Tony Sparano’s Florida home is on the market. Are his days as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins numbered?  I can’t see why they would be.  After all, he has his team on the perfect path toward winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Tony is looking out for the future of the…Read More

Phil Simms: No Way Peyton Manning Would let Colts Draft Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts reportedly would strongly consider drafting Andrew Luck if they have the opportunity. Shocker, I know, I’m also surprised to hear that they like talented players. Next thing you know we’ll be told they like winning, too. Anyway, that puts the Colts in an interesting position because if they drafted Luck, they would…Read More

Adrian Peterson Calls Chris Johnson to Provide Encouragement

It wasn’t long ago when people debated whether Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson was the best running back in football. That was after 2009 when Johnson rushed for over 2,000 yards and scored 16 touchdowns. Johnson had somewhat of a down season last year (compared to ’09), but he still managed to gain over 100…Read More

Asante Samuel: Eagles Front Office is Playing Fantasy Football

Asante Samuel is one of those players that never seems happy.  No matter how much money you throw at him or how many games his team wins, there’s always a problem.  With the Patriots, Samuel could not see eye-to-eye with upper management once it became obvious they would not be offering him a long-term deal.  …Read More

MC Hammer Speaks to 49ers

The 5-1 49ers are coming off a bye and had a nice surprise waiting for them when they returned to practice Tuesday. They were greeted by former rapper MC Hammer who spoke to the team about handling the “trials and tribulations” that can come with being a public figure in sports and entertainment. Hammer would…Read More

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