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Friday, October 24, 2014


Enough of the Horrendous Nate Kaeding Suicide Jokes

I suppose if I were a Chargers fan then these jokes would be funny. Or acceptable. Or true. They’re not any of those things. I was disgusted by a host who told one of these jokes on the radio Monday afternoon. It was much worse to read on Deadspin that several of these “jokes” have…Read More

Classless Brett Favre, Vikings, Run up the Score Against Cowboys

Beating the Cowboys in the playoffs 27-3 apparently wasn’t good enough for Brett Favre. Throwing for three touchdowns clearly wasn’t enough. No. Brett Favre needed to make sure the Vikings impressed polesters with their margin of victory so he called for a play action fake on 4th and 3 from the 11 with under two…Read More

Maybe Cowher Wants the Chargers Job

The Chargers were upset by the Jets 17-14 at home on Sunday, losing their Divisional Round playoff game. The Chargers outgained the Jets in the first half by a wide margin but only led 7-0, partly because All-Pro kicker Nate Kaeding missed two field goals (from 36 and 57 yards out). In the second half,…Read More

Gaines Adams Dead at 26

Talk about some shocking and saddening news, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to hear that someone who was in excellent health the night before has now passed away. Apparently that’s exactly what happened with former Clemson and Buccaneers defensive end, Gaines Adams. The Greenville News via PFT first alerted us to…Read More

Reggie Bush, Saints Inspired by ‘Bring the Wood’ Baseball Bat

The Reggie Bush that showed up for the Saints on Saturday in their playoff game against the Cardinals was unlike any other Reggie Bush we had ever seen. This Reggie Bush ran north-to-south, into tacklers, and over tacklers in a physical style. This Reggie Bush sought contact and played with the aggressive, inspired style we’re…Read More

The Hit that Ended Kurt Warner’s Career

Calling this play the “hit that ended Kurt Warner’s career” might be premature but it likely is the hit that ended Arizona’s season. As mentioned two weeks ago when Ole Miss played in the Cotton Bowl and Jevan Snead got crushed after a turnover, defensive players love interceptions because it gives them a chance to…Read More

Tom Coughlin Better Watch His Back

Bill Cowher is one of the All-Star head coaches that was unemployed this season, joining a list of several jobless Super Bowl champs. That group includes Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, and Mike Shanahan. Of that crowd, only Shanahan has a new gig while the others have either passed on job offers or job interviews, or…Read More

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