Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez Are Walking Injuries

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Something else might have to be added to the list: Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez getting hurt for the Colts.

When it comes to football betting, the best wager of all would have been that Bob Sanders could not last the entire year for Indianapolis. There’s a reason why we haven’t written about Bob Sanders for three years, and it’s his health.

Checking out his football stats, you’ll see that Sanders has been in the league since 2004 but has only reached double-digit in games played twice. The oft-injured safety played only eight games in the last two years. For his career, Sanders has played just 48 of a possible 97 regular season games. He’s been bothered by biceps and knee injuries most recently, but ankle and other arm injuries have also cost him playing time.

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Interpreting Randy Moss’ Comments

Should Randy Moss have chosen to talk to reporters about his contract after the Patriots big Week 1 win over the Bengals?  Probably not.  There’s a time and a place to discuss contracts and the business aspect of football, and immediately after a win that was a great team effort is not the right time.  However, does he really deserve to be ripped and owned by the media the way he has been all day long on Monday?  In my opinion, absolutely not.  Before we get into dissecting his comments, have a look at the video of Randy Moss talking about his contract:

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Red Zone, Offensive Line Serious Concerns for Cowboys

Before the year started, I said I wasn’t buying into the hype surrounding the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not that I’m down on Tony Romo, because I’m not. It’s not that I’m down on their defense — I still think it’s very good. It’s just that Dallas struggles mightily in the red zone and they have serious offensive line issues. Both problems were highly visible in a season-opening loss against the Redskins Sunday night.

From last year to the preseason, Dallas’ offense just does not seem to be able to punch it in for touchdowns. They can get big plays here and there, but stick them inside the 15 and they won’t find paydirt. For as much praise as Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett receives, his play calling becomes extremely predictable in scoring territory. It’s either the draw, the fade, or the slant. If someone typing on a keyboard can tell you Dallas’ playbook in the red zone, then there are serious problems.

The other problem is Dallas’ inability to successfully protect Tony Romo. Most quarterbacks are only as good as their protection, and the Cowboys don’t provide enough comfort for Tony. Tom Brady looked like a Pro Bowler against the Bengals because he had enough time to change his babies’ diapers and still get off a pass to Welker. Put him under fire against the Jets and he becomes ordinary.

Every quarterback needs protection and the line was not good enough for Romo. The last play of the game typified the issue: Washington rushed just three men and still pressured Tony. Of course an Alex Barron holding call nullified the game-winning score, but that’s what you get for having sub-par lineman on your team.

The Cowboys are talented at many positions, but they’re lacking in a few key areas. You better believe that will hurt them throughout the season.

Lions Robbed of Win in Controversial Call

Some people were predicting a breakout season for the Detroit Lions this year and maybe even a playoff appearance. I was expecting a turnaround for the Lions too, and getting a road win over the Bears in week one would have been an excellent start to the season. If only a bad rule did not get in the way.

With 31 seconds left and his team down 19-14, backup quarterback Shaun Hill threw into the end zone for receiver Calvin Johnson. Johnson skied for the grab, landed on the ground with his butt and knee hitting the turf in what appeared to be the game-winning catch. After having control of the ball, Johnson went to put the ball on the turf and lost control. It was this part of the catch that was controversial and the referees overturned the touchdown call, waving off the play. The Lions threw two more incompletions and lost 19-14.

So what was the official rule that got in the way? From DetroitLions.com, “The ruling is that in order for the catch to be completed he has got to maintain possession of the ball throughout the entire process of the catch.” If 9 out of 10 non-Bears fans would tell you that’s a catch, then it should be a catch. Sometimes we get too technical with our rules and that is a classic example. Sucks for Detroit because they should be 1-0.

Here’s the Calvin Johnson touchdown video that was overturned:

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Arian Foster Busts Out in Week 1

It was a monstrous season opener for the Houston Texans who beat the Colts for just the second time in franchise history. Houston got out to a 13-0 lead, extended it to 27-10 in the fourth quarter, and held on for a 34-24 win. Many people predicted this would be a breakout year for Houston and the Texans did not disappoint.

Houston led the NFL in passing yards last year and it looks like they’ve added a running game to match. Undrafted second-year man out of Tennessee, Arian Foster, ran wild in the opener setting a franchise record with 231 yards on the ground. The Texans running back looked incredibly impressive in the fourth quarter when he toted the rock three times for 78 yards in a four-play scoring drive that made it 27-10.

Foster’s 231 yards were the second most rushing yards by a back on opening weekend since O.J. Simpson’s 250 in 1973. I predicted a monster season for Foster, but damn, it looks like he’ll surpass my expectations if he keeps this up. It’s too early to say that Houston is taking over as the team to beat in the AFC South, but we do know they’re even more dangerous with this newly found running attack. Watch out NFL, Arian Foster is coming.

LBS’ 2010 NFC Predictions

On Friday, we brought you our predictions for how the AFC will shake up throughout the 2010 season.  We gave you our picks to win the division, make the playoffs, and reach the Super Bowl.  Today, we bring you the same for the NFC, plus our 2010 Super Bowl champion and individual award winners.  Let’s get right to it.

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Players Are Uniting, Have Weapons to Fight Owners

Prior to the Saints/Vikings season opener on Thursday night, the players gathered on their respective sidelines and held a finger in the air to show a sign of solidarity in the face of a labor dispute. The goal was for the players to get the fans on their side as they prepare for a fight with the owners regarding a new CBA.

While most people feel like the owners have the upper hand in the situation, the players’ union has some weapons in mind to fight back. Mike Silver wrote up a tome about the situation for Yahoo! Sports if you’re so inclined. In his lengthy column, Silv mentioned a few tricks the players may have up their sleeves:

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