Michael Vick Injured Against Redskins

The Eagles are once again Kevin Kolb’s team, at least for the time being.  Michael Vick has left the game with an injury that looks like it was to his ribs.  Vick was slow to get up on a play where he broke a big run and was sandwiched by two Washington Redskins defenders.  The play was called back because of a holding penalty and Vick left the field holding his chest and neck area.

The hit looked pretty bad as the two Skins crunched his shoulders together from either side.  Vick was seen leaving the field with trainers (under his own power) to be examined in the locker room.  I’ll try to update later when we know more about the injury.

UPDATE: The injury is to Vick’s ribs but the extent is not yet known.

UPDATE (6:00 p.m):  The Eagles say Vick will not be returning to today’s game.  They’re now saying he has a chest injury and a rib injury.

McNabb Cheered in Return to Philly

For those of who are like Doug Gottlieb and were wondering what type of reception Donovan McNabb would get in his return to Philadelphia, you’ve got your answer.  The ovation for McNabb was overwhelming when his name was announced over the PA system at Lincoln Financial Field.  So there you have it — Donovan McNabb was cheered in his return to Philadelphia.

Eagles fans certainly did the right thing.  McNabb gave it his all while leading Philadelphia and was able to take the Eagles to a Super Bowl.  It’s not like it’s a situation where he left to take more money somewhere else, either.  He was traded and there’s nothing he could have done about it.  While we kind of saw it coming, the fans were right to show their appreciation.

Side note: Looks like McNabb came to play.  He currently has his Redskins on top 14-0 in the first quarter after throwing a touchdown pass to Chris Cooley.

Prime Time Preview: Patriots vs. Dolphins

Something tells me this won’t be the last time we preview an AFC East match-up as our game of the week here at LBS.  We came into the season thinking the the AFC East would probably be the NFL’s toughest division, and the first three games have done nothing to change our opinion.  This week, the New England Patriots (2-1) travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins (2-1) in what should be a tight contest as always.

Why Should I Watch?

While we may not realize it in week four, these AFC East games have enormous playoff implications. The Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets all enter week four with 2-1 records and a legitimate shot at winning the division. At least two of the teams will likely finish the season with the same record, meaning the head-to-head match-ups will serve as the first tie breaker. The Patriots defense has looked horrible to begin the season and they’ve had trouble playing on the road the past two years. Traveling to Miami on Monday night may not be the right medicine to cure their road woes.

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Lions Fine Louis Delmas for Middle Finger

Friday is fine day in the NFL. Several players got docked $5,000 or $10,000 depending on the severity of their infraction, most for late hits or improper hits. Lions safety Louis Delmas belongs in a whole other category. He was fined by his team, not the league. He actually may have gotten away with his magical gesture if a picture hadn’t shown up on Deadspin the morning after his game Sunday against the Vikings.

Oh well, $5,000 is only chump change for Delmas.

Thanks to FanOfTheD for the pic

Brandon Marshall Upset with Criticism on NFL Network Playbook Show

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall dominated the Sunday night game for the Dolphins against the Jets. A sweet run after catch set Miami up with a first down at the 11 down by eight. Marshall had 10 catches for 166 yards at that point, but he did not contribute any catches after that and the team lost 31-23.

I was incredulous watching the final minute unfold, upset that the Dolphins didn’t go to Marshall on their final plays. They had him isolated on the right side on first down, but Chad Henne completely overthrew him on what appeared to be a fade pattern. Henne appeared to look towards Marshall on second down, but he decided not to throw to Brandon on any of the next three plays.

The analysis done on NFL Network’s Playbook show suggests Marshall tired out at the end of the game and did not give a good effort to get open in the team’s final four plays. I saw the segment (watch it at nfl.com) and partially agree with what they said, but it seems like they were going overboard with the criticism.

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Arian Foster and Michael Vick Improbable Player of the Month Award Winners

The NFL released its Player of the Month of September awards on Thursday. The winners from the AFC were Texans running back Arian Foster on offense, Colts defensive end Robert Mathis on defense, and Bengals kicker Mike Nugent on special teams. The NFC winners were Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on offense, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews on defense, and Saints kick returner Courtney Roby on special teams. It may be easy to see now, but if you think back a year or two ago, you’ll realize how improbable it is that Vick and Foster are the offensive players of the month for September in the NFL.

Arian Foster ran for a franchise record 231 yards in Houston’s season-opening win over the Colts. In addition to the impressive opener, Foster leads the NFL with 502 yards from scrimmage and it helped him become the second Houston player in franchise history to win the award.

What makes his story so improbable is that he was just an undrafted player out of Tennessee last year. Foster split carries with several backs for the Vols in 2008, including Montario Hardesty. He ran just a 4.7 40 yard dash and wound up undrafted, though some teams expressed interest. The Texans signed him to a two-year deal, placed him on their practice squad, then added him on the roster late in the year. Foster ended up with 54 carries last year, scoring three touchdowns. This year, he won the starting job and has dominated since week one.

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Aaron Rodgers Picked Up Enemy’s Restaurant Check in Chicago

Packers Cardinals FootballWe like to think that Karma pays off for people, but a good deed done by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers does not seem to have come back to him. Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa told ESPN 1000 in Chicago that he, fellow linebacker Nick Roach, and Bears tight end Desmond Clark were all out to dinner and waiting for a table the night before their Monday Night Football game. The gentlemen did not have a reservation and did not receive the celebrity/athlete treatment, so were stuck sitting around like everybody else. While they were waiting, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers walked in with his family and got seated.

Pisa obviously wasn’t happy that an enemy player was getting better service than him in his own city, so he complained. They trio of Bears got seated and proceeded to have their dinner. They apparently forgot about the seating issue but Rodgers didn’t. When the Bears players went to pay for their check, they were informed that Rodgers had already picked it up.

I don’t know what that’s all about. I’m sure it wasn’t a Dez Bryant-sized bill, but was Rodgers just being a nice guy? Was he hoping Tinoisamoa and Roach would take it easy on him? Was he making up for the restaurant’s blunder? Or was he just hoping for a little Karma heading into the game? Whatever his motivation, it’s too bad the good gesture didn’t come back to him. I’m sure it will work itself out in week 17.