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Friday, October 24, 2014


Apparently All Black Coaches Look the Same to This Photographer

While surfing through Getty Images’ photos from the Seahawks/Bears game to use for my Jim Mora/Olindo Mare story, I came across a picture I didn’t recognize. I clicked on the thumbnail to see what I was missing. At that point I realized I wasn’t the one who was missing something — it was Getty’s photographer,…Read More

I’m Guessing Jim Mora Is Not Happy with His Kicker

The Seahawks lost to the Bears on Sunday by six points, 25-19. They were able to drive down the field to the 29 in their final possession but that’s when things stalled out. The Seahawks with Seneca Wallace as their quarterback were good enough to get field goals but they struggled to put it into…Read More

Thanks for Ruining My Sunday, Brett

So right now I’m looking pretty bad for saying Favre had nothing left and that he was absolutely useless. I was expecting to see the Favre that stunk up the joint down the stretch with the Jets, preventing the team from making the playoffs, show up for the Vikings this year. Right now he’s looking…Read More

Fitzgerald’s Brother Says Larry Is Pissed Kurt Warner Didn’t Throw to Him More

Quick, what’s the difference between Terrell Owens complaining and Larry Fitzgerald complaining? Answer: T.O. does it publicly and blames the coaches and/or the quarterback while Fitzgerald apparently says it privately to his family. Pro Football Talk explained that Larry’s brother, Marcus Fitzgerald, was tweeting about the Cardinals game on Sunday, saying he was upset his…Read More

Video: Chad Ochocinco Does Lambeau Leap and Gets Flipped Off by Fan

Chad Johnson Ochocinco tweeted during the week that he was going to try and Lambeau Leap if he scored for the Bengals Sunday. Most people probably figured it was a long shot that he scored in the first place considering the Bengals could barely score at home against the Broncos in week one, but Ocho…Read More

Audio: Rex Ryan’s Voicemail to Jets Fans Prior to Patriots Game

The Jets looked mighty strong against the Texans in week one. Their defense actually didn’t allow any points considering the only Houston score came on a pick six by Mark Sanchez. Based on the way they looked and the way the Patriots looked against the Bills, the Jets might not need as much help as…Read More

You Stay Classy, Bills Fans

The word “fan” is short for a word we often forget — fanatic. That term is more appropriate for the people who vandalized Leodis McKelvin’s lawn following the Bills’ loss on Monday night to the Patriots. Yes McKelvin made a HUGE error when he fumbled the kickoff following a Tom Brady to Ben Watson touchdown…Read More

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