Anquan Boldin Wants Out of Arizona Because He Was Lied to

The offseason just got more interesting in the NFL with Anquan Boldin’s most recent comments. If you can remember back prior to the start of the season, he was a headcase and upset at the team’s management for not giving him a new contract as they had promised. The team had just got done signing Larry Fitzgerald to big money and Boldin wanted his cut. Well he never got his deal and bitched about it, but when the season started, you didn’t hear from Q. Now that the Super Bowl run is over and the offseason has begun, Anquan Boldin made his feelings evident to USA Today:

“I don’t think the relationship can be repaired with the organization. It takes more than, ‘Well, we did you wrong and we’ll pay you this.’ It’s not about the money. It was always about the principle. Guys being true to their word. I guess I was expected to uphold my end of the bargain, and it wasn’t reciprocated.”

To make matters worse for the Cardinals, Kurt Warner who’s been wishy-washy about returning next season, says Boldin’s presence will weigh heavily on his decision to return or retire. Even though Boldin doesn’t definitively say he won’t be back with the Cardinals, it looks pretty darn certain that he’s gone. And if I had to make a guess, Warner will still decide to come back regardless. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Edgerrin James is as good as gone? I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Cardinals won’t be back in the Bowl next year.

Calvin Pace, Darrelle Revis Show Support of Teammate Brett Favre

Not many people have been complimentary of Brett Favre since the Jets’ season went down the tubes courtesy of his three interception performance against the Dolphins in week 17. That capped off a 1-4 finish leaving the Jets at 9-7 despite starting the season a sparkling 8-3. Thomas Jones was brutally honest in his criticism of Favre after the game, and so was I. Contradicting the criticism and feeling that Favre wasn’t liked in the Jets locker room were two members of the team. In separate interviews on separate shows, both Calvin Pace and Darrelle Revis supported Favre on Sporting News Radio. Pace first with the 2 Live Stews, Revis second on The Monty Show:

Pace: “Brett is a real stand-up guy. He’s just a country boy, just a simple guy — come in, come to work, not flashy at all, just a guy who’s done it a long time. I think a lot of people kind of get turned off for the simple fact that he doesn’t necessarily do the things that a guy my age will do. The guy’s 40-years-old. He’s seen and done a lot of things, why would he sit and try to hang out with me? I think maybe that might have rubbed people the wrong way, but his work speaks for itself.

Revis: “I had no problem with Brett. Brett has given me advice and he’s been a good friend to me. I guess guys have mixed feelings in the locker room.”

As critical as I’ve been about Favre, I think it’s only fair to present the other side of the coin. Of course I will point out however, that both players complimenting Favre are from the defensive side of the ball. I have a feeling the “divided” locker room has to do with the guys in the huddle who feel Favre let them down, rather than the guys who watched from the sidelines.

Donovan McNabb Blames Defense for Playoff Loss to Cardinals

The enlightened and rational fan understands that the Eagles defense gave up 32 points to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game, allowing 24 first-half points to leave them buried in a hole. The irrational fan screams that Donovan McNabb can’t win the big game and blames him for the team’s failure to make it to the Super Bowl. McNabb is so conscious of the irrational fan that he goes out of his way to defend himself for their sake, at the expense of his teammates. He did so in an interview with WIP in Philly, according to the Inquirer via Ben Maller:

“We were up, 25-24,” McNabb said. Then, in case people missed it the first time, he repeated it for good measure. “We were up, 25-24. [The Cardinals] drove down 72 yards by running the ball – probably, what, eight times? And it reminded me so much of [the NFC championship game in] St. Louis where, coming back in that second half, they ran the ball nine times with Marshall Faulk to keep our offense off the field. Because they were terrified of us going back out and scoring more points.”

375 passing yards, three touchdowns, and 25 points of offense usually is enough to get it done for a team, particularly one with a strong defense. No doubt the defense let the team down in that game. However, let’s not forget how critical the defense was to the team’s success the last month of the season, holding opponents to 12.5 points per game. Maybe Donovan should have recalled the wins over the Giants, Vikings, and Cowboys before implying the defense blew it. Let’s also not forget that despite the defense’s lack of performance in the game, the Eagles offense still had chance to tie things up with a successful final drive. Then again, swap Kevin Curtis for Boldin or Fitzgerald and you’re talking touchdown, but that’s another discussion for a different day.

So Was it a Steelers Conspiracy or Not?

The Steelers sure have been involved with some interesting finishes this year. Going back to their regular season game with the Chargers, a last-second play to end the game that would have resulted in the Steelers winning 17-10 and covering the spread wound up being overturned. I’m guessing it’s no coincidence that the Steelers also happened to be favored by 5.5 points in that game. And back in Super Bowl 40, before this glorious site was up and running, it seemed to me (and many others) that the Steelers got away with lots of calls while the Seahawks got screwed. In Super Bowl 43, the story wasn’t much different. The end total shows Arizona’s penalty yards almost doubling Pittsburgh’s — 7 for 56 by the Steelers, 11 for 106 by the Cardinals. I agree that Arizona committed more penalties than Pittsburgh, but I’d really like to have some answers to a few questions.

Let’s start with the Santonio Holmes touchdown celebration. As I showed in the post, Holmes used the ball as a prop in his LeBron-like celebration. Jeff pointed out in the comments that such a celebration deserves a 15-yard penalty. Why wasn’t it called? And how about the Karlos Dansby roughing the passer penalty for 15 yards? Didn’t that seem questionable considering it was borderline part of the game rather than a blatantly late hit? Putting those two aside, the most egregious error by the officials came at the end of the game. How was the “fumble” by Kurt Warner not reviewed in the final seconds of the game? The probability that they would have scored in the final play is unlikely, but hey, isn’t that where we got the name “Hail Mary” from? That just didn’t seem like the right way for things to end.

The refs have a lot of pressure on them and record-breaking television audiences watching every moment of the game, so it’s hard for them to work flawlessly without some criticism. In large part I’m guessing they did a good job. I’m not going to blame refs for the Steelers winning, but I’m really wondering how the Holmes penalty wasn’t called and why the fumble wasn’t reviewed. Someone has to ‘splain me that one.

Detroit TV Station Rips Matt Millen in Bottom Line Scroll During Super Bowl

The first second I saw that NBC had hired Matt Millen to provide in-studio analysis for the NFL playoffs, I was outraged. I questioned NBC’s sanity in placing a man who failed so miserably at his job of player analysis — GM of the Detroit Lions — into an “expert” role on TV. Well, apparently the NBC affiliate in Detroit wasn’t going to let the NBC Network nor Millen have the last word. Check out the scroll at the bottom of the screen while Millen spoke, as shown by Sports by Brooks:

You know you’ve made a questionable hire if an analysts comments have to come with a warning label-type caveat. I still can’t believe NBC made that hire. What were they thinking?

Tucson Viewers Have Super Bowl Interrupted by Club Jenna Porn Scene

In what hopefully won’t set off some sort of new FCC regulation a la Janet Jackson, some Super Bowl viewers in Tucson received what was an unwelcome surprise. With under three minutes left in the game following the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown that gave the Cardinals the lead, in the most suspenseful moment of the game of one of the best Super Bowls ever, several viewers had their feed interrupted by a porn scene:

Officials at Comcast said about 30 seconds from Club Jenna, an adult cable television channel, were shown on the local Super Bowl telecast. The company was still working Sunday night to figure out how it happened.

Callers said that the clip showed a woman unzipping a man’s pants, followed by a graphic act between the two.

“I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up,” said Cora King of Marana. “Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out.”

At unfortunate times like these, it’s only fair that someone must ask whether or not the man was doing the “Dirty Bird” dance. Luckily for the households with HD programming, they were unaffected. Honestly, how can anyone think this was anything other than a prank? This has to be right up there with some of the best ever. I’m guessing it was a Spring pledge class at Arizona State or something. Who else would come up with something like that? Sadly, this isn’t the first time Super Bowl viewers had the game ruined by transmission problems.

Video: Santonio Holmes Game-Winning Touchdown Catch in Super Bowl 43

Just like the David Tyree catch from last year, this will be one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history. Down 23-20 with under a minute to go, Ben Roethlisberger found Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone for the game-winning catch. It was a fantastic individual effort by Holmes who was able to drag his feet and get them inbounds to seal the deal. Holmes was rightfully named MVP for the catch, and he capped it off with a LeBron James-like baby-powder celebration. Here’s one for the ages:

And in case you missed it, here’s the LeBron celebration he added for good measure.

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