Mike Vrabel Back to Catching Touchdown Passes (Video)

One of the things that made Mike Vrabel’s time in New England so special was his ability to have an influence on offense when the Patriots got into their goal line sets.  The linebacker caught eight regular season touchdown passes throughout his tenure for the Patriots.  He also caught two huge touchdowns in Super Bowl play.

The Kansas City Chiefs put together a 15-play drive against the Houston Texans to begin their game on Sunday and the drive was capped off by none other than Vrabel.  Big No. 50 reeled in his first touchdown pass of the season and is part of the reason the Chiefs currently lead the Texans 14-7 on the road in the second half.  Video of the play can be seen here.

We can probably expect more of this in the future with Charlie Weis calling the plays on offense for the Chiefs.  Weis, of course, was the offensive coordinator throughout New England’s Super Bowl years and loved drawing up plays for Vrabel around the goal line.  Meanwhile, Kansas City is looking to once again prove it’s for real against a quality Houston offense in Texas.

Joe Namath: Brett Favre Won’t Make it Through Cowboys Game

Earlier in the week, I wondered whether Brett Favre was faking, or at least exaggerating his elbow injury. While I concluded that he was probably bothered by the elbow (not to mention the nuts) but still exaggerating its effects, count Hall of Famer Joe Namath as one who believes in its legitimacy.

Joe Willie told Adam Schein on Sirius NFL Radio (via Newsday) that he thinks the injury is serious based on what he saw Monday night. Namath added that tendinitis is debilitating, and that rest is the only thing that can help it. He figures Favre would need a painkilling injection to play in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

The bold prediction is that he thinks Favre won’t make it through the game: “I think the combination of Dallas knocking him down, and Brett certainly having to throw the ball, is going to be too much for him. … His best interest is to get healthy. Going out there and throwing the ball, the way he throws it, certainly is not the method that you get that thing healthy. I think they’re in a dire situation right now so he is going to try his best to play but I don’t see him being efficient.”

I agree that the situation for Minnesota is dire and that Favre will play, but I think he’ll make it through the entire game. How well he plays is the big question. I think he’ll play alright, but not great, and that the Vikings will lose and drop to 1-4. At that point, the odds Favre misses a game or two down the road go up significantly. I agree with LBS commenter Eric Z when I say this is a story that won’t end well.

Ron Jaworski Thinks Peyton Manning’s Skills May be Diminishing

The way he started off the season, I thought Peyton Manning was on his way towards winning a 4th MVP award. Peyton had 11 touchdowns against one interception through the first four games of the season (producing a 2-2 record). He still might bring home the hardware, but he’ll have to bounce back from a sluggish game last weekend against the Chiefs where the Colts won 19-9.

Manning obviously wasn’t sharp in the game, going 26-44 for 244 yards, a pick and no touchdowns, but his team pulled it out. ESPN analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski apparently has been studying some film on Manning and told Mike and Mike in the Morning that he thinks father time may be catching up with the quarterback.

Here’s what Jaws had to say, courtesy of Pro Football Talk: “The last couple weeks, as I’ve studied Peyton Manning, he has not been real sharp. Maybe there does come a time when the skills start to diminish a little bit. I’m not saying it is, but I’m seeing little signs now that the deep sideline throws are not as accurate as they used to be, there’s not the zip on the ball that there used to be. Maybe father time might be catching up with Peyton Manning a little bit.”

I really respect Jaws and find him to be extremely likable, but I saw Manning the entire game week two and most his game week four and he looked great to me. Jaws says he’s been watching the last couple weeks, and that would include the Jacksonville game where Peyton looked good. I honestly believe this is more of an overreaction to his off game against the Chiefs. Kansas City’s defense is greatly improved, and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel had an extra week to prepare for this one. Manning may have missed some throws in the game, but I think it’s premature to say his skills may be diminishing at this point. Another MVP award wouldn’t surprise me for the Colts quarterback.

Prime Time Preview: Ravens vs. Patriots

Our Week 6 LBS Game of the Week takes us to Gillette stadium for a match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots that will help clear some of the dust in the AFC and determine who the powerhouses are.  One player who won’t be in attendance is Randy Moss.  The Patriots face a true test coming off the bye week and will get a chance to see how their new, Moss-less offense stacks up against one of the best defenses in the AFC.

Why Should I Watch?

Last year in the opening round of the NFL playoffs, the Ravens went into Foxboro and embarrassed the Patriots on their own turf.  Ray Rice exploded from the opening snap and Baltimore’s front seven harassed Tom Brady for 60 minutes.  New England is looking for revenge but Baltimore won’t be intimidated.  They’ve won much bigger games at Gillette than this one.

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Tony Dungy Upsets Wade Phillips, Tony Romo This Time

The same week that Tony Dungy elicited the anger of Chargers coach Norv Turner, he also upset the Dallas Cowboys. Dungy inspired the Cowboys last year saying they had no chance to beat the undefeated Saints, but this time his comments were reserved for quarterback Tony Romo. After Romo threw three picks including one to seal the loss for Dallas, Dungy said on NBC “Part of being a leader at the quarterback position is protecting the football. You’ve got to do that to be a great quarterback.” Fair comment, especially since that pick sealed the loss.

Well head coach Wade Phillips went after Dungy, bringing up how Tony wasn’t so successful entering a game for the Steelers as their emergency quarterback when Wade was on the Houston Oilers staff. Phillips added, “Tony Dungy has been a great coach in this league. He told everybody that New Orleans would kill us last year and we had no chance. I don’t know his credibility that way.”

Romo responded by saying that Dungy wasn’t qualified to comment on his leadership since he’s not around the team. Romo pulled a Rex Ryan, inviting Dungy to practice. “He can come along if he wants to see. He can see it anytime you’re out here. That’s just part of it. If you’d ask any of my coaches you’d probably get a different answer. If Tony Dungy was in here it’d be the same way.”

This really is unbelievable. I can’t recall another commentator — aside from Charles Barkley — whose analysis and comments caused more discomfort. For coming across and having a reputation as such a nice guy, it sure seems as if Dungy has a lot of enemies in the league. To think, we still have another three months of this!

Is Brett Favre Faking His Arm Injury?

I hate to even speculate or suggest that a man who has started 289 straight games might be faking an injury, but it’s hard to say the thought hasn’t crossed my (and probably your) mind. Brett Favre was seen grabbing his arm on Monday night towards the end of the game. Those actions came less than a week after he had an MRI on his elbow which showed mild inflammation. Though Favre says his elbow isn’t causing him to miss passes, he’s had limited practices because of the arm.

So I ask the question to you: is Brett Favre faking his arm injury (or exaggerating it), or do you believe that it’s 100% legit?

Several factors make me believe the former could be the case. First off, Favre has proven many times over his career that he values the spotlight more than his credibility. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have seen the retirement games year after year. It’s possible that he’s acting on camera in an effort to gain sympathy because of the Jenn Sterger investigation. Think about it: the first we heard about his elbow problem was last week, a day after Deadspin dropped the voice mail and penis bombs. Additionally, the team has been a major disappointment (as has Favre), and blaming the elbow is a convenient excuse.

For the contrary, Brett Favre has started 289 straight games and played through muscle pulls, broken bones, bruises, sprains, aches, and pains throughout his career. Who are we to question the legitimacy of an injury for maybe the toughest player in NFL history? Plus, we got on him for playing through an arm injury when he shouldn’t have towards the end of the year with the Jets two years ago. If he’s hurt and not at full-strength, saying he may step aside is the right thing to do, right?

While you may have your opinion, I have mine. I think Favre’s elbow is bothering him, but he’s turning it into a bigger issue than it is to redirect some of the conversation away from his dong shots. What do you think?

Brett Favre Hit in the Nuts With Football During Practice (Video)

It just seems to keep getting worse and worse for Brett Favre as the days go by.  He’s had to face questions about allegedly sexting Jenn Sterger and sexually harassing her.  He’s been accused of sexually harassing a massage therapist that worked for the Jets.  His elbow hurts.  His consectuvie games played streak could be in jeopardy if he’s unable to play because of injury or suspension.  Now, he’s getting drilled in the nuts with footballs during practice.

It’s unclear when the above Brett Favre nut shot pictures took place because he reportedly didn’t practice on Wednesday.  However, it must have been pretty recent as indicated by the protective sleeve he has over his throwing elbow.  Check out the Brett Favre nut shot video:

Video Credit: YouTube user williampowellschin