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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Vince Young Is a Serious Mess, Wanted Out of Titans Playoff Game

Luckily I haven’t taken a stab at Vince Young just yet, considering there seems to be a new story emerging each day that denigrates his character. I can’t believe the same guy who was on top of the world, almost single-handedly beating USC in the title game, could be this much of a sensitivity and…Read More

Sheldon Brown Hit on Steven Jackson a Nice Wake Up Call

Steven Jackson missed most of Rams training camp, as we all well know. I’m sure whatever cobwebs he developed were shaken of by this bone-bruising, missile-seeking, body-crushing hit by Sheldon Brown of the Eagles. Let’s go to the videotape: Wow. LaRon Landry thought that hit was vicious. After seeing that play, it’s no surprise the…Read More

Watch Video of Tom Brady’s Knee Injury, Was it a Dirty Hit?

Patriots all-world quarterback Tom Brady injured his knee in the 1st quarter of Sunday’s game against the Chiefs. Bernard Pollard hit him around midfield, wrapping his arms around Brady’s knee from the ground. Michael Silver reported that the injury is a torn ACL and that Brady’s out for the season. Randy Moss says it was…Read More

Brandon Jacobs Runs Over LaRon Landry

I just love Brandon Jacobs — the guy is such a bruiser. Honestly, is there anything better than watching this guy run the football? He’s as big as all the lineman in the huddle, towers over the receivers and even his lead blocker, yet he’s the guy toting the pill. He’s bigger than half the…Read More

Tatum Bell Gets Revenge on Rudi Johnson, Steals His Bags

I’m not sure whether or not I should laugh at this story or shake my head at how immature Tatum Bell comes off to be, but it sure seems to be the trend lately. After the Bengals released Rudi Johnson this weekend, the Lions worked him out on Monday and later signed him. In order…Read More

Pacman Jones Could Play Wide Receiver

Channeling the true spirit of Deion Sanders, Pacman Jones could wind up playing some wide receiver for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones first floated the idea of Pacman doubling up and going both ways, and it’s something Wade Phillips apparently did not rule out. Apparently the Dallas Morning News wanted to see if there was a…Read More

Matt Jones Didn’t Even Know His Team’s Plays Last Season

Not too surprising for a coke head. I’m not sure about the extent of Jones’ ignorance towards the team’s playbook, but the words come from a pretty reliable source — John Madden via the fine folks of Rotoworld. As the top fantasy source on the net puts it: NBC’s John Madden said during Thursday’s Jaguars/Redskins…Read More

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