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Friday, October 31, 2014


Time to Change the NFL Playoff Seeding Structure, Again

We went over this last season when Roger Goodell said there would be some talks about revising the playoff seeding structure. The proposed revision would ensure that wild card teams with a better record would have home field advantage over division winners with worse records. I’m not suggesting we do away with division champions so…Read More

Worse Collapse: Denver or Tampa Bay?

I’ve already touched on the crappy situation in which the Broncos left themselves by blowing their lead against the Bills. The Broncos did go on to complete the impressive collapse, getting demolished by the Chargers 52-21, embarrassing themselves (and Doc Brown) in the process. Not to be outdone, the Buccaneers lost their final four games…Read More

Those Sneaky, Sneaky, Patriots and Their Kicking Tricks

We may give the Pats some crap for being busted for cheating last year, but I’ll give credit where it’s due: Bill Belichick is one creative coach who knows the rule book pretty well. You might remember a few years ago when the Patriots had Doug Flutie drop-kick an extra point when it appeared as…Read More

Great, Brett Favre Is Already Starting His Typical Game

I understand the significance of injuries in the NFL and how much they can impact the play of athletes as much as anyone. I figured it was why Peyton Manning didn’t do too well his first couple weeks (he was recovering from knee surgery), and why Reggie Bush wasn’t effective after returning from his knee…Read More

How Did the Broncos Blow This?

Two weeks ago, the Chargers seemed to be buried and left for dead. The Broncos had produced back-to-back wins improving to 8-5, winning at the Jets and at home against the Chiefs. The Chargers were the inverse — 5-8 following losses to three of the better teams in football, the Steelers, Colts, and Falcons. All…Read More

Rams’ Kenneth Darby Taken Out by Ref Garth DeFelice

When South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia was taken out by a referee in the LSU game, many of us thought the ref had some money on the game. Perhaps the same can be said for Garth DeFelice who took out Rams running back Kenneth Darby with this strong jab. MDS at FanHouse makes the strong point…Read More

Tim Tebow Calls Out Mel Kiper Jr. About His Pro Future

One of the best questions of the college football season is how Tim Tebow will fit in the pro game. Lots of successful, running quarterbacks in college often have to switch positions in the NFL to find a job. Take a look at Matt Jones, Michael Robinson, and Brad Smith to name a few. While…Read More

TV Ratings Show Dallas Cowboys Are America’s Team

You know, we’re just kind of taking Nielsen’s word for it, but since I have no way of measuring television audiences I guess we have to go with their figures. It was brought to my attention in an email from Nielsen that the Dallas Cowboys have consistently been the biggest draw on TV this year….Read More

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