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Friday, October 24, 2014


Bill Ford Jr. Would Fire Matt Millen

If you want to talk about people having dirty pictures of their bosses, the argument begins and ends with Detroit Lions President and CEO Matt Millen. The amount of mistakes and awful moves he’s made in building the Detroit Lions makes Isiah Thomas look like Theo Epstein. Since he’s taken over the team, the Lions…Read More

Radio’s so Easy, Team Vice Presidents Can Do it!

Ever power-tripping Redskins owner Daniel Snyder likes to have so much control of everything around him that he recently bought WTEM, the most powerful sports talk radio station in Washington D.C. Snyder changed it around and turned it into ESPN 980, ostensibly to control the perception of his team and hamper the criticism. That still…Read More

Joey Porter Drops Bombs on Matt Cassel

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter better be giving us some solid bulletin board material considering he hasn’t performed too well on the field since signing with Miami. With the Dolphins set to face the Patriots this weekend, Porter was popping off as is his want, angling most of his barbs towards Matt Cassel. Though Cassel has…Read More

Dennis Green Would Not Pick Up the Phone if Al Davis Called

For some reason or another, legendary NFL coach Dennis Green, always seems to be linked to the Raiders any time there’s talk about a coaching vacancy in Oakland. Prior to the Raiders tabbing Lane Kiffin for the job, it was said that Denny Green would be their man. Not so much. Now reports have pegged…Read More

Video: DeSean Jackson Loses a Touchdown Celebrating Before End Zone

I guess it’s kind of hard to completely call it celebrating because he really wasn’t taunting or dancing, but DeSean Jackson was definitely in error when he released the ball prior to reaching the end zone. Jackson had just caught a bomb from Donovan McNabb in the 2nd quarter of the Cowboys/Eagles Monday Night game…Read More

Vince Young Is a Serious Mess, Wanted Out of Titans Playoff Game

Luckily I haven’t taken a stab at Vince Young just yet, considering there seems to be a new story emerging each day that denigrates his character. I can’t believe the same guy who was on top of the world, almost single-handedly beating USC in the title game, could be this much of a sensitivity and…Read More

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