Samuel L. Jackson Reps the Atlanta Falcons in New Commercial

Samuel L. Jackson never met a script he didn’t like. Perhaps then it’s no surprise to see him pimping the Atlanta Falcons in a commercial for their ticket sales department despite Jackson being born in D.C, growing up in Chattanooga, and living in Los Angeles. I guess his ties to the Falcons come from his days at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Regardless of how Rev. Sultan swung this gig, it’s pretty amusing and worth watching. Check out this Samuel L. Jackson Atlanta Falcons commercial via The Sporting Rave and Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks:

If that video does not make you want to buy Falcons tickets, then nothing will. Right on, Rev.

Samuel L. Jackson Wants Atlanta Falcons Fans to Rise Up [The Sporting Rave]
Samuel L. Jackson rallies Falcons fans [SI Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: BigDawgJP

Dez Bryant Already Irritated with Media Attention From Pads Story

On Sunday we told you about the mini-controversy at Dallas Cowboys training camp where Dez Bryant refused to carry veteran Roy Williams’ shoulder pads as part of the rookie initiation process. With the Cowboys being who they are and their owner loving to be the center of attention, everything that happens with the team is blown out of proportion. Such was the case for the Bryant shoulder pad story, and Dez is not happy about it.

With fans chanting “Leave Dez Alone,” in the background, Bryant responded to questions to the media while signing autographs. To say he was agitated is an understatement — he was visibly upset:

“I’ve been doing the right thing. I’m going to continue to do the right thing. Everybody on the team likes me and I like everybody on the team. Y’all are trying to put me and Roy against each other that’s not going to happen.”

Bryant has just learned his first lesson about being a member of “America’s Team.” Everything that happens with the Cowboys becomes something bigger than it is. If Bryant didn’t already know to, he’s quickly learning to watch his step and maybe he now understands Tony Romo’s difficult position where every action is questioned. Whatever target the media lost when the Cowboys cut T.O. they now are trying to fill with Dez. Clearly he wants no part of it, but avoiding it is nearly impossible to do.

Dez Bryant: Shouldn’t Have to Say Anything [Dallas Cowboys]

Nate Newton’s Lost 133 Pounds and His Sex Life Is Great!

When you’re an obese person, your weight and overall size becomes a part of your personality. Whether it makes you more loving or more intimidating, being large helps identify someone. That was certainly the case for longtime Cowboys left guard Nate Newton who weighed around 320lbs during his playing career and had ballooned to nearly 400 pounds in retirement. Well Newton showed up to Dallas Cowboys training camp and was hardly recognized. As Pro Football Talk alerted us, Newton underwent a stomach surgery and has shed nearly 135 pounds in the past few months since the surgery.

Newton told The Dallas Morning News that the inspiration for the lifestyle change was the death of his father, making Newton feel like he wanted to ensure he was healthy to be around for his own son. In addition to the stomach surgery, Newton has changed his eating habits and begun exercising on a regular basis. His diabetes is in remission and his blood pressure is lower. And he’s hardly recognizable now that he’s only around 260lbs. It’s incredible! Oh yeah, and as he said in this video on the Cowboys site, his sex life is great!


Nate Newton wastes away [Pro Football Talk]
The Cowboys biggest loser: Nate Newton edition [The Dallas Morning News]
Photo Credit: SportsGrindEnt on Twitter

Too Much Being Made of NFL QB Contract Extensions

Members of the media obviously need something to talk about while the world of professional sports is amidst its most boring season. I understand they have a job to do and it can be frustrating when there are no major headlines for an extended period of time. However, the lack of exciting story lines can lead to some serious overreacting, which is what has happened this NFL off-season with the uncertainty surrounding the contract situations of the league’s elite quarterbacks.

When I woke up Monday morning and read that ESPN’s Adam Schefter was reporting that Tom Brady‘s contract discussions with the New England Patriots were progressing, why was I surprised? Maybe it’s because the word “holdout” has been the most closely connected word to Brady’s name, despite the fact that he never said anything about — or even hinted at — the possibility that he would stay home when training camp began. The three-time Super Bowl champ may be building a home in L.A., enjoy boxing there, and be friendly with Kobe Bryant, but he’s not leaving New England.

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Roy Williams Should Carry Dez Bryant’s Shoulder Pads

On Thursday we were praising Dez Bryant for becoming the first first-round pick to sign a deal and get into camp. On Saturday we were talking about how Dez Bryant made it a point to be the first one at Dallas Cowboys practice, showing up two hours early. On Sunday, the discussion had evolved back into how Dez Bryant has character issues because he refused to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads off the practice field.

Bryant’s point makes a lot of sense for why he does not want to carry Roy’s pads: “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads,” Bryant said. ”If I was a free agent, it would still be the same thing.”

I agree with Dez — he’s there to play football, not be bullied, bossed around, or hazed, even if it is a rookie tradition. Thing is, Roy Williams is genuinely upset over the whole deal:

“Everybody has to go through it. I had to go through it. No matter if you’re a No. 1 pick or the 7,000th pick, you’ve still got to do something when you’re a rookie. I carried pads. I paid for dinners. I paid for lunches. I did everything I was supposed to do, because I didn’t want to be that guy.”

Look Roy, I’m sure when it comes time to sing in front of the veterans and buy the old guys lunch and dinner that Dez will be there to participate. You need to understand that this is not as simple as a rookie not following tradition (as dumb as hazing is). This is not as simple as Dez being a headstrong, defiant person. This runs much deeper than all of that — this is about a rookie preparing to take your job. Maybe Dez should humor you by carrying your shoulder pads off the practice field next time — it’s the only dignity you’ll have left after he unseats you in the starting lineup.

Dez refuses to carry Williams’ pads [Tim MacMahon/ESPN Dallas]

Tim Brown Piles on JaMarcus Russell

Fresh off his arrest for carrying sizzurp, former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has become one of the biggest punching bags in all of football. He’s been called a “binge eater” by a former coach, and had his passion questioned by at least one former teammate. The biggest knock against Russell while he was with the Raiders was that he had no desire to work hard and get better. People have said that Russell wasn’t too interested in advice and it didn’t help that his organization wasn’t allowing people to help him either. Former Raiders star wide receiver Tim Brown was the latest to pile on. Here’s what he told the National Football Post:

“I tried to talk to him early on in his career, but there was no interest on his part,” Brown told the National Football Post earlier this week during an NFL Players Association forum on Capital Hill. “You can only do so much.”

Sounds about right. I mean why would Russell have any interest in learning from someone with nearly 15,000 career receiving yards and 100 career touchdown catches? There’s no way someone who’s been to nine Pro Bowls would know about what he’s talking, right? Hearing comments like this makes it even less surprising that Russell is out of the league. I’ll be surprised if he winds up back in.

Tim Brown said JaMarcus Russell didn’t want his advice [National Football Post]

Marvin Lewis: Benson Got Sucker-Punched

Marvin Lewis is aware of the reputation his team has built when it comes to legal trouble. As the Bengals’ head coach, it’s in his best interest to try to clear the air on some of the issues surrounding his players when he has an opportunity. According to ProFootballTalk, Lewis told the Cincinnati Enquirer that his running back, Cedric Benson, was not responsible for the bar fight that lead to his arrest back in May. Here are Lewis’ comments about the incident, via ProFootballTalk:

The truth about Cedric is that he got sucker-punched in a bar,” said Lewis, who’s overwhelmingly confident that he’s accurately received all the facts from Benson’s late-May assault charge. “Cedric got attacked in a bar. Only because it was Cedric Benson does it become news. I think that’s something you have to understand.”

“I don’t know why we’re even talking about Cedric being suspended a game,” Lewis added. “I don’t even know why we’re bringing it up. To me it’s unbelievable. It wouldn’t be brought up in 31 other cities in the country I think.”

Maybe Benson really wasn’t at fault, but let’s not play dumb here. Saying it wouldn’t be brought up in 31 other cities is an exaggeration since the media feasts upon these types of stories. We’re talking about him being suspended because the bar fight arrest marked the fifth time he’s been booked in his life. Forgive everyone for assuming he’s guilty until proven innocent. I like Marvin Lewis and I have no problem with a coach going to bat for his players, but don’t act like the media is blowing things out of proportion when one of those players averages about an arrest per year.

Marvin Lewis goes to bat for Benson [ProFootballTalk]