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Friday, October 31, 2014


Dominic Raiola Is Not Remorseful for Flipping Off Lions Fans

I’ll tell you, after hearing Dominic Raiola’s interview Tuesday on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio, I don’t want to see the team go 0-16. At first I did just to spite the organization for being so poorly run; it would be the ultimate insult if they were to go winless. But after hearing…Read More

Video: Antonio Bryant Amazing Touchdown Catch Against Panthers

Seems like I’ve been hearing great things about Antonio Bryant the last 10 years, dating back to his days at Pitt. He was a late second round pick, touted as having all kinds of talent, and then he really disappointed in the NFL. Until this year with Tampa Bay. Bryant has become Jeff Garcia’s top…Read More

FOX TV Catches Visanthe Shiancoe in Loose Post-Game Pose

I totally missed this — and I really have to wonder about the people who catch it — but FOX TV was apparently pretty careless in bringing us the postgame celebration in the Vikings locker room on Sunday. See for yourself: I swear, if I have to start curbing my language on the radio because…Read More

Ocho Cinco Shops at Best Buy at 5am on Black Friday

Even if Chad Ocho Cinco’s making millions, you can bet for sure that the money hasn’t gone to his head. How else do you explain this photo? Well, I guess you can’t accuse the guy of being lazy. Funny thing is, he was trying to buy a present for Marvin Lewis, he said. I’m sure…Read More

Matt Cassel Just Made Himself a Ton of $

Back at the beginning of the season when Joey Porter was dropping bombs on Matt Cassel, I took Porter’s side; Cassel hadn’t started since his days at Chatsworth in high school and had no experience. Heck, he had even switched to tight end at USC just to get some PT. And even after spending a…Read More

Brian Westbrook Tackled by His Jockstrap in Ravens Game

I just can’t even imagine what the best caption for this photo would be. There’s the corny “Ravens sure have a good grip on things.” Maybe an “Eagles crack under pressure.” All I know is that there’s a bunch of good lines out there I’m just not creative enough to come up with. Maybe you…Read More

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