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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Odell Thurman Could be Worse than Ricky

Aside from being a Bengals fan, what disappoints me most about Odell Thurman is that he’s such a talented player. In his rookie season in 2005, Thurman was the stud on the Bengals defense (yes, I realize that’s like an oxymoron), racking up well over 100 tackles, five interceptions, and five forced fumbles. The guy…Read More

Idiot Kicker Headed to Canada

I thought it was a low point for Mike Vanderjagt when he was beat out in a tryout by a minor league kicker. Yeah, a kicker from the arenafootball2 league — the Arena minor league — was better than Vanderjagt. This is the same guy who was a Pro Bowler and like hitting all of…Read More

Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo Back on?

All those football fans who think they have it made, please step forward. Not so fast, Cowboy fan! That’s right, I know you were all celebrating after hearing the news that the two had called it quits. Even with that news, Tony still kept his promise to Chestica and accompanied her to sister Ashlee’s wedding…Read More

Freddie Mitchell Working Out for Ravens?

You’ve probably come to expect me to be down with all athletes that are former Bruins. Au contraire. When a guy’s got a mouth as big as Jay Bruce’s hat, and not the skills to back it up, it becomes hard to root for him. It is in that light that I must laugh along…Read More

So Much for Brian Urlacher’s Holdout

Once again, it’s interesting how things play out. Early last year Lance Briggs was saying he would do “everything that’s within his power” not to play for the Bears. Not only did he wind up signing a one-year deal with Chicago, but then he signed a multi-year deal recently. All the while stud linebacker Brian…Read More

Vince Young Contemplated Retirement

A lot of the news surrounding Vince Young recently revolved around him appearing shirtless in a photo with several other men, seemingly at a club. VY recently apologized because the photograph sends the wrong message about him to kids. I’m not really concerned with that picture, and I imagine that Vince has learned to be…Read More

Charlie Weis a Product of Spygate?

I’m sure this crossed my mind last year when the news about Spygate first came out. It got us all wondering how legitimate the Patriots’ success was. It made me wonder how good their defense, offense, and coaches really were if they had the advantage of knowing opponents’ plays ahead of time. Which brings us…Read More

Jets Flip Coin to Determine Quarterback

That’s how you know you’re in bad shape. In a perfect world, your starting quarterback is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and you don’t have to worry about any competitions. But the reality for most NFL teams is that they’re trying to improve at the position and find the right man for the job. The…Read More

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