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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Joe Montana: Mark Sanchez is better than Tim Tebow right now

Now that the Jets have traded for Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez finds himself in a wee bit of a quarterback controversy. Joe Montana knows all about quarterback controversies. Montana had to fight off Steve Young for several seasons after the 49ers traded for Young in 1987. Comparing Sanchez’s situation with Montana’s might be quite the…Read More

Tim Tebow used his spiritual healing power on Brian Dawkins’ neck

Many people have joked that devout Christian Tim Tebow has healing powers. He apparently believes that is the case, or that he can at least use his faith to try and help injured teammates. It was revealed in a recent interview that Tebow tried to use prayer and his healing hands to improve safety Brian…Read More

Dolphins owner reportedly told fan team would have cut Brandon Marshall

The Chicago Bears seemingly got Brandon Marshall from Miami in a steal, but according to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, the team was happy just to get something for him in return. Ross reportedly called a disgruntled season ticket holder, one who protested last week, and told him the team had been shopping Brandon Marshall for…Read More

Antonio Cromartie now praising Tim Tebow

Antonio Cromartie was vehemently against the Jets acquiring Tim Tebow, tweeting twice that the team didn’t need the quarterback since they already had two. In one of his tweets, Cromartie suggested Tebow was just a gimmick quarterback who was there to sell tickets. That was all said before the Jets traded for Tebow. Now that…Read More

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