Audio: Rex Ryan’s Voicemail to Jets Fans Prior to Patriots Game

The Jets looked mighty strong against the Texans in week one. Their defense actually didn’t allow any points considering the only Houston score came on a pick six by Mark Sanchez. Based on the way they looked and the way the Patriots looked against the Bills, the Jets might not need as much help as Rex Ryan thinks they do. The boisterous, proactive coach actually took the time to record a message that was sent out to fans to try and get them pumped up about Sunday’s game. In the message, Ryan even adds that Bill Belichick is a better coach than he is. Check out Rex Ryan’s Voicemail to Jets Fans.

A big thanks to The Jets Blog for the audio, and they actually have a full transcript of the message in case you can’t listen. I really do believe the Jets will give New England a solid game this weekend and possibly come out with a win. That defense looks really good and the offense isn’t far behind. If the Pats struggled to protect Brady against the Bills, how will they do against the Jets? It really could get ugly. Not having Jerod Mayo for nearly two months isn’t good news for a rebuilding defense either. I wonder if the Pats wish they had Richard Seymour back right about now.

You Stay Classy, Bills Fans

The word “fan” is short for a word we often forget — fanatic. That term is more appropriate for the people who vandalized Leodis McKelvin’s lawn following the Bills’ loss on Monday night to the Patriots. Yes McKelvin made a HUGE error when he fumbled the kickoff following a Tom Brady to Ben Watson touchdown pass late in the game that made the score 24-19, but did he single-handedly lose the game for the team? Of course not. Even if he did, that in no way merits what some Bills fans did to his home:

Police were investigating the vandalism at McKelvin’s home in the upscale Briercliff Estates subdivision off Amsdell Road but declined to say anything more about the incident.

The vandalism apparently consisted of the score — 25-24 — and a graphic depiction of the male anatomy scrawled in white paint on McKelvin’s front lawn.

Yeah, real class there, Buffalo. I can’t even begin to say how inappropriate that behavior is. What did these guys have six figures on the game? Do they think McKelvin was intentionally trying to lose the game? OK, bad question — we all know he was just playing the game according to Goodell’s script. But I don’t care what an athlete does wrong, this is crossing a line that should never be crossed — into someone’s personal life.

Raiders Got Screwed Out of 4 Points on Louis Murphy Overturned TD

Chargers Raiders FootballFirst the tuck rule, now the “must have possession when hitting the ground” rule? It seems like the NFL is trying to screw the Raiders over every time they have a chance. With the game tied at 7 in the second quarter, JaMarcus Russell hit Louis Murphy with a 19 yard pass over the middle in the end zone. Murphy caught the ball cleanly, had possession for a few seconds, landed with both feet down in the end zone, and then it popped out as he hit the ground. It was a catch in every sense of the word and Murphy even jumped into the Black Hole to celebrate his first career TD, one that would have given the Raiders a 14-7 lead just before halftime. After a lengthy review, the officials came up with some bogus reason to nullify the score, making it 4th and 5 for the Raiders. They wound up kicking a field goal to go up 10-7, missing out on four points.

Much like the Bills earlier in the evening, the Raiders were surprising everyone by playing such a solid game, beating a team with whom they had struggled so many times before. And just like the Bills blew an 11 point lead with five and a half minutes to go, the Raiders blew their improbable lead with 2:34 to go. Had that Murphy TD counted as it should have, the Sproles TD would have only tied the game at 24, not given the Chargers the lead and the win. Then in overtime you could say the Chargers might have won it, but at least the Raiders would have had another chance to get the victory, one they deserved another shot at. Honestly, I don’t give a crap what rule the officials said was in effect; Louis Murphy caught a touchdown, end of story. Why the heck was that reviewed, much less overturned? Total bogus bullcrap.

Lastly, a few observations about the game: excellent Raiders debut for Richard Seymour. He’s not worth a first-round pick, but damn, he really improved that Raiders rush and pass defense and he made Al Davis proud. Next, it was impossible not to notice how infrequently LaDainian Tomlinson was on the field. Sproles was the go-to-back on the game-winning drive and LT really didn’t do much against a team he usually feasts on. He’s been going downhill for two years, make it three now.

Photo Credti: Getty Images

Broncos Must Have Lucky Horseshoes Up Their Butts

Of all ways to lose, this has to be particularly hurtful for the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s not as if they were dominating the game — neither team was. But after finally putting together a good drive at the end of the game, the Bengals saw their efforts get wasted on one of the luckier plays you’ll see. I’m sure Oklahoma State fans will be able to tell Bengals fans exactly how crappy it feels to get beat on a fluke play like this:

Credit Stokley for his awareness — not only was he in the vicinity to make the catch, but then he also stalled at the goal line for a few seconds to try and run more time off the clock. Given the circumstance — at their 13 and down by one point with only 11 seconds left, this is like winning on a freaking hail mary. This play might go down in history in the same breath as the Kordell Stewart hail mary, or the LSU bluegrass miracle. And somehow, someway, Josh McDaniels walks out of Cincinnati with his first head coaching win. Maybe it’s karma for the Bengals keeping so many delinquents on their team. 12-7 and boy does it hurt.

Adrian Peterson Is Quite Simply … Redonkulous

Guess Gruden was right in that Monday Night Football commercial, huh? Adrian Peterson took advantage of a weak Cleveland Browns defense Sunday, turning Week One into a personal talent showcase. He ran for not one, not two, but three touchdowns in the opener, the last of which was quite a beauty. Check out this sweet run by AP as he treats the Browns defense like they’re little boys.

Listen Cleveland, I’m not even playing and I know it takes more than a weak ass arm tackle to bring down All Day. In the word of Jaws, play on, playa!

Video: Troy Polamalu One-Handed Interception Against Titans

Before Troy Polamalu headed to the locker room with a knee injury, the victim of the Madden Curse, he showed off a few of the skills that make him a Pro Bowler. Not only did he surge the backfield like a missile to tackle Chris Johnson for a loss early in the game, but he also made an incredible one-handed interception late in the first quarter. Check out the video:

That was pretty sweet. I’m guessing Polamalu’s right-handed, but either way being able to make a one-handed grab like that on such a deep ball is extremely impressive. Plus, if you look carefully you’ll notice that Kenny Britt pushes off on Troy yet he still makes the grab. Sean Smith of the Dolphins had a one-handed pick in the preseason that was sweet, but this one blows it away. Too bad Troy gave some of it back with all his personal foul penalties and too bad the injury is taking him away for a few games.

Derrick Ward: Buccaneers Offense Is as Good as Any in the NFL

Texans Buccaneers FootballI’m all for players having confidence and believing in themselves and their teams — that’s the best attitude you can have. So if new Tampa Bay running back Derrick Ward is confident in himself and proud of his team then who am I to ruin his party? Well I don’t expect much out of the Bucs this year so let’s just say I wasn’t far from laughing out loud when he made these remarks on The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio Thursday night:

“I’ll put our offense up against any offense in the NFL. You can write that down on the internet sites and all that stuff. The offense that we have now can match up with any offense in the NFL. On Sundays, just because you have the big names doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to come about with yards and touchdowns, you gotta prove it on Sundays. On paper, we stack up with anybody else.”

Without blinking I’d say all three offenses in Tampa’s division are better than the Bucs, on paper and on the field. The NFC East has better offenses and the NFC North has a few better ones. In fact I’d only consider Tampa a match on paper to some of the teams in the NFC West and that’s about it. They’re not a very good team and I’m really expecting a 4-12 season. But who am I to rain on Ward’s party, right? They have a chance to prove it on the field starting Sunday.