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Monday, October 20, 2014


Being an NFL Official Is Not Safe

This is why you must be on the look out for everything … head on a swivel, head on a swivel, head on a swivel … Yes, that was from Sunday night’s Steelers/Eagles game. I know they don’t do it full time, but I sure hope the refs get good health benefits. Chest Bump to…Read More

T.O. Is ‘Trying to Be a Role Model’

When you parents tuck your kids in at night, I’m sure you have wishes for them to be outstanding people when they grow up. You want them to have the honesty of Lincoln, the work ethic of Ripken, the knowledge of Einstein. Probably not on that list of role models is Cowboys wide receiver Terrell…Read More

Travis Henry: Father of Nine Kids to Nine Women

Commenter SpinMax emails in with this story about Travis Henry, who apparently is giving Shawn Kemp a run for his money as the newest punchline when it comes to fathering kids out of wedlock. As you read in the headline, Henry has fathered nine kids to nine different women in four different states. Luckily for…Read More

What Exactly Is David Boston On?

I’ve always been partial to David Boston because I had him on my fantasy team back in ’01 and because the guy has his stool samples analyzed during training camp. That’s gotta count for something right? Well, you knew he was a body-building freak, getting penalized for violating the league’s steroids policy in ’04. And…Read More

Vince Young Is Like Doug Flutie?

I’ve heard a lot of unusual comparisons before in my life, but I’ve never heard one as hard to imagine as this one is. New Titans receiver Eric Moulds who I’m advised by ESPN’s fantasy football preview has the best hands in the league, says his new quarterback Vince Young, reminds him of his old…Read More

Who’s Worse: Vick, or $$ Hungry Dad?

Alright, we can all pretty much agree that what Michael Vick is alleged to have done is pretty bad. But if anyone would stick up for him, you would at least figure it would be his family, right? Wrong. Vick’s dad, who’s been described as an estranged father, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Vick’s been…Read More

Warren Sapp Still has the Magic Touch

I guess dropping about 50 lbs gives you the right to talk as much trash as you want. Then again, when your name’s Warren Sapp, you probably feel like you already have that privilege, because the 34-year-old fossil can still dish some ish better than anyone in the league. From USA Today, speaking about the…Read More

Fantasy Football Do’s and Don’ts

MJD had an outstanding Debriefing column on Wednesday. It was about fantasy do’s and don’ts. I’ve been a huge fantasy sports guy for quite some time, thus I’m generally a fan of such lists. Matt Berry back in the day had some awesome ones, The Sports Guy did too, and of course, MJD belongs right…Read More

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