Tim Tebow Gets the Friar Tuck Haircut

We’ve already established that Tim Tebow was a certified pad carrier when it came to NFL rookie hazing, but now we know he also takes whatever they do to him like a champ. Giving rookies jacked up haircuts has become quite the trend amongst hazing rituals, and nothing compares to what the Jaguars did to their rookies. But as we found out via Sports by Brooks through LenDale White’s twitter account, messed up haircuts are the best when they’re administered to star players. Check out a picture of Tim Tebow’s new haircut from the rookie hazing:

Well, if there was one benefit from the Broncos signing LenDale White, this was it. He just earned his pay.

Friar Tebow: Denver Rookie Gets Haircut Hazing [Sports by Brooks]
LenDale White on Twitter

Tim Tebow Sells. A Lot of Gear.

Knowing that Tim Tebow was one of the most famous players in college football history, it’s no surprise to see how popular he is as he makes his transition into the NFL. Tebow creates lines when he’s signing autographs (even at a cost of $100+ per signing), and his Denver Broncos jersey has been the league’s top seller. As if that wasn’t enough evidence, we’re discovering that pretty much any gear with his name attached will cause a frenzy.

Nike released 500 limited edition Tim Tebow cross training shoes on its online store and they sold out in 15 minutes. They also released the shoes at three different locations: Nike Town New York, Nike Town Denver, and the new Nike store in Santa Monica. According to a sales rep at the Nike store in Santa Monica, the shoes sold out within two hours of the doors opening Friday, which also happened to be the grand opening.

In an effort to keep the Tebow hunger alive, the nike store online scattered the release of the Tebow shoes and t-shirt. The “Tebow Knows” shirt was released later in the day Friday and is still available in XL and XXL sizes, although likely not for long. Maybe some commercials similar to Bo Knows are forthcoming, but the point is clear: Tim Tebow is one of the most popular athletes around and fans demand his stuff. I wonder how long this will last if Tebow’s NFL career becomes unsuccessful.

No. 15 is the key in Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 release [Only Gators]

Michael Irvin Loved His Hall of Fame Jacket Too Much

With the Hall of Fame Enshrinement coming up on Saturday, a humorous story about Michael Irvin’s enshrinement in Canton has been making the rounds. As Hot Clicks points out from With Leather, Irvin told the Chicago Tribune that he embraced his Hall of Fame jacket so much that he didn’t take it off for two straight days regardless of what he was doing. And you can guess what he was doing …

“I remember when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame and they gave me my Hall of Fame yellow blazer. I wore it for two straight days. Finally my wife was in bed and said she wanted to make love but that I had to take the coat off. I refused and kept the blazer on because I wanted to perform like a Hall of Famer on the field and off.”

There are plenty of other Michael Irvin jokes to throw in there about what else he did with that blazer on but this was unexpected. And why am I thinking that his wife got her way with this one? Let’s just hope he got it dry cleaned afterward.

Michael Irvin’s Hall of Fame jacket [Hot Clicks]
Michael Irvin Did the Dirty in His Hall of Fame Jacket [With Leather]
Michael Irvin tells all about his NFL Hall of Fame jacket [Chicago Tribune]

Rodney Harrison: Favre Loves the Media Attention

Everyone has an opinion about Brett Favre and Rodney Harrison has an opinion about everyone.  It makes for a perfect combo.  Of course, Harrison wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to let people know how he feels about Favre’s latest retirement charade.  In Rodney’s defense, he probably knows a thing or two about the difficulty that comes with making a decision on when to hang it up, so he can definitely give some perspective on the situation whether you respect his opinion or not.  Here’s what Rodney Harrison had to say about Brett Favre loving media attention on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, courtesy of WEEI.com:

You get to a point at 40 years old that you know exactly what you want to do — if you want to play football or not,” Harrison said. “And that’s why I’ve been critical of this guy. Because it’s so unfair to your teammates, it’s unfair to your coaches, it’s unfair to the city, the organization that you keep leaving people hung out to dry like that.

“I’ve never understood Brett Favre. I just think he loves the media attention. At 40 years old, you know if you want to grind through an 18-week season. If I was a teammate of his, I’d probably be a little ticked off he’s not in training camp.”

Sounds like Harrison and Bus Cook share a common belief about the 40-year-old.  I don’t think you’ll find many who disagree with Rodney.  Favre can’t bring himself to stay out of the spotlight, and it has to be costing Minnesota as they try to prepare for the season.  I’m sure most of the Vikings wish he’d make a decision one way or another.  At least then they could focus on football and not have to deal with a media circus dedicated solely to one person.

Rodney blasts Favre [WEEI.com]

On Second Thought, Pats Rookies Should Count Their Blessings

Earlier this week, we told you about the Patriots veterans giving rookies bad haircuts as one of their preferred methods of rookie hazing during training camp.  After seeing that, we couldn’t understand what Dez Bryant was so upset about.  Bryant wasn’t asked to carry several sets of pads like Travis Ivey and Tim Tebow, and he got to keep all of his hair.  After seeing the images above, I’ve decided the last place I’d want to be in America over the past week is the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp.

The Jags veterans have taken to shaving shapes of male private parts in the heads of their rookies, among other ridiculous designs.  Here are some pictures of the Jaguars rookies’ shaved heads, courtesy of Busted Coverage via Uche Nwaneri’s Twitter:

NFL D*** Haircut Rookie Hazing Photos: Jacksonville Jaguars Vet Uche Nwaneri Can Handle The Shears! [Busted Coverage]
Photo Credit: Uche Nwaneri on Twitter

Batman and Robin Upset Brett Favre is Getting All the Attention

Make no mistake about it, Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will do their best to cause headaches throughout the 2010 season.  I’m not saying they won’t be productive on the field.  Their chemistry could make for quite the show on the gridiron, but it’s going to make for a cinematic production off of it as well.  That’s probably why Marvin Lewis is skeptical about the T.O. signing.  For those of you who don’t believe they’re starved for attention, here’s a Wednesday Tweet from Ochocinco:

I wonder if Ocho has caught wind of the Jenn Sterger/Brett Favre rumors yet.  If he thinks he and T.O. are having a tough time maintaining the spotlight with Favre contemplating retirement again, wait until that story becomes fully engulfed in flames.  Batman and Robin are better off spending their time planning their first touchdown celebration.  At least by then there’s a chance some of this Favre stuff will have blown over.

Chad Ochocinco on Twitter

Favre’s Retirement Opens NFC North for the Bears

When training camp started, I had a mental list of where I thought each team would finish in the NFC North division. I believed the Green Bay Packers would finish in first, followed by the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears and lastly, the Detroit Lions. But when news broke on Tuesday morning that Brett Favre planned to retire, the division picture changed dramatically.

I could not believe my ears when I heard that the Minnesota Star Tribune said Favre told teammates he planned to retire. Wasn’t he just saying that he feels more at home in Minnesota than he did during his time with the Packers?  If Favre does not return — which I’m not convinced until the season begins without Favre around — the race for second place becomes much tighter.

Favre had a career best 2009 season with only seven interceptions thrown. His dominant postseason play gave the Vikings a real shot at bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Minneapolis until the New Orleans Saints shut them down in the NFC Championship game. Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels will have to fill big shoes this season if indeed Favre decides that 19 seasons are enough for him. I don’t believe that Jackson or Rosenfels are capable, at least not yet, of leading the Vikings to a Super Bowl let alone an NFC North title. And this is good news for the Bears.

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