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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Jon Gruden Denies Falling in Love with All Players During ESPN Broadcasts

In case you somehow failed to notice, Jon Gruden can become overwhelmed at times during the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.  The man loves him so football, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  His passion for the game is unrivaled, but sometimes it can border on weird.  Whether it’s giving out a…Read More

Tom Brady Loves Randy Moss, but do Pats?

The relationship between Tom Brady and Randy Moss is an interesting one. Just before the Patriots released the mercurial wide receiver last year, he reportedly had gotten into a fight with quarterback Tom Brady. Despite the reported fight, they were back to being cool a few days later. Moss went to the Vikings, was released…Read More

Former Airport Janitor Tommie Campbell Makes Titans’ Roster

There have been plenty of excellent redemption stories in the NFL. Kurt Warner is perhaps the most notable — he went from a stock boy at a supermarket to NFL MVP. Recently we wrote about Nate Hughes, a registered nurse who was trying to make the Lions as a wide receiver. He didn’t make their…Read More

Alexa Flutie Had to Pass Football IQ Test to Become Patriots Cheerleader

Alexa Flutie is the daughter of former Heisman Trophy winner and Patriots quarterback, Doug Flutie. As we told you in May, she finally made the Patriots cheerleading team after trying out unsuccessfully the previous few years. Being a cheerleader for an NFL team may seem simple — look good, dance well, and wave your pompoms…Read More

Chris Cooley Says the Eagles Are the Team to Beat in the NFC East

Someone needs to tell Chris Cooley that he plays in the NFC East.  Based on his latest comments, the Redskins tight end appears to have forgotten that.  In the NFC East you don’t compliment other teams and you certainly don’t admit that you may not be on the best team in the division.  The code…Read More

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