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Friday, October 24, 2014


Lorenzo Alexander Really Wants to Make the Redskins

I remember watching in equal parts disbelief and shock on Saturday night as Lorenzo Alexander, helmet cleanly stripped off, chased down a play. Mind you, Alexander did not just simply chase down the play, nor did he merely clear the pile. Oh no. Alexander went in for the tackle, head first. Yes, he really wants…Read More

Michael Strahan: I’ll Be Ready for Week One

There’s been much to do about Michael Strahan this off-season and throughout training camp. A lot of people are wondering whether or not the guy will play for the Giants this year since he hasn’t reported to camp. Well, Strahan came on FOX Sports Radio Saturday night with Michael Irvin and Brian Webber, and he…Read More

Pacman Jones Goes to Strip Clubs For the Food

Honestly, if that isn’t the lamest effing excuse in the books, then I don’t know what is. Just a few days ago, I told you that Pac was set to make his TNA debut tonight. Well, apparently he went on ESPN2’s First Take to promote the event. In between arguing over the amount of times…Read More

Eric Mangini’s Secret to Success: Mozart on the Practice Field

In one of the opening scenes of Get Shorty, Chili Palmer’s buddy declares that he’s going to start sleeping in a coffee shop. When asked why, the barber cites a newspaper article saying that 90% of people die in their bedrooms. He reasons, “How many people you know died in a coffee shop?” Perhaps Eric…Read More

Cam Cameron Really Likes Tony Dungy

So much so, that he bought 1,000 copies of Tony Dungy’s memoir, Quiet Strength, helping vault the book into the No. 1 spot on the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list for a week. Cameron purchased the copies (priced at $26.99) to giveaway at his preseason coaching clinic. Here’s the story as told to Peter…Read More

Coming to a Turnbuckle Near You, It’s Adam “Pacman” Jones

After much conjecture and speculation, the inevitable truth has finally been revealed. Pacman Jones will embark on his latest venture. He will be joining TNA wrestling, so says USA Today. This was something we had heard a week ago, but then the Titans said it was against Pac’s contract. No matter, I mean when’s the…Read More

Daniel Snyder Does Not Like Vanilla Ice Cream, So Says Mike Nolan

I had been meaning to write this story for quite some time, but it wasn’t until this morning when I linked to a post about Daniel Snyder that I was reminded to share it. I’m finishing up John Feinstein’s book, Next Man Up, which is a behind the scenes account of the 2004 Baltimore Ravens….Read More

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