NFL Thinking About Installing Computer Chip in Footballs

According to Pro Football Talk, via Reuters, the NFL is exploring the possibility of installing an electronic chip inside footballs that would help officials determine whether or not the ball breaks the plane of the goal line on questionable plays in the red zone.  The idea is one that has been discussed several times throughout the years and a group at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh has reportedly been actively researching the feature.

The group researching the feature is called Cairos Technologies — a German manufacturer that has designed similar technology which has been used in soccer.  Their sales director, Mario Hanus, may want to brush up on his knowledge of the rules of American football before attempting to design such a feature:

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Brett Favre’s Third Retirement Party

Wow, apparently he was not joking this off-season. Back in March we told you that Favre said he was undecided about his future. We figured that was just part of Favre’s annual charade; even his own agent called him a drama queen. But Jeff Zulgad of the Minnesota Star Tribune says Favre began informing teammates on Monday night of his plans to retire, and many other reporters have confirmed the same news.

While we know there is a possibility of Favre being done for good, we’re guessing Favre still may be back. Favre delayed his ankle surgery this off-season for those gruesome bruises and the beating he took in the NFC Championship likely took its toll on the 40-year-old. While Favre may be feeling like he’s retiring at the moment, give it a few weeks and there is a very good chance that he comes back.

In essence, if Favre walks away now and in this manner, it will be one of the most anti-climactic retirements in sports history. The first time Favre stepped away, he got to see what his funeral would look like in person. The second time he retired was after his only season with the Jets and nobody seemed to notice. Now, maybe Brett decided he wanted to overtake the sports headlines and news cycle again and that’s where this comes from. Because he’s cried wolf so many times before, most people are skeptical of the report. Sadly, we’ll all be let down if he does not come back this time because we have been conditioned to believe he would every time before. No way he walks away from the game with the Tracy Porter interception as his last pass, right?

Favre ready to call it quits [Star Tribune]

Mike Golic, MDS Pass Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test

On Saturday we posted a video of FOX 5 reporter Lindsay Murphy running the Albert Haynesworth conditioning test. Murphy beat Haynesworth’s time for the first 300 yard run but failed to complete the second shuttle run in the necessary time. As a result of the fuss over Haynesworth failing the test twice (and Murphy’s run), several other media members took the test as I learned via Hot Clicks. Two more media personalities took the test on Monday.

Our friend Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk and Fanhouse aced the test, running the first 300 yards in 69 seconds and the second in 68. The second personality was Mike Golic of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. Golic did not touch the line each time he ran 25 yards like was supposed to and he still struggled. Golic was huffing and puffing and I don’t think he passed even though the video says otherwise. Here’s the Mike Golic conditioning test video from ESPN for you to decide:

The one difference between Golic taking the test and everyone else is that Mike is about the only one who is somewhat comparable to Haynesworth. Albert rolls at 6’5″ and like 330lbs. Golid is a former defensive lineman. It’s quite different to run 600 yards at 150-200 pounds and to do it when you weigh 300-plus. That might make Mike’s performance more impressive than the others, but I still give MDS credit for passing both parts.

Mike Golic Passes The Test [ESPN Video]
Am I Fitter Than Albert Haynesworth? [MDS/Fanhouse]

Tim Tebow Carries the Shoulder Pads

Ever since there was much ado about Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads all rookies have been judged by the same standard: pad carrier or not? We already know that Dolphins rookie Travis Ivey is a card carrying member and now we know that Tim Tebow is also in the club. In a Denver Post article about whether or not Tebow will be active on gamedays via Ben Maller, a picture showed Tebow carrying two teammates’ gear off the practice field:

It’s amazing how something so routine as rookies carrying veterans’ shoulder pads has become a training camp storyline. Tebow obliged but that does not make him special. Rather, it just points out how different Dez was from mostly everyone else. People got on Dez for refusing but I still maintain that Roy Williams should have been carrying Dez’s pads.

Tebow may force Broncos into making tough decisions on game day [Denver Post]
Broncos Tim Tebow deals with rookie hazing [Ben Maller]

Colts Owner: We’ll Franchise Tag Manning If We Have to

At a time when members of the mainstream media are abuzz with talk of new labor agreements and star quarterbacks whose contracts are expiring after this season, I’m a little surprised to hear Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay admit that he would use the franchise tag on Peyton Manning if it came down to it.  It’s uncertain if there will even be such a thing as a franchise tag when a new labor agreement is reached, but apparently Irsay won’t be afraid to use it if there is.  Here’s what the Colts owner told the Associated Press, courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

The bottom line is we’ll get something done and when it happens just depends,” Irsay said, per the Associated Press. “I said he’d be the highest-paid player and he may already be if we go with the [franchise] tag.  I’d love to see him be here and break all those records as a Colt.”

While I’ve already said I think too much is being made of QB contract situations and I don’t think any of the game’s best quarterbacks are changing teams, I don’t think guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees want to be franchise tagged.  Irsay has openly stated he plans on making Manning the highest-paid player in the NFL, but I’m sure Manning would prefer a deal to get done before use of the franchise tag is necessary.  If it still exists, the tag would give him a one-year contract worth $18.96 million, which isn’t exactly petty cash.  However, it doesn’t provide the long-term security that a Super Bowl champion has earned.

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T.O. Missed Flight Working on iPhone App

If there were ever two NFL players perfectly MFEO, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens were them. These guys are on the same mental level and will probably cancel each other out in the Bengals locker room with all their idiocy. That’s why it wasn’t at all surprising to read that T.O. supposedly missed his flight to Cincinnati Wednesday night because he was busy working on developing his iPhone app. At least that’s the story coming from the New York Post and I’m guessing they got the story from the app developers. Why is that? Because they gave the company’s name a plug in their Page Six report.

The part about Owens missing his flight is fact — confirmed by Terrell himself. Though he did not make it to the Nati in time for practice on Thursday morning, he arrived in time to participate in the evening practice.

While many people are concerned about the combustibility factor in the Bengals locker room, we think the onus for the offense now falls on quarterback Carson Palmer. Chad and Terrell are the perfect match and they’ll be busy keeping each other occupied as they compete for more twitter followers and better end zone celebrations. Their Cincinnati story will have a happy ending. The Bengals? That’s a different question. An NFC North repeat is possible, but they won’t be Super Bowl contenders.

T.O. develops his own phone app [New York Post]

Travis Ivey Will Carry Your Shoulder Pads, Thank You

Dez Bryant caused a stir because he did not carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads. Dolphins rookie Travis Ivey is the complete opposite of Dez, and he’s probably the only player to make headlines for actually carrying shoulder pads. Six sets of them — four around his neck and one in each hand:

Between Dez’s shoulder pad controversy and the Pats rookies getting jacked up hair cut, ’tis the season for NFL rookie hazing. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an undrafted free agent from Maryland and not a first-round pick. Expect plenty more of this to come.

Photo Credit: Wilfredo Lee/The Associated Press