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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Browns Say Patriots Were Shady

If you remember not too long ago, I presented a story from the Lions and Bengals who both complained that their coach-to-quarterback headsets went out when the were playing the Patriots in Foxboro. Now you can add the Browns to the list: In the wake of the Spygate scandal involving New England coach Bill Belichick,…Read More

Brandon Marshall Knows How to Celebrate a Win

I guess this ass hat doesn’t realize that despite his team’s win, he failed to get into the end zone to help out my fantasy squad. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t too depressed Sunday night after his team beat the Steelers. To the contrary, Marshall went out after the game, and got busted for DUI….Read More

Don’t Teach Michael Bennett Chinese

Cuz you won’t even have a prayer of him picking it up. Just ask the man, considering he’s the one who brought it up. Talking about his recent trade to Tampa Bay from Kansas City, Michael Bennett said it will take him some time to pick up Chucky’s offense: “This West Coast system is like…Read More

Will Luis Castillo Be the Next Madden Cover Victim?

As I posted at FanHouse, Luis Castillo might be the next player to suffer the Madden Jinx. We’ve already seen ’08 cover boy Vince Young fall victim to a pulled quad this weekend, and next up might be Castillo. How is that possible you ask? Well, the North County Times notes that Castillo has been…Read More

Derrick Mason Probable With.. Diarrhea

Yeah man, no joke. I was thumbing through Rotoworld to find out the latest injury news from the NFL, only to come across this one for Derrick Mason. Let me just say that I’ve seen some strange ailments on the injury reports, and I’ve heard of Andy Roddick losing a match because he got sick…Read More

Alge Crumpler Rips on Falcons, Petrino

Really, I don’t care much about the Falcons. But they are a disaster, and as one of the train wrecks in the NFL, it’s kinda fun to see the collision happen before our eyes. This week, Alge Crumpler, who’s been a good tight end his entire career (even with Vick throwing to him!), went off…Read More

John Henderson Would Do Well at Russian Slap Boxing

Yes, there is more than one way to get up for a game. There’s a good chance you’ve seen this before considering it’s old footage. Yet like many oldies, it’s a goodie, and I have to thank Signal to Noise for the reset. Check out how John Henderson gets prepared for a game (language NSFW):…Read More

Q-Tips Can Be Dangerous

Especially when someone bumps into you while you got one shoved brain-deep in your melon. Just ask Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn, who as Michael David Smith pointed out at FanHouse, has temporarily lost his hearing: Blackburn, the Giants’ third-year backup middle linebacker and a special-teams contributor, was cleaning his ear with a Q-Tip after the…Read More

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