Jay Cutler Is a Heart Breaker

Jay Cutler interceptionEver since seeing Jay Cutler preside over Denver’s implosion down the stretch last year, it was easy to conclude that Cutler’s a heart breaker in the mold of Brett Favre. While Cutler has immense talent and the ability to lead a team up and down the field, he no doubt has a propensity for turning the ball over. Anyone who watched Thursday night’s game against the 49ers, much less Sunday night’s season opener against the Packers, is aware of Cutler’s interception issues. In fact, Cutler has made Jake Delhomme look good by replacing him as the league’s interception leader. While a few of Cutler’s picks Thursday night could be blamed on someone else (Devin Hester for breaking off his route, the official for impeding his receiver’s pathway), there’s no doubt that Cutler is hurting his team with his errant throws.

Jay Cutler made the Pro Bowl last year and is beloved by fantasy owners and stat geeks because he racks up yardage totals, but I’m guessing most coaches will gladly replace a few hundred yards passing with less interceptions. It’s probably also the reason Josh McDaniels wanted to bring Matt Cassel to Denver over Jay Cutler — he likely saw issues with Jay and his whole gunslinger mentality. I’d even go so far as to say that the filter Cutler seems to lack when he makes appalling comments is the same filter that would prevent most quarterbacks from throwing into traffic the way he does. I wonder what the Chicago Sun-Times is saying now considering they determined Jay Cutler was worth $100 million after looking good in one preseason game! Real smart, guys.

Trashing Eric Mangini Is Trend of the Week for Players, Media

One of the go-to topics for LBS is ripping on Eric Mangini. The guy thinks so highly of himself and his teams that it’s just laughable. Plus, when stories emerge such as ones where he fined a guy $1,701 for taking a water bottle from the hotel minibar, there’s no choice but to rip him. I’ve actually eased off this subject because it’s just so easy and because I think there comes a point where things get too excessive. In other words, people are kicking him while he’s down. For instance, just scrolling through Fark Sports and you’ll find three Mangini-crushing stories.

The first story is about Mangini playing dumb regarding Brady Quinn’s contract salary escalators. Mangini essentially claimed he didn’t know that Brady Quinn makes more money the more he plays. For Mangini to say he doesn’t know anything about that is absurd; he knows very well what’s at stake financially. The next story regards Jets first round pick from last year, linebacker Vernon Gholston. Since he’s been a bust, the NY Daily News went out of its way to say people in the organization blame the pick on Mangini. Finally, running back Jamal Lewis said Mangini wears them out in practice during the week and that’s why the team gets hammered on Sundays. This seems like a chicken/egg scenario, but since Mangini’s method is not working, I’d side with Lewis.

It’s so typical the way the media operates, piling on to a guy when his team is 1-7. Mangini is worthy of plenty of criticism but it seems like it’s deserved. The question is why people keep empowering him? As a Bengals fan, I hope Cleveland continues to believe he’ll be the guy to turn around the franchise. The only thing better would be if Baltimore or Pittsburgh hired him.

DeAngelo Hall Will Fight the Entire Falcons Team by Himself

DeAngelo Hall has quite the history with the Falcons. He’s been in a few fights on the field, most notably one with Steve Smith that killed his team during the Bobby Petrino days, and he also had an issue with Terrell Owens. As if that weren’t enough, Hall also reportedly tried to fight one of his former Falcon teammates during halftime when he was a member of the Raiders. Now Hall’s a member of the Redskins and they were in Atlanta Sunday taking on the Falcons. I’m not sure what started it, but Hall tried to pick a fight with the Falcons. Let’s go to the videotape:

The most striking aspect of the video is that there were no Redskins who came to aid Hall. That tells me that they either don’t care for him, or that they’re so defeated and done with their season that they really don’t have much motivation. Either way it doesn’t look good for them. By the way, how did Hall walk out of that situation without being penalized or kicked out of the game?

UPDATE: Hall is accusing the Falcons coaches of poor conduct in the skirmish and he’s right; Mike Smith was out of line and should be fined for his behavior and the elbow he throw.

Joe Theismann Crushes ‘Vindictive’ John Riggins for Dan Snyder Remarks

Joe_TheismannThe Redskins have become a certifiable mess, and a lot of it starts at the top with owner Dan Snyder. The team is 2-5 this year despite having spent plenty of money on their talent, and the fans are unhappy, as is ownership. Former player John Riggins recently had his radio show canceled on Snyder’s station WTEM in D.C., and he’s responded with some harsh, critical rants about Snyder and head coach Jim Zorn. Riggins’ criticism, while humorous and biting, came across to many as excessive. Count former Skins QB Joe Theismann as one who isn’t on board with Riggins’ criticism, as he told the 2 Live Stews on Sporting News Radio:

“John’s not outspoken about this football team, John’s just decided to attack people personally, and I think he is way out of line. I don’t agree with his opinions. I think it’s vindictive, I think it’s downright harsh, and I think John speaks specifically for himself.

John thinks he’s representing the fanship, but I don’t believe he is. The Redskin fans are frustrated — this football team has not achieved anywhere near what I think the fans believed they were capable of doing. But to attack the owner and say the things about the owner that he said, to attack the coach and say the things that he said about the coach, seemed purely motivated in one mean-spirited way, and I don’t agree with it.”

Even though Riggins’ rants have received plenty of play across the airwaves for their entertainment value, it’s nice to hear a different legend call Riggins out for his inappropriate behavior. People have learned that screaming and yelling and making outlandish remarks will get you on TV (thanks, ESPN), but it doesn’t earn you the respect of anyone. Riggins doesn’t have mine or Theismann’s respect for what he’s done. No doubt the Redskins are in bad shape and a lot of it is due to the ownership, but there’s no reason to go about the criticism in the manner that Riggins has.

Ochocinco Sends the Stinky Ravens Defense some Deodorant

chad.dont.fine.meBengals sideshow wide receiver Chad Ochocino is known for running his big mouth and pulling stunts on and off the field. When I say off the field, I don’t mean getting into trouble with the law — I mean stirring up controversy with opposing teams. A few years ago Ocho had a chart of all the opposing cornerbacks who would be guarding him and he would keep track of which ones he burned. He also is known for sending packages to opposing defenses, a practice he replicated this week prior to the game with Baltimore. Ocho says he sent Fabian Washington, Dominique Foxworth, Ed Reed, Dawan Landry, and company gift baskets that included some deodorant so that they didn’t sweat all day. While Ocho is saying that’s what it’s for, I was guessing it has a duel purpose to also let them know they stink.

Even though the Bengals have the better record and already beat the Ravens in week five, I’m skeptical about their chances once again. It took a few key penalties on an improbable drive for the Bengals to win last time so odds are it will be another close game. The bright side is that the Bengals had an extra week to prepare for the game so they should be all set and rested for the contest. Putting the outcome aside, I’m just hoping for both teams to have success running the ball; I have both Ray Rice and Cedric Benson gunning for me in the Coors Light Fantasy Football League. Going against me though is that Dewey at the Right Brain blog said bench Ced this week, only I don’t have any other options.

Getting back to Chad, it’s sad to see so many analysts have to eat crow regarding his performance this year. I guess they didn’t realize Carson Palmer got hurt last year and missed almost the entire season, leaving the injured Ochocinco stuck with an incapable Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. All those analysts must have forgotten about Chad’s five straight Pro Bowl years prior to last year.

Chiefs Post New Sign About Losers, Directed at Larry Johnson?

The Chiefs are in the midst of yet another losing season, having a record of 1-6 on the year. While we’re already aware of the issues they’ve had with volatile running back Larry Johnson, it seems as if they’re trying to avoid any other problems within the organization — the sort of the thing that can mount as the result of constant losing. Rotoworld has tipped me off to the latest sign posted at the team’s facility, courtesy of beat writer Josh Looney. See it below:

Chiefs Larry Johnson sign

Judging by this sign, it’s safe to say LJ won’t be back with the team next year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets less than 100 carries over the course of his career following the season. In other words, after several heavy workloads with the Chiefs, he’s probably done. Although the team stinks right now, I do have confidence they have some of the right pieces in part to slowly start turning things around. Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel is a good start.

Best Hit of the Week, Hands Down

Zack Follett. Danny Amendola. Awesome hit. Must watch:

That’s what happens when you put an aggressive, rookie linebacker who was a 7th round pick desperate to make the team, on special teams. And that’s what happens when he gets a clear path to a much smaller, rookie returner. Ouch. Talk about living a car crash, yeesh. Maybe they should have stuck Follett on defense to try and stop Steven Jackson considering nobody else on the Lions was able to. Oh and by the way, there might be a quarterback controversy brewing in St. Louis.