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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Ocho Cinco Shops at Best Buy at 5am on Black Friday

Even if Chad Ocho Cinco’s making millions, you can bet for sure that the money hasn’t gone to his head. How else do you explain this photo? Well, I guess you can’t accuse the guy of being lazy. Funny thing is, he was trying to buy a present for Marvin Lewis, he said. I’m sure…Read More

Matt Cassel Just Made Himself a Ton of $

Back at the beginning of the season when Joey Porter was dropping bombs on Matt Cassel, I took Porter’s side; Cassel hadn’t started since his days at Chatsworth in high school and had no experience. Heck, he had even switched to tight end at USC just to get some PT. And even after spending a…Read More

Brian Westbrook Tackled by His Jockstrap in Ravens Game

I just can’t even imagine what the best caption for this photo would be. There’s the corny “Ravens sure have a good grip on things.” Maybe an “Eagles crack under pressure.” All I know is that there’s a bunch of good lines out there I’m just not creative enough to come up with. Maybe you…Read More

Video: Santonio Holmes Hit by Chris Crocker, Comes Up Woozy

I’ve posted lots of big hits here on the site, but I really feel bad for Santonio Holmes when I post this. He got crushed. Lit up. De-cleated. Destroyed. You could see how woozy he was after he got up from the shot, his legs all wobbly like he just took a combination from Mike…Read More

Troy Williamson vs. Brad Childress: Who Ya Got?

If pressed, I’d be willing to pay as much money as one month of the NFL Sunday Ticket costs to watch a cage match between Troy Williamson and Brad Childress. The way they’re going, it might actually happen. Last year Vikings head coach Brad Childress fined his then receiver Troy Williamson for missing a week…Read More

Cowboys Holding Texas Stadium Auction of Collectibles, Memorabilia

If there’s one positive to teams moving into new stadiums — which so many seem to be doing lately — it’s the auctions they have of memorabilia from the old venue. For instance, my Uncle, a big Mets fan, plans to purchase a few chairs from Shea Stadium. If he’s feeling particularly saucy, he might…Read More

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