Jake Delhomme’s Extension: Worst NFL Money Ever Spent

So if your quarterback turns the ball over six times to help you lose your biggest game of the season — the divisional round of the NFC playoffs — how would you reward him? With a five-year contract extension of course! Carolina’s choice to hand Jake Delhomme $20 million guaranteed this offseason was some of the worst money spent this side of Darrius Heyward-Bey’s contract. Now I’m not going to say I thought Delhomme was completely done after that game — he did lead them to a 12-4 season and he had a history of performing pretty well in the league — but there’s no way I would have rewarded him monetarily after that garbage game. What’s worse is that Carolina’s financial commitment exacerbated the problem because they didn’t pursueany good alternatives at quarterback, making the season a waste.

Jake Delhomme threw three interceptions against the Bills adding to his comedic total of 13 through six games, not to mention two lost fumbles. Delhomme is quite simply having a nightmare season and it’s not going away. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy wound up setting records with his horrible year if Carolina doesn’t make a change soon. It’s unfortunate because this team was 12-4 last year and they have a lot of talent on the offense; you could put a number of other quarterbacks under center for this team and see tremendous results. There are only so many breakdowns between him and the receivers, and only so many tipped balls that you can make an excuse for. As if it weren’t already abundantly clear it is now: Jake Delhomme is singularly the problem in Carolina and he is no longer an NFL quarterback. They need a change desperately. As they say in AA, Carolina, the first step is to admit you have a problem.

Attention San Francisco: Alex Smith Still Is Not the Answer

alex-smithAfter all the talk about a changing of the guard in the NFC West that would feature the Cardinals dropping off and the 49ers seizing the division we’ve seen a reversal take place since week one. The Niners have tanked their last two games while the Cardinals have won three straight, including impressive wins over the Texans and Giants. Making matters worse is the 49ers made a quarterback change from Shaun Hill to Alex Smith. Hill’s win-loss record had been solid despite his inability to put up stellar stats, but since he hadn’t helped the team move the ball and they were down 21-0 at the half, they decided to go to former top overall pick Alex Smith.

Smith sparked the offense while the defense finally started putting the clamps down on Houston’s offense, but it was too little too late — they lost 24-21. Many people in the Bay Area will be energized by Smith’s emergence considering he threw three touchdown passes to Vernon Davis. While there’s no way to say he didn’t do a good job bringing his team back in the game, fans must temper their excitement. The difference between coming in midway through a blowout to spark a team in a loss and starting a game and throwing three touchdowns that matter is immense. That’s the difference between Kyle Boller going 16/31 with two touchdowns against the Packers in garbage time and throwing for just 108 yards with two turnovers when he started the following week. That’s the difference between Byron Leftwich looking good in relief of Big Ben last year and stinking when he’s “the guy”. So if San Francisco decides to go with Alex Smith next weekend at Indy and the Colts have a whole week to pick apart his weaknesses, he’s going to be toast. Temper your excitement, 49er fans, and remember that this still is Alex Smith we’re talking about.

Reggie Bush Would Own in the Long Jump

The Saints/Dolphins game on Sunday was high scoring and extremely entertaining. First the Dolphins jumped in front 24-3 midway through the second quarter and they appeared poised to pull a big upset. Drew Brees was intercepted twice and Ricky Williams had busted out with two touchdown runs; the game seemed to be following Miami’s blueprint for a win. Things began to change right before halftime when Drew Brees sneaked in a touchdown while everyone was expecting him to spike it and that made it a manageable 24-10 game. Things went back and forth in the 3rd quarter but the Saints took over in the 4th quarter, outscoring Miami 22-0 to win it 46-34. The highlight was this Reggie Bush touchdown run off a double reverse where he leaped for the end zone from the 6. Watch Reggie Bush go airborne on this crazy leaping touchdown:

This isn’t the first time Bush has been featured for some of his awesome highlights on the field. It’s not too surprising considering the guy runs at near Usain Bolt speeds. Bush may take heat for his inability to run between the tackles but he sure is awesome when you get him in open space.

Jeff Fisher Would Wear Colts Peyton Manning Jersey Again

Titans coach Jeff Fisher has created a controversy by wearing a Peyton Manning Colts jersey under his suit at a charity function on Tuesday. Fisher even had a line set up where he said he wanted to feel like a winner, taking a jab at his team’s 0-6 record. Fisher doesn’t think he did anything wrong saying he would do it again because it was for a worthwhile charity. While I believe that part, his actions and joke sends the wrong message to his players, fans, and organization. Here’s the video of Fisher wearing the Peyton Manning jersey:

Here was Fisher’s explanation after taking heat for the incident:

“It was for a very, very worthwhile cause, charity,” Fisher said. “I was introducing Tony, just having fun with it and I really apologize if I offended anybody, but if you’re offended over the nature of that type of thing, then I think you need to rethink things.

“This is a very worthwhile and needy benefit and I was honored to be there. … I’m sorry if I offended anybody but if I had to do it again, I would do it again.”

There are plenty of other ways to “have fun with it,” and Jeff should know better. While I’m not offended by it, I’m not a dedicated Titans fan who is being asked to pay a lot of money to support the team only to see the coach joke about it. Just a bad decision even if it didn’t have poor intentions.

Police Release McNair-Kazemi Text Messages to Refute CBS Report

Back when the surprising news came down to ruin the July 4th holiday, it seemed like an open and shut case of murder-suicide for Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi. The investigation and conclusion by the police didn’t take too long but it left many Cold Case fans unsettled. Count Armen Keteyian of CBS as one of those people considering he spent the past three months investigating the case to show that the police may have done a poor job. Keteyian’s arguments are that the police cited the wrong day of when Kazemi may have bought a gun, that she wasn’t having financial problems (by uncovering a bank statement), and that she wasn’t distraught (showing a police video from her DUI stop). Apparently feeling some pressure, the police released some text message exchanges from McNair and Kazemi to back up their case:

Text messages show a woman asked former NFL quarterback Steve McNair to transfer $2,000 into her bank account hours before police say she shot him to death, then turned the gun on herself.

Sahel Kazemi texted McNair on July 3 to say she was so stressed she might have a breakdown and asked for money to pay cell phone bills. One text said she might need to go to a hospital because she could hardly breathe. The texts also show Kazemi meeting McNair at the Nashville condominium where he was shot. He asked her to leave the front door open for him.

So far Keteyian seems 1-for-3 on his disputing points, the one being credit for the police erring on the day Kazemi bought the gun. One of the other new developments in the case is that there’s a Mississippi woman who claims McNair fathered her child and that she’s seeking financial support. Given Air McNair’s touchdown dancing ways of the past, I’m not surprised. The bottom line is that maybe nobody will know exactly what happened in the case. I still feel there’s the slightest, most minimal chance it wasn’t a murder-suicide but I’m not sure how it’s going to be proven.

Titans Say Patriots Were Running up Score to Raise Their BCS Ranking

The Patriots offense took off Sunday in a lopsided 59-0 win over the Titans in the snow at Gillette Stadium. For the first time all year, New England resembled its 2007 record-breaking offense by throwing for 432 yards (380 by Tom Brady) and six touchdowns. While I was plenty happy to see Brady go off (I have him and Wes Welker in one fantasy league and Randy Moss in the Yardbarker Coors Light League), I have to say I thought it was the wrong move to send Brady out their to start the second half despite already being up 45-0. The Titans had already cheap-shotted Brady with a helmet-to-helmet hit and Tom had already thrown for five touchdowns. What more was there to accomplish aside from injury? Jeff Fisher says he wasn’t bothered because the entire objective of an offense is to score points. That may be what he’s saying publicly but his thoughts have to be much different privately. Just listen to his Pro Bowl linebacker, Keith Bulluck:

“Ah man, it felt like they were trying to raise their rank in the BCS. But honestly and truthfully, I would expect in anything else. I definitely wouldn’t have expected anything else. It’s not their fault we weren’t matching up today. That’s sports.”

That might be the justification but when you look at it, there’s no reason to send Tom Brady out there and have him risk ANYTHING when the team already has a blowout going and Brady’s already racked up the stats. Makes you really wonder what Belichick was trying to accomplish. What we do know is that the 59 point margin is the largest since 1976. Couldn’t the Titans at least have gotten a few pity touchdowns at the end to save face? Guess not. The Titans will definitely be pissed when these teams meet again and they’ll be out for vengeance.

Tony Romo Is a Hall of Fame Quarterback

All you doubters who don’t believe in the power of the Romo can shove it. Just when you were ready to break out the criticism following the loss in Denver, Romo goes out and shows just why he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback — he puts the ball in Miles Austin’s hands and lets Austin do the rest of the work. That formula led to two touchdown passes and 351 yards for Romo in a win over KC and helped make him a Hall of Famer. OK, maybe the win over KC didn’t do all that, but Romo is getting inducted into a Hall of Fame this weekend while the Cowboys are on a bye week. Romo is in Charleston, Illinois this weekend to see his jersey get retired and to be inducted into the Eastern Athletic Hall of Fame.

Romo is Eastern Illinois’ all-time leader in touchdown passes, second in yards, completions, and attempts. What’s cool to hear about Romo is the way he’s been an underdog he’s entire career. The team’s head coach didn’t think much of him but the offensive coordinator convinced him to give Romo a partial scholarship. The coordinator, Roy Wittke, had this to say about Romo, “Tony is he is a self-made guy. He took the tools he had athletically and made the most of it through hard work.” Yeah, don’t hear that too often about Romo, do you? A partial scholarship guy at Eastern Illinois, undrafted, and now QB of the Cowboys … he’s doing something right.