Patriots Rookies Better Keep Their Heads on a Swivel

As you can probably tell by looking at the above photo, I’m not implying the New England Patriots rookies should keep their heads up so they don’t get flattened in training camp.  That would also be a smart idea, but in this case I’m advising them to stay on their toes so they don’t end up with a bad haircut.  These Patriots rookie shaved head pictures are an amusing example of the type of behavior that goes on across the NFL and has started quite the stir in Dallas.  I know Dez Bryant is already annoyed with the media coverage surrounding his refusal to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads, but if I were the Cowboys rookie I’d gladly do it if it meant keeping all my hair.

Of course, the Pats veterans are denying any type of hazing is going on in Foxboro.  Here’s what Matt Light had to say about the shaved heads, courtesy of Extra Points:

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Pat Williams Picks on Toby Gerhart During First Day of Camp

Oh boy, the race baiters are going to have a ball with this story. On his first day of training camp with the Vikings in Mankato, Minnesota, running back Toby Gerhart got a “welcome to the NFL” hit from defensive lineman Pat Williams. The impression based on reports is that Williams went out of his way during a pads and shorts drill to level Gerhart with the “biggest hit” of the morning Saturday. Williams is making it clear that his hit was intentional as pointed out by Pro Football Talk:

“I don’t care who it is, man,” Williams said. “This ain’t college no more. They’re grown mans out there. (Expletive.) Paying these college boys like they already played before, so (expletive), we just show ‘em. This is a different breed out there. This is grown men. It ain’t boys no more. But they pay ‘em like they done played in the NFL now.”

Clearly Williams harbors more animosity towards rookies than your typical veteran and isn’t afraid of showing it. One has to wonder where this attitude comes from. I’m guessing 75% of Williams’ anger towards Gerhart is a rookie thing, 20% is because Gerhart got paid and was a day late to camp, and maybe 5% is because Gerhart is a white running back.

Gerhart is joining an extremely exclusive club, and by exclusive I mean limited. The list of successful white running backs in the NFL includes two names: John Riggins and Craig James. Maybe some players, Pat Williams included, will be out to prove Toby Gerhart that he’s out of place. Perhaps that was part of the motivation behind this “welcome to the NFL” hit, and I’m guessing Gerhart realizes there could be plenty more of this to come.

Pat Williams welcomes Toby Gerhart to the NFL [Pro Football Talk]
Pat Williams delivers hit, words to put Toby Gerhart in his place [1500ESPN]

Female Reporter Outdoes Albert Haynesworth in Conditioning Test

We already told you about Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth failing his conditioning test for the second straight day on Friday. Haynesworth actually appears to be in pretty good shape, making me believe that Coach Mike Shanahan is intentionally trying to make Haynesworth look bad. I understand where Shanahan is coming from — he’s trying to assert his dominance after Haynesworth skipped the team’s minicamp.

So just how bad is the test Shanahan’s been putting Haynesworth through? Not so bad apparently, as FOX 5 reporter Lindsay Murphy can attest. Murphy decided to run the 300 yard shuttle runs (25 yards back and forth six times) to see how her times stacked up against Albert’s. Remember, Haynesworth has to complete the first 300 yard shuttle run in under 70 seconds and complete the second shuttle run in under 73 seconds with only a three minute break between sets. Murphy finished her first set in 68 seconds, besting Albert’s time. Not too bad for a reporter. Here’s the Lindsay Murphy conditioning video from MyFoxDC:

How Hard is Albert Haynesworth’s Conditioning Test? [MyFoxDC]

But Did He Sign it ‘Straight Cash Homey’?

I came across a blurb on Friday night so bizarre I had to post it. Reading through some of NESN’s Patriots training camp notes, they pointed out that a fan asked Randy Moss to sign a $100 bill for them. Putting aside the obvious issues of whether or not Moss’ signature raises or lowers the value of the bill, or whether or not the value remains unchanged, there is a better question: did he sign it “straight cash homey”?

“When you rich you don’t right checks. How do you pay? Straight cash homey.” True badass. And you wonder why (aside from all the victories he’s led my fantasy teams to) I love the guy. There’s your answer.

Randy Moss Signs $100 Bill for Fan As Patriots Begin to Feel Pain of Training Camp [NESN]

Haynesworth Gets Karma at Camp by Failing Second Conditioning Test

albert-haynesworth-redskinsI couldn’t help but smile on Thursday when I heard that Albert Haynesworth had failed the conditioning test that he needs to pass in order to participate in training camp. You can only imagine my joy when I heard that Mr. Haynesworth failed again on Friday morning. In my opinion, it’s all just Karma for the Redskins defensive tackle.

2010 has been quite the year for Haynesworth. It all started when he decided he didn’t want to be a team player and show up for two voluntary minicamps. Apparently, he thought his absence would suddenly change the mind of defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and he would leave their defense at a 4-3 instead of the 3-4 that Haynesworth doesn’t like. Well think again. Then he had some baby mama drama with his ex-girlfriend who is apparently pregnant with his child. If things weren’t bad enough with this guy, he not only took the $21 million bonus the team gave him on April 1st, but then it looked as if he was trying to destroy the Redskins too.

So I say Ha! Haynesworth’s behavior is finally catching up to him. When he finally decides he wants to play with the Redskins, he can’t pass the test. It’s awesome. The funniest thing about Friday’s failure was that he needed to complete the first part of the test in 70 seconds or less — and he finished in 71 seconds. Just a thought, but maybe you wouldn’t be in this situation if you showed up for minicamp like the rest of your teammates? Oh well, what goes around comes around.

Haynesworth fails 2nd conditioning test [AP/FOX Sports]

Robert Kraft: Tom Brady is Staying

If the unthinkable happens and the Patriots are unable to retain Tom Brady beyond the 2010 season, the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, has set himself up to look pretty bad. We all know I think Brady’s staying right where he is, as I pointed out when dicussing how the media is blowing NFL quarterback contract situations out of proportion.  It would appear that Kraft couldn’t agree more and if you put any stock into the guarantees of a team owner, you should have no doubts that Brady and the Patriots will reach a long-term deal.

Kraft recently gushed about his franchise quarterback to the New York Times in a way that we’re almost not accustomed to hearing from an owner.  Here’s what he had to say about Tom Brady’s contract situation, courtesy of Pro Football Talk:

He’s going to be here,” Kraft told Judy Battista of the New York Times. “I love the guy. We’re so lucky to have him. I have an emotional attachment because I remember him coming in as the fourth quarterback, being a skinny beanpole of a kid.”

In my mind, he will be [here],” Kraft said. “One way or another. I believe he wants to be here. We want him here. We have a complicated situation we’re dealing with. There are a lot of forces at work. One way or another it will work out.”

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David Tyree’s Run Comes to an End

David Tyree is known for one thing and one thing only: making one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. Unfortunately, making a memorable catch is good enough to get you tryouts with teams in the NFL but not good enough to land you a roster spot if your ability is not up to par. That’s the case for Tyree who played five seasons for the Giants and 10 games last year with the Ravens. He admitted that he wasn’t really in playing shape and sensed that his retirement was coming. The time has indeed come and Tyree is signing a one-day contract with New York to retire as a Giant. How quaint.

For the occasion of his retirement, let’s roll video of David Tyree’s catch in the Super Bowl. Close your eyes Pats fans:

How the heck Eli escaped the pressure and Tyree made that grab is beyond me. I guess some things are just meant to be. Tyree certainly left his mark on the game and will be remembered by football fans everywhere.