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Friday, August 28, 2015


Warren Sapp: Pretty Boy LeBron James Would Never Make it in NFL

As tired as I’ve grown of hearing people talk about LeBron James playing football, this was just too funny to pass up.  With Jalen Rose appearing as a guest panelist on the NFL Network’s No Huddle on Wednesday night, the topic of LeBron possibly taking his talents to the NFL arose.  Jalen danced around the…Read More

Josh Freeman Looks Up to Albert Haynesworth as a Mentor. Uh-oh.

For some reason, the Tampa Bay Bucs thought it was a good idea to claim Albert Haynesworth off waivers. Bill Belichick could not get Haynesworth in shape or force him to try, but the Bucs figured they’d take a chance on him anyway. No other team in the NFL wanted Fat Albert, as evidenced by…Read More

Can the Tim Tebow Offense Last? Tony Dungy Says No

By now you all know that the New York Jets got Tebowed last night. Well, they actually got Sanchezed too but it’s more fun to talk about Tebow Time than it is to blast Sanchez for not making any significant strides in his third season as an NFL starter. With the Broncos trailing 13-10 and…Read More

Jordy Nelson Believes People Underestimate Him Because He’s White

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson is in his fourth season with the Green Bay Packers, and he’s become one of the team’s top receiving options. Used primarily as a third receiver and kick returner his first three years, Nelson has already topped his career high receiving yards and touchdowns through nine games. He has 34 catches…Read More

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