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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Trent Dilfer Hammers the Browns for Decision to Bench Derek Anderson

ESPN manages to pack their website full of every video known to man, yet they somehow let Trent Dilfer’s verbal assassination of the Cleveland Browns fall through the cracks on Monday. Speaking from the NFL Live set, the one-time Browns QB lashed out on the organization for their decision to bench Derek Anderson and start…Read More

Nice to See the Raiders Showed Up

When I saw the 2006 Raiders play, I was convinced it was the worst offense I had ever witnessed in the NFL. While that Art Shell/Tom Walsh 2-14 squad ran out one of the worst offenses ever, the 2008 Raiders run by Tom Cable might actually be in the same category. The Raiders offense we…Read More

Chad Johnson Seals Two Touchdown Day with Kiss to Marvin Lewis

Even though 2008 is a lost cause (and I knew it would be heading into the year), excuse me if I am slightly excited about the Bengals’ first win of the season. About effing time. Anyway, I won’t subject you to too much Bengalism, but I do insist that you watch the following video —…Read More

Takeo Spikes: NFL Getting Carried Away With Fines for Defensive Players

I’m all for penalizing unnecessary roughness on the football field and discouraging late hits or helmet-to-helmet hits, but I believe the NFL has become too aggressive in doling out fines to defensive players. Take for instance the fine on Eric Smith of the Jets. Smith was just laying a normal hit on Anquan Boldin of…Read More

An Injury to the Long Snapper the Difference in Giants/Steelers Game

It’s crazy to think that something seemingly so menial as a long snapper can be the difference in a football game, but that was the case for the Steelers and Giants on Sunday. Pittsburgh long snapper Greg Warren blew out his knee in the third quarter leaving the Steelers with few options for their punts….Read More

Brett Favre Helping Opposing Teams Beat the Packers?

Look, holding the Packers hostage for about the past three years was pretty horrendous. Bitching that the organization didn’t pull off a trade for Randy Moss was not a good thing. Asking to come back and then demanding a trade is nuts. But spending hours on the phone with opposing teams that are getting set…Read More

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