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Saturday, November 1, 2014


LaDainian Tomlinson Is a Poor Sport

Despite touting himself as a classy person and growing into the role as the face of the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson has now proved for the second time that he is a poor sport. The first time was when he called the Patriots classless after losing to them in the playoffs. And now comes the second…Read More

Morten Andersen Will Not Die

A few weeks ago, I lamented the loss of the single-bar helmet in the NFL when the Cardinals tragically cut punter Scott Player. Well, it appears as if my prayers have nearly been answered, and answered in the form of 47-year-old place kicker, Morten Andersen. For the second year in a row, the Atlanta Falcons…Read More

Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

Seemingly right on cue, just moments after posting the video of the Britney Spears defender, I came across this incredible gem. First, you must see the Spears video. After you take a peek at that, feast your eyeballs on this: Thanks to the awesomeness of Ballhype for the video. That was truly incredible. Oh yeah,…Read More

Now the Patriots are Headset Sabotagers, Too?

Goodness gracious, does it get any worse than this? Just how dirty are the Patriots? Or is everyone just eager to jump on their case because they’re jealous of all the success and glory they’ve received? Who knows what the motives are at this point. All I know is that these reports portray the Pats…Read More

David Boston Fond of Date Rape Drugs

When David Boston was busted a few weeks ago for DUI and blew triple zeroes, I asked the question, “What exactly is David Boston on?” Well, now we know. Turns out the dude was taking a date rape drug. My man Ben Maller mentioned this story last night on the radio, but I must thank…Read More

Vick Removed From Madden ’08 Game

There’s nothing that will rob a man of his dignity quite like removing his character from a video game. Particularly when the game in question is John Madden Football. And that’s what happened to Michael Vick, a sure sign that things have hit absolute rock bottom. The most dynamic player in the Madden franchise over…Read More

Roger Goodell Wants to Move Pro Bowl

In chatting with Chris Mortensen of ESPN on Tuesday, which I’m certain you missed since they hardly ran the thing, commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t offer much out of the norm. Except for one thing. He told Mort that he wants to move the Pro Bowl up to earlier in the football season in a few…Read More

Terrell Owens Sticks His Foot in His Mouth … Again

You would think the guy would learn the first time around that you don’t rip on your starting quarterback — at least to the media and the free world. But apparently guys like Terrell Owens are the exception. As I posted at FanHouse, T.O. said in a recent Q&A with Time Magazine that he would…Read More

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