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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Attention San Francisco: Alex Smith Still Is Not the Answer

After all the talk about a changing of the guard in the NFC West that would feature the Cardinals dropping off and the 49ers seizing the division we’ve seen a reversal take place since week one. The Niners have tanked their last two games while the Cardinals have won three straight, including impressive wins over…Read More

Reggie Bush Would Own in the Long Jump

The Saints/Dolphins game on Sunday was high scoring and extremely entertaining. First the Dolphins jumped in front 24-3 midway through the second quarter and they appeared poised to pull a big upset. Drew Brees was intercepted twice and Ricky Williams had busted out with two touchdown runs; the game seemed to be following Miami’s blueprint…Read More

Jeff Fisher Would Wear Colts Peyton Manning Jersey Again

Titans coach Jeff Fisher has created a controversy by wearing a Peyton Manning Colts jersey under his suit at a charity function on Tuesday. Fisher even had a line set up where he said he wanted to feel like a winner, taking a jab at his team’s 0-6 record. Fisher doesn’t think he did anything…Read More

Police Release McNair-Kazemi Text Messages to Refute CBS Report

Back when the surprising news came down to ruin the July 4th holiday, it seemed like an open and shut case of murder-suicide for Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi. The investigation and conclusion by the police didn’t take too long but it left many Cold Case fans unsettled. Count Armen Keteyian of CBS as one…Read More

Titans Say Patriots Were Running up Score to Raise Their BCS Ranking

The Patriots offense took off Sunday in a lopsided 59-0 win over the Titans in the snow at Gillette Stadium. For the first time all year, New England resembled its 2007 record-breaking offense by throwing for 432 yards (380 by Tom Brady) and six touchdowns. While I was plenty happy to see Brady go off…Read More

Tony Romo Is a Hall of Fame Quarterback

All you doubters who don’t believe in the power of the Romo can shove it. Just when you were ready to break out the criticism following the loss in Denver, Romo goes out and shows just why he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback — he puts the ball in Miles Austin’s hands and lets Austin…Read More

Mike Sims-Walker Was Too Busy Getting His Freak On to Help the Team

Many a fantasy team was hurt on Sunday by the surprise inactivation of Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker who had been a stud in weeks 2-4, catching 19 passes for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns. Luckily if you had been listening to Sporting News Radio the hour leading up to gametime on Sunday you would have…Read More

Deion Sanders on Dez Bryant: ‘I Don’t Prostitute Kids’

Deion Sanders has found himself in the middle of two controversies recently, the most recent being of the greatest consequence thus far. Prime Time admitted to mentoring Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant who recently was ruled ineligible for lying to the NCAA about his contact with Deion. Deion didn’t deny having any contact with Dez…Read More

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