Chiefs Should Try to Trade Tony Gonzalez

One of the rumors that’s been flying the last few days is that Tony Gonzalez has requested a trade from Kansas City, and that one of his potential destinations is the New York Giants. Even though I usually want players to honor their contracts and stick with their teams, I understand Gonzalez’s plight, and actually feel the team should try to trade him. First of all, as good as Tony Gonzalez is — one of the best receiving tight ends ever — having him still can’t mask the fact that Kansas City’s quarterback options are Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, and Tyler Thigpen. He’s doing his best to help this team win, but they just need too many more pieces to become successful in the immediate future.

The bottom line is that the Chiefs are rebuilding and a long way away from contention. Taking the Jared Allen off-season trade as a sign you are rebuilding, why not deal Gonzalez for a 4th round pick or something just to get another selection? How can it hurt you if you’re the Chiefs? Shockey warranted a second and fifth round pick before the season, Gonzo’s got to be worth a 4th or 5th I would figure. Plus, Tony’s already set the record for most receiving yards by a tight end, and he did it all with the Chiefs. What more can he do for the organization? No doubt Tony would like to go to a contender and have a chance of winning a game or two down the stretch. I say they should do it — it will help both parties. Maybe a move to NYC could give Tony an opportunity to meet a new female fan base, too.

Has Eli Surpassed Peyton as the Top QB?

I’ve taken my shots at Eli Manning in the past, back when it was deserved. Funny thing though: a lot changes in less than a year. It was only November that I was criticizing Eli for throwing 4 interceptions (three returned for touchdowns) in a 41-17 loss to the Vikings. He was brutal that game. A month later, he was giving the Patriots a tough test in Week 17, and then boom! Playoffs hit, and Eli was a new man. The guy who threw more than a pick a game his first four seasons became one of the best care-takers of the football of any quarterback in the league. The change happened overnight. The improvement in Eli’s game — from Week 17 last year through this season — makes me wonder whether or not he has surpassed Peyton Manning as the top quarterback in the family, which in essence would make him one of the top quarterbacks — if not the top quarterback — in the game.

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Video: Reggie Bush Electrifying Punt Returns vs. Vikings, Gets Great Blocking

If there were any questions as to whether or not Reggie Bush would be able to do what he showed at USC in the pros, they certainly were answered on Monday night. Returning one kick or punt for a touchdown in a game is a big deal. But two? That’s pretty nuts. That’s Deion Sanders/Devin Hester material right there. The first punt return for a TD was awesome because of the excellent blocking Bush received on the play. Check out Jo-Lonn Dunbar lay out Erin Henderson to spring Bush, not to mention another domino fall almost simultaneously:

If I’m not mistaken, Henderson’s feet actually became higher than his head after that hit. I assume that’s what they mean when they say “decleated.” That was the first of Bush’s outstanding returns. Here is his other TD as well:

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Bill Ford Jr. Would Fire Matt Millen

Matt Millen William Clay FordIf you want to talk about people having dirty pictures of their bosses, the argument begins and ends with Detroit Lions President and CEO Matt Millen. The amount of mistakes and awful moves he’s made in building the Detroit Lions makes Isiah Thomas look like Theo Epstein. Since he’s taken over the team, the Lions have lost more games than any team in the NFL by a wide margin. They’ve been brutal. They’ve been embarrassing. And this year’s team is showing no signs of improvement. That’s why Vice Chairman Bill Ford Jr. called out Millen, despite William Clay’s constant support of him.

A reporter asked Ford what he thought of the Lions’ performance Sunday, a 31-13 loss at San Francisco. “It was an embarrassment,” he said. “The fans deserve better. And if I had the authority, I would have fired the general manager.”

About 15 minutes later, in front of a larger crowd of reporters, Ford was peppered with more Lions-related questions.

“It’s been disappointing,” he said then. “I think the fans deserve better. And if it were in my authority, which it’s not, I’d make some significant changes.”

Those changes include getting rid of Matt Millen. Honestly, after all the futility, the losing, the awfulness, it’s about time someone spoke up. Seriously, when was the last time a successful NFL team was built by using four first round picks on wide receivers in like the span of five years? I didn’t even think it was possible to build as bad of a team as he puts out there each year. May Lions fans finally get their wish … sooner, rather than later.

Radio’s so Easy, Team Vice Presidents Can Do it!

Ever power-tripping Redskins owner Daniel Snyder likes to have so much control of everything around him that he recently bought WTEM, the most powerful sports talk radio station in Washington D.C. Snyder changed it around and turned it into ESPN 980, ostensibly to control the perception of his team and hamper the criticism. That still hasn’t stopped local icon host Steve Czaban from taking Snyder to task, despite remaining as a host on 980. Well Snyder sure is taking some lengths to make the station more Redskins friendly, handing the team’s Vice President of Football Operations, Vinny Cerato, a two hour show twice a week.

Some of the hosts at the station think the whole idea is a joke and have already expressed their thoughts on the matter. Cerrato seems to be pretty pumped about the opportunity to reach out to the fans. As for me, though I know it’s not uncommon for team employees to host a weekly show, I can’t help but think this is a way for Snyder to attempt to control the media. If he wants open lines of communication to the team, there are many other ways to achieve it with the fans. Why not just have a one hour show a week instead of two hours twice a week? Do the radio hosts get a chance to act as team vice presidents a few days a week, too? Seems like an awful lot of time for a person with a seemingly important job title to be giving up to chat on the radio … just my opinion.

Joey Porter Drops Bombs on Matt Cassel

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter better be giving us some solid bulletin board material considering he hasn’t performed too well on the field since signing with Miami. With the Dolphins set to face the Patriots this weekend, Porter was popping off as is his want, angling most of his barbs towards Matt Cassel. Though Cassel has as many wins as Porter has since signing with the Dolphins last year (and in only one career start), Porter didn’t hesitate to rip the young QB a new one:

“I just know he’s not a Tom Brady,” Porter said. “So if it’s not Tom Brady, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

“You treat him like you treat a backup,” Porter said. “How do you prepare for a backup? He don’t get that many snaps, right? So you throw the kitchen sink at him. That’s what we’re going to do.”

“He’s a guy we’ll prepare for, but that was his first start since high school,” Porter said. “So you can take all the reps you want to. This is a totally different game, a totally different league. He’s only had one start in the NFL. Take that for what it’s worth. He won it, but if you compare him to Brady, there’s no comparison.

“You can say whatever you want to put with it. Those are just the facts. That’s what it is. It means what it means.”

I was with Porter up until the part where he said it would be fun to get his team’s first win of the season on Sunday. I guess he’s forgetting that football’s an 11-man game on both sides, and the other 21 Dolphins that play aren’t as good as the Pats for the most part. I think he’s a wee bit mistaken about that part — probably the most crucial factor. I can’t imagine however that the Tuna’s too happy about Porter stirring the pot. I wonder how long Joey’s going to last in Miami at the rate he’s popping off.

Dennis Green Would Not Pick Up the Phone if Al Davis Called

For some reason or another, legendary NFL coach Dennis Green, always seems to be linked to the Raiders any time there’s talk about a coaching vacancy in Oakland. Prior to the Raiders tabbing Lane Kiffin for the job, it was said that Denny Green would be their man. Not so much. Now reports have pegged Lane Kiffin as a dead coaching walking, and we all know Kiffin would like to be fired to collect his money and not deal with owner Al Davis. Could Denny Green be a potential replacement? It only took a matter of words for Green to express his thoughts on the matter when asked by the Two Live Stews on Sporting News Radio:

Stews: “It’s obvious that some time during the course of the year, Lane Kiffin is probably going to be dismissed from his job. If that happens and your phone rings and the caller ID says ‘Al Davis,’ do you answer that phone call, Coach?”

Green: “No I do not.”

Nothing else needed to be said. The whole mess with Lane Kiffin pretty much embodies why the Raiders’ head coaching job is one of the least desirable gigs in all of sports. Who would want to deal with the whimsical Al Davis? Certainly it’s not Denny Green, who put any thoughts of that job to rest. And now for the obligatory post game press conference blowup video:

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