Video: Jeremy Shockey and DeMeco Ryans Fight During Scrimmage

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before … Jeremy Shockey gets pissed off during a game and acts unreasonably. This is what happened Thursday during a scrimmage between the Saints and Texans. Sure, DeMeco Ryans may have been holding Shockey causing him to drop the pass, but Shockey’s reaction went overboard. And whatever he started, the Texans certainly finished.

You see the shots #34 and #54 got in on Shockey there? Note to self: never start a fight in front of the opponent’s bench. Come on Shockey — that’s beginners stuff.

Video: Chad Ochocinco Johnson Kicks an Extra Point Field Goal Against Patriots

Wow, this was incredible. With Shayne Graham held out as a precaution because of a groin injury, the team went to Chad Ochocinco Johnson for their kicking duties. Ochocinco nailed an extra point following the Chris Henry touchdown and booted it straight through like a pro. He also kicked off for the team after the TD. In case you think it’s a joke, here’s the video to prove you otherwise — he is very much a legit kicker:

Well the good thing for the Bengals to know is that they have someone on their roster fully capable of kicking in case Graham comes up limp during a game. I am truly impressed.

Packers Fans Commence the Obligatory Brett Favre Jersey Burning

Team legend switches franchises and goes to rival, fans get pissed off. You knew it was bound to happen. And how about Favre telling people to trust him that he’s not going to the Vikings to try and stick it to the Packers. Riiiight. Just like Favre only came back because his daughter wanted him to, not because his ego wouldn’t allow him to sit at home. Anyway, Packers fans as you could imagine are not too thrilled to see Favre wearing purple these days. Check out the ceremonial Favre jersey burning taken on by a few Packers fans here on YouTube (warning: language not safe for work):

You figure they would have come prepared for their bonfire with a little lighter fluid but I guess the zippo finally did the trick. I can understand Packers fans being pissed off and disowning him. I just can’t understand how Vikings fans are now falling in love with the guy to the point where they’re buying up thousands of season and invididual game tickets. Super Bowl odds going down? Are you kidding me? Did anyone see him with the Jets last year? He’s the reason they didn’t make the playoffs down the stretch. If he doesn’t break their hearts with interceptions now then he will later. He’s done.

Bengals Once Again Appear to be Out of Touch with Reality

andre-smithAs we approach week 2 of the preseason, three first-round picks remain unsigned: Michael Crabtree for the 49ers, Aaron Maybin of the Bills, and none other than Andre Smith of the Bengals. Even though Smith had said he wanted to get into camp early so he could begin learning immediately, the Bengals don’t seem to be helping matters. In fact, they anticipated a holdout all along, probably because they know they low-ball their draft picks. Check out the latest, disturbing information:

According to those familiar with the negotiations, the Bengals last offer to Smith was five years at the base at $28 million and a maximum of $33 million. That’s lower than what the Jets’ Vernon Gholston received last year as the sixth pick (base of $32.5 million) and way lower than what Oakland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey received as this year’s seventh pick (base of $38.25 million).

Now I won’t fault the Bengals for Oakland’s incompetence, but given their history, I have no reason to doubt those figures. Honestly, who offers almost five million less than what the guy got the previous year? Between this and having a barebones scouting department, it’s painfully obvious that Cincinnati’s chief concern is being frugal, not winning. I’m truly surprised they found the money in their budget to sign Laveranues Coles in the offseason.

Vikings Already Selling Brett Favre #4 Jerseys and Merchandise

These teams must give the marketing departments the heads up on information before everyone else. How else can you explain the team site already having all kinds of Brett Favre Vikings jerseys and merchandise already up for sale?

Brett Favre Viking Jersey

I think it was the same night that the Jets announced the trade for Favre that they had his jerseys for sale — Vikings did the exact same thing. With the Jets at least he was wearing green again. Purple though? I dunno about that. He doesn’t look too good. I’m just hoping the Vikings go 1-15 with him. Either that or Brett gets his arm broken week 2. I swear, he’s going to get hit by a blitzing linebacker and wind up dying on the field. Book it. Lastly, where was ESPN on this story? After spending all summer discussing the rumors they had a big swing and a miss on this one. Only Jay Glazer of FOX yesterday had a report saying Favre would be coming back. How did this sneak up on everyone?

Video: Andy Reid News Conference on Michael Vick Signing

When the Eagles surprisingly signed Michael Vick to a two-year deal, the biggest question was why? What do they have to gain by it? For Vick, it makes sense because he’s going to a stable organization without too much pressure on him to perform so it’s a good chance to rebuild his image. For Andy Reid, he can come out looking like a good guy and sympathetic figure. And from the way he tells it, Philly was considering this for quite some time:

I’m guessing Vick will be able to run the ball and be effective a few plays here and there for them beginning around mid-season. He won’t be a huge difference maker for them though. Now seeing what Vick has to say will be interesting, not to mention seeing all the extra media coverage they get.

Michael Vick Signs 2-Year Deal with Eagles

Word has finally come down that Michael Vick signed a two-year deal with the Eagles on Thursday evening, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. This comes as a surprise because not many people figured the Eagles would be interested in Vick and the buzz on Thursday was that the Bills were interested in signing him. The news came out while the Eagles were playing the Patriots in their first pre-season game so Donovan McNabb was on the field and likely didn’t even know about it.

At this point, you have to figure McNabb will be scratching his head over the deal. McNabb got somewhat bent out of shape when the team drafted Kevin Kolb in the first-round a few years ago and he was pissed when he was benched last year against the Ravens. I really don’t think they signed Vick with the intention of playing him over McNabb, however. I’m guessing they need some depth and figure Vick can be a weapon at some point in some sort of option/wildcat type formation. And with Kolb sustaining a knee injury recently, Vick could be No. 2 on the depth chart by the team he’s cleared to play in games.