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Monday, January 26, 2015


Braylon Edwards Arrested for DUI

Braylon Edwards was a huge part of the reason the Jets were able to dominate the Patriots in the second half on Sunday and finally back up all the crap they’ve been talking. After an abysmal performance against the Ravens last week — where he amassed more penalty yards than receiving yards — Edwards caught…Read More

Browns’ Alex Mack Says Chiefs’ Shaun Smith Grabbed His Junk

We all know dirty play is commonplace in the NFL.  Players try to get any little advantage they can by throwing cheap shots during plays and after the whistle.  Most of the shots go unnoticed by the official, so we never hear about it.  However, I must admit I didn’t know things got that dirty….Read More

LBS NFL Power Rankings Week 3

1. New Orleans Saints (2-0, –) The defending champs had a close call with the 49ers on Monday Night but have earned our respect. Their offense has done enough against two good defenses and they’ve held opponents to low scores as well. 2. Green Bay Packers (2-0, –) The Bills can make anyone look great,…Read More

Broncos WR McKinley Found Dead

According to FOX 31 in Denver, Broncos second-year wide reciever Kenny McKinley was found dead in his home on Monday.  The death is apparently being ruled a suicide. McKinley enjoyed a stellar college career at South Carolina where he had 207 receptions — good for third most in SEC history — and over 2700 yards…Read More

Terrell Suggs Roughing the Passer Penalty Typifies ‘Wussy’ NFL

Last week, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback called the NFL “kind of a wussy game.” Staubach referenced roughing the passer penalties that protect quarterbacks and the way receivers are protected when running routes downfield. The NFL certainly has shifted towards an offensive game which has made things that much more difficult for opposing defenses. Refs are…Read More

Collinsworth: Peyton Manning Is a Player-Coach for Colts

I’m sure many of us have thought to ourselves that coaching Peyton Manning is the sweetest gig in the world. The guy calls his own plays, makes audibles at the line, and is practically the team’s offensive coordinator. With Peyton doing everything, what the heck does a coach need to do? Obviously people have a…Read More

Braylon Edwards Dougies on Darius Butler

Braylon Edwards had just one catch for nine yards in the Jets’ embarrassing season-opening loss to the Ravens. Braylon has become a popular target for fans because of his drops issues, even getting called out by Joe Namath during the week. But Edwards came up with a nice game on Sunday against the Patriots, catching…Read More

Brandon Jacobs and Fan Fight Over Helmet

The frustration of Brandon Jacobs’ last several months seemed to manifest itself on Sunday night. Upset with himself after a run for no gain in the third quarter, Jacobs went back to the sideline and apparently planned to throw his helmet at the bench. As NBC’s Andrea Kremer reported, the helmet slipped and was launched…Read More

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