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Friday, October 31, 2014


Warren Sapp Still has the Magic Touch

I guess dropping about 50 lbs gives you the right to talk as much trash as you want. Then again, when your name’s Warren Sapp, you probably feel like you already have that privilege, because the 34-year-old fossil can still dish some ish better than anyone in the league. From USA Today, speaking about the…Read More

Fantasy Football Do’s and Don’ts

MJD had an outstanding Debriefing column on Wednesday. It was about fantasy do’s and don’ts. I’ve been a huge fantasy sports guy for quite some time, thus I’m generally a fan of such lists. Matt Berry back in the day had some awesome ones, The Sports Guy did too, and of course, MJD belongs right…Read More

Cross the CFL Off Michael Vick’s List

For quite some time, the answer to the Michael Vick problem — and many others — was the CFL. It has been home to Ricky Williams, Lawrence Phillips, and many more NFLers who found themselves in trouble with the league. Alas, that is no longer the case. While CFL commissioner Mark Cohon declined to comment…Read More

Jerome Bettis aka Tex Goldstein, Rips Bill Cowher in New Book

Jerome Bettis has apparently told a professional writer his life story written an autobiography entitled “The Bus: My Life in and Out of a Helmet,” that’s set to release sometime in the near future. In the book, Bettis shares a few juicy details, such as his belief that the Steelers were about to cut him…Read More

Tom Brady Wants Time Off to Play Dad

So far we’ve seen things get pretty ugly with Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron when it came to their kid. Then, we had LeBron say he wasn’t going to miss any games because of the birth of his child. And now, on the complete other end of the spectrum, we have Tom Brady. Apparently the…Read More

John Lynch Is Bitching and I Agree

It’s not as if I don’t condone guys playing hard in the preseason, especially since many of those guys are playing for their livelihoods. It’s just that I side with John Lynch here when it comes to preseason etiquette — you don’t go all-out with exotic blitz packages, which is why he was complaining following…Read More

Ookie Forgets to Buckle Up

I had heard rumors about this report all throughout the weekend on the radio, but never actually saw anything written. I guess seatbelt tickets are no longer a big deal when you’re facing a federal indictment. As Michael David Smith at FanHouse points out, Ookie never bothered to learn the mantra: Vick, meanwhile, was fined…Read More

Who’s Better: Mike Nugent, or Neil Rackers?

Yesterday I had the first installment of the who’s better series.  I went with Braylon Edwards over Marques Colston, though some of you felt the Colston commercial was better.  This time around, we’ll compare kickers.  We’ll start with Jets kicker Mike Nugent.  Take a look: Last year, it was Cardinals kicker Neil Rackers appearing in…Read More

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