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Friday, November 21, 2014


Cowboys Screwing Terry Glenn?

I think I might have to go with Jerruh on this one. The Cowboys and Terry Glenn are in a spat right now over Glenn’s knee. Jerruh might have had the best line saying, “I paid him $5 million last year and we got four plays.” She Glenn had two knee operations last year and…Read More

Role Reversal: Agent Leaves Player

Not exactly something you see everyday, not that I follow the scene too closely. Usually it’s the player leaving the agent in search of greener pastures — or golden nuggets, shall I say. Sometimes a player leaves an agent because he wants to pursue a Hollywood angle and get some representation that specializes in TV…Read More

Marcus Vick Avoids the Spotlight

It’s almost like a law. If you are a member of the Vick family, you must have a brush with local authorities at least once a year or they remove you from the lineage and strip you of your last name. Marcus Vick continued to prove why he’s Michael’s younger brother, getting arrested for DUI…Read More

LeCharles Bentley Almost Died from Staph Infection

Here’s your quick background on the Bentley. He was drafted in ’02 and quickly became a Pro Bowl center with the Saints. By 2006, he was one of the top free agents on the market (Drew Brees was another), and the Browns signed him to a big deal. Given the Browns’ luck, Bentley injured himself…Read More

Kardashian and Bush Talking Marriage?

Nothing can get a player focused on the upcoming season quite like planning a wedding. Not to mention dealing with a wife and kids at home. With that in mind, I present the latest words from Kim Kardassian on her relationship status with Reggie Bush and the possibility of marriage: “That’s definitely where we are…Read More

Justin Tuck Has Jeremy Shockey’s Back

A big topic over the last month of the season that spilled into the offseason was the Giants and their relationship with tight end Jeremy Shockey. Shockey broke his leg in the third to last game, one which the Giants lost to the Redskins. The Giants then beat Buffalo without him, and put up 35…Read More

Cedric Benson Continues to Repair Image

I actually was beginning to feel sorry for Cedric Benson given the way he responded to the arrest for drunken boating not long ago. After hearing the comments his mother and some of the witnesses made, I was buying Benson’s side of the story. Even if you didn’t believe completely buy Benson’s side, there still…Read More

Parcells Pulling ‘The Player’ Crap Again

We’ve been over this before back when the Tuna was in charge of Dallas. He obviously clashed with Terrell Owens, which isn’t much of a shocker given the way T.O. behaved in previous stops at Philly and Baltimore (never amounted to be a stop). Even with the way T.O. destroyed the Eagles — which he…Read More

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