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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Pacman Jones Made it Rain

Another treat from the Bradyfan83 treasure chest. All ye need know: the hook is “you outta be in jail since you made it rain.” Oh, and make sure you watch long enough to catch the guitar solo at the end — that guy can jam. Man, it’s almost like a visual version of Pacman’s autobiography….Read More

David Kircus Will Punch Your Lights Out (Allegedly)

Kind of like hearing about a kicker talking trash, or a punter attempting murder, I’m pretty shocked when I read stories about backup return specialists getting into trouble with the law. Maybe it’s their way of taking out the aggression from not being a starter. Whatever the reason, Broncos backup WR and part-time return specialist,…Read More

And You Thought Football in London Was Bad? Next up: Germany

This definitely qualifies in the “you have to be kidding me” section. First it was the NFL to London, and now, it looks like the NFL may take its game to Germany. From Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column at SI Look for Kansas City to play in Germany against a still-to-be-determined foe — probably…Read More

Damn Coaches and Their Internet Porn

With a nod to Michael David Smith at FanHouse, Pro Football Talk is reporting one of the juiciest rumors around. It sounds like one of those absolute worst nightmares come true. It’s a situation you and I have been in many times before — where you only wished you could have had an email back…Read More

Minor League Kicker Beat out Mike Vanderjagt for a Job

Sure, he may be just about the biggest jerk ever — especially for a kicker. But I’ll be damned if Vanderjagt wasn’t one of the best in the game not long ago. I mean wasn’t there a time when he was like 37 of 37 on field goals? I guess the NFL has no use…Read More

I guess the NFL in London Works

Count this is as a bad trend in sports my friends. When I first heard the news that the NFL was planning to bring a game to London, I thought it would be a resounding failure. But man, I couldn’t have been more wrong about my initial reaction. Looks like there are a lot of…Read More

Video Shows Michael Vick Loves Dogs

That’s it, everyone was looking for the elusive “video evidence” that Michael Vick has involvement with dogs, well here it is. This is of a Michael Vick shoe commercial, and pay close attention to one of the shout outs he gives: Thanks to HG at You Been Blinded for being on top of this.

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