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Friday, February 27, 2015


LBS NFL Power Rankings Week 10

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2, +1) The Bengals almost came from behind to beat the Steelers. That would have been Pittsburgh’s second straight loss with a match-up against the Patriots looming. They hung on for the win and appear to be the more confident team headed into Sunday night’s key match-up. 2. Baltimore Ravens (6-2, +2)…Read More

It Is About Time Professional Football Returned to Los Angeles

Fall conjures up so many great images. The changing of colors of Randy Moss’ uniform. Another World Series which rates lower than a Mary Lou Retton floor routine. And then there is All Hallows Eve. Over 17,000 fans who dress up in costume in the Superdome to watch the Saints, the fact that it was…Read More

Tom Brady, Patriots Offense Hurting Without Randy Moss

We knew Tom Brady’s stats would go down without Randy Moss and that the Patriots would be a less-potent offense without the star, but we could not have figured they’d be struggling as badly as they are. Don’t get me wrong, they still were the top team in our power rankings last week, but the…Read More

Brandon Marshall Guarantees Dolphins Will Make the Playoffs

Finally.  Almost week 10 and we haven’t had a player from a mediocre team guarantee the playoffs yet?  Better late than never, I suppose.  Leave it to the outspoken Brandon Marshall — the same guy who lashed out at the NFL network and once said he f***** hates the city of Denver — to be…Read More

Matthew Stafford Likely Out for the Season, Shoulder Becoming a Big Concern

The news regarding Matthew Stafford’s shoulder has gotten progressively worse since he injured it on Sunday against the Jets.  Preliminary tests indicated he may have suffered a Grade 3 separation of his right shoulder, which is not good.  That would mean three ligaments in the quarterback’s AC joint have been damaged.  This is Stafford’s second…Read More

Terrell Owens Goes Pantomime in Classic Touchdown Dance (Video)

The Bengals fell behind early against the Steelers on Monday night but got within three on a touchdown catch by Terrell Owens. It was the 150th receiving TD of T.O.’s career and he celebrated with an awesome pantomime show. Check out the T.O. mime touchdown dance video: Even if you’re not a Bengals fan, you…Read More

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