Terrell Suggs Sports the ‘You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate the Steelers’ Shirt

The Baltimore Ravens went 13-6 last year (playoffs included). They went to the AFC Championship game and were a win away from the Super Bowl. Their defense allowed the third fewest points in the league and the second fewest yards. All that and still, half of their losses came to the Super Bowl-champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps that prompted this ransom-note looking t-shirt Terrell Suggs sported to training camp:


Apparently Suggs found that shirt in a store and has been wearing it under his practice jersey, so you can’t credit him for the creativity. And if you’re wondering whether or not the shirt’s in poor taste, Suggs played the AFC title game with one arm taped to his body because his shoulder was completely jacked up. No matter — the one-armed bandit running like Ace Ventura after he got stuck with paralyzing darts still managed two sacks. He can wear whatever the hell he wants.

Video: Reggie Wayne Shows Up to Camp in Dump Truck and Construction Gear


The first time I saw a team use the hard hats as a marketing tool was a few years ago when the then Devil Rays were bought by new owners. The new owners changed the logo, nickname, manager, and scouting and turned the team into ALCS champs. While I can’t give Colts receiver Reggie Wayne too much credit for originality, I will give him points for positive attitude and spirit. In a crazy entrance to Colts training camp, Wayne arrived on a dump truck wearing a hard hat and construction gear. Oh yeah, he also called Peyton Manning the janitor. Check it out:

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Darrius Heyward-Bey’s Career Off to a Dropping Start

Raiders Camp FootballI wasn’t a fan of the Raiders selecting Darrius Heyward-Bey when the draft passed in April. If a guy’s primary weapon is speed but he has serious issues dropping the ball and producing even at the college level, then that to me warrants nothing higher than a third-round pick. The Raiders decided that was worth the 7th overall pick. Well it’s too late for the Raiders to go back on their mistakes so now they must live with them. And it’s already begun in training camp:

The struggling receiver? Rookie Darrius Heyward-Bey, who dropped three passes in a single offense-only drill. The first came on a short pass right at him with DHB dropping the ball as he went to turn upfield. The other was on a deeper pass when he went up awkward and had it clank off both hands from in front of him.

If that practice report is sounds familiar, it’s because the same story happened in May back at the team’s minicamp. We haven’t even started the preseason yet and Heyward-Bey is already solidifying his stranglehold on the “bust” label. Of course, if everyone except the Raiders knew he wasn’t worth the seventh overall pick, then can he really be considered a bust?

Picture of Braylon Edwards’ Alcohol Stocked Bar

Sometimes you see things and shake your head wondering what the heck a guy is doing. For instance, if in college I was going to post a picture of my living quarters on facebook, (we had a bar in the apartment that was fully stocked) it would indicate how I spent my free time. Say my parents saw it, I could get away with things if I were getting a 3.5 and actively participating in extracurricular activities. But if I were getting a 2.2 GPA and my parents saw the picture, then we’d have a problem on our hands. Guys like Braylon Edwards, who led the league last year in drops and failed his physical prior to training camp, should know better than to post a picture like this on his twitter so as to avoid criticism:


Let me explain this once again, Braylon. Catch 16 touchdowns and get 1,289 yards receiving and you’re just “celebrating a good season.” Catch three touchdowns, fail your physical, and lead the league in drops, and you’re an unfocused bonehead. Gotta be smarter than that. Oh yeah, I’ll have this picture handy for when you go broke in 10 years too.

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Lions WR Bryant Johnson Injured in Golf Cart Accident

You know, we have a whole category of stories related to crazy baseball injuries because those happen all the time. Less common are the weird football injuries considering most are the result of a guy being pancaked by a 300-pounder. Anyway, ranking right up there with Brandon Marshall’s slipping on a McDonald’s bag injury, we have Lions WR Bryant Johnson who got hurt in a golf cart accident:

As he got undressed at his locker Saturday afternoon, Detroit Lions receiver Bryant Johnson showed the scars and still-healing wounds from a golf cart accident he was involved in this summer. The cuts and abrasions covered almost every part of his body.

“There are no orthopedic issues with it, a lot of superficial wounds, road rash and those kinds of things. Johnson said: “In the community that I live in, everybody uses golf carts to get around. (The golf car) got out of control and it was on two wheels and it fell over. I was driving, and it fell over on my side. It slid about 10 yards. There was a hill, but it wasn’t a steep hill.”

What’s he doing, popping wheelies on the golf cart Jeff Kent-style? I’m sure he’s taking some crap from his teammates for that one. It does sound pretty legit and serious, but when it comes to football every play you’re not on the field makes it harder to crack the 53-man roster on Sundays.

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Brett Favre Wants You to Know He’s Wanted by the Vikings

So no we’re late in July with training camps closing in on us and Brett Favre still is chilling on his tractor in Mississippi. You figure at some point that he has to be signing with the Vikings in the near future, but before he does, he wants to make sure you know something. Favre wants you to know that he’s a wanted man. That’s right.

Two separate reports this week produced by ESPN suggested Favre still was uncertain if he wanted to play this season. Not only is the poor guy undecided about his future, but matters have become more complicated because all the star Vikings players are begging him to join the team! Don’t you feel bad for him?

Honestly, who are they fooling? Favre’s the guy who asked the Jets to release him. Favre’s the one who was toying with the Vikings beginning last year. Favre’s the one who got surgery on his throwing arm so he could play quarterback. And after all this we’re supposed to believe he’s still unsure about playing? Riiiiight.

This is a ploy by Favre’s camp to try and convince the public that Favre’s not begging for a comeback. They’re trying to portray him as a savior, a hero, a guy who can ride in on his white horse, arrive in Minnesota, and lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl. Why else would ESPN be reporting that Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, and Steve Hutchinson are recruiting him with text messages? You think the team would let that information out knowing it would harm relationships with Sage Rosenfels and Tarvarris Jackson, the two quarterbacks they already have? No way. Let me clear this up for you: Favre wants in and no, he’s not the savior. Enough already — sign the contract, we all know you want to.

Antonio Cromartie Has 7 Kids in 5 Different States and it’s a Distraction

So here I thought Travis Henry and his 11 kids by nine women was bad, and now I find out that Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie is hot on his trail. A nice Sunday feature on Cromartie in the San Diego Union-Tribune talks about all the work he’s doing this offseason to try and have a great year on the field. In addition to the hip injury Cromartie played through all last year, we find out that Antonio was distracted by several off-field issues as well.

UPDATE: In this video, Antonio Cromartie has a hard time remembering all eight of his children’s names.

All throughout the organization there were whispers that the then-24-year-old’s head was not right. But sitting down between workouts last week, Cromartie acknowledged a less-than-focused drift through the 2008 season.

“Last year my head wasn’t in there,” Cromartie said. “I was dealing with my kids and their moms. It had my mind somewhere else.”

There are a lot of directions to be pulled when you have seven kids living in five states. Cromartie has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years.

Just another reminder when you’re wondering what the heck is up with a player when he’s not performing well that they can be bothered by everyday problems just like us. Divorces, family problems, paternity issues — it all wears on a man! I just hope the former Sporting News magazine cover boy might consider wearing that cup of his every day of the week, not just Sundays.