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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Video Shows Michael Vick Loves Dogs

That’s it, everyone was looking for the elusive “video evidence” that Michael Vick has involvement with dogs, well here it is. This is of a Michael Vick shoe commercial, and pay close attention to one of the shout outs he gives: Thanks to HG at You Been Blinded for being on top of this.

Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood Make Official Appearance

End all the speculation, end all the questions. The truth has now come out. Rather, Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood have. The pair showed up for the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Tuesday, making an official appearance. Now I highly doubt all these “we’re just friends” comments are going to fly….Read More

Fred Taylor’s Near Death Experience

I know athletes have special clauses in their contracts which prevent them from doing certain activities. For instance, most players are not allowed to wakeboard, snowboard, hunt, ride a motorcycle, or do anything else that can be considered extreme or dangerous. Not on that list however, is flying on a plane — which is a…Read More

Who Does Brett Favre Think He Is?

There was a time when the name Brett Favre bore all the power of the National Football League. The mere mention of the two syllables could send chills down a defensive back’s neck, and strike fear into the heart of an opposing head coach. There was a day when Brett Favre dominated on Sundays, and…Read More

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush appears to be making bigger plays off the field than on it. The former USC running back has been spotted with TV personality Kim Kardashian recently. That’s probably as good a score off the field as any on the field for Bush. I have to say I am impressed. So besides posting this…Read More

Brett Favre Rips Packers for Missing out on Randy Moss

Thanks to reporter Mike Clemens of WSSP in Milwaukee for pointing me towards this information. Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre criticized his organization for not acquiring disgruntled Raiders receiver Randy Moss during the offseason. With the Packers failing to pull the trigger, the Patriots pounced by acquiring Randy Moss on draft day, making them…Read More

Warren Sapp Gave Birth

Over the weekend I was alerted to the news that Oakland Raiders DT Warren Sapp had lost nearly 50 pounds, thanks to the omniscient Michael David Smith at the spectacular AOL FanHouse. I couldn’t really believe the news — for several reasons. First, when you think about how much 50 pounds really is, that would…Read More

Wow, Scouts Inc. Really Sucks at Mock Drafts

Which are pretty stupid to begin with (except for AA’s), because all it takes is one trade and nearly everything becomes FUBAR. I’m just not a real big fan truth be told. So what happens to all those mock drafts once the draft has been completed? Usually everyone’s busy breaking down who picked who, winners…Read More

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