Michael Vick Appears in Video with Young Jeezy Promoting TM-103 Album

You were waiting for some footage of Michael Vick since he’s been released from prison? Waiting to hear what he’s been up to aside from visiting strip clubs with Allen Iverson and meeting with low income youths? Well now we know the answer … he’s appearing in videos along with rapper Young Jeezy who’s promoting his upcoming album, TM-103.

Wait, so they have to slap on a warning for explicit lyrics on his CD but not on that video? Someone has to ‘splain me that one. Way to make a good impression on the commish there, Vick.

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Jesse Jackson Now Doubling as an NFL Scout/Agent for Michael Vick

Let’s waste no time … we’re going straight to the Duke:

“I want to make it an issue. I want teams to explain why they have a quarterback who has less skills but is playing or at least is on the taxi squad, and a guy with more skills can’t get into training camp.”

That’s what Jesse Jackson said recently, suggesting that the NFL owners might be colluding against Michael Vick. I would find it hard to believe that collusion’s the problem here. Let’s consider a few things before we acknowledge that Jackson may be suggesting some form of racism: Nike marketed Vick more than almost any other athlete in the country and paid him well as a sponsor. Vick was the highest paid player in the league before he got locked up because of his own wrongdoing. Doesn’t sound like a league with an anti-Vick agenda to me (until Vick screwed things up on his own).

Furthermore, how does Jackson know that Vick’s more skilled than every other quarterback who’s trying to find a spot as a quarterback in the league? Before he even went away to prison, people (including myself) didn’t find him to be all that effective of a quarterback anyway. What makes you think he’d be such an asset even after not playing for two entire seasons?? He’s never matched the hype that he’s received and being a good quarterback is much more than just running fast or throwing far. If that were all it takes then J.P. Losman and Kyle Boller would have made it.

Lastly, when it comes to Michael Vick, it’s not about how much more skilled he is than the next guy, it’s about what other issues he brings to the table. He’s a distraction, not dedicated, and he’ll bring a ton of negative publicity to the team that signs him. It’s the same reason why adding T.O. or Pacman Jones isn’t as simple as saying “he’s better than the next guy.” For a guy who’s value was questionable before prison, there’s no way the benefits of bringing him in would outweigh the costs at this point. And if Vick’s dying so much to show his skills, then he should prove it in the UFL where they’re willing to take him. But my bad, it must be collusion working against him.

Video: Titans Punter A.J. Trapasso Scores Touchdown on Fake Punt

First we had the Arkansas wildcat offense make its way into the NFL, and now we have Boise State-like trick plays breaking into the league. The Titans were without regular punter Craig Hentrich at the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night. They might have to find new reasons to keep him out given the talent that rookie punter A.J. Trapasso displayed. Check out this sick ass fake punt the Titans ran resulting in a 40-yard touchdown:

Trapasso punted at Ohio State and was All-State in high school where he actually was his team’s running back, scoring 50 touchdowns over his career. Between Trapasso and David Buehler, the kicking game just got a whole lot cooler and athletic. Problem is I don’t know if Trapasso will make the team and even worse, they’ve already burned their Free Parking card.

Vernon Davis Calls Out Crabtree, Gets Into Fight at Training Camp

20080921_zaf_c04_578.jpgMike Singletary’s been the coach of the 49ers for under a year, but his short tenure hasn’t kept us from seeing how he feels about tight end Vernon Davis. Last year Singletary banished Davis from the field after Vernon committed a stupid penalty causing Singletary to vent after the game. Vernon apparently was up to no good again, getting into a fight at training camp Saturday. Singletary punished the entire team by forcing all the players to run gassers to the point that one player passed out. As if a fourth-year player like Vernon acting immaturely isn’t enough, now he’s telling people how to handle their financial business off the field.

Talking about first-round pick Michael Crabtree who has yet to sign with the 49ers, Davis had this to say, “He needs to get his butt here and help this team out. He has a chance to be a big-time player. He should take what he can get and get here.” As a former first-round pick himself, you would figure Davis could understand Crabtree’s situation. If Crabtree is to take Vernon’s advice and take what he can get, would Davis be willing to share part of his salary with Michael to make up for it? Davis should keep himself out of it and keep his mouth shut instead of sticking his nose in business where it doesn’t belong.

Bruce Smith Says He Hid Thurman Thomas’ Helmet

thurman-thomas-helmetSix men were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton on Saturday night. They all had their time at the mic to give speeches (save the late Bob Harris and Derrick Thomas who had people speak for them). It was a big night for the Buffalo Bills as team owner Ralph Wilson got inducted as did all-time sack leader Bruce Smith. Smith even cracked a joke during his speech when he was talking about his former teammate, Thurman Thomas:

Thurman Thomas known to his teammates as ‘Squatty,’ you were undoubtedly the most complete running back of our era. My life would be a little less bright if I didn’t have you to laugh and joke with. P.S., I hid your helmet.”

Smith is referring to an incident in Super Bowl XXVII where Thurman Thomas couldn’t find his helmet prior to the game. According to the tale, Thomas used to place his helmet at the 34-yard line prior to games as a superstition. Someone setting up a pre-game stage moved the helmet and Thomas wound up missing the first two plays for the Bills, both bad runs to backup Kenneth Davis, setting the tone for a Bills loss. And in case you were wondering whether there was any truth to the statement, Smith’s tone was clearly a joking one.

Terrell Suggs Sports the ‘You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate the Steelers’ Shirt

The Baltimore Ravens went 13-6 last year (playoffs included). They went to the AFC Championship game and were a win away from the Super Bowl. Their defense allowed the third fewest points in the league and the second fewest yards. All that and still, half of their losses came to the Super Bowl-champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps that prompted this ransom-note looking t-shirt Terrell Suggs sported to training camp:


Apparently Suggs found that shirt in a store and has been wearing it under his practice jersey, so you can’t credit him for the creativity. And if you’re wondering whether or not the shirt’s in poor taste, Suggs played the AFC title game with one arm taped to his body because his shoulder was completely jacked up. No matter — the one-armed bandit running like Ace Ventura after he got stuck with paralyzing darts still managed two sacks. He can wear whatever the hell he wants.

Video: Reggie Wayne Shows Up to Camp in Dump Truck and Construction Gear


The first time I saw a team use the hard hats as a marketing tool was a few years ago when the then Devil Rays were bought by new owners. The new owners changed the logo, nickname, manager, and scouting and turned the team into ALCS champs. While I can’t give Colts receiver Reggie Wayne too much credit for originality, I will give him points for positive attitude and spirit. In a crazy entrance to Colts training camp, Wayne arrived on a dump truck wearing a hard hat and construction gear. Oh yeah, he also called Peyton Manning the janitor. Check it out:

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